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“Emergency Rally for Muslim and Immigrant Rights” – Washington Sq – NYC

   Wednesday, January 25, 2017 – 5 pm – Washington Square . Emergency Rally For Muslim and Immigrant Rights” hosted by Hamas-linked CAIR.

Joined by NYC’s hard-core Leftist politicians and union shills.

The Soc/Commie/Prog/Fascisti ranted and whined for over an hour about the need to RESIST the Trump Presidency.


Their Plan: Deconstruct American customs and laws, one fake-news protest at a time.

And the press eats it up. No Rally.  No Protest goes unnoticed.

AFDI (American Freedom Defense Initiative) has compiled video excerpts that exposes this treasonous revolt

By the time they actually started – after much waiting – Washington Square was packed.  5 pm was really just hurry up and WAIT.

We had to wait, chant, and wait some more …. while our Muslim brothers and sisters finished their Maghrib (sunset) prayers. Call a presser to coincide with their prayers; to impress the media with their faithfulness. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Spread the Prayers. Spread the Love….

Finally, Afaf Nasher, Executive Director of CAIR-NY, Muslim. hijabbed and photogenic, began to introduce the speakers.

Missing, BTW, was Linda Sarsour. Muslim. sarsour-anti-nypd-protestPhotogenic.  Sarsour led most of these protests as the hijabbed-face of Islam. Groomed for public office, but she seems to have disappeared from the forefront of this diverse and inclusive enclave.

Even so, there was no shortage of local and State government politicians, anti-Trump and in-the-pocket of the pro-Hamas “CAIR Demolition Express” . 

The short individual videos of the speakers, throws the spotlight on the outrageously predictable speeches of  NYC’s hard-core Marxist politicians. To paraphrase Sun Tzu,  another step in the “Know Thy Enemy” loop. We have ignored their agenda for too long.

Slideshow of  the Emergency Rally protest


To keep the American reformation from happening they “Dance with the Devil” (shaitan). Preaching to “the Oppressed”. The Good. The Needy. The “Tired and Poor”. A recipe for Deceit. Duplicity. For Treason.

Repetition is their drug of choice: “NAZI. Trump.  Fascist. Trump. Racist Trump AND Dump Trump. Dump Trump. Dump Trump.” He must be stopped. Impeach Trump! (amidst cheers, cheers. and more cheers)


The prominent agitators behind this presser/ rally/protest : CAIR / Workers Party/Communist Party/ Socialist Party. SEIU. NYCLU. The NY City Council.   All seek treasonous ways to create and maintain the disaffected masses. Their goals never change.  Agitate. Propagate. Exterminate. (rinse and repeat) Agitate. Propagate. Exterminate. (rinse and repeat ) Agitate. Propagate. Exterminate. (rinse and repeat)…. ad nauseum ….

 We are at war. Traitors from within. Temper tantrums from the Left. And the media still LOVES them.

“… a war between Davos, Conde Nast, GQ, Soros, MSNBC, Hollywood, Facebook and America. And America won.

The “resistance” is a collection of elites, from actors at award shows to fashion magazines to tech billionaires, decrying a popular revolt against their rule. They are not the resistance. They are dictators in exile. They had their chance to impose their vision on the people. And they lost.

The protests aren’t a revolution. They’re a counterrevolutionary reaction by a fallen establishment.”

The People have spoken. At the ballot box. We the Revolution!

VIDEOS : The speakers were introduced by Executive Director of CAIR-NY Afaf Nasher. [Part 1] Council of American Islamic Relation — a civil rights organization  — called for love and action from thousands of protesters gathered in solidarity under the arch. http://www.cair-ny.org/staff/

Part 2 – Letitia “Tish” James, NYC Public Advocate & Workers Party darling gave a rabble rousing speech that would make the Comintern proud as she chanted “Too male; too pale; too stale” to the receptive crowd.

Part 3- NYC Council Member Jumaane D. Williams. and as he left the we were treated to, “Peace Trump, you outta here”

Part 4- NYC Council Member Corey Johnson [I am Gay. HIV positive. My grandfather adopted from Korea]

Part 5 – NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer

Part 6 – Amer. Muslim Attorneys Assoc. – Attorney Alma Abadaou (?) [A woman. Muslim. Attorney. Trump I am your greatest fear]

Part 7 – NYCLU- Jordan Wellsstaff attorney [“We will see him in court- if he proceeds with this action. (while the crowd chants )”Lock him up. Lock him up”]   He continues with Threats . Talks of Treason. Encourages others to become Sanctuary Cities. We will see the Trump Administration In Court!

Part 8DREAM Action Coalition [http://drmactioncoalition.org/our-staff/#.WJon1hCeDB0] CESAR VARGAS …. Giving a voice to the undocumented … He announced that( he TOO is UNdocumented [aka ILLEGAL] He could be deported. Re warns that what they do in the next four years, how they respond to Trump, could change the face of America for the next 100 years.)

Part 9 – NY Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez

Part 10 – NYC Council Member Helen Rosenthal. [We don’t want Federal money. NYC is and will remain a Sanctuary City]

Part 11 – NYC Council Speaker Melissa Mark- Veverito

Part 12- Chants from the Resistance in Washington Sq

Next day, CAIR thanked all the little people and their political sycophants on face book for joining The Resistance:

Our most sincere thanks to the thousands of New Yorkers who joined us last night to take a powerful stand against President Trump’s attacks on Muslim and immigrant New Yorkers. More than 3,000 people joined this remarkable rally, and there wasn’t a single arrest during the CAIR-NY sponsored event (though we were saddened to learn of several arrests during a later splinter demonstration).

Yesterday was the easy part, now we tackle the long, strenuous task of building the legal and advocacy capacity to fight any attack on our Muslim and undocumented neighbors. Please consider making a donation today to help cover the costs of last night’s demonstration and build CAIR-NY’s ability to advocate for all New Yorkers. We don’t receive any funding from our national organization, so CAIR-NY depends on the New York community for our financial support. http://www.cair-ny.org/donate.

++ Link to media coverage:NY Daily News++

Then, on January 30th, CAIR filed their Constitutional Law suit.


++ CAIR- those paragons of virtue- challenging our Constitution ++


[Full disclosure; Pamela Hall sits on the Board of AFDI (American Freedom Defense Initiative)]

++Pictures and video property of Pamela Hall (except where designated)++

Commies Protest “Amerika” at Grand Hyatt Hotel Ap 14, 2016

                                      Still seeking “HOPE and Change”? 675A0406                                                   Try Communism.

It’s the HOPE (and the CHANGE)to save the WORLD from GREEDY Capitalism.

times square HOPE 169 rev

Outside the Grand Hyatt, befriended by skilled anarchists and naive apostles, the Commies preached the promise of the Marxist-Fascist-Socialist Nirvana. Their Collectivist HOPE reigns supreme.


“Capitalism must DIE for the WORLD to be FREE!”

FACT:  It’s what you EARN not what you take from others that has made America strong.

But, the Bernie Loony Tunes, as their numbers and deception grows, have put our future in jeopardy. The Facts be Damned.

Can we HOPE to subdue these anarchists with an educated free-thinking,  FREEDOM loving electorate?

The man-of-the-opposition hour on April 14th was Trump but, whomever AMERICA supports, it must not be a Leftist.
Naive apostles, media-led (and fed) by hard-core propagandists, must be challenged. (re-educated)

Learn to resist the temptations of “we will give you (…… ) FREE” vs real Freedom.  Save the “ignorati” from the lies of a one-party (social justice) system.
The naive (and not so naive) claim to have never met a Republican who wasn’t a CROOK ala Richard Nixon while IGNORING the boulders in their eye: HILLARY. BILL. OBAMA.
This blind pursuit of collectivism will never “set you FREE”.
The wild side gathered outside the Grand Hyatt. Tools.  “Amerika” where the TRUTH shall never leave their lips nor darken their pages.
If they WIN come November 2016, what will the future hold? More government. More taxes.  “FREE stuff!” Yeah… that’s the ticket to “Hopey Changey” and a long line of demon-Borgias to take-over the White House -FOREVER.
A few brave Patriots from NY-ICE counter demonstrated in support of real  FREEdom.
No to open Borders. FREEDOM of the individual.  States’ Rights. Less taxation. Less government. America.

Slide  Show NY ICE and Patriots – BUILD THE WALL (Place cursor on picture to access)


VIDEO NY ICE and Patriots

On April 14th, the protest of anarchists on the Left was pretty underwhelming — nowhere near the thousands they predicted. Yet, the media loved them-their message- anyway.VIDEO Commie Brigades

Mr. Hopey Changey, Barack Hussein Obama, may be on his way OUT  of the White House, but he will not be forgotten.

Slide show Commie Brigades (Place cursor on picture to access)


Obama’s s legacy: Will future generations yearn for a past they never knew, for an America lost?

America, what a country (she once was)” should not be our legacy.

obama_evil_twinThe Evil that men do…. Hillary, Bernie, OBAMA et al … will live for generations. Communism. They have Big Plans..

Next Up: May 1st- Commie Day- Union Square – NYC.

(addendum – two extra reports)

VIDEO – Infowars reporter Joe Biggs and Fox News Jesse Watters report on the assault of the 2nd amendment guy-

People began to yell and several protestors began to crowd and push him, that is when things got confrontational.

A report from the Left. At one point, flyers came raining down from the roof of a nearby building, fluttering down onto the street.

View at Medium.com



“Commies United” vs Penn. GOP – “DUMP TRUMP”- Plaza Hotel (12-11-15) Part 3

Part 3  of a three part series
The Speakers Protest in front of the Plaza.

December 11, 2015. Noon. NY’s Plaza Hotel.
Communities UNITED! Confronting Trump…
Say NO to Trump’s Racism and Hate”
“Trump is a symptom of a white supremacist sickness that is rooted deeply in our political system. We are mobilizing this Friday to share a vision of communities beyond policing, beyond incarceration, and beyond detention.”

A “DUMP TRUMP” protest supported by these organizations:

Families for Freedom
Black Alliance for Just Immigration- BAJI
Queer Detainee Empowerment Project- QDEP
Responsible Endowments Coalition
Showing Up for Racial Justice- SURJ
Council on American-Islamic Relations- CAIR
Jews For Racial and Economic Justice- JFREJ
Black and Pink
Jewish Voices for Peace
Arab American Association of NY

“A liberal activist group said that Pennsylvania Republicans should dump Donald Trump as the speaker at a party fundraiser after the mogul proposed a “total and complete” ban on Muslims entering the U.S.”

Game On: Trump was inside at the Pennsylvania GOP’s annual Commonwealth Club luncheon.

The party is standing by its man. Donald Trump will be the keynote speaker at our Friday fundraiser in New York,” Pennsylvania GOP spokeswoman Megan Sweeney said. [And he was]

As I arrived, I saw a large crowd hoping for a glimpse of “The Donald”.
NO PRESS was allowed inside the luncheon, so the press and passersby (LOTS of “just plain folk”) were jammed at the entrance.
Also, in Grand Army Plaza, was the “Dump Trump” protest.  A crowd comprised of Commies (young and old) …… Illegal Trespassing supporters [like Percy Lujan from Revolutionary Student Co-ordinating Committee) and lots of trend-setting white-folk.
Muslims (of course) —- many Muslimas actually—
A Christian Clergywoman, who held high her sign,  “Love Your Muslim Neighbor”.
As though LOVE  would have stopped Boston’s murderous Tsarnaev Brothers and their VILE, INSANE mother,4_292013_aptopix-russia-boston-sus-28201_c0-0-1152-671_s885x516 Yeah. LOVE. That’ll stop ’em.

The ubiquitous Rabbi Michael Feinberg (Rabbi for Human Rights & Exec. Dir. Greater N. Y. Labor-Religion Coalition.) present as always…

Flickr Slideshow (place cursor on picture to access slide show)

DSC_6226 copy

The Speakers: At Noon, the Commies (and friends) began a lively “Dump Trump” protest with many speakers crammed into just one hour.

They preached, lectured, chanted and SCREAMED! (often)  “ORGANIZE AND EDUCATE, THAT IS HOW WE END THE HATE”.

“Resistance to U.S. Imperialism. (War and Prisons.) We’re here taking Collective Action. We also want to build Collective Trust. Take a moment to get to know the folks around you.” [had a moment of “Meet and Greet” ] Then an Hispanic female from Families For Freedom led a ‘walk through’ of some chants, like:”We’re Gonna Bring Trump Down” and “End the US War Machine from Syria, to Iraq and the Philippines”. “We’re not gonna stand for Fascists like him and the Fascists he represents. He is the epitome of US Imperialism. How dare he slander all Muslims”
Playlist of all 11 short videos

However, I lost the video I took of the FAKE Republican. (My bad.) But, what a hoot she was! She was introduced as an EX-Republican! Now reformed. Enlightened. She sees the ERROR of her misguided days as a Repub. (ya think?)

What made her change?  “It was the HIS-To-Ry of FASCISM!!” (twitter link)

[Video from Ash J on Twitter #NYC Anti-#Trump protesters across street from Plaza]

“Your assignment today, if you choose to do it”
—  CLAIM to be an ex-Repub who voted for GW — (yeah. That’s the ticket)  fake repubFAKE REPUB WOMAN during her speech. (Do people actually BELIEVE her?) claimed to be EX GOP copyThe crowd during the speakers’ hour was also entertained by professional protestor, Marni Halasa. Often dressed as an NYPD “BIMBO Cop” aka Babs the Bankster-Buster. Whatever the costume, always on SKATES and Camera-Ready.

Do people READ her coyly written signs? Or do they just want to take a picture with a pretty girl.
Once the speakers dispersed, a team of “t.RUTT” artistes paraded a guerrilla-bus painted with “t. RUTT” (t. RUMP) ’round and ’round the Plaza traffic circle.
Even though the press was in absentia, the bus team was quite pleased with their guerrilla-art bus “success”. [See also Twitter link for bus]
The woman who was interviewed by NY1 ( in video at 00:56) seemed to represent the artist (or was the artist) not quite sure.

“Trump is a Black Swan ” (so says she) “… a metaphor that describes an event that comes as a surprise, has a major effect and is often inappropriately rationalized after the fact with the benefit of hindsight.



NEXT (after the t.RUMP bus) I found the Commies – a small group of Muslim, Arab, immigrant, and LGBTQ community members – at the south entrance to the Plaza regrouping after being THROWN OUT of the GOP Luncheon (See Part 2)


Muslim Day Parade (2015) “Marching As One Ummah” (pics & vids)

“The Muslim Day Parade Street Fair” is a cultural celebration held to bring together members of the Muslim community in New York City. The festivities begin with a parade down the city streets, which is followed by a bazaar and food festival featuring authentic cuisine and merchant vendors.

Guests can also enjoy various spoken word and musical performances.”


The 30th Annual Muzzie Day Parade seems to be losing its appeal even for the New York Muslim Community.  THIS was the SMALLEST parade I’ve seen in 8 years ( since 2007)

Celebrating the Ummah” kept a lot of people at home. Making this a parade of the repeat-floats (4) with only a few groups marching down Madison Ave. –




Umma bikers






Pre – Parade Umma Bikers





Women against Violence




and some drum, drum, drumming from the Panamanian Vets (who didn’t seem to identify as Muslim)





Playlist of 4 short videos:

THE PRAYERS (aka ceremonies) – 12:30 PM – the prayers and speakers at the prayer tarp location (38th st and Madison) was really low-key. Something was amiss. The groups of children. Missing. Large schools and mosque groups. Missing.

Looking back at 2012 – the prayers had many more participants


Even a wudu trough was provided for a couple of years – then it disappeared after 2012.



In 2015, NO Black (sometimes white) Shahada flags (as in 2013) No fake guns (as in 2014) No virgins (2014) No women hanging in effigy (2014) Nada. The parade in 2015 was VERY bland.

The NYPD Turk-undertaker (Erhan Yildirim) was back. Hadn’t seen him for a couple of years. There he was, a respected Community Co-Ordinator for the NYPD.A Village Voice article from 2008 doesn’t mention the NYPD assoc, but it’s more about Muslim burials. Guess not being buried on American soil is important – cause America is a  kaffir country.

Also, found a video (in Turkish). Published in Jan 2014 and drooling over his “Bruce Willis” NYPD badge.badgeNew York Polis Departmanı’nın ilk Türk polisi Erhan Yıldırım, yıllardır filmlerde gördüğümüz rozeti canlı yayında gösterdi.”
turk badge
Translation -“Erhan Yildirim, first Turkish police in New York Police Department , showed the badge to live for years we have seen in the movies.”


2015 –Time for that BIG DAWA display of peaceful Muslims – Praying- On the Streets of New York. But, a burly, black Muzzie – Security Guy – kept saying we had to stop taking pictures when the prayers started (maybe because of the low attendance)

No Pictures? During Prayers? But, who could tell WHEN the prayers officially started since there was a whole lotta singing goin’ on from the beginning. 

Still, the Burly Security Guy kept repeating this new rule, NO PICTURES of the Prayers.

So, I started walking towards the back of this small group,
where the women were.

screen shot 1 redocopy

Bad move on my part. Our two NYPD Community Affairs head- honchos blocked my camera and forced me on to the sidewalk – Saying,  NO PICTURES DURING the “Ceremonies”.Sequence 01.Still014The officer claimed that ” Press Creds” were required to take pictures of these PUBLIC prayers. We aren’t allowed to take pictures of the “ceremonies”?  (get real). This was harassment of one individual: ME. I was turned away from a public gathering while attempting to exercise my First Amendment rights.

Sequence 01.Still013

Sequence 02.Still003redo Sequence 02.Still002 copy


Forced to leave the area. So, from a distance, my trusty Nikor zoom caught a glimpse of how small the group was.



Urban Infidel stayed down front with lots of photographers and  took pics and video the whole time– during “the prayers”— ” No pictures during the ceremonies“?



Time For The Parade: “Islam Advocates Peace and Justice For All”




Lots  of  Grand Marshals





Muslim women who marched against VIOLENCE (admitting Muslim men are VIOLENT?)



The NYPD Police Band playing God Bless America  (no This Is My Country)

  The NYPD Muslim Officers Society banner

cops1 copy cops 2 copy









And the NY Muslim Correctional Officers (which had a Quran & MECCA on an NYPD banner: “Created To Serve One God”



Free Syria marchers with the anti-Assad three-starred flags – proclaiming their love of FREEDOM. Leftists. Commies. Flashing a V for Victory sign at the cameras.  (Will Commies be any better than Assad?)

 THREE Grannie Brigade Commies and Not in My Name – types were there in opposition to all things Israel. 

One woman handed out small Fakestinian flags to everyone in the Muslim crowd.

Her shirt said – “U.S. Boat To Gaza- Audacity of HOPE”

She walked down Madison Ave, IN the parade,with NYC Councilman, Robert Jackson – A Muslim revert. (At a previous Muslim Day Parade, Councilman Jackson was heard to proclaim “Harlem is the NEW Mecca”.) With a  sign that said, “Remember Rachel Corrie”

The other two women wore keffiyeh and  held a sign, “No Funds for Israel” and sported a NAKBA Button.

Not as many niqabs marching in the sun, with their babies and toddlers on display. But it wouldn’t be a Muzzie parade without at least a few niqabs.

The “ceremony”, the “parade”, a very fast walk to 23rd Street and the ‘speakers” stage at the end, with no speakers sitting on-stage as in years past. We heard mostly prayers. Lots of prayers. It was all a bit odd.

Very few food booths. No dawah tables. No Books. Pamphlets No tables with abaya (long cloaks the women wear) There was a hijab table. A LAWYER table. And a How to Pronounce Arabic table. Dull. Oh so very DULL. (Though, the FOOD smelled great.)

There were Christian protestors who never stopped preaching from the top of the parade to the end. They were relentless. So once they arrived at Madison Square Park, the Syrian Marxists decided to stand in front of them.The anti-Assad Syrians did on-camera interviews, with the Christians in the background, while the crowd gathered to sit at the speakers stage.

The cops hung out, watching the Syrian Marxist/Christian inter-action.

(Watched, also, by the passersby and the Muzzie Security) Guess it seemed more interesting than the speakers stage.

The crowd had been herded like a bunch of halal sheep to their seats. Once there, they ate and waited for the prayers etc to end.A DONATION box was passed around near the end of the event…. a little “muzzie jizya“? Perhaps they had to PAY to get OUT from the “captive audience” area.

Closing thoughts on the parade date chosen in 2015 (Sept 13th). The Muslim Parade organizers just can’t help themselves when it comes to dates of significance. (So many awkward dates chosen over the years.)

September 13  was two days after the 9-11 attacks and murders.  So close to September 11, a National Day of Mourning. Was it, also, a co-incidence that this was the first day of Rosh Hashana.

Does it matter? Maybe not. No one shows up to watch this parade any way. Year after year. The streets are EMPTY. What is the impact. On whom?

Watch Urban Infidel’s great expose on those empty streets –

Empty streets. So DULL. So Quiet.  Perhaps this meant to be an important dawah moment. (ya think?)

Sleepers BEWARE.


Lastly – The “Mission” Statement from Muzzie  Day Parade Web site:

 Muslims Get United & Have One Voice

Ladies & Gentlemen, Brothers & Sisters in Islam,

United States of America is our homeland though adopted but still our home. We have taken the oath for the betterment of this country. So focus your activities on this point and work hard for it. Soon we will be gone from the scene But our children will be here. So for the future of our children, get united and join the political process of this country. Because nobody listens to you here, the only voice which is heard is the voice of your vote, meaning how many votes you have.

You may have heard the news that the City of New York has recognized Eid holidays in its school system after working hard for two decades. We achieved this due to the our unity and our vote. Many of us have not yet registered themselves to vote, while others are registered but don’t go out to vote considering their vote won’t make a difference. No, its wrong, whether your candidate wins or looses, it does not matter. What matters, is the number of Muslims voted in every election. Each vote casted is counted and tells the authorities who has the voting power and how much.

We still have many other hurdles to remove from our path such as Halal food for our children in schools and for Muslim inmates in the detention centers. They are still not allowed to have time to pray in our schools and detention centers. So we have a lot of hard work in front of us. I, therefore, remind and request you to please register yourselves to vote and if you are registered than make sure you go out and vote in every election for the sake of our unity and voice.

Ainul Haque


Slide show- Before the Parade

Slideshow of the Parade and after


Pamela Geller – Free Speech Champion vs Sharia Law – Brooklyn College (4-22-15) vids & pics


The topic of the evening: “The First Amendment and Social Criticism”.

The First Amendment. Free Speech. Listening to what you might find offensive, but respecting the free speech rights of others to offend. However, Free Speech was trampled by the Brooklyn College Zoo, while Brooklyn College Security and Faculty stood by – on the sidelines. Immobile. Frozen. Neutered.
This is what Sharia Law Looks Like.

To begin. April 22. 2015. Brooklyn College. When I arrived, around 6 PM, there was a fairly large crowd standing outside in a light rain. It seemed to be students mostly. I figured they would start entering within about a half hour so I was escorted upstairs by the faculty sponsor,Professor Seidemann, to the “penthouse”, where I could set up my camera gear before the students took their seats. What I saw, as I entered, was a bare room (hardly a “penthouse”) with approx 200 (room capacity) folding chairs at-the-ready for the audience. But, for now, only Security and a few faculty-types were standing around; waiting.
DSC_9839 copy
Contrary to a snarky crack made by a young woman, that can be heard in the Q and A video,  regarding preferential seating (39:37 – 40:03) The only privileged early-seating that was witnessed by myself and the faculty sponsor, was a First Wave of early seating by quite a few Muslim students (male and female). The next wave of seating was about 10-15 minutes later and was also, mostly, Muslim students …. ALL of whom headed to the front of the room, filling the seats front to back. “Yes, Virginia” the treatment of some as being better than others (the Muslim students getting early seating) did NOT go unnoticed, despite your faux complaint.

While the waves of Muslim Students got settled, this fellow in the white shirt below, walked row by row, clearly giving the male students in particular instructions of some sort.
It became apparent as soon as Ms. Geller mentioned hijabs (buzz-words?) that the male Muslim students were to get up and walk out at appointed times. (“potty-breaks?”)
stand and walk out screen shot
Since the “instructor” sat down front with his ear piece and ALL of the cell phones were being held close to their chests throughout her speech, it was clear how easily he was instructing and co-ordinating the intended visual chaos.

Different groups of males through out her speech walked out and then back in, back and forth, attempting to disrupt her speech. It did NOT work.

Continuing with the intros that preceded Ms. Geller’s Speech.

At about 7:20, once late-comers were accommodated, the intros began with  Brooklyn College V.P., Joseph Giovannelli, who gave a very specific breakdown of how the students (and guests)  were expected to behave and what behaviors would be grounds for removal from the event.

ALL of these pointless instructions were IGNORED by the Muslim students, as well as the Security Officers, once Ms. Geller began to speak.The bedlam during the Q and A grew to a deafening DIN where NO one could be heard and was tolerated (ignored?)  by Mr. Giovannelli AND the BC Security.

n camera (49:10 – to 49:23) Giovannelli can be seen looking bewildered while approaching a Security Officer.
giovannelli copy text
Both just stared back at the raging crowd,  incapable of putting any rules of decorum into action while these Muslim students screamed and yelled at the Armenian woman who had survived a genocide was TRYING to ask a question.

THIS is what SHARIA LAW Looks Like.

Disrupting the event was pre-planned. Nothing spontaneous. The Muslim Students were in charge.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 12.31.58 PM

From a student, Lisa Gagliardo, on instagram

Brooklyn College SJP, ISO, & supporters filled the room for a talk by Pamela Geller. We made it known that her hate, bigotry, and flat out bullshit is not welcome here. This video was taken at the end of her lecture. Most of the crowd was chanting “Free Palestine” and “End the occupation now”.You can see the woman in the green shirt shouting at students to “go home”.This is the idiocy sanctioned by Pamela Geller. Your faith or ethnicity does not dictate home.”

(The same woman in green responds in my Q and A video to all their obnoxious screaming with, “You don’t act like American citizens.”

The COMMENTS that followed the Instagram video:

carmeister You guys seriously shouting down an old woman? Here I thought Islam was better than that. Judea was renamed Palestine by Rome by the way.

lisa.gagliardo Someone who says “go back home” deserves to be shut down and so does Pamela with her hate filled speech. Palestine has been occupied for 67 years and Israel is a war criminal by the way. @carmeister
carmeister @lisa.gagliardo so no respect for old women. Gotcha. I just heard Ms. Geller’s talk on YouTube and didn’t hear hate speech coming from her. She did however point out many horrible thing done by Muslims. Like a father killing his daughter for not wearing a hijab etc. is that the true face of Islam? I think you are mistaken about Palestine.
lisa.gagliardo You must not be familiar with the adds that she runs. She puts things like “Jew hatred is in the Quran” and “Defeat the savage, support Israel”. That’s hate speech. Obviously that’s not any face Islam has. A verse in the Quran says “killing one innocent person is as if you have killed all humanity”. No, I’m not mistaken. @carmeister
lisa.gagliardo Prophet Muhammad said “The best among you is one who is best to his family”. Does it sound like killing family members is the true face of Islam to you?
carmeister *Surahs
lisa.gagliardo @carmeister I hope your perspective changes. As a non-Muslim I’m thankful I had family members who said no religion is hateful, violent, or destructive at a young age or else the media would have me thinking like you.

ladamidesignsTerrible on so many levels. Pamela Geller needs to go home…

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 12.12.08 PM

Video Part 1- Intros : First, Joseph Giovannelli , Brooklyn College VP of Administration & Finance followed by Dr. Susan Aranoff a professor of economics at Kingsborough Community College

Video Part 2Pamela Geller speech and Q and A

The Muslim Students were itching for a fight. Manipulating the crowd vociferously. It is a credit to the non-Muslims in the audience that confrontations were avoided.

The hoots, yells, screams roared forth from the Muslim students with every derisive crack that posed as a question. One example in the Q and A video  at 39:01 to 39:34, is when the hippy, finger-clicking chick claimed  to be a Roman Catholic and derided Geller for speaking in favor of Free Speech. LOTS of noise followed.
mocking freedom of speech
The Muslim Students jeered at Geller for supporting Free Speech. They support shutting down Free Speech. Controlling our media. Our schools. Our police.

THIS is what Sharia Law Looks Like.

The Muslim Students think they have “won” the “intellectual” war. Taking selfies and screaming: ” Don’t Come Back”, “Free Free Palestine”, “End the Occupation Now” “Free, Free Gaza” and the ever pithy, “The People United Will Never Be Defeated”.

They have won NOTHING (they just don’t know it yet)

Get the full story here: http://pamelageller.com/category/brooklyn-college/


And from David Wood, these links:




Slide Show of pictures:

Anti-Israel Protest vs Pro-Israel: a look back at July & August (pics & vids)

The summer of 2014. One anti-Israel rally too many. Annoying. Repetitive.  I stopped posting. (a temporary silence)

“There is nothing wrong with your television. Do not attempt to adjust the picture.”retro-tv-test-pattern-14395530Then, on August 17th, the Pamela Geller/Robert Spencer Rally , “Support For Israel and Religious Minorities” was held in Union Square- NYC. Even though we are walk in the shadow of Global Horrors, I left feeling energized by such a wonderful, spirited community.

What follows now, in Three Parts, are different events (Pro and Anti Israel) from July and August. Beginning with “We The Living Support Israel”


afdo-pro-israle-rallyFrom Pamela Geller

“For the first time, defenders of Israel and representatives of minorities persecuted by Islamic jihadists from around the world gathered together to stand for life and for freedom. Finally, the truth.

Our speakers provided harrowing insight into the full breadth and depth of the havoc and destruction that Islamic jihadists have unleashed upon the world. New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind gave a stirring appeal for Israel in its struggle against the jihad, and was seconded by the eloquent Ethiopian Jewish spokesman Mordechai Tasman and an IDF soldier who spoke of his own experiences. Dr. Mordechai Kedar flew from Israel for the rally, and showed how the jihadists are proceeding according to quranic imperatives.

What was unprecedented and groundbreaking about our rally was that these strong defenders of Israel were joined by others: Yazidi spokesman Haider Elias, the toweringly courageous and eloquent Sudanese freedom fighter Simon Deng, Palestinian Christian Mazzen Warra, Pastor Matthew Singh of Christians United for Israel, Indian human rights activist Arish Sahani, and Kurdish spokesman Salar Motidi — all of them recognized that we all face the same foe, and all of them ringingly affirmed the necessity for us to stand together for freedom.”

Playlist of 15 great videos. Wonderful speakers gave support to Israel and to other victims of devout Islamists. We heard from the victims. We heard their warnings.

Concern for those who fear for their lives 24/7 rang through the air. Cries and pleas ignored by the media. They can’t handle the truth. So they ignore it.

[gigya src=”http://www.flickr.com/apps/slideshow/show.swf?v=71649″ width=”500″ flashvars=”offsite=true&lang=en-us&page_show_url=/photos/pamelahall/sets/72157646411955130/show/&page_show_back_url=/photos/pamelahall/sets/72157646411955130/&set_id=72157646411955130&jump_to=” allowFullScreen=”true” ]

We sang of Hope, Hatikva, of Yerushalim. A crowd favorite was , “Hashem Melech, Hashem Malach“,  The Lord is King!

It was a fabulous rally.

Perhaps “new blood”, like Ari Lesser, will expose the media lies and propaganda with his hip-hop lyrics (which you can enjoy in the video playlist above) His lyrics smartly meet the challenge for the Next Generation.

“This is their Battle. Their Future.”

A great day for freedom lovers. Inspired. Our counter protests grow.


Thinking about our media battles. Looking back at July and August. I am posting some pictures and videos of anti-Israel protests from the summer of  ’14

August 1, 2014. Columbus Circle. NYC.

Community Organizers prop-up these Muslim protests. Soc/Commie/Progs working behind-the-scenes to kill Western Civilization one protest-at-a-time. Fools and Tools. They. Never. Stop.

Slideshow August 1st PRO-Israel COUNTER PROTEST:  Emotions ran deep from those who came out to support Israel in the midst of another anti-Israel hate-fest. They hung in there, even though the police kept moving them from corner to corner.

[gigya src=”http://www.flickr.com/apps/slideshow/show.swf?v=71649″ width=”500″ flashvars=”offsite=true&lang=en-us&page_show_url=/photos/pamelahall/sets/72157645744540418/show/&page_show_back_url=/photos/pamelahall/sets/72157645744540418/&set_id=72157645744540418&jump_to=” allowFullScreen=”true” ]

Slideshow August 1st -Anti-Israel Rally – Columbus Circle. Offensive signs filled with  LIES; accusing Israel of ‘genocide’, of being Nazis. 

[gigya src=”http://www.flickr.com/apps/slideshow/show.swf?v=71649″ width=”500″ flashvars=”offsite=true&lang=en-us&page_show_url=/photos/pamelahall/sets/72157646149386142/show/&page_show_back_url=/photos/pamelahall/sets/72157646149386142/&set_id=72157646149386142&jump_to=” allowFullScreen=”true” ]

Death to Israel chants. Fists pumped in the air. Angry. Hateful. No call for peace. Not real peace. Not from these professional agitators. The leftist agitprop of genocidal hatred rang through the air, “Stop the killing. Stop the Hate”. Pleas meant to mislead the gullible press who choose to ignore the Nazi-like fists pounding over-head.

The heart-felt pain of one woman who came to support Israel .

They called this ‘hate’.

All I saw was despair. (August 1st playlist 5 short videos)

They NEVER stop.

This next rally was a “Takbir-fest”,  in July.

 July 17 , 2014 – Times Square-Pumping fists. Screaming. Yelling. Chants-of-Hate.

Intifada, Intifada and “Takbir, Takbir, Takbir” (allah is greatest)

 To be Free from Fear. Free Of Islam.  Free from Tyranny. From brutal, murderous Savages. That would be REAL Peace.

All the isms want ‘peace’. Communism, fascism, islamism etc.Their peace where everybody agrees with their philosophy/religion and always does what they are told. Non-conformists are of course severely punished or murdered.

The battle for peace continues as we fight to stop the Media lies and distortions.

Never Again means Never Again….


Protests. Rallies. Counter-Protests.
Be Aware. Be Ready.

… evil WILL continue to thrive in this world until people make a conscious, deliberate, decision and effort to face it, grab it by the horns and and defeat it.

Coming Soon to the Metropolitan Opera – NYC.
Join AFSI (Americans for a Safe Israel)

Opening Night of the Metropolitan Opera House season.
Monday, September 22, 2014 – 5pm – Lincoln Center
A City-wide anti-terror demonstration

Stop Terrorism and Genocidal HATE.

The Met is scheduled to present the anti-Semitic and pro-terrorist opera, “The Death of Klinghoffer”, which tells the story of the PLO murder of an elderly Jewish man in 1985.

To date, Met director Peter Gelb has refused to cancel the opera despite strong opposition. All who object to terror should call Peter Gelb at 212-799-3100 x 2891 to insist that he cancel the opera.

Plan to be at Lincoln Center on the 22nd.

DSC_3937 copy







AND NEW ADS are coming to the NY Subways this September from AFDI (American Freedom Defense Initiative) to Fight the Media Blackout on the Truth about Jihad and Islam.

  Thanks to Pamela Geller and Robert SpencerAFDI  (American Freedom Defense Initiative) will have these truthful ads  soon on NYC streets — at Columbus Circle!

C O M I N G    T O   N E W   Y O R K   C I T Y
Urban panel IJH
Urban PAnel2 IJH

Urban panel IJH 3

Wishing won’t do anything. Complaining does nothing but delight our enemies. Confrontation is the only way to deal with it.

Stand Up. Speak Out. Fight Back!

ILLEGAL Advocates Press Conf WISH-LIST for new NYC Mayor- 2013


WHAT:(Illegal) Immigrant advocates shared plans for a full participatory process resulting in an “Illegal Immigrant City Agenda” to be presented to the new Administration during the transition.
WHEN: Monday, November 4th, 11:00 AM
WHERE: Steps of City Hall


United for Justice
 _DSC9468 copy


10 End Unlawful Police Practices & Surveillance of Muslim, Immigrant Communities introduced by Sarsour (held by Faiza N. Ali, Organizer & Muslim community activist)
9 Fight for DREAMers and Immigrant Youth (introduced by Sarsour/Held by SEIU 1199 Rep)

8 Fight for Legal Indentification Documents and Licenses for Undocumented Residents (held by Faiza N. Ali)

7 Ensure Resources For Services to Immigrants (held by SIEU/1199 Rep)

6 Support for Fair Treatment of Immigrant Workers (held by Faiza N. Ali)

5 Support Immigrant Students’ Path to Success (Held by Seiu/1199 Rep)
4 Expand Civic Participation of Immigrant Communities (Sarsour Holds this sign)
3 Support Fair Economic Development in Immigrant Communities (held by Faiza N. Ali )
2 Ensure Access for Health Care For all (Sarsour holds this sign)
1 Play an Active Role in Promoting Immigration Reform, Stopping Unjust Deportations (SEIU/1199 Rep held this sign)

Part 1 of 2 Videos : New York  (Monday, November 4, 2013) This Coalition Released New York’s (illegal) Immigrant Wish List Ahead of the 2013 NYC Mayoral Election; a “Top 10 Wish List” of Priorities for the next Mayor of New York City.

This is ANOTHER election the illegals plan to vote in (” a full participatory process” )

Speakers in Part 1:
Steven Choi, executive director, New York Immigration Coalition
• Linda Sarsour, Director, Arab American Association of New York
(she speaks  from 2:39-4:31
SJ Jung, board president, Minkwon Center for Community Action
Bakary Tandia, policy advocate, African Services Committee
Elsie Accilien, executive director, Haitian-Americans United for Progress
Part 2 of 2 Videos


Speakers in Part 2

Angela Fernandez, Director, Northern Manhattan Coalition for Immigrant Rights (First 2-3 minutes is in SPANISH only)

Guillermo Chacon, NYIC board chair and Director, Latino Commission on AIDS



WAKE UP, NY. This is your Last Chance (for awhile) to STOP the “Progressive” madness.

_DSC9471 copy


Screen shot 2013-11-04


The Illegal Immigrant Advocates KNOW… EVERY VOTE REALLY DOES COUNT!


Warning: New Shoaib Choudhury Scam Alert (9-05-13)

A WARNING UPDATE from Brenda West. She has a new story about the fake Muslim Zionist, Shoaib Choudhury.  He is in jail but still managing to design scams via his brother. So this is a warning to gullible people – and there still are some – who could fall for it.

My Mom Is Injured:  Send Money Now, Pleads Brother Of Fake Muslim Zionist
By Brenda West

Oh, how touching!  But before you big hearted people reach for your credit cards or check books, get ready for a laugh.  The appeal is being made in an email (see below) sent around by Sohail Choudhury, the younger brother of Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury, who was once universally acclaimed as an imprisoned martyr for free speech and values of the Western world, including defense of Israel.  Shoaib, who posed as a Muslim Zionist, was later exposed as a complete fraud and publisher of Islamist material, an international extortionist coercing a Prime Minister, and a paid propagandist for North Korea.

And why is Sohail sending out the email, instead of his infinitely more active brother?  Shoaib is now in jail, again, in Bangladesh.  For pretending to act nobly?  No, not at all.

After stealing money from two of his Jewish supporters, Shoaib swindled a fellow Bangladeshi, Sajjad Hussein, who had him arrested.  The formerly high flying Shoaib has been cooling his heels in the slammer since November 8, 2012, awaiting trial on charges of  embezzlement.

Attentive readers will recall that he was formerly accused of embezzlement by his boss when he worked for an Islamist, anti-Israel  news outfit before his overnight switch to becoming a friend of Israel.  Research into Shoaib’s holdings disclosed that he was a very wealthy man, independent of the money he stole, yet he is a dedicated thief!  Ironically, Shoaib’s phony pose as a friend of Israel has made him friendless both in the West, following his exposure as a fraud, and in jail, where he is reportedly disliked intensely by the other inmates and frequently humiliated by them.

Now, about the mother.  Working through his ever submissive brother and partner in crime, Sohail, an email was sent around declaring that their mother was hurt in a car accident and money was desperately needed to save her life.  Really?  But according to Wikipedia, the Choudhury mother, Sharifa, died on August 9, 2005!

Shoaib made a lot of hay out of her death in 2005 when he wrote a poignant article called A World Without My Mother, deploring the imprisonment that kept him from attending her funeral.

The article was picked up by a multitude of sympathetic newspapers and served to keep Shoaib’s standing as a fake Muslim Zionist fresh in the international world, which brought him both donations and a credibility platform from which to commit financial frauds once he was released.

So Shoaib and Sohail, did your supposedly dead mother resurrect herself in order to reappear as newly injured in a recent automobile accident?  Did you really think the world would forget your previous use of her death?  But wait. There are many other ridiculous items in the email requesting money for her.  The email states that the accident occurred in “Springfield, Hanzalah” Bangladesh.  There is no such place though Hanzalah is the name of Shoaib’s son and Springfield is obviously a city in Massachusetts.  Also, stated is that the mother was airlifted to a hospital in the Philippines, instead of Bangkok or Singapore – as my reputable Bangladeshi contacts inform me would be the place to take a person injured in that country.  The writing is in standard English, which is NOT Sohail’s Bengali accented style, although Sohail’s name is on it; see, for example, this article by him in the Weekly Blitz compared with the email he sent.  Further, no police report is mentioned, and it makes no sense that a lawyer is needed to defend the fabricated mother if she were rear ended.  When one investigator asked for proof of the mother’s injury, Sohail feigned innocence, declaring that his email account, sohail.choudhury@yahoo.com, had been hacked, and he never sent out an email asking for money for his mother.  Yet just a few days earlier, he responded to another investigator’s probes for information by evading her questions, and then calling her nasty names for making legitimate enquiries.  Sohail could have said then that he had been hacked, but he did not. Instead he insisted on the urgency of his mother’s need for money.  What stupid, easily disproven lies!

One has to laugh at the ineptitude of this current scam.  Ah, Shoaib. The world of Internet crime is just not the same with you behind bars, even though your fingerprints are all over this.

However, on further reflection, this new attempt to steal money offers a revolting look into the mind of the Choudhury brothers.  Not only are they disrespecting all their intended victims, but they are heaping contempt on their mother, their own mother.  Either she was lied about in 2005 or she’s being lied about now.  All for money.  One can only hope she would have condemned the misuse of her name for infamous gain by this brood of criminals she bred.

And on an even more serious note, this attempted swindle shows that Sohail is as wicked as his brother Shoaib.  Sohail cosigned the fraudulent contract of one of Sohaib’s female victims.  He was full party to Shoaib’s evil intentions and should be held equally accountable in the eyes of the law.


Hello All,
On August 1st, 2013 my mother and cousin were headed to work around 8 in the morning and my mother and cousin were involved in a motor vehicle collision. My mother’s car was t-boned from a car going 65mph. My mother was flown via helivac to the closest trauma center and my cousin was taken via ambulance to the nearest hospital.my mother was hospitalized in Philippine General Hospital, My cousin suffered minor injuries, however my mother took a beating. She came out of the crash with broken ribs, a broken shoulder blade, cuts and gashes all over her body, a concussion, and slight memory loss. We have hired a lawyer to defend my mother, however, she hasn’t returned any calls within 3 weeks. My mother’s bills from the wreck exceed $30,000 alone in just medical costs alone.

My mother was told by her doctor that she shouldn’t go back to work for at least three months, however, due to the lack of attention the lawyer has given her case, she had to return to work within a month of the accident. She goes to work in pain, all day, and she comes home in pain. Everyday. We are from a small rural area just outside of Springfield, Hanzalah and my mother alone works 60+ hours a week, just to manage to make a living to support our family. Now she is working the same amount of hours, but with broken and healing bones. The last visit I made to see my mom, she told me that she wonders if it would have been better off if she had passed in the wreck, that’s just a taste of what she has to go through each day. Please help us raise enough money that she doesn’t have to live in such pain everyday. This woman is the strongest woman I know, and she is my idol. Please help me help her.

Thanks for anything you can give, even prayers.

Sohail  ChoudhuryMobile: +880-1195310884www.weeklyblitz.net


Brenda West is a freelance investigative journalist and political commentator based in New York City.  Her articles were the first in the Western press to expose the frauds of Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury and his associates.  She can be reached at BrendaWestNYC@aol.com.