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Stop the insurgents before they stop us

Nov 8, 2023″ March for Gaza” spreads more anti-Israel Lies.

Nov 8, 2023. Outside the Uganda Mission across from U.N.

The pro -‘palestinian’ press-hype hung their “Cease Fire Now” on this location since Dr. Martin Luther King spoke here 50 years ago opposing the Viet Nam war.

The infamous Linda Sarsour. (who once claimed Israel Is ‘Built on the Idea That Jews Are Supreme to Everyone Else’) was one of the main speakers at the March For Gaza. Listen with a critical ear as she has a air of confidence spouting propaganda that eschews the facts. (Behind her is BLM’s Tamika Mallory who has refused to say Israel has the right to exist) VIDEO:

.I listened to three speakers. Women. And they did not fail to disappoint. The Leftists and ‘palis’ have shamefully denied the crimes of Hamas, particularly their crimes against women and children.

Hypocrites who preach LOVE , like the Author of Fierce Love:A Bold Path to Ferocious Courage and Rule-Breaking Kindness That Can Heal the World, The Rev. Dr. Jacqui (Jacqueline) Lewis – . …. VIDEO:

.Author of Fierce Love:A Bold Path to Ferocious Courage and Rule-Breaking Kindness That Can Heal the World

They ignore history. Ancient history. Stuck on stupid, they rant about 75 years as though there had been no anti-Jewish attacks from the Muslim world prior to 1948.

NEXT, Marwa Janini , Sarsour’s successor as Executive Director of the Arab American Association of New York (AAANY) … a left-of-center org which focuses on immigration policy, criminal justice policy and other issues impacting the Arab American community in New York City. VIDEO:

Another woman who spoke, Carmen Perez, internationally-known civil and human rights leader and Chicana feminist; a co-founder of the Women’s March and the current executive director of The Gathering For Justice a far-left “social justice” advocacy organization established by far-left activist and singer Harry Belafonte.

Like her fellow Women’s March leaders Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory, Perez has expressed support for Nation of Islam leader and anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan and her support of convicted Brinks robbery associate Baba Sekou Odinga.

Disappointed, I failed to get an audio  I could use.The police made our jobs as reporters difficult this day,  forcing the press to film from a distance: no press area. Forcing the press  to jockey for positions from across East 45th street.

Pali Flickr slide show

DSC_3913 copy2


DSC_3915 copy

Trying to cover the Pro-Israel supporters was a challenge, since press was kept on the sidewalk . Not a great angle.

VIDEO- Pro ISRAEL rally goers vs the “pali” lies protest

Closing  with this video from a young Iranian woman who speaks with great wisdom ** Saying “one man’s terr0rist is another man’s freedom fighter” is like saying “one woman’s rap1st is another woman’s passionate lover”

Please listen from the beginning of this powerful 6 minute video”

#neveragainisnow #freethehostages #thisisnotaresistance

Sadly, there is always more to follow….

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Should Israel Spare the Gazan “Innocents”?: Madeline Brooks

Should Israel Spare the Gazan “Innocents”?
By Madeline Brooks*

As the world knows, or very tellingly, should know, the Israeli Defense Force goes to great lengths to spare the lives of Gazans presumed innocent. In the moral smog of war, this important fact is usually overlooked by the international crowd of Israel critics.

The IDF gave abundant warning to Gazans with leaflets and even phone calls to go to the south of Gaza, out of the immediate war zone. Some Gazans did head south, waving white flags and getting shot at by their own Hamas government. Others stayed, even though they were offered a substantial reward and a safe place to live if they cooperated in getting the hostages out.

Just who is Israel sparing? The sixteen year old boy who at this moment does not have a rifle in his hand, although his school books teach him to hate Jews? Hordes of “civilian” young men, out of uniform, who nevertheless swarmed into southern Israel on October 7 after the uniformed jihadis to rape, behead and burn Jewish families? How about the mother who sings her child to sleep with lullabies about killing Israelis, or the young girl engaged to a jihadi, egging him on?

Most horribly, a huge crowd of military age Gazan men were shown a movie of the massacres of Jews on October 7. This was the same video put together by the IDF from the cameras of the terrorists. Somehow the video got into the Gazans’ hands and was shown at al Shifa hospital. When Israeli journalists watched the video, many were so upset they vomited or sobbed uncontrollably. What did the Gazans do? They cheered. They roared their approval. Allahu Akbar.

Please watch the reaction of the Gazans presumed innocent starting at the 18:05 minute mark and repeated at the 32:36 minute mark.

(Edits to full video for fast reference, but full video is important link)

.These are among the creatures that the IDF may have been trying to spare, even at the cost of their own lives since the whole area could have been bombed so thoroughly from above that it would be turned into a parking lot, with no escape from the tunnels. Such was the sentiment among some at the start of the war. Instead, the IDF is engaged in a prolonged building to building fight, which puts its own soldiers at great risk, all to spare presumed innocents.

Does it make sense to spare one’s enemies whose blood lust gets fed by reliving what they did to Israelis a month ago – what they can and will do again when they see more weakness? Since Israel’s inception, every time its guard went down and it trusted its sworn enemies, it paid a terrible price in blood.

Sadly, and adding to the complexity of it all, there are some Gazans who reject Hamas and are willing to describe its horrors to an Israeli, as seen in this video. These Gazans had to flee to Europe to be able to speak freely about Hamas without getting their legs broken or getting killed. One of them speaks of friends still in Gaza who hate Hamas as much as he does.

Yet if Israel goes down, diaspora Jews will have very hard lives. More than that, the rest of the world will be faced with a “barbarism that has no place in the modern world” as Isaac Herzog, Israel’s president, said in an open letter to university administrators.

Across the planet, protests are going on to stop the bombing and spare the “innocent” civilians. That would mean protecting the terrorists-in-waiting that we see in the hospital’s movie audience. Protests by the keffiyeh kiddos inspire the jihad and bring in fresh recruits, as well as putting pressure on weak government officials to stop Israel from fully defending herself.

Israel could have taken the Joshua option, eliminating all threats as in the Old Testament books of Deuteronomy and Joshua. But it has chosen a softer approach, one that may bring more war upon its head in the future, and still no world acceptance. As we see, anti Israel and anti Jewish protests began even before Israel went into Gaza, and grow stronger everyday. Hate has a life of its own. Holding back on war efforts has no apparent effect on rage against Jews.

Any other country would be widely praised for its self-sacrifice. But not Israel. Israel gets accused of committing genocide, a projection of what Hamas is clearly doing.

Israel has a hard choice to make: Dodge worldwide criticism or fight like Joshua and the Israelites in the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy, where the Almighty ordered the elimination of all who did not answer the call to surrender. Survival may only come by fighting Biblically. Granted, that sounds morally difficult in today’s climate, though it was practiced by the United States in Dresden, Germany and two Japanese cities during WWII.

Certainly, watching the video of Gazan men, who may be off duty jihadists, cheering as they watch their fellows chop, rape and burn other human beings…that should open new doors to careful thinking about Gazan innocents.

*Madeline Brooks, M.A., is the former head of the New York chapter of ActforAmerica and is a conservative and counter-jihad writer. Her articles have been published in,,, and elsewhere. Her book, What You Need To Know About Islamic Jihad: Information The Main Stream Media Is Not Giving You, is available on Scribd. She can be reached at

NYC Protesters Demands CUNY Stand with “palestine”

CUNY is COMPLICIT in Genocide

Nov 2, 2023.  Outside CUNY offices on 42nd st.
First poster from the “palis’ and leftists

The anti-Israel protestors parrot one message,
“If you support Israel, you SUPPORT Genocide.

 The PRO ISRAEL poster promotes
Rally against TERROR

Rally for ISRAEL!

“They Lie and Deny the Oct 7 massacre.
Hamas and those cheering in the streets deserve no mercy.”

October 7, 2023.
Israeli police officer searches
for survivors of Hamas massacre.
There are only dead bodies.

Video-link of massacre.

WARNING: this video is of the October 7 Massacre.
Don’t look away.

Back to 42nd st and those who SUPPORT Israel

Video- Part 1 . A small but valiant group of patriots supporting Israel was enough to upset the ‘palis’

Words straight from a senior Hamas official:

“We will repeat the actions of October 7 again and again until Israel is destroyed.”Hamas has one goal: To wipe Israel and its people off the face of the earth. “

LINK for Hamas video:  []

The October 7th attack by Hamas,
the deaths and kidnapped children,
continues to be ignored by the palis AND the leftists.

We must Stand With Israel

Video Part 2
More from the ‘palis” and their anti-Israel chants and signs

. From the Matt Walsh Show, a major publication published an article claiming that “MAGA Republicans” are more dangerous than Hamas.

This is all part of a far ranging plan by the Left to demonize and dehumanize their political opponents.

And we all know where it leads.” [The Daily Wire]

 In the background of the next video, at third Avenue,  I noticed later there was a vandalized hostage /kidnapped poster.

Video Part 3 – more palis

LEFT VOICE banner  (an example of who supports the pali genocide of the Jews ) “Left Voice is a revolutionary socialist news site and magazine dedicated to fostering a sustained and strategic struggle against every form of capitalist exploitation and oppression.”

“As part of an international network of news sites …  Left Voice is able to provide a truly internationalist perspective on revolutionary politics, … to examine the movements of the U.S. working class within the larger framework of global revolution.”  []

Flickr Slideshow, palis and leftists

DSC_3661 copy

.Photo: (Empty Chairs, Broken Hearts)

“These are people who believed in peace and coexistence.
But Hamas doesn’t want coexistence, as their atrocities demonstrate.

Flickr Slide show, Israel : Even a small group of Israel supporters was still enough to upset the ‘pali’s’  LIES as they continue to ignore the murder and kidnapping of women and children in Israel.

DSC_3902 copy

Sad reminder that there are people across the West who openly celebrated this massacre as an act of “decolonization”. TwitterX

“Israel suggested the Arab’s a State, 5 times, but they declined it because they want all the land, between the river and the sea.TwitterX

And as the JEW HATRED grows, even the police are fearful of standing up for Israel:

… filmed by  
(a cop hating twitter site)
“… a man waving an Israel flag as a pro-Palestine march approached in NYC.
Cops moved him away and surrounded him and told him to put the flag away because he was instigating.”

SAD. WRONG. Censorship that aides the genocidal palis by silencing the truth. We must NOT be SILENT.

God Bless America
Am Yisrael Chai.

[Where indicated pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall-VSB]

Never Is Now – Cooper Union Rally NYC

Oct 29, 2023. Curtis Sliwa joined those who came out in a steady rain at Cooper Union to challenge the constant LIES that Hamas and the anti-Israel protestors feed to the media.

Curtis always supports the Israelis and Jews here at home with the current message BRING THEM HOME NOW!

Those who were able to endure the steady rain til the end left with flyers in a reusable shopping bag with tape, ready to do battle with the vandals who tear the kidnapped posters: They must be stopped!

Flickr slideshow: BRING THEM HOME NOW!

IMG_7998 copy 3

. The situation world wide grows worse each day. See current news links on this ever evolving story:

‘It could have all ended with us getting killed’ Passenger on flight from Israel to Russia’s Dagestan recounts anti-Semitic riot at airport []

Cornell University Jewish threats prove how deep campus rot runs []

Hamas releases propaganda video of Israeli hostages accusing Netanyahu of wanting ‘to kill us all’ []

We are passed the time to be passive observers.

[Where indicated pictures and video property of Pamela Hall-VSB]

BRING THEM HOME NOW! Rally for Israeli Hostages in NYC

October 19 , 2023. Duffy Sq.
Bring Them Home NOW!
Powerful and deeply emotional.

Security was tight, as I expected.   My press cameras were inspected to make sure they were actually cameras, but … understood.

FLICKR Slideshow Part 1

IMG_7829 copy

Once in the press enclosure, I wasn’t sure  I was loving this location, surrounded by way too many cameras, but this was where I landed.* fellow journalists were getting great video and pictures of the crowd from outside the press area.* so, eventually, I too left this area.

FLICKR Slideshow Part 2

DSC_9472 copy 2

The evening began with U.S. National Anthem AND then Hatikvah (sung by Gilad Paz and Shiri Maimon).

Then, from the MC: “We no longer can be the Jews trembling in the shadows,” actor and activist Yuval David, a dual Israeli and American citizen, “We know what happened to us then, and we know what is happening to us now.” (the video is an excerpt of his opening remarks)

Elan Carr (CEO of Israeli American Council, quoted by WPIX) “The (hostages) are suffering unimaginable agony every moment, and we are here to demand the release of those hostages as well as to stand for Israel’s inalienable right to defend itself decisively.” 

Elan Carr then introduced Sen. Chuck Schumer (D) Senate Majority Leader and highest-ranking Jewish official in US history. The senator pledged America would do everything it can to rescue those held by the terrorists.

Video: NYC Mayor Eric Adams, who was supposed to be at the rally, bailed and sent a recorded message instead. He started awkwardly referring to Emmet Till, then once on message with the tragedy in Israel, he concluded by hoping for a PEACEFUL Resolution.(what would that entail?)

Ambassador Gilad Erdan (permanent representative of Israel to the United Nations since 2020) Gilad Erdan, Israel’s ambassador to the UN, declared that “Gaza will not have a moment of quiet until we bring them home and we will bring them. Israel will prevail.” (NY Post)

The parents of Israeli-American hostage, Omer Nuetra: Ronen and Orna Neutra. Omer had just turned 22.

The Acting General Council of Israel in NY- Aviv Ezra .

ALL were impassioned and committed to BRING THEM HOME-NOW.

Found this on line at Twitter X-We as Muslims, don’t hate any body for what they are , we deal with someone according to his actions with us. The issue in Palestine now is they want their land back from the occupying Zionist. Before Israel, there were a jews in Palestine and every thing was alright.”
NOT CORRECT, but this is what they have been TAUGHT

I left the press area to get a better look at the crowd.

  It was huge and message oriented.

15 billboards in Times Sq were alive with the faces of those kidnapped. The mother and daughter below were freed the next day, BUT tragically there are still 200 hostages.

Israeli American Council demands the 200 hostages be freed NOW. However, Hamas has said it will not release the hostages until Israel ends its attack on Gaza, where some 2.3 million Palestinians live. The terrorists have also demanded the release of thousands of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli custody.

SO, is a PEACEFUL resolution even possible when the hostages are not HOME?

[Where indicated, pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall-VSB]

ADDENDUM: A few news links of the rally:




Brandon Straka’s Walkaway “Culture War” Town Hall – NYC

Saturday, June 24, 2023.
Brandon Straka and The Walkaway Movement
held  a Culture War Town Hall
at the Metropolitan Republican Club, in NYC.

Guest speakers include Brandon Straka, Mike Harlow, Marcus Dib, Melissa Vitelli and Rachel Magay.

Since the Walkaway Movement was founded over 500,000 former leftists have joined their ranks and walked away from the Democrat Party.

“The modern LGBTQIA+ “community” does not represent us. Many LGBT people are choosing to #WalkAway from the alphabet cult “

“Many LGBT people are tired of being told by our own “community” what we can and can not think, what we can and can not do, and which causes and people we can and can not believe in and support. We want a truly liberated LGBT movement.” [LINK]

Flickr slide show – The crowd was enthusiastic and supportive. No protestors. Hearing the reactions of those in the gay community, to the leftist LGBTQ+ mania was very encouraging.

IMG_4987-Enhanced-NR copy 2

As for my videos: Unfortunately, I shot without my tripod. The panel was engaging.  Great interviews and responses. But, using my monopod was occasionally a problem. The audio is fine, the video shake comes and goes. Mea Culpa.

VIDEO Playlist (11 short videos) I broke it up by topics.

Part 1: Opening remarks from Brandon Straka; Part 2: Introductions, meeting the guests; Part 3: Is PRIDE necessary anymore- and what it used to be; Part 4: re TRUMP and BIDEN, who is best for the LGBTQ community; Part 5A/5B: First up: they discussed PRONOUNS and gender identities (B) Discussion continues re non-binary/gender bending; transitioning and briefly about how the left tried to take Walk Away down.

Part 6 LGBTQ school indoctrination and Story Hour grooming kids; Part 7: SHOULD the LGB separate from the T; Part 8: Is there a place for GAY PEOPLE in the LGBT community;Part 9 are people getting exhausted by the constant LGBT politics- the discussion include a broad array of how people are reacting ;Part 10 LGBT an ideology/ a religious cult, an industry, and more on gender dysphoria.

”Many LGBT people are tired of being told by our own “community” what we can and can not think, what we can and can not do, and which causes and people we can and can not believe in and support. We want a truly liberated LGBT movement. Join #WalkAway Founder Brandon Straka, Mike Harlow, Melissa Vitale, and Marcus Dib for the #WalkAway LGBT Culture War Town Hall. The #WalkAway Campaign is a true grassroots movement, founded by former liberal, Brandon Straka, dedicated to providing a place to share #WalkAway testimonials and personal journeys to freedom.The #WalkAway Campaign is a movement of Patriots from all walks of life – men, women, black, brown, white, straight, LGBTQ, religious, and non-believers – who share something very important in common. WE ARE ALL AMERICANS, and we will not surrender our country.” [LINK]

[Where indicated pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall-VSB]

Gays against Groomers : “Drag is not for Kids” protest in Queens, NY

 7/28/23 – 3 pm -outside library – Jackson Heights, NY.
G.O.D. (Guardians Of Divinity) and G.A.G. (Gays Against Groomers)

A peaceful protest in Queens NY: Stop the Drag Queen Story Hours From Grooming the Children.

 HOWEVER, the usual hard-core Leftists DEFENDED Drag Story ‘Dress up”

Lefties claim they are protecting the children from “nazi bigots”.

The Guardians of Divinity flyers reveal the real  BIGOTS:

Click photos for readable enlargement of fliers

And Gays Against Groomers had a News letter (click pic to enlarge)

Part 1 Flickr slide show of  Guardians of Divinity and Gays Against Groomers outside the library

DSC_3182 copy

Part 2 Flicker slide show, the Soc/Commie/Progs LOVE DRAG STORY

DSC_3108 copy

It was a peaceful protest but the Lefties were obnoxiously LOUD (as usual). They love to bang clappers, beat on drums and metal pipes and …. blow cute little bubbles ….Pretty Bubbles in the Air.

But perhaps all of that chaos MIGHT be  just a little bit scary for the kids, all that NOISE. And the poster politics, compliments of the socialists, like the kids care.

VIDEO – a look at both sides

Thanks to LUKE2Freedom-L2FTV for these two short IG video interviews in the one video posted below :

“Two opposing groups clashed over a drag queen story hour event at the Jackson Heights public library in Queens, New York. I managed to interview a representative from each group. Here is what they had to say.” (Luke2Freedom)

ONE is an obvious old-school commie who supports  “drag for kids” … cause it’s just dress up!

  And the OTHER, Rachel Magay from NY Gays against Groomers, who is OPPOSED to drag for kids.

Drag is a dress up as woman-face. And then the books they’re reading are all about gender ideology and sexualities. That’s what the grooming is, not the “dress up”.

A twitter journalista, Talia Jane Ben Oro posts obsessively on the Guardians of Divinity (and often isn’t present) as was the case at this protest. Even so, she felt the need to report ( incorrectly) that the protestors who gathered in opposition to the Drag Story Hour Grooming were profane and threatening.

NOPE. Did not happen and I WAS Present.



[Where indicated, pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall-VSB]



 June 12, 2023, 5 pm. Activists from The Jewish Leadership Project, Yad Yamin-NY and SAFE CUNY challenged the JCRC donors and leadership as they arrived for their Gala inside the NY Historical Society: “Why is the JCRC honoring Bill Thompson when Jews are under attack at CUNY. ”

Flickr slideshow


Part of the JCRC platform is the safety of the Jewish community. Yet, while anti-Semitic attacks are rising in the city along with the hostile atmosphere for Jews at CUNY the JCRC-NY was giving an award this night to the Honorable William C. Thompson Jr, the chairperson of the board of trustees at CUNY.

Outrageous: The CUNY Law Dean applauds student’s ‘hate speech’ against Israel, NYPD, and military []

CUNY brass … finally slammed her speech as unacceptable “hate speech” unfitting for a commencement — after much outcry. “Commencement speeches are supposed to be aspirational and inspirational. They are not supposed to be hateful tirades….,” said Joseph Postasnik of the New York Board of Rabbis. CUNY has to rethink its commencement exercises.”

Anti-semitism at CUNY must be addressed not honored.

.It was a small, but effective protest. The heart-felt questions demanded  more effective responses from the JCRC addressing anti-Semitism at CUNY.

Some attendees were willing to talk to the protestors, some simply starred at the signs and mobile billboards as they walked in to the gala.

The messages were clear.

END Jew Hatred.
End anti-Semitism at CUNY.
It must be not honored!

. Stunning audio and video of an exchange between former JCRC -NY President, Ron Weiner, [] who seemed to be sitting on a fence when challenged by Jeff Lax, founder of S.A.F.E. (Students and Faculty for Equality).

“(Weiner) was so outraged at being gently questioned. This means @SAFECUNY is on the right track.

Former JCRC Pres. Ron Wiener confronts and curses at SAFECUNY co-founder Professor Jeffrey Lax.

Weak Jewish leaders need to be confronted about their continual failure to strongly oppose new contemporary forms of anti-Ziosemitism. Ron Wiener’s reaction shows that this pressure works.

… this guy is a leader?? “Effective from the top down…” Cursing at Lax, invoking Second Temple disunity. All the while avoiding saying anything of substance.”

  • Where is the leadership from JCRC-NY? American Jews are under assault, our institutions are under siege and our leaders are failing to protect the community.
  • Why is JCRC-NY honoring CUNY which has normalized Jew-hatred & permits graduation speakers to target Jews? Stop BDS on Campus. End Jew Hatred.
  • JCRC NY leadership must be held accountable for their failures.

END [Anti-Zionism on Campus: The University, Free Speech, and BDS]

[Pictures and video where indicated property of Pamela Hall-VSB]

Protest Progressive Caucus: We demand to be safe. Enough is Enough!

Feb 16, 2023. Noon.
Steps of NY City Hall

“Silent No More”
We demand to be safe.
Enough is Enough!

A protest against the Socialist Agenda of the Progressive Caucus
Hosted by @saferstreetsny ;@UnsafeStreetsUS ;@WomenSafeNYC

Nicole Palame [@womensafenyc] led the rally against  the Progressive Caucus , the radical politicians forcing a Socialist Agenda on the city.

The Rally Against the Socialist Agenda was also hosted by @westsideco_org;@RachelBrad33;@nycpix;
@susanleenyc;@NYCDriversunite;@VickieforNYC;@votebrian; @Maria4Dist6;@AFineBlogger;@voteshekar;@ImpunityCity;

Flickr Slide Show:

During the presser, those progressive politicos who tried to ignore the presser: Lincoln Restler, Tiffany Caban and Shekar Krishnan, were outed and heckled are they passed by.

While Councilman Erik Bottcher and NY 1’s Errol Louis set a bad example for these journalism students from  @newmarkjschool journalism.

 Showing no interest in a presser on the steps of City Hall. Their backs to the crowd. the reporters. the speakers.

Is this the future of journalism?

“Love taking @newmarkjschool journalism students on our annual visit to City Hall.(that’s them swarming @JimGennaro ) Thanks to @NYCSpeakerAdams for chatting with us.” []

Meanwhile, some playful shenanigans from that crazy bunch of Progs inside City Hall, as  they posted a “New look,” in the rotunda.

“New and improved.” “We got a face lift!”
(SILLY council members having fun)

Some background on the NYC PROGRESSIVE CAUCUS (@NYCProgressives)

“In 2020… leaders of the City Council’s Progressive Caucus decided they needed to establish a litmus test: a “statement of principles” that called for a commitment to a lengthy agenda including universal early childhood education, affordable housing and, most controversially, a reduction in the Police Department at a time when major crime rose by 22 percent last year. The Progressive Caucus was founded in 2010  … It gradually grew in numbers and stature, peaking at 35 members this year — and clearly appeared ready to reshape the 51-member Council.

But, leaders of the leftist movement demanded loyalty and a pledge to a new statement of principles. (a “statement of principles”) calling for a reduction in “the size and scope” of the Police Department. That’s when the trouble erupted. The 35-member caucus was divided by the demand: 15 members quit the group rather than signing, with several saying that such a rigid approach, especially on policing, left progressives out of step with real-life concerns.”

+ ” But recent mayoral victories  in Chicago and  Los Angeles against more conservative “tough on crime” candidates has created momentum for the progressive platform.” []

Encouraging even more ludicrous progressive principles:

▪ “Full civil rights for all New Yorkers regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or physical disability. This includes a commitment to the safety and well-being of LGBTQIA New Yorkers, but especially Black and brown trans-women, reproductive rights for women and other people who can become pregnant, full municipal privileges and responsibilities regardless of immigration status or criminal record.” []

[Excerpted] “We should be PRAISING our Law Enforcement. However (they) are being disrespected on a daily basis. We have a body of elected officials; they’re not  public servants. They are socialist activists infiltrating our democrat party and bringing chaos in to our city. This is unacceptable. If anything, give our Law Enforcement a RAISE. Support our Law Enforcement. We all have to stand together and vote these people out. How dare you laugh and smile and smirk at us…it’s time for you to get out of office. We do NOT support SOCIALISM. I stand with Law Enforcement. Get RID of the Progressive Caucus. We’re not safe… but THEY got their security. Defund THEM and I will always Back The Blue.” (3:11)

Part 3- Madeline Brame, Chairwoman Victims Rights Reform Council. Mother of homicide victim , Army veteran Hason Correa.  (8:53)

  (Excerpted with short Nicole Palame intro)The Progressive Caucus wasn’t in the courtroom. They didn’t support her.” Madeline Brame (begins)  “You’re FIRED! Exactly what are we paying you for. We are taxed to the max to pay these salaries. … Not another dime of our tax dollar to the failed initiatives. They do everything but lift the black and brown community out of poverty. If Rikers is that bad, why do people keep committing crimes. Some would rather (be in Rikers) than be on the streets with no jobs…. NYC is out of control. People grandstanding , telling us what they think we want to hear. They get a little position and they turn their nose up in the air. They don’t even like black people. They’re black themselves and they don’t even like black people. They think they’re better. But election after election after election, for decades, we continue to go out and vote the same way. … (but) when they see life-long democrats beginning to walk away from the plantation of the democrat party and changing their political affiliation …  If you don’t like the word Republican, become a Conservative. Most black and brown people were raised with conservative values. If you wanta eat, you work. You gotta go to school and bring that high school diploma. There was no layin’ around. After graduation you either work, you go to college or you go to the military. And there was no other alternative. Those are good, strong, American values. Conservative values. God. Number One. Family. Number Two. And Country. Number Three. Everybody can agree with that. Everybody has those same values. How we turned from it and let all this chaos and confusion happen around us, I have no idea. But, until we get back to the structure of the nuclear family, in my community, things will continue on a downward spiral. Repeal Bail Reform. …  Send that garbage through a shredder and start over from the beginning and make some real investments in our communities. Billions of dollars. We don’t need more basketballs. We don’t need no more damn hula hoops. No more recreation centers. The newest appeasement is Roller Skates.We don’t need that. Fix the dilapidated housing. Get those mothers some parenting classes. Fix those failing schools. Give our boys some skills, some training. Instead of pickin’ up a gun, … let them put on a uniform. Let them  … train to use it properly and get paid to shoot the bad guy. You wanta die. Die a Hero. And not a zero.”(8:53)

Part 4- Raul Rivera – TLC Driver Advocate, a native New Yorker. (2:00).

[Excerpted]  “….we’re getting killed, we’re getting robbed, we’re getting shot …It is very important that we get these WOKE D.A.s out of office. We say “Hell No” to Alvin Bragg. We don’t give up. We don’t surrender. We don’t retreat. Today. Tomorrow. Forever.”  (2:00).

Part 5 – Amy Tse, Community Activist from Queens (2:52)

[Excerpted] “Violence against our seniors; our mothers, fathers and children …. (dying because of) gang violence. It’s heart breaking. Shop owners, Asian Americans have been targeted for robberies and random acts of violence.(…)And if you think this doesn’t affect you, your community, think again…. It affects ALL our communities. Violent and REPEAT offenders affect ALL of us. We deserve safety, instead of being terrorized. Elected officials who signed a pledge to Defund the NYPD do not have our livelihoods, family’s safety or our best interests at heart. We MUST get rid of them. Every election day we can make a difference. VOTE THEM OUT. (2:52)

Part 6 – K-Born Rivers, Founder “I am My Community Inc” from the Bronx (1:52)

.[Excerpted] “I’m not a big major fan of the NYPD, but I am a big major fan of common sense….  You don’t defund the police and not add more security. …. We have ta get these people out. We have ta vote. Let’s hold special elections. Let’s get them outta here.” (1:52)

Part 7 – Tiffany Keriakos, small business owner from Bklyn,Manhattan (2:57)

(Short intro Nicole Palame) “Diversity. Dialogue. We don’t agree on everything, but we are willing  to work together to get things done in this city and make this city livable for everybody.” (Excerpted) Tiffany Keriakos: “We all know small businesses are the beating heart of NYC. Yet the crime wave, especially retail theft, is leaving many businesses fighting for their lives. (she describes the thefts, break-ins and employee assaults at her decades old business) When criminals break in to our store, we’re left to foot the bill of the repairs, the merchandise, and we’re expected to get back -to-business “as usual”. (re insurance)  … Everybody drops you when you have a robbery. ( ….) Only big names corporations will be left to monopolize our retail environment. Instead, we should be supporting small businesses that are the back-bone of our communities. (… ) Who is going to make these criminals stop. Otherwise we’re not going to have small businesses anymore and New York will never be the same.”(2:57)

Part 8 – Maria Danzilo- Exec. Dir.”One City Rising”. Former candidate NY State Senate (Manhattan Westside) (3:39)

[Excerpted]  .”.. the way this “Regressive” Caucus is behaving…. we actually have SPIRALING crime due to years of very bad policies.  We have Catch and Release Bail Reform; Decriminalizing EVERYTHING. Our District Attorney isn’t prosecuting crime. … This is a moment when we really shouldn’t be talking about Defunding the Police. In this environment… we have this completely OUT OF TOUCH group of electives trying to DEFUND the police… They don’t seem to care. They’re in another world; another reality. Instead of giving us public safety…they’re giving us : a PURITY Test.  They want everybody in their  caucus to agree to this radical and extreme purity test or they’re OUT. Thank you for that test. The people who are in that caucus and those who left, we know where you stand now: completely divorced from reality. They seek to divide. At war with our mayor. … We are not about abolishing police.  … They just want money and power. ” (3:39)

Part 9 – Gene de Francis, veteran and community leader from the Bronx (4:11)

[Excerpted] The Right was right. Republicans were right; still are right. Ever since COVID happened. The shutdowns. The mandates. The masks. The defunding the police. The pushing away of the police. But, we work well with Democrats, despite what you see on the media. We will not work with Socialists. And we don’t call them “Progressives”. … They are REgressive. … When you centralize power, that is not American; that is Socialism. This country is run by moderates. …  Regressives try to label Republicans as extremists. … Capitalism is not an evil word. Educate your kids and don’t ever fight Free Speech. We need different opinions. … Keep these freedoms and pass it onto our next generation.”(4:11)

Part 10 -Nicole Palame – (4:48) During the final comments a couple of progressive council members tried to ignore the presser, but were called out  with VOTE THEM OUT as they passed by.  (Lincoln Restler (0:58), Shekar Krishnan (2:35)…”there’s another socialist” (while in the back ground also ignoring the presser, Councilman Erik Bottcher) 

Part 10 -Nicole Palame –  closing comments (4:48)

(Excerpted)”These majority of New Yorkers do not want to defund the police …  they want good change. We demand to be safe. We (challenge) the city council: Join Our Caucus. The Caucus of Unity and Community. And then lets have a dialogue about how we make progress in this city once and for all.  [she introduced those present who are running against the city council members and name those council members] [re those who left the Progressive Caucus she asked] “… these people left the caucus in the final hour. Did they leave it because they’re a little afraid they have a challenger? Or did they leave it because they realized they were in the wrong caucus. WE gotta call them out. We gotta tell them to debate. We wanta know the truth. We deserve to know the truth. … Any elected official who is advocating for the abolition or even defunding of the police is out of touch with reality. …. Pledge to serve your community and meet the needs of the community today and prevent crime from happening.”( 4:48)

+There were many fine, impassioned speakers. A genuinely diverse group.

However, the extent of the coverage from Errol Louis at NY1 was sadly lacking. ( Errol is  standing in separate group lower right of photo)

“A fine day at City Hall. This “Enough is Enough” coalition includes several candidates for City Council. The group denounced the Defund movement and loudly booed some members of the Progressive Caucus as they walked in. ” [Errol Louis @errollouis]

 Guess he was more interested in chatting up the “very charming” Councilman Bottcher. []

+Two months later, the Democrat’s  – again -ignored the victims of violent crime at a field hearing of the House Judiciary Committee. (photo HJ

The focus was meant to be on Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s “pro-crime, anti-victim” policies.

Madeline Brame, who chairs the nonprofit Victims Rights Reform Council, told committee members that Bragg’s mishandling of her son Hason Correa’s 2018 killing began a few months after the district attorney took office last year.

DA Bragg has demonstrated over and over again that he has no regard or concern for human life or victims of crime,” Brame testified. [NY Daily News]

(very short clip from cops4freedom)

.As she spoke, Madeline Brame was disrespected, even sneered at by the Democrats. There was no apology for their lack of empathy. Trump was their focus, their boogey-man.

“When Alvin Bragg came into office, he was handed a strong, trial-ready murder case and gang assault case against all four of these individuals,” she said, before recounting how “the case immediately began to unravel.”

“He dismissed — completely dismissed — gang assault and murder indictments against two of the defendants clearly on video participating in the brutal, savage slaughter of my son,” Brame went on. “Hason was kicked, punched, stomped and stabbed nine times by four individuals whom he did not know, nor had he done them any harm.”

Four siblings — Christopher, James and Mary Saunders, and another brother, Travis Stewart — attacked the 35-year-old married father of three outside a Harlem apartment building.

James Saunders pled guilty to gang assault and second-degree murder and was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison, below the maximum of 25 years to life — along with Christopher Saunders who was also convicted of gang assault and sentenced to 20 years to life.

Travis Stewart also pled guilty to gang assault but was sentenced to just seven years in prison. Mary Saunders was released from prison last May on time served after having spent 14 months at Rikers Island.

“Travis will be out in the next 18 months,” Brame said. “Mary Saunders — this savage is currently walking the streets of Harlem like she didn’t just participate in the brutal slaughter of another human being — home with her family, home with her children.

“If that’s not a threat to public safety, I don’t know what is,” she added. “And as far as the Manhattan district attorney’s office, if he’s receiving one penny of federal dollars, you need to pull that funding until he starts doing his damn job and prosecuting crime.

Audience members broke into applause several times during Brame’s testimony, prompting Jordan to remind spectators of the hearing’s rules of decorum.  [NY POST]

+And when New York City’s Mayor Adams responded, he did so with shameful ignorance:

“Mayor Adams slammed Rep. Jim Jordan and other House Republicans on Monday morning for pulling a “political stunt” and “hypocrisy” for the hearing they held later in the day to examine the crime policies of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. [NY Daily News]

SOCIALISM is destroying America.
The One Party Machine.
BLUE States. BLUE Cities.

Can we turn the tide?

“Silent No More”
We demand to be safe.
Enough is Enough!

Or, is it too late to rout the enemy?

[Where indicated, pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall-VSB]

International Gift Of Life Walk opposed by Pro-Abortion LGBTQ Marxists

March 25, 2023. 11 AM
The International Gift of Life Walk in Lower Manhattan.

The Gift Of Life Walk gathered a block away from Foley Square because SPIDERMAN was filming on the steps of the Court House.

In a rain that often got heavier, the Pro Life Rally and the very NOISY pro abortion LGBTQ Leftists converged, separated by the NYPD (or so they tried).

Part 1 Flickr Slide show is mainly of the Gift of Life participants

At the relocated Gift Of Life Walk Rally, the NYPD tried to control the vile, rude, and just plain nasty Leftists who manage to go wherever they want.

Watched a creepy leftist drag a tattered America flag across the rain soaked pavement.

Seems the Defund the Police lefties confidently ignore the police.
Part 2 Flickr Slideshow focuses on the pro-abortion creeps.

Part 1 video – The Gift Of Life Rally gathered a block away from Foley Square because of SPIDERMAN was filming. Found the Pro Life Rally  and very NOISY pro abortion LGBTQ lefties as Students from the St. Louis de Montfort Academy joined the walk.

Part 2 video – In a steady rain, the LGBTQ PRO Abortion creeps protested loudly the Gift Of Life Rally. The NYPD tried to control these rude pro abortionists, whose favorite chant was, “Stop Church Pedophilia’. At 1:40, in the background, a creepy leftist can be seen dragging a tattered America flag through the rain soaked pavement.

Students from the St. Louis de Montfort Academy ( in Penn) joined the walk. But first they stood in the rain and played hymns and patriotic music while the nasty LGBTQ brigade banged on lots metal … if it’s metal HIT IT!

This “DEFUND the Police” creep yelled YELLED to SHUT the F**k UP! at the school kids.

Final video of Academy students and protestors (video is posted at Flickr because you tube goes insane over music.)

[Where indicated pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall-VSB]