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NYC Rally To REFUSE a Fascist America vs Patriots

“In the name of HUMANITY, we REFUSE to accept a FASCIST AMERICA!”

( Flickr slide show)


June 15, 2017 – a NYC day of protest hosted by Mohammad Hamad on face book. His mission statement ended with this delusional plea, We  need NYC to have a voice.

I arrived at approximately 3:30 [scheduled to start at 4pm] and found the  “IMPEACH TRUMP! National Day of Protest” already going strong.

( Flickr slide show)


A national protest, in 19 cities, organized by various partners of the RESIST TRUMP COALITION as they LAUNCHED a series of events and protests.

report can be found here of their pre-launch 100-hours Fox News Protest where they set up a stationary table to broadcast their exposé of Fox Fascist News. Usually the security guards tell photographers and video cams to keep moving in this public plaza. Til now.

Next day they launched their March against Fascism with the anti-fascism PLEDGE – heard at 1:15 in the first video.

A ‘righteous’ pledge said with fists held high by anti-fascist FASCISTS culminating in the pièce de résistance, “In the name of HUMANITY, we REFUSE to accept a FASCIST AMERICA!”

If only these foolish FASCISTS would get a life…

Transcribed a rally leader’s opening speech (from the video above) including the pledge to the “Fascist America of their dreams”.

“Before we get started officially, I wanta ask all you early birds, all you who are early to the “party”, who know how to show up and make yourself (?) No to Trump, to join us in a pledge we (do) to Refuse Fascism. You put your fist in the air and you repeat after me. And you do this with your whole heart and you do it with every fiber of your being; and we’re going to make a commitment to pledge today, to each other, to our self and to the people-of-the-world.

                      [Fists in air the crowd repeats each line]
In the name of Humanity (repeat) In the NAME of Humanity (repeat) We refuse (repeat)  We REFUSE (repeat)To accept (repeat) a Fascist America (repeat) We will not wait (repeat) We will not normalize(repeat) We will not accommodate (repeat) We will not capitulate (repeat) We will RISE (repeat) and we will DRIVE them OUT! (repeat) All right.” (cheers)

Next the “sheeple” parroted this brain-dead chant: “No KKK, No Fascist USA. No Trump” which led to more pep-talk lies.

“Thank you for coming out. Not just to protest their policy on immigrants, that we are against that. Not just to protest the assaults on women. No, we absolutely are against that. We are here not just on behalf of refugees. G-d damn right we are here for refugees. (cheers, drums)

We are HERE to reject and repudiate, to get organized, to drive out the ENTIRE Trump/Pence FASCIST regime. (CHEERS, Drums)

So we’re going to be rallying here for a little while. We’ll chant. Get the energy up. We are gonna march thru the streets of NYC. (cheers)

We are standing with our sisters and brothers in Houston. In Atlanta. In Oklahoma City. In Honolulu. In Los Angeles. In Berkley. All over this country. Chicago. All kinds of places. (BIG Cheers)

And we are living in critical times. (repeats) We are living in critical times, a Fascist regime has seized the reigns of power. They are terrorizing immigrants. They are banning Muslims. They are normalizing and celebrating a culture of sexual violence against women. (..?..) they took LGBTQ  right-off their government web-site. They are denying climate change.  They are revoking environmental protection.

We are living in a time when what we do or what we fail to do will put to shame the future of this country and of the world. Here the American people are in power. And the difference is he has nuclear weapons. He is endangering the entire planet.

That is why we are out today.  And today is going to mark a new stage — a new stage of our struggle where we are not gonna to stay in the corner that he puts us as part of fascism- if they even allow protests to become normalized, the (?ruinized) and meaningless and (?later) marginal.

So today we are breaking-out. And we’re not just criticizing. We are not begging. We are demanding. (CHEERS and drums) TRUMP MUST GO. (chanting)

On the patriot-side of Fifth Ave., I over heard some polite debates and one particularly obnoxious anti-fascist Fascist diatribe.

LIES and agit-prop spewed over and over to an eager crowd of apostles: Gen X-ers, Millennials and, of course, the left-over boomers fleshed out the crowd; a last gasp for them as they relive their protest glory-days. All were ranting on and on about a red-herring called Fascist America.

 Recognized a “mini celeb”, That Guitar Man From Central Park  . A member of the last gasp Post-WW2 Baby-Boom Generation. Mr. Peace and Love. A 60 years old rebel-hippie from the park.  One clueless  aging- boomer whose spawn is going to be the RUIN of America, as his t-shirt makes so obvious:

                                              “I’m against the Next War” t-shirt.
Yeah, that’s the ticket

Like so many other seniors on the street this day, he was hating on his country and passing it off as patriotism. But, twisted history, twisted reality makes for strange bed-fellows …  and their off-spring.  G-d help us all,

David Ippolito — That Guitar Man from Central Park

Mr. Guitar Man
also announced he was pulling an old song outta his hat, “Get Out Our House… ” for all of those fearful, ignorant people who put Donald Trump in the White House .”

OY – the arrogance.

Finally, around 5:00 – 5:30 , the “anti-fascist” Fascists began their LONG March.

First to Columbus Circle, then a turn down Seventh Ave. towards Times Square and finally Union Square.

Another game-move, the intentional misuse of the NYPD, making them babysit these fascists for many, many hours, all over the city. Protecting them? Or protecting us?

The Fascist Rules-of-Treason, “With threat of riots and violence, they manage to also humiliate and demoralize the police and confuse and frighten the public.” Under the pretense of a “patriotism” earned, the commie/prog/soc/fascisti CONFUSE and obfuscate.

 But what are they, really. WHO are they? Rebels or “Patriots’.

The neighbor next door? The teacher? The professor? Local merchants? Artists? Musicians and …. actors? Exhorting all to be quiet, make nice, Go Away as they LIVE and breathe their fascist mantra,  “Free speech for THEM but not for THEE”.


The fascist-scum should be careful what they wish for. History does repeat itself. Russia 1917, Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Chavez – a long list of the duped intelligentsia erased – eliminated- once the revolutionaries took control of a foolish majority. Can it happen here? It IS happening here, thanks to the anti-fascist Fascisti and the complicit media.

There WAS also a counter-protest. A DIVERSE group of patriots who oppose the soc/commie/progs and the anti-fascist FASCISTS.

Diversity thy name is American Patriots.

America is not lost. Yet.

Even though too many of our cities – our college towns – our educational meccas are run by these anarchists, if we get organized, we CAN make America great again.

In the words of the anti-fascist Fascist babe, “Make a commitment today with all of your heart. This must be a moment in history when we stand together with conviction and courage, over-coming fear and uncertainty; to resist and say NO, not just for ourselves but in the name of humanity.” Yes. The Soc/Commie/ Fascist Revolution MUST BE STOPPED.

[Pictures and Videos ( where indicated) property of Pamela Hall]

Lastly,  there was the blond, hair-flipping: Eva. Another Refuse a Fascist America clone. Her task at hand: Recruit. Recruit. Recruit.

Her entire speech is something most of us choose to skip; her empty, florid words that beguile the hearts and minds of her youthfully ignorant audience.

Students and 20-somethings swamped by repetitive and righteous words that flow from babes like Eva, sent by her superiors to RECRUIT. She is their hope. Their future.

Anarchy 101 lives on, unchallenged; protected by the First Amendment, and always culminating with those f-ing FISTS jabbed in the AIR.

[Eva transcription follows]
Part 1 Eva

“Thank you everyone, it’s so inspiring to see so many people here.

In the name of humanity we refuse to accept a Fascist America. In the Name of Humanity. Driving out a fascist regime is not a small matter. It will not be easy. But it is what we MUST do, going forward from today. Every day we face the growing threat of nuclear war and the escalated devastation of the planet. Immigrants. Muslims. Women. LGBTQ people. The elderly. The sick. the disabled. Black and Latino people are ALL in direct peril.

We pledge today to unite. To stand up. To resist. And to act with conviction and courage. And to resist til this regime is driven from power.(cheers)

We make this pledge because, what is at stake in confronting this fascist regime of Donald Trump and Mike Pence, is nothing less than the future of humanity and the health and survival of life on earth.

Refuse Fascism recognizes and appreciates all of you here and across the country who have come out today. You are HERE because YOU REFUSE to sit by and look the other way. With so many fled in terror, who fear being locked up or deported, you are here because you see the danger that is the Trump and Pence regime. YOU will NOT be a person who says, “When they came for the Muslims, I did nothing because I was not a Muslim.” YOU will NOT be a person who says, “When they came for the immigrants I did nothing because I was not an immigrant.”

WE stand up today, because we must act while there is still time to stop a world-wide catastrophe.

So, I wanta give a special shout-out to those that Refuse Fascism in Houston, who are protesting today. They have come out in defiance of the Orwellian-named fascist (?) Texas Freedom Court. Who called on their rabid followers to counter-protest with guns and the Confederate flag of slavery. They are trying to INTIMIDATE people from standing-up to demand that the Trump and Pence regime must go.

We recognize, too, the Los Angeles Refuse Fascism protest that begins at the obscene Donald Trump Hollywood Star, which a group of fascist fanatics have (vowed) to defend.

Refuse Fascism has answers. When you are defending in Houston and (?) of racism and fascist regimes that threaten the planet, NO. We will not be moved. (cheers)

And shout-out HERE to Refuse Fascism New York City, who for One Hundred Hours, night and day, has been out in front of the Fox News Headquarters, saying, NO. [Cheers]

Since its inception by the sexual predator, Roger Ailes, Fox has been the lying voice and the propaganda machine that has built up and cohered the many fascist dreams in this country. Then today, it is the biggest mouth-piece for the Trump and Pence fascist regime.

One-hundred hours in-the-heat, overnight in-the-rain, in-the-sun, bringing out the reality of what this regime has done and plans to do. Refuse Fascism stands  (for)Servitude, Fortitude and Commitment. (It) foreshadows the kind of determined perseverance that more and more people need to take on; ultimately, millions. To put their lives on hold. To reclaim not only our own future, but the future of Humanity by driving out the Trump and Pence regime. [5:02]

 To everyone who is standing up today, in defiance of this regime, you are in the right place. [CHEERS]

Today is the beginning of what must be a new stage of our struggle. There must be no illusion about what we face. We must discuss and debate deeply with one another, to come to understand the tremendous necessity we face in confronting a regime, in the most powerful country in the world, that is hell-bent on consolidating fascism. It is an American fascism, Manifest Destiny and American Exceptionalism; a fascism wrapped in the Bible taken literally and the America flag saturated with phrases and misogyny and xenophobia.

Going forward from today, we must shatter the illusion and all the self-delusion that what we face is just another in a long line of bad administration. Or that the checks and balances of the system will prevail and rescue us. That is not true, that would be turning away from the situation that we confront.

The task before us is not just to strengthen our resistance, or merely to find a way that our different struggles can come together . We must sound and then answer the alarm, ….. that whether or not there will even be the political, the legal and the  civic space for defense and resistance.

Already, in State after State and at the Federal level they are moving to criminalize and eliminate dissent and protest. The rights and the dignity of the people have no place in the program or the courséd heart of this regime. No! We must transform our resistance to become something far more serious, a struggle that can alter the course of history, driving out a regime that imperils us all. [7:24]

As we gather today there is great anxiety and fear and trauma as group after group is demonized and targeted by this regime. Piece by piece rights are being stripped away against one group and then another. All the while, we are surrounded by a dizzying blizzard of lies and buffoonery. ALL of this is setting in motion the slippery and ever steepening slope that will lead to great horrors if this regime is not stopped. This is why we say, and we must say again and again, backing-up our voice with action,”In the Name of Humanity We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America.” [8:00]

We say this because while fascism has many characteristics, racism, misogyny and xenophobia, to name only a few, at its core it is a form of rule that relies on open terror and open violence; trampling on what are supposed to be civil rights and legal rights. Fascism wields the power of the State and it mobilizes organized groups of fanatical thugs to commit atrocities against masses of people. Especially the groups of people they identify as enemies, undesirables or dangerous to society. The question has been posed, “Could it happen here?” The answer is, “Yes, it IS happening here.” And it is OUR responsibility, every single one of us, to stop it before it chokes-off the air in society.

Make no mistake, while the media focuses people’s attention on charges of collusion and Trump’s narcissism, the regime has been very steadily moving ahead with their program on every front. When the media, including even liberal media like MSNBC, say things like, “Trump is holding a campaign rally to boost his own morale.” They are misleading you. They are obscuring the truth that these are fascist rallies. The reality is that Trump is consciously whipping-up his social base. He is stoking their sense of aggrievement and revenge with calls to take back THEIR country; trying to cleanse America of multi-culturalism. He is fueling a bigoted WHITE resentment and promoting a patriarchal woman-hating political form of Christian fundamentalism.

And these forces are moving, lead from the top, claiming that THEY are the victims. Claiming that their so-called right to free-speech, really their right to threaten and beat-up anyone who stands is their way, is under attack. [10:17 – End Part 1]

Part 2 Eva

[Begin Part 2 – 10:18] Identifying the nature of the problem we face is the first step to finding a solution. To treat a disease requires an accurate diagnosis. Defeating this fascist regime requires first recognizing what it is without sugar-coating or wishful thinking.

Trump is a FASCIST straight up. (Cheers) And Pence is one of the most reactionary political figures in modern U.S. history in his complete devotion to bringing into being a theocratic, Christian, fascist government.

But, in the very extremeness of Donald Trump and Mike Pence also resides the key to the way out. This regime has shocked the conscience of millions of people. People who never really gave that much thought to politics have been anguished and politically aroused as few times ever before. This is what WE must tap into. We have to give people a way to express their outrage. We must lead people to act in unprecedented ways. To demand that this regime be removed from power. Nothing else will be sufficient to stop it.  

It is so important that the last few months have been marked by repeated protests. But this protest and resistance against the many attacks on the people must grow broader, deeper and more determined. The Resistance is righteous and it is necessary but it is not yet sufficient. It is a matter of life and death to recognize that the character of fascism is that it can absorb separate acts-of-resistance while continually throwing the opposition off-balance and rapidly moving its agenda forward.

The reality is that the Trump and Pence regime will repeatedly launch new highly repressive measures, eventually clamping down on all resistance and remaking the law IF they are not driven out-of-power.

You cannot wait out fascism. We must never normalize or accommodate to fascism. If you do you will very soon find yourself conciliating and collaborating to save yourself or to help a few people escape the maelstrom.

The hour is late and we must not speak falsely, even with the best of intentions. If you are only working within the terms set by this regime. If you are ONLY advising and helping a few individuals that the attacks come down harder by the days. Sooner and not later you will be forced to become part of the machinery of real horror. Now is the time for massive resistance. There is NO neutral.

[13:40] THIS is the lesson of Nazi Germany and every other Fascist State, it CAN become TOO late. But, it is not yet too late. This must be a summer of struggle, leading into the Fall where more and more people begin to coalesce around a single unified demand: the Trump and Pence machine must go. [Cheers]

And in this moment, especially when the Trump and Pence regime faces scandal and turmoil, (leading) to see this as an opening for the mass-action of the people to burst through.

(shouting) We must make our demands (…) throughout the country and the halls of power and around the world, the Trump and Pence regime MUST GO![CHEERS] Over the summer and into the Fall we must act, we must agitate and we must organize. Join us. Join us in building capacity and momentum, working with ALL our creativity and determination toward the time when millions can be moved to flood the streets of cities and towns, day after day, and night after night, refusing to leave and declaring this whole regime and its supporters illegitimate; demanding and not stopping until this regime is driven from power. [Cheers] 

If this happens, then the whole political landscape can be transformed dramatically. Every faction within the established power-structure would be forced to respond and all of this could lead to a situation in which this regime is driven from office.

So, what we are calling for is unprecedented. But, at the same time, there are models and experience to learn from. Nixon and his Vice-President, Spiro Agnew, were both driven from power. And more recently, in South Korea, millions filled the streets, night after night. At first they started just on the week-end and then they eventually through (sic) their president out-of-power. In Ukraine, in Tahrir Square in Egypt, people in their millions protested day after and night after night, creating a political crisis to those in power to remove despised leaders. [16:20]

There were short-comings, for sure. And there are differences. But, never. NEVER underestimate the power of the people when we struggle righteously in the interest of humanity. [CHEERS]

[16:37] We CAN do this. The people out there, the anger is there. Starting with those of us who stepped-up, right here today; and around the country, today. If we act, creatively, with determination. If we confront their regime and their representatives, and their institutions and their fascist (?) supporters; if we always do so in a way that brings the truth to their lies; if we make people feel that immigrants, muslims, women, black and latino people, LGBTQ people and people all over the world are full human beings; if we show, in word and deed, that we will not accept the cruel and brutal future of the Trump and Pence regime the we CAN bring forward the people needed to drive them OUT. [cheers]

So we need to hit-the-road, we need to send out bands of people, we need to organize young-people, dedicated to making this a summer of (troubles?) to drive out the fascist regime. Donate and raise funds, become a volunteer and as the summer progresses work one day a week and then on week-ends growing numbers of people should gather, showing through what they do  that there must NOT be (…?..) as long as this regime is in power. [18:12 – cheers]

Before you leave today, sign up to be a part of all of this. You can be a part of protests, distributing literature at work and on week-ends, part of making (resistance art ?) and so many other ways; to strategize with your group, to strategize with your friends and with Refuse Fascism.

If we organize. If we dare to confront those who are imposing terror, repression and hardship on the people; if we have open-arms to welcome and (cross-over) more people into this (place), this week combined with the growing impact of the regime and the events in the world, with the potential through millions to act.

But, if we don’t organize and if we don’t start (asking) for the demand the Trump/Pence regime must go, then the opportunity to drive them out and prevent these cruelties (?) can be lost.

It is true there is much to figure out. That is ALWAYS the case when fighting against great injustice.

Not everything was figured out but the Freedom Ride against Jim Crow began in the South. Victory was hardly guaranteed and there were tremendous sacrifices. But, was it worth it? No question.

The Trump and Pence Regime Must Go. This is righteous demand. [CHEERS] This is a righteous demand, the fight to achieve it will be difficult. But, it CAN be done. We will learn and we will chart-our-course and we focus together.

Join us in this. Make a commitment today with all of your heart. This must be a moment in history when we stand together with conviction and courage, over-coming fear and uncertainty; to resist and say NO, not just for ourselves but in the name of humanity. the Trump and Pence regime MUST GO. [cheers]

[20:33] I wanta close in having everyone take a pledge with me. Everyone, raise your fists in the air. And here is how it goes (SHOUTING as the crowd repeats after her)

NO (repeat) NO (repeat) NO (repeat) In Name of Humanity (repeat) In the NAME of HUMANITY (repeat)We REFUSE (repeat) to ACCEPT (repeat) a Fascist America. (repeat) WE REFUSE (repeat) to ACCEPT (repeat) a FASCIST America. (repeat)

Thank you to everyone who came out today. [cheers]
End 21:23] Original video –  Peter Eliscu 

Pity the college and high school students trapped in a world that reeks of this anarchy. Can they escape the clutches of totalitarianism. Will they want to? Will we?

May Day NYC Commie Day – REVOLUTION 2017

There is only ONE Solution: REVOLUTION. REVOLUTION! May Day 2017. Across the country. Around the World. The Media War is winning . The Marxists and the Antifa comrades threaten the Free world but the Next Gen Millennials I saw are Mad as HELL and NOT going to take it ANY MORE.

The Mayday Workers who UNITED this day seemed to come  mostly from Latin countries. Signs in Spanish. Flags from their countries of birth (no American Flags) but, YES: MARXIST Flags. Socialists Flags. And DRUMS. Always Drums mixed with LATIN music blasting across Union Square. We weren’t in Kansas anymore. REVOLUTION. REVOLUTION. Yeah. That’s the ticket.

AND…the chants followed by the opening speech to inspire the United Commie Workers Rally.

Next we heard from Imani Henry – Peoples Assembly- Workin’ the crowd.

Enough with the speeches. I moved on to the taking of many pictures of the divergent hoards assembled. My task took wing. Pictures of signs. Lots of signs. Including the white protestors who shilled for The Socialist Green Party, the Marxist. com Party, Bob Avakian’s TRUE Marxist Party. They are the behind the scenes facilitators of the revolution to FREE Mumia. To Dump Trump. To Stop Killer Cops. The END White Supremacy — Cause—- BLACK Lives Matter.

FLICKR Slide show.


BUT, today was more than just speeches and pictures. Antifa arrived and the game changed. I heard an agitated Leftie tell their lead guy to hurry – pointing towards center of the square – there was  ” a problem”.

Seems Brittany Venti vs the Antifas was the next event leading to the arrest of this popular streamer. What I think I witnessed prior to the assault is first  presented in a series of pictures mounted in video format.

We don’t want you here!” Imani Henry (seen in another video) was  leading a ‘wall’ of people already harassing Brittany and forcing her and a friend from a Public Square.

Something happened between Antifa-guy and Brittney, leading up to a  sign hitting her on the head.  She says Antifa-guy  hit her with the sign. Video that was released shows someone does hit her in the head, And Antifa-guy was bloodied near his left eye in retaliation.

Brittany was not bloodied.  Whatever, they were BOTH arrested.

Brittany talks about what happened. It’s a  bit long, but she does give perspective on how she was attacked.  Link to short tweet  video  … from @JessixOW – she shows some of the confrontation. This is a good video that shows how long the harassment went on, how it grew, BTW, “WHERE WERE THE POLICE?”

Vocativ link report on assault and arrest

 …. an “alt-right”  (I HATE that bogus label) social media provocateur.

Venti and anti-fascist (Antifa) protesters clashed, eventually resulting in Venti’s arrest and a bloodied protester. The moments leading up to her arrest were captured on a Periscope stream. After the arrest, she claimed someone hit her with a stick. It’s not yet known with what crime, if any, Venti has been charged.

When asked “what do you have to say to your fans,” she replied, “free Brittany Venti!”

THEN there were the Libertarian kids. They too were assaulted. The assault in action. (vocativ. com)

Another scuffle broke out between Antifa protesters and Trump-supporting Libertarians about 30 minutes later, the latter group eventually being be led across the street. The faction of Trump backers, about 30 people at its height, chanted “Build the wall!” and “You lost!” to the May Day participants in Union Square.

Assaulted. Pushed. Flour-bombed  Punched. Crunched. Til finally the police got wind there was something serious happening at the SW end of the Square. No one was actually hurt – that I could see – so perhaps a lot of bluster and show for the cameras- still these Libertarian Free-Speech protestors kept smiles on their faces even in the thick of the “madding” crowd.

Once on the scene, the police pulled them to the island S.E. of the square. Sharing the area with Pro-Trump Build-the-Wall protestors.

Eventually all joined in the chorus BUILD THE WALL. Pumped. Fearless.

Which sent one white Commie flag waving millennial  into a seething rage. From the Union Square side, he paced with his Marxist flag, shouting at the patriots.

He was seeing red but not the kind he wanted.

After the assault video

Gen X Millennials. Self-identified as Libertarians. They got spunk. They are NOT Fascists. They are NOT Nazis. They call out  Communism, Socialism. The Soviet et al. They have but One Solution: Keep America Free of Totalitarian despots.

But, Never Forget, why THEY were there. THIS was MAYDAY. Commie Day. America, she is BAD. The REVOLUTION is the Only  SOLUTION: WORKERS UNITE!

++ Pictures and video property of Pamela Hall++

“Emergency Rally for Muslim and Immigrant Rights” – Washington Sq – NYC

   Wednesday, January 25, 2017 – 5 pm – Washington Square . Emergency Rally For Muslim and Immigrant Rights” hosted by Hamas-linked CAIR.

Joined by NYC’s hard-core Leftist politicians and union shills.

The Soc/Commie/Prog/Fascisti ranted and whined for over an hour about the need to RESIST the Trump Presidency.


Their Plan: Deconstruct American customs and laws, one fake-news protest at a time.

And the press eats it up. No Rally.  No Protest goes unnoticed.

AFDI (American Freedom Defense Initiative) has compiled video excerpts that exposes this treasonous revolt

By the time they actually started – after much waiting – Washington Square was packed.  5 pm was really just hurry up and WAIT.

We had to wait, chant, and wait some more …. while our Muslim brothers and sisters finished their Maghrib (sunset) prayers. Call a presser to coincide with their prayers; to impress the media with their faithfulness. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Spread the Prayers. Spread the Love….

Finally, Afaf Nasher, Executive Director of CAIR-NY, Muslim. hijabbed and photogenic, began to introduce the speakers.

Missing, BTW, was Linda Sarsour. Muslim. sarsour-anti-nypd-protestPhotogenic.  Sarsour led most of these protests as the hijabbed-face of Islam. Groomed for public office, but she seems to have disappeared from the forefront of this diverse and inclusive enclave.

Even so, there was no shortage of local and State government politicians, anti-Trump and in-the-pocket of the pro-Hamas “CAIR Demolition Express” . 

The short individual videos of the speakers, throws the spotlight on the outrageously predictable speeches of  NYC’s hard-core Marxist politicians. To paraphrase Sun Tzu,  another step in the “Know Thy Enemy” loop. We have ignored their agenda for too long.

Slideshow of  the Emergency Rally protest


To keep the American reformation from happening they “Dance with the Devil” (shaitan). Preaching to “the Oppressed”. The Good. The Needy. The “Tired and Poor”. A recipe for Deceit. Duplicity. For Treason.

Repetition is their drug of choice: “NAZI. Trump.  Fascist. Trump. Racist Trump AND Dump Trump. Dump Trump. Dump Trump.” He must be stopped. Impeach Trump! (amidst cheers, cheers. and more cheers)


The prominent agitators behind this presser/ rally/protest : CAIR / Workers Party/Communist Party/ Socialist Party. SEIU. NYCLU. The NY City Council.   All seek treasonous ways to create and maintain the disaffected masses. Their goals never change.  Agitate. Propagate. Exterminate. (rinse and repeat) Agitate. Propagate. Exterminate. (rinse and repeat ) Agitate. Propagate. Exterminate. (rinse and repeat)…. ad nauseum ….

 We are at war. Traitors from within. Temper tantrums from the Left. And the media still LOVES them.

“… a war between Davos, Conde Nast, GQ, Soros, MSNBC, Hollywood, Facebook and America. And America won.

The “resistance” is a collection of elites, from actors at award shows to fashion magazines to tech billionaires, decrying a popular revolt against their rule. They are not the resistance. They are dictators in exile. They had their chance to impose their vision on the people. And they lost.

The protests aren’t a revolution. They’re a counterrevolutionary reaction by a fallen establishment.”

The People have spoken. At the ballot box. We the Revolution!

VIDEOS : The speakers were introduced by Executive Director of CAIR-NY Afaf Nasher. [Part 1] Council of American Islamic Relation — a civil rights organization  — called for love and action from thousands of protesters gathered in solidarity under the arch. http://www.cair-ny.org/staff/

Part 2 – Letitia “Tish” James, NYC Public Advocate & Workers Party darling gave a rabble rousing speech that would make the Comintern proud as she chanted “Too male; too pale; too stale” to the receptive crowd.

Part 3- NYC Council Member Jumaane D. Williams. and as he left the we were treated to, “Peace Trump, you outta here”

Part 4- NYC Council Member Corey Johnson [I am Gay. HIV positive. My grandfather adopted from Korea]

Part 5 – NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer

Part 6 – Amer. Muslim Attorneys Assoc. – Attorney Alma Abadaou (?) [A woman. Muslim. Attorney. Trump I am your greatest fear]

Part 7 – NYCLU- Jordan Wellsstaff attorney [“We will see him in court- if he proceeds with this action. (while the crowd chants )”Lock him up. Lock him up”]   He continues with Threats . Talks of Treason. Encourages others to become Sanctuary Cities. We will see the Trump Administration In Court!

Part 8DREAM Action Coalition [http://drmactioncoalition.org/our-staff/#.WJon1hCeDB0] CESAR VARGAS …. Giving a voice to the undocumented … He announced that( he TOO is UNdocumented [aka ILLEGAL] He could be deported. Re warns that what they do in the next four years, how they respond to Trump, could change the face of America for the next 100 years.)

Part 9 – NY Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez

Part 10 – NYC Council Member Helen Rosenthal. [We don’t want Federal money. NYC is and will remain a Sanctuary City]

Part 11 – NYC Council Speaker Melissa Mark- Veverito

Part 12- Chants from the Resistance in Washington Sq

Next day, CAIR thanked all the little people and their political sycophants on face book for joining The Resistance:

Our most sincere thanks to the thousands of New Yorkers who joined us last night to take a powerful stand against President Trump’s attacks on Muslim and immigrant New Yorkers. More than 3,000 people joined this remarkable rally, and there wasn’t a single arrest during the CAIR-NY sponsored event (though we were saddened to learn of several arrests during a later splinter demonstration).

Yesterday was the easy part, now we tackle the long, strenuous task of building the legal and advocacy capacity to fight any attack on our Muslim and undocumented neighbors. Please consider making a donation today to help cover the costs of last night’s demonstration and build CAIR-NY’s ability to advocate for all New Yorkers. We don’t receive any funding from our national organization, so CAIR-NY depends on the New York community for our financial support. http://www.cair-ny.org/donate.

++ Link to media coverage:NY Daily News++

Then, on January 30th, CAIR filed their Constitutional Law suit.


++ CAIR- those paragons of virtue- challenging our Constitution ++


[Full disclosure; Pamela Hall sits on the Board of AFDI (American Freedom Defense Initiative)]

++Pictures and video property of Pamela Hall (except where designated)++

May Day “General Strike” seeks to “Take Down America” in 2012

There is no 99%. No 1% . But, there are “unhinged, nihilistic protestors .”

We are 100% Americans! All part of America. Not some multi-culti Balkanized Marxist fantasy.

There is NO homogeneous ‘class’ in America. An ‘unselfish’ collective marching toward Utopia….

No Class Warfare. But, there is a real war; occupy war-games, on-going and violent; satellite protests with the naive and gullible marching in lock-step.

No mass of individuals who are equally oppressed by the wealthiest “1%” . But that could soon change. CHANGE. Once OWS and their Marxist Army have deconstructed America, oppression will reign supreme.

But, that hasn’t stopped the “OWS” movement from lumping together bankers, politicians, CEOs and stockbrokers so they could create that phantom EVIL class: “The 1%.” for these happy little ‘tools’

Propaganda.  Subversion.

Indoctrination not Education.

Misguided priorities.

“Liberty is the Enemy.”

Terrorize neighborhoods.

Widespread riots: Good.

Cops, Law and Order: Bad.

Success must be punished.

Grievances. Resentments from ‘elfin academics

It’s a Global  Marxist-Leninist-Maoist-Chavista, Anarchist-Insurgent-Illegal-Islamist Fantasy-land. 

The Alinsky-Ayers Community Organizer traditions have given us generations of malcontents .

This is NOT the American Dream.

Propaganda-fed “useful idiots”

A whining, entitled class of underlings prepared to destroy America.

MAY DAY was Inter-National WORKERS Day AND #OWS General STRIKE Day.

No work. No Income. Shut down America. 

UNIONS LOVE Commie Day. Addicted to power and want MORE. Lots More.

The #OWS Movement was manufactured months before they squatted in Zuccotti. Planned by George Soros and his fellow travellers…

An Army of the disgruntled, taught to HATE the very country that’s meant success for generations of immigrants.

Mocking all things good about America.

ILLEGALS thought Obama would open borders instantly. “Can we come IN now?

Open Borders. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Why do ILLEGALS want to come to the U.S. if it is so AWFUL?

Malcontents, organized by the Left to foment class warfare and strife.

Anarchist-fascist-marxist-socialist thugs, working with furious deliberation to put an end to our American Dreams .

A summer of disobedience. A flash mob redesigning of the U.S….

And their tools…..Street Theatre. Banners. Puppets …. “We’re All In The Same Boat”…

Flags and Slogans: 99% ….“999 bottles of beer on the wall”. also…”99 names for the moon god“. (just sayin’)

Entice the gullible with Fun. Fun. Fun.

One Big LOVE-FEST of a Party

Peace and Love:

This guy was so ‘Full of Love’ that he kept poking me with his sign ….so I would move away from his “Love Circle”

Flyers. Badges. T-shirts. Ecological Terrorism. People are Bad. Earth is GOOD. So …Party On!




Social engineers. Nazis. Thugs. Unions. Communists. Anarchists. Progressives. Democrats.

March On. March on….

Accept their “New World Order”  or….else…. STOP BITCHIN’

Provoke. Confuse Law enforcement. (Confuse everybody) BTW- Leftie Commie- Lisa Fithian was paid $300 a day to teach Training Tactics to OPPOSE police.  F#%k the Police.

Attack any and all opposition (The assault on NY-ICE went just as they planned) Compromise Police and Attack . Attack Attack.

Create Crisis. Confuse ‘public ‘good’ and ‘general will’ with wishful delusions.

Anyone looking for a Doctor? (With perhaps a BAD attitude)

The Left is at War with American History. Zinn. Chomsky. Ayers. Must rewrite . Must not teach traditions. Must not learn from the past.


DeTocqueville: “When the past no longer illuminates the future, the spirit walks in darkness.

Eli Wiesel: “When Evil has power, it is almost too late”

These anarchists and insurgents are NOT the “99%” . They have not been elected to represent America.

Twinkle fingers DOWN.

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Many more pictures from May Day 2012. Please follow links to the 3 Flickr sets  PART One  ; PART Two; PART Three.

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And now, in Conclusion (sort of)

Taking a hard look at WISCONSIN and “Anarchy 101: How Wisconsin’s Left Embraces Marxism and Chaos”.

From their site:

This #ows movement empowers real people to create real change from the bottom up. We want to see a general assembly in every backyard, on every street corner because we don’t need Wall Street and we don’t need politicians to build a better society.

Revolutionary War includes Mass Struggle.

Clandestine Struggle.

Without Mass Struggle there is no Revolution.

Without Armed Struggle. There can be no Victory.

the only solution is WorldRevolution

We have been put on notice … UPDATE May 21, 2012… (from Atlas Shrugs)- “Revolution Solution” is in Full swing….

“Scenes from Obama-Endorsed #OWS Occupy NATO Chicago”