Warning: New Shoaib Choudhury Scam Alert (9-05-13)

A WARNING UPDATE from Brenda West. She has a new story about the fake Muslim Zionist, Shoaib Choudhury.  He is in jail but still managing to design scams via his brother. So this is a warning to gullible people – and there still are some – who could fall for it.

My Mom Is Injured:  Send Money Now, Pleads Brother Of Fake Muslim Zionist
By Brenda West

Oh, how touching!  But before you big hearted people reach for your credit cards or check books, get ready for a laugh.  The appeal is being made in an email (see below) sent around by Sohail Choudhury, the younger brother of Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury, who was once universally acclaimed as an imprisoned martyr for free speech and values of the Western world, including defense of Israel.  Shoaib, who posed as a Muslim Zionist, was later exposed as a complete fraud and publisher of Islamist material, an international extortionist coercing a Prime Minister, and a paid propagandist for North Korea.

And why is Sohail sending out the email, instead of his infinitely more active brother?  Shoaib is now in jail, again, in Bangladesh.  For pretending to act nobly?  No, not at all.

After stealing money from two of his Jewish supporters, Shoaib swindled a fellow Bangladeshi, Sajjad Hussein, who had him arrested.  The formerly high flying Shoaib has been cooling his heels in the slammer since November 8, 2012, awaiting trial on charges of  embezzlement.

Attentive readers will recall that he was formerly accused of embezzlement by his boss when he worked for an Islamist, anti-Israel  news outfit before his overnight switch to becoming a friend of Israel.  Research into Shoaib’s holdings disclosed that he was a very wealthy man, independent of the money he stole, yet he is a dedicated thief!  Ironically, Shoaib’s phony pose as a friend of Israel has made him friendless both in the West, following his exposure as a fraud, and in jail, where he is reportedly disliked intensely by the other inmates and frequently humiliated by them.

Now, about the mother.  Working through his ever submissive brother and partner in crime, Sohail, an email was sent around declaring that their mother was hurt in a car accident and money was desperately needed to save her life.  Really?  But according to Wikipedia, the Choudhury mother, Sharifa, died on August 9, 2005!

Shoaib made a lot of hay out of her death in 2005 when he wrote a poignant article called A World Without My Mother, deploring the imprisonment that kept him from attending her funeral.

The article was picked up by a multitude of sympathetic newspapers and served to keep Shoaib’s standing as a fake Muslim Zionist fresh in the international world, which brought him both donations and a credibility platform from which to commit financial frauds once he was released.

So Shoaib and Sohail, did your supposedly dead mother resurrect herself in order to reappear as newly injured in a recent automobile accident?  Did you really think the world would forget your previous use of her death?  But wait. There are many other ridiculous items in the email requesting money for her.  The email states that the accident occurred in “Springfield, Hanzalah” Bangladesh.  There is no such place though Hanzalah is the name of Shoaib’s son and Springfield is obviously a city in Massachusetts.  Also, stated is that the mother was airlifted to a hospital in the Philippines, instead of Bangkok or Singapore – as my reputable Bangladeshi contacts inform me would be the place to take a person injured in that country.  The writing is in standard English, which is NOT Sohail’s Bengali accented style, although Sohail’s name is on it; see, for example, this article by him in the Weekly Blitz compared with the email he sent.  Further, no police report is mentioned, and it makes no sense that a lawyer is needed to defend the fabricated mother if she were rear ended.  When one investigator asked for proof of the mother’s injury, Sohail feigned innocence, declaring that his email account, sohail.choudhury@yahoo.com, had been hacked, and he never sent out an email asking for money for his mother.  Yet just a few days earlier, he responded to another investigator’s probes for information by evading her questions, and then calling her nasty names for making legitimate enquiries.  Sohail could have said then that he had been hacked, but he did not. Instead he insisted on the urgency of his mother’s need for money.  What stupid, easily disproven lies!

One has to laugh at the ineptitude of this current scam.  Ah, Shoaib. The world of Internet crime is just not the same with you behind bars, even though your fingerprints are all over this.

However, on further reflection, this new attempt to steal money offers a revolting look into the mind of the Choudhury brothers.  Not only are they disrespecting all their intended victims, but they are heaping contempt on their mother, their own mother.  Either she was lied about in 2005 or she’s being lied about now.  All for money.  One can only hope she would have condemned the misuse of her name for infamous gain by this brood of criminals she bred.

And on an even more serious note, this attempted swindle shows that Sohail is as wicked as his brother Shoaib.  Sohail cosigned the fraudulent contract of one of Sohaib’s female victims.  He was full party to Shoaib’s evil intentions and should be held equally accountable in the eyes of the law.


Hello All,
On August 1st, 2013 my mother and cousin were headed to work around 8 in the morning and my mother and cousin were involved in a motor vehicle collision. My mother’s car was t-boned from a car going 65mph. My mother was flown via helivac to the closest trauma center and my cousin was taken via ambulance to the nearest hospital.my mother was hospitalized in Philippine General Hospital, My cousin suffered minor injuries, however my mother took a beating. She came out of the crash with broken ribs, a broken shoulder blade, cuts and gashes all over her body, a concussion, and slight memory loss. We have hired a lawyer to defend my mother, however, she hasn’t returned any calls within 3 weeks. My mother’s bills from the wreck exceed $30,000 alone in just medical costs alone.

My mother was told by her doctor that she shouldn’t go back to work for at least three months, however, due to the lack of attention the lawyer has given her case, she had to return to work within a month of the accident. She goes to work in pain, all day, and she comes home in pain. Everyday. We are from a small rural area just outside of Springfield, Hanzalah and my mother alone works 60+ hours a week, just to manage to make a living to support our family. Now she is working the same amount of hours, but with broken and healing bones. The last visit I made to see my mom, she told me that she wonders if it would have been better off if she had passed in the wreck, that’s just a taste of what she has to go through each day. Please help us raise enough money that she doesn’t have to live in such pain everyday. This woman is the strongest woman I know, and she is my idol. Please help me help her.

Thanks for anything you can give, even prayers.

Sohail  ChoudhuryMobile: +880-1195310884www.weeklyblitz.net


Brenda West is a freelance investigative journalist and political commentator based in New York City.  Her articles were the first in the Western press to expose the frauds of Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury and his associates.  She can be reached at BrendaWestNYC@aol.com.

6 responses to “Warning: New Shoaib Choudhury Scam Alert (9-05-13)

  1. Lived in Bangladesh for four years. Every person that I met with the Choudhury moniker was a thief, crook, opportunist.

    I was a manager at the embassy where we had about 300 Bangladeshis working for us. Every week, we had someone coming in to claim time off with benefits to grieve a dead relative. Some had their mother die every four years, whenever someone in my position moved on. Those 300 or so Bangladeshis had about 2,000 mothers die over a period of fifteen years.

    With so many mothers dying, how could they produce 100 million people in a place the size of Wisconsin?

  2. I hate to say it now but I always suspected him. I also had a very bad contact with a Bangladashi. When I was in the hospital, my doctor wa a female doctor? from Bangladash. If she was a doctor then I am an excellent airplane pilot. Truth is I am scared of planes and will never fly.


    Dear Writer,

    I am not the first one to be a victim of the hackers.

    On 29th of August 2013, my Yahoo mail account was hacked.

    I immediately informed YAHOO that my account is hacked and my contacts/address book has been deleted by the hackers.

    I could later find, my account was hacked from Nigeria.

    Yahoo, kindly repaired/restored my contacts and I informed my contacts that it was an act of the hackers.

    A friend informed me immediately as he saw my phone number that ‘they’ used was fake. My number is 01191350884 while they mentioned, 880-1195310884.

    I can sense that you have sheer hatred for me. NO problem. If I tried to take advantage of ‘mother’s death’ in receiving money from people, GOD surely is aware of that and I shall be punished. But, if not, you should not hold me guilty.

    I lost my mother on 9th of August 2004.

    I think you are aware of such mails. Not very long ago, I got a mail from my contact(s) that he had motor bike accident in UK. As I contacted him, he was very much in Dhaka and had NO knowledge about such mails.

    Anyway, if you still think I did such nasty thing, I wont defend myself because I know it wont help.

    But, I strongly believe there will be a day soon when you will come to know I never sent such mail nor can I ever do so!

    +8801911133614, +8801191350884

  4. Silly little scoundrel. Sohail must be so scared as truth and justice close in on him that he can’t even think straight about the date of his dear mother’s death. The published date of her demise, per Wikipedia and his own brother’s article lamenting her death, is 2005, not 2004 as Sohail misstates here. This weak denial disproves nothing of what I wrote. Sohail committed cyber crime.

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  6. A reply from Brenda West:
    Sohail wants to claim that his email account was hacked and that the scam email was not his.

    As I write in my article, that is debunked by reality. Two people wrote to Sohail for more information, and then contacted me.

    The first was Celine. He did NOT say he was hacked. In fact, he persisted in demanding money from her, even calling her names when she did not give it.

    Then, six days later, Jennifer wrote Sohail. Only then, sensing that he was in trouble, did he come up with his “I was hacked” alibi.

    Here is a record of the emails.

    9/29/2013 Celine asks Sohail for more information.


    8/29/2013 10:15:50 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
    Reply To:


    I am so sorry to hear that your mom is suffering as you know compassion is part of my character.

    Do you have any photos and live comments from your mom and how she feels, can I talk to her via Skype so I can hear her voice ad see he face.

    DO let me now and who knows maybe we can have a petition going wit the objective of fundraising

    I need more information about your mom is she your mom or you wife’s mom regardless let me know


    No answer from Sohail.

    So she tries again.

    Reply To:

    I need to talk to your mom, or get more information… is it your mom and how is she doing ca she write me do you have a photo???? c

    Sohail demands immediate money.

    On Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 11:04 AM, Sohail Choudhury wrote:
    I need your urgent assistant How much can you afford to loan me ? I promise to refund your money.
    Sohail Choudhury
    Mobile: +880-1195310884

    She makes another try.

    I will not raise money or send money unless I see and hear from her. So please send me photos and she can get on skype for free to talk to me. Otherwise I will contact proper authorities and declare you and your reuqesst to be a scam, your choice. Celine

    Sohail pleads weakness, demands more money, says mother needs surgeons to make an “exercise.”
    On Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 11:47 AM, Sohail Choudhury wrote:
    I am not in a good condition right now. I don’t have her photo. All we need is money to enable the surgery team carry out the necessary exercise.

    Then he gets fed up and dismisses her with ugly names.

    From: Sohail Choudhury 
Date: Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 1:17 PM

    Subject: Re: Please email back asap
To: effusion2005

    you are very stupid, and heartless .

    i don’t need your money any more.

    Sohail Choudhury.
    Mobile: +880-1195310884

    Six days later, Jennifer writes to Sohail, offering to help if she can get information about the mother.

    Sohail tells HER, but not the previous person, that he never wrote an email asking for money and that his email account was hacked.

    If his email account were truly hacked, he would have told that to the first person, right away. Instead, he tried to play her for money,

    before he realized his scam looked weak.

    From: “xxxx@aol.com” 
To: sohail.choudhury@yahoo.com

    Sent: Wednesday, September 4, 2013 11:23 PM

    Re: Your mother’s car accident

    Dear Sohail,

    Is your mother still suffering as a result of the accident?
    Do you still need money for the expenses related to this accident?

    Probably it would be better if I sent money directly to you, rather than to the hospital. Please let me know how you would prefer it to be sent; check, wire transfer?

    Please send me a copy of the hospital bill so we can get this started.

    Jennifer Golden

    In a message dated 9/4/2013 11:29:28 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, sohail.choudhury@yahoo.com writes:

    Dear Madam,

    This is my mail address that was hacked on 29th August during afternoon.
    Fortunately the hackers sent an Email to Blitz Yahoo Email ID.

    Otherwise, it would really be late when I would come to know.

    Thanks a lot for your kind concern. SORRY indeed Ma’am!


    In a message dated 9/4/2013 2:06:16 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, sohail.choudhury@yahoo.com writes:

    You are extremely kind Ma’am!

    The fact is, my mother left us forever on 9th August 2004.

    I was so shocked to see the hacker’s message seeking help for my mother’s treatment.

    I cannot really thank you enough for your kind thoughts.

    Only our LORD can reward you for your extreme generosity.

    Respectfully yours,

    Sohail Choudhury
    Mobile: +880-1191350884

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