CUNY Student Walkout For Sanctuary Campuses – NYC

Dec. 1, 2016- 1 pm – A “National Day of Action for Sanctuary Campuses”. “No Borders. NO Nations

A Student Walk-Out Day, in support of the Sanctuary Movement, hosted by a small group of Anthropology Students from the CUNY Grad Center, as well as members of  the Freedom Socialist Party [info came compliments of Facebook]comments-4-copy





Their battle cry: “He Says Go Back, We say Fight Back” Along with the usual chants there was a new one, “Don’t film Fascists!

They never expect any opposition like he PRO-ICE patriots.Enjoyed, in particular, the in-your-face sign, “YOU LOST”.

Outraged by Trump’s promise to end protections and assistance for ILLEGAL migrants, the student marchers made a last minute decision to organize a walk-out. Once in midtown, they intended to present a petition to the CUNY admins at 205 E. 42 st. (CUNY Central). However, someone changed their collective minds. No petition today, just the march to Trump Tower.


I had seen enough of these anarchistic Freedom Socialist dabblers.

Why bother to follow them to Trump Tower. Nothing New here Just the Same ol’, Same ol’….

I leave you with a few more signs – here – in the Slideshow


[Photo images and video property of Pamela Hall]


High School of American Studies Students Dump Trump – our tax dollars at work


The High School of American Studies Students “Dump Trump” Protest, on November 23, was hosted by students and faculty from this Bronx public high school. YOUR tax dollars at work….


High School of American Studies at Lehman College (HSAS)

“The High School of American Studies at Lehman College, commonly called American Studies, is a New York City public high school that specializes in social studies, history and English.

Unlike the other specialized high schools, American Studies puts a special focus on history (particularly American History), and all students are required to study U.S History for 3 years. Despite the school’s emphasis on history, it also offers a variety of AP classes in other subject areas, such as Calculus. Students are required to take AP World History during their Sophomore year . Some students who excel in math have the ability to take college math courses at Lehman College during their senior year.”  HSAS Student Government  and posts.

Nothing new here. Just the usual Lefty blather: “No KKK , No Fascist USA, No Trump” and later, “No Muslim Registry, this is a Democracy”. Also, one coarse male voice insanely shouted- under the din, “We’re not going away. We’re not leaving” and “You’re not my President, Donald. Not my President”. (all can be heard in video clip that follows)

Earlier, I heard, “We are the popular vote” (ignoring the Electoral College) while ranting, “We are a democracy.” Spoke to one student, pointing out the U.S. is a republic; her blank expression? Does NOT compute!

Another poor girl- Stephanie Da Costa Cates– must have taken some hard hits after criticizing HSAS . Her face book is off line (for now). And her comment deleted. How open-minded of you HSAS Student President, Britney Aguayo aka EggsBacon Brits-Sausage.


Radiant. Arrogant. Chanting agitprop spoon-fed by their leftist faculty.  The ignorati of the 21st Century. Thank you, HSAS, your parents must be very proud….

hsas-facebookBut, indoctrination schools ARE welcomed.  Textbooks. Faculty. Media-fed and led by William Ayers. Howard Zinn. Noam Chomsky. (even Barack Hussein Obama) Unionized government teachers- hacks in the pocket of big bro.

History rewritten, the future no longer shaped by facts but, by threats and terror.If they are the  future….. G-d help us all…

Slide show of pictures (place cursor on picture to access)



Update – More from “Support Our New President Donald J. Trump” Rally – NYC”

UPDATE- Part 2  concludes  “We The People Support our New President Donald J. Trump” . This was a rally call-to-action for a diverse group of Americans to celebrate and show appreciation and support for our new President, Donald J. Trump  – Nov. 20, 2016 – Lots of press, for a change. (Wonder if they published anything)

Next, an “8 short videos” playlist (first three were in original post) A few clips are excerpted statements made to the press and other moments from the rally, like a statement from from Rabbi Nachman Caller (seen in video clip 6).

Later- Jim, with his “Boo the Cast” poster, went by “Hamilton” at the Richard Rodgers Theatre . His sign was knocked from his hands by a disgruntled employee.

Diane’s  group went by even later- posting this twitter vid. Apparently the audience was as nasty as the theatre employees. (are we surprised?)

Inside/Outside the NEW Trump Tower “White House”- before the “Support Our New President Trump” Rally began. Take a look-see at how things keep changing at Trump Tower. Saw three scanners now at both entrances
Next a short slide show of the new “White House” ….. inside and out….. (click picture to access slideshow)


And a “Support Our New President Trump” Rally slideshow (click picture to access slideshow)


So, now that Trump will not prosecute Hillary  . What’s next? Will Trump dump more of his platform promises? Confusion …. anticipation …. as we watch and wait from all sides, a theory from Dr. Corsi- “Trump insider: Hillary still could face prosecution : Nothing Trump nor Conway said ruled out investigations”[Dr. Jerome Corsi] ….  time will tell….


“We The People support our new President Donald J. Trump” Rally – NYC- Trump Tower

Nov. 20, 2016  – “We The People support our new President Donald J. Trump” dsc_4754A call to action for a diverse group of Americans to celebrate and show appreciation and support for our new President, Donald J. Trump!!! Three short clips of AP interview with Diane Atkins. First she answers – WHO WE ARE”.

Next – Atkins is asked her thoughts on the anti-Trump Protestors

And more as I conclude this early report

Lots of thumbs up from the passersby who shared the good will that poured forth from this diverse group of Americans.dsc_4726More to follow tomorrow….dsc_4805

They’re baack! Nationwide Islamic Art Film to air on select ABC stations

Received this announcement last week from Unity Productions

Unity Productions Foundation <>
Sent: Thursday, November 10, 2016 3:10 PM
Islamic Art film to air on select ABC stations nationwide

Dear UPF Supporters and Friends,

Starting Sunday, November 13th, and going for 60 days, 70% of all ABC-Disney stations nationwide–which have a combined audience reach of 40 million viewers–will be broadcasting our film Islamic Art: Mirror of Invisible World…. a window into Islamic culture and brings broad insights to the enduring themes that have propelled human history and fueled the rise of world civilization over the centuries.

 Spreading their LIES …. on ABC …. across the country. Obviously they don’t want anyone to miss out …  just cause they live in the hinterlands.

  • No apologies.
  • No regrets for destroying churches and synagogues.
  • No mention of forced conversions.
  • The mandatory jizya tax for infidels.
  • The murders of those who resisted the oppression of Muslim Rule.
  • Celebrate Islamic Art.
  • Explore a ‘collaboration’ of cultures under Muslim Rule.

The “Beauty” of Islam? A “MIRROR of the INVISIBLE World”….

Narrated by Academy Award winning performer Susan Sarandon, Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World reveals the variety and diversity of Islamic art. The film provides a window into Islamic culture and brings broad insights to the enduring themes that have propelled human history and fueled the rise of world civilization over the centuries.

Please share this exciting news with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and take advantage of this opportunity by tuning in and sharing this news with your friends and networks.
Warm Regards,

              – The UPF Team

Smartly they mislead the clueless with a beautifully produced documentary. A documentary that I first heard of in 2012, when it was given a debut of sorts at the Metropolitan Museum. So … it HAS to be FACT cause the Metropolitan Museum promotes HISTORY. Right?

ISLAMIC “ART”… Mirrors an Invisible World  with half-truths and LIES regarding the cultures – the people- destroyed or subverted by the SWORD of Islam. The tour I took at the Met was a sobering  aggravating experience with a captivated audience respectfully absorbing these falsehoods regarding a peaceful Islam. Films and presentations like this have become the NEW TRUTH. History be damned.

FYI- More can be found in my report on Unity’s 2012 exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum:

               Daniel Tutt is the Outreach Director at Unity Productions Foundation

“The mainstream portrayal of Islam does not usually deal with transcendent beauty, elegant ornamentation, or intricate calligraphy. But might art be one of the keys to healing some of the chasms and conflicts that have plagued Muslim-West relations over the last 10 years? The power of art to build bridges of understanding is becoming more recognized as a vital component to repairing the Muslim-West divide[…] the ART of living together.

And in 2009  –   Where I first learned of Unity Productions and their long term projects, I attended a screening of “Inside Islam: What A Billion Muslims Really Think” .

Now – in 2016 – Check it out!  (They have been VERY busy)
unity-prod-films-2016So HEADS UP, America. Coming to a TOWN near you .

WWSB Tampa-St. Pete (Sarasota) 2:00 PM ET
WXYZ Detroit 2:00 PM ET
KOMO Seattle-Tacoma 2:00 PM PT
WTVD Raleigh-Durham 2:00 PM ET
KATU Portland, OR 5:00 AM PT
WTNH Hartford & New Haven 11:00 AM ET
WISN Milwaukee 2:00 PM CT
WZZM Grand Rapids-Kalmzoo-B.Crk 1:00 PM ET
WJXX Jacksonville, Brunswick 1:00 PM ET
KOAT Albuquerque-Santa Fe 1:30 PM MT
KOCT Albuquerque-Santa Fe 1:30 PM MT
KOVT Albuquerque-Santa Fe 1:30 PM MT
WHAS Louisville 3:00 PM ET
WNEP Wilkes Barre-Scranton 1:00 PM ET
KTUL Tulsa 12:30 PM CT
WEAR Mobile-Pensacola (Ft Walt) 12:00 PM CT
WATE Knoxville 3:00 PM ET
WBAY Green Bay-Appleton 12:00 PM CT
WCHS Charleston-Huntington 1:00 PM ET
WTVG Toledo 2:00 PM ET
WSIL Paducah-C.Gird-Harbg-Mt VN 10:00 AM CT
KPOB Paducah-Cape Girard-Harsbg 10:00 AM CT
KRGV Harlingen-Wslco-Brnsvl-McA 3:00 PM CT
WICS Champaign&Sprngfld-Decatur 1:00 PM CT
WICD Champaign&Sprngfld-Decatur 1:00 PM CT
KRDO Colorado Springs-Pueblo 3:00 PM MT
KCRG Cedar Rapids-Waterloo&Dubq 1:00 PM CT
KVIA El Paso 10:00 AM MT
ECIV Charleston, SC 5:00 PM ET
WBND South Bend-Elkhart 11:00 AM ET
KHBS Ft. Smith 12:00 PM CT
KHOG Ft. Smith 12:00 PM CT
WCTI Greenville-N.Bern-Washngtn 5:00 PM ET
WPDE Florence-Myrtle Beach 5:00 PM ET
WEHT Evansville 10:00 AM CT
KLKN Lincoln & Hastings-Krny 10:00 AM CT
KIVI Boise 1:00 PM MT
WTXL Tallahassee-Thomasville 2:00 PM ET
KOLO Reno 9:30 AM PT
WYTV Youngstown 3:00 PM ET
WGTU Traverse City-Cadillac 3:00 PM ET
WGTQ Traverse City-Cadillac 3:00 PM ET
KATC Lafayette, LA 4:00 PM CT
WNCF Montgomery-Selma 2:00 PM CT
NSBW Monterey-Salinas 2:00 PM PT
KERO Bakersfield 1:00 PM PT
KIII Corpus Christi 1:00 PM CT
WXOW La Crosse-Eau Claire 2:00 PM CT
WQOW La Crosse-Eau Claire 2:00 PM CT
KVII Amarillo 1:30 PM CT
KVIH Amarillo 1:30 PM CT
KRCR Chico-Redding 2:00 PM PT
ETVA Columbus-Tupelo-West Point 12:00 PM CT
WAOW Wausau-Rhinelander 4:30 PM CT
WMOW Wausau-Rhinelander 4:30 PM CT
WYOW Wausau-Rhinelander 4:30 PM CT
MNOE Monroe-El Dorado 10:00 AM CT
KBMY Minot-Bismarck-Dickinson 9:30 AM CT
KMCY Minot-Bsmrck-Dckns(Wlston) 9:30 AM CT
WDIO Duluth-Superior 4:00 PM CT
WIRT Duluth-Superior 4:00 PM CT
KESQ Palm Springs 4:00 PM PT
KYUR Anchorage 4:00 AM PT
KCAU Sioux City 1:00 PM CT
WJET Erie 12:00 PM ET
KAAL Rochestr-Mason City-Austin 4:30 PM CT
WLOX Biloxi-Gulfport 12:00 PM CT
KIFI Idaho Falls-Pocatello 1:00 PM MT
KTXS Abilene-Sweetwater 10:00 AM CT
KSVI Billings 5:00 PM MT
NECY Yuma-El Centro 9:00 AM MT
NHQA Quincy-Hannibal-Keokuk 11:00 AM CT
WHSV Harrisonburg 12:00 PM ET
WBKO Bowling Green 10:00 AM CT
WVAW Charlottesville 11:00 AM ET
NGNS Laredo 10:00 AM CT
KJCT Grand Junction-Montrose 1:00 PM MT
KOHD Bend, OR 9:00 AM PT
KSAW Twin Falls 1:00 PM MT
KAEF Eureka 2:00 PM PT
KTXE San Angelo 10:00 AM CT
KTWO Casper-Riverton 11:00 AM MT
NLWY Cheyenne-Scottsbluf-Strlng 11:00 AM MT
KKTQ Cheyenne-Scottsbluf-Strlng 11:00 AM MT
KTVO Ottumwa-Kirksville 10:00 AM CT
WORA Puerto Rico 12:00 PM ET

Check to see if the program is airing on the ABC affiliate station in your area from this webpage:


Trump Tower’s 5th ave closure on Veterans Day 2016

November 11, 2016 – On the bus – Fifth Avenue- Trying to get to mid-town. Traffic is very, very slow. After speaking to a couple of Brits – heading to the U.N.- I remembered they were closing off  Fifth Avenue, beginning at Fifth and 57th, because of the PROTESTING sore-losers.

A closure caused by the protesting rabble …. FUNDED by George Soros and company…..

Fifth Trump tower’s Facebook page:

“We will gather … in cities across the nation to affirm to ourselves and one another that, despite the outcome of this election, we will not give up. No matter what challenges confront us in the times to come, we will unite with one another and defend our communities—across race, religion, gender, age, ability, national origin, immigration status, sexual orientation, class, and all of our identities. The fight for a nation with liberty and justice for all—and with an economy and democracy that work for everyone—continues.

…. (we) share our reactions, pledge our mutual solidarity, and resolve to forge ahead together in this moment of peril. We have experienced setbacks before, and we have always come back. Our movements are resilient and unstoppable.”

“Note the call to resistance – the logic being that these leftists are the ones under attack, and only reacting in rational defense. This is what nearly eight years of an Obama administration, including a radical, activist Justice Department and a propaganda-pushing Education Department, have brought. Perhaps a Trump administration means that come January 20, the adults are back in charge.” [the excerpt above from Pamela Geller]

Nov 5, 2016 – “America’s Immigrants Celebrate/Support Trump 2016”

My how things changed after a few days and a TRUMP Victory can make Soros and Company…. Making a mess of travel – controlled chaos that the rabble loves.  And so does the media.

Got off at 60th. Paused at Trump Tower- seeing the new lay of the land. Much has changed since Sat. November 5th.

Many barricades. A NEW police-hut at 56th.
Police cars. Police. And Tourists. (Lots of selfies going on)

However- I found the closure of Fifth was more than Trump Tower.  It was the Veterans Day Parade!

vets parade end

They used Fifth, as always, from 23rd to 53rd and this street closure was A-OK.  Took some cellphone pics and vids. Then headed back to midtown.

[Slide show of a few pictures- 2 short videos]

IMG_5024 copy

Later I read this letter from a Retired Navy- Sheepdog- R Davis. I always appreciate his thoughts

So I kept my word, I went to bed early on Tues and did not know the result until Wed morning around 0600 when my son-in-law texted me “Trump won!”

For 8 long years we have suffered as Obama jammed all his distasteful agendas down our throats, juked them down our throats like dirty laundry…..


Maybe the most satisfying thing is that the Clinton machine is over, their foundation and their influence are finished. The D’s don’t have any obvious stars right now and we have a bunch.

For me, I want to start building the wall on day one and dismantling ObamaCare and rebuild our military.  We need more active duty so we don’t have to rely on our reserves.  Especially our active duty Army and Marines – I hope he doubles them, and he said he would increase our Navy to 350 ships (and increase our submarines too).  We need that to be a top priority.

So I’m happy but I‘m also very very annoyed at these disgusting disgraceful rioters in cities all over America – they are being influenced by anarchists, some paid, all rabid.


Obama and the democrats love it, we hate it – hopefully the cold weather will help end it soon.

I’m grateful that Trump will stop the insane inflow of Syrian refugees into America, he said that people coming into America “must love our people” – also, he will bring respect to our police officers and all law enforcement officers and first responders.  Trump understands “safety of ship and crew” and Law and Order is a top priority of his (mine too). America First!!

Thanks always for our troops and our cops and their families – they are the best of us – so glad they will have Trump looking out for them instead of Hillary who supported “Black Lives Matter” and takes money from countries that hate us.

To the Troops and Cops and all Law Enforcement!
To their families!

To America and Israel!


To Victory over evil at home and abroad!

Jihad never sleeps – they want to kill, but now they better keep one eye open…. 
Patriot R. Davis

America’s Immigrants Celebrate/Support Trump ELECTION DAY 2016

Looking for hope on the streets of Manhattan as ELECTION DAY 2016 looms. I covered two pre-election NYC Saturday events – both connected to immigration- that left me feeling hopeful. positive. encouraged. (even though the next three days will be nail-biters)
Noon. A nation-wide- Stolen Lives Remembrance Walk, for those MURDERED by illegal aliens. remembrance-project

They gathered at Columbus Circle. A quietly dedicated and diverse group that respectfully engaged those who passed by.

Since this is the last Saturday to get-out-the-vote, some had to leave, before the walk, for campaign obligations. But, while they gathered, it was an opportunity to share their message.

Those who could stay carried Trump/Pence and Women 4 Trump signs lead by Old Glory and a two-sided Remembrance Quilt. Each quilt chose three victims to represent the thousands murdered each year.

Diane Atkins, the NYC organizer
, is well spoken; a polite and fearless leader. No matter who spoke to them she was able to explain why they were there and why Hillary is NOT the candidate to represent those murdered … as well as dealing with some persistent security guards who just didn’t want them in front of their building.

Respecting our borders. The Rule of Law. Two of many duties – to protect and serve- ignored by the Obama presidency. And Hillary – BENGHAZI revealed – means saying NO to the “Hildabeast” presidency. It is imperative. Trump is the FAR better candidate for HOPEFUL change. He puts America First.

[Click picture to access slide show of a few pictures]


As Diane and many of us know already, ALL New Yorkers are not behind HRC. Talk to the passersby on the streets, there are thumbs up from those who happily SUPPORT Trump. I left, encouraged, knowing I would see them at the end of their walk at Trump Tower.


I never expected this. JOY. Dancing. Flag waving. They even handled an obnoxious protest-crashing Turd-Shirted fellow…. with a smile and a thumbs up FOR Trump. “Keep on dancin’ – takin’ the HIGH ROAD.” Happy to be in this country: Immigrants who support TRUMP!

video 2

video 3

As I left, the Stolen Lives Remembrance Walk was about two blocks from joining up with the Immigrants for Trump Festive event. I hoped all went well for them. Happily it did. From Diane Atkins, “Yes, we were able to join the crowd in front of Trump Tower and had a great time. One of the organizers of the Christian Immigrants for Trump actually remembered me from a town hall during the primaries, and he asked me to speak on the microphone. At the end we all prayed and even danced, lol. It was awesome! Then my friend Michele and I went into Trump Tower to make GOTV calls till 9pm.” GO TEAM AMERICA!

[slide short slide show from Immigrants For Trump Celebration]


++And more – an Update –  from Diane Atkins++