While we were sleeping…

“Progress” and “Change”


We’re told we must have it . But, what’s it gonna get us? Are we gonna like it? What will be the benefits? Where? When? For whom?


“Progress” and “Change”


Have brought about the disintegration of our families and our schools… thrown morality to the wind. Created a couple generations of Americans who are sloppy with self-esteem but lacking in empathy. Can we take much more of this? The deluded intellectuals of our urban centers appear to be the majority but this delusion is just that: the bullying of a few.


Americans are finally aware, in larger numbers every day that our future could finally be lost to secular totalitarianism. They’ve worked for decades to ‘Take America down’.


Wake Up, America!!

It’s Time to Stop the Madness! 


Head over to Atlas Shrugs for an important report!

Our Blogs are under attack! AGAIN!

Google Shuts Down Anti-Obama Sites


And while you’re at it: SIGN THE PETITION to investigate

 Obama-Lama’s BIRTH Certificate!

4 responses to “While we were sleeping…

  1. Good luck to you Americans in your fight against the Left who will subvert your Great Country as they have done to mine.Good luck.

  2. It is a question of them and us.One cannot reason with those who are opposed and different.Basic rule of Nature.In the words of the American poet Robert Frost,
    ‘When does a fence cause offence?
    When it is not there;
    Good fences make good neiighbours’.
    Anybody who thinks diffently is naieve.
    Liberals are highly dangerous and contain the seeds of their own destruction and of anyone who is within their power.

  3. Barbara Prioreschi

    Is it true that all our ports are controlled by Arabs. If this is true how can we have home land security.

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