Letter to Student Activists Regarding Stealth Jihad in our Schools…

Letter to Student Activists

Dear Student Activist,

Do you doubt that a stealth jihad is being waged at America’s colleges and universities? Think again. This past spring, the national headquarters of the Muslim Student Association, which has become one of the most prominent groups on our campuses, sent a man named Sheikh Khalid Yasin on a speaking tour of more than a dozen schools. What does this “imam” believe? Yasin believes the U.S. government created and spread the AIDS virus; Sharia law should govern America; it was the White House, not al- Qaeda, that staged the 9/11 attacks; and that all homosexuals should be killed.

Yasin is only one of many prophets of hate stalking our higher education system. Others include the notoriously anti-Semitic Abdel Malik-Ali, the America-hating Abdul Ali Musa, and others regularly making the college rounds, spreading a deranged gospel of misogyny and homophobia, as well as genocide against the Jews. The Muslim Student Association chapters that sponsor these Islamists work in an unholy alliance with radical groups to promote jihad on campus.

The David Horowitz Freedom Center has fought against the growth of radical Islam on campus over the past two years by staging two Islamo Fascism Awareness weeks at over 100 colleges and universities. This fall, the Freedom Center will organize a third Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week entitled “Stop the Jihad on Campus.”

It will highlight the direct ties between the Muslim Brotherhood, godfather organization to Hamas and al-Qaeda, and the Muslim Student Association. (To Read the rest of this important Letter: Go>

(Snip) Please contact our campus director (Jeffrey@horowitzfreedomcenter.org) for more information about how you and your organization can participate in this semester’s Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, and make your campus aware of the insidious stealth jihad taking place at our colleges and universities.

David Horowitz

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