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On October 15, 2020, New Yorkers of all faiths and colors  demanded that Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio stop targeting the Jewish community.

“There is NO excuse for the government to single out ONE minority community.”

The coalition gathered in front of the famous New York Public Library on 5th Avenue (between 41st and 42nd Streets).

Their message:

“Over the past two weeks, Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio,  focused blame on the Jews for increased corona virus rates despite statistical evidence showing marked increases in many areas of New York.

Cuomo and de Blasio are ignoring the truth: there is a resurgence of COVID-19 everywhere, but not just in Jewish communities. The neighborhoods with the largest increase in the weekly case rate (over the last two weeks) are not even addressed by the government’s new restrictions.”

NY Demands #EndJewHatred NOW (see Flickr slide show)


.“Yad Yamin NY, along with other groups and movements …

  …. were there demanding an end to the constant targeting of Jews & unfair applications of the Covid regulations. 

.”The coalition of groups marched from the NYPL to Gov. Cuomo’s office, continuing the protest against Gov Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio’s non-uniform application of laws regarding Jews and their direct targeting of Jews” (photo Karen Lichtbraun)

“By pinpointing one highly visible minority as plague-spreading lawbreakers, de Blasio and Cuomo are reinforcing centuries-old anti-Semitic tropes. And SHAMEFULLY, used pictures of observant Jews as a symbol of non-compliance and recklessness. This fuels Jew hatred and serves no legitimate government interest.”

Shame, Shame on them.

The speakers were surrounded by lots of press, though I’m not sure the reports got much play. (Slide show of video screen shots)

sign 6 copy

Video- Dov Hikind (Former NY State Congressman)

.-Video -Heshy Tischler []

Video- Brooke Goldstein (The Lawfare Project)

The protest challenged ies spread by our governor and mayor, showing they are not fit for office. Cuomo and deBlasio should step down.

[Pictures and video where indicated, property of Pamela Hall]

Glimpses of NYC Lockdown Street Life (summer / fall 2020)

New York and the “pandemic”, the city was a shadow of itself as the lock-down dragged on (from May thru September). But, people NEEDED to socialize, to share more than the silence of a locked-down solitude; not everyone was okay with this New Normal.

The city-noise, dimmed for so long, was broken nightly at 7 pm by banging pots and pans thanking essential workers. But, eventually, this nightly cacophony faded away, replaced by MUSIC.

Even though the lock-down dragged on, MUSIC was resurfacing at the restaurants’ outdoor seating, teasing us with a NYC that once was.

 But first, video (May 25, 2020) Two months into the 15 day lock down, the compliant New Yorkers, out of work and stuck in-doors, managed to ‘make noise’ every day at 7 pm . They were banging Pots and Pans for the “essential workers” and then, dutifully, headed back in doors.

June 2, 2020 (video) Midtown Manhattan. At this point we were three months into the 15 day lock down as stumbled upon an early evening bagpiper enjoyed by everyone passing by.

Sept 12, 2020 (video) Restaurant Row. 6 months lock down (not 15 days as promised) The musicians and singer at two of the restaurants had paused as I started filming, and then started up again with a happy couple dancing in the middle of 46th st. (nice)

Sept 27, 2020 (video) 6 month lock down. Found some buskers (New Orleans style) next to the still shuttered, Rudy’s Bar and Grill. AND then more great music on Restaurant Row. It felt like Jazz Night in the city.

Sept 28, 2020 (video) Saw what looked like a commercial rehearsing for the very popular Hold Fast Sports Bar on Restaurant Row.

However, even with these flashes of life , the lock down paralyzing this once vibrant city continues. Sad. Frustrating. Infuriating.

[Pictures and Videos Property of Pamela Hall]

Abolish ICE and BLM Block Traffic in Duffy Sq NYC

 “Abolish ICE” protesters, joined by BLM, blocked traffic at 7th avenue & 46th Street (aka Duffy Square). As usual this involved lots of police to clear the streets and make arrests.

Note charming T-shirt “RIOT”

Unless these protestors are burning and looting, even the sycophant media ignores them.

The photo-ops are the usual TIE UP TRAFFIC (and the police) and then the arrests.

-“Barely informed with ELAD has the action before I arrived, with approximately 100 of the protestors arrested and carted off to 1 Police Plaza.


I arrived after the bulk of the arrests had been taken in vans and busses.

–The remaining protestors, no longer in the street, were waiting for the last of the arrestees to depart.

Jerks like this fellow taunted the police with derogatory verbal diarrhea.

Police were stoic.

Polite. Patient.

Flickr Slide Show (Sept. 19, 2020)


-The BLM/ICE coalitions hang together, offending everyone while demanding RESPECT thru fear.

Unfortunately, some synagogues and churches advertised their support by posting fearful compliance for all to see.

There are many who think these anarchists are do-gooders.

Too many are frightened of fighting back, so they support the BLM lies;
ignoring thefts, looting and riots.

Too late, some will finally realize, there is no reward for such foolish loyalty.

“Bands of shoplifters are terrorizing Soho’s high-end boutiques, lifting hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of designer merchandise, and in some cases, threatening security guards to keep quiet — or be labeled racist…”

[Where indicated, pictures and video property of Pamela Hall]


Extinction Rebellion “Jurassic Farce”, a play (of sorts) Times Sq

Cit Ass Theatre Presented a play (of sorts) “on Broadway” about “a Climate and Ecological Emergency”, Jurassic Farce.

 September 23, 2020
6 pm – 44th st and Broadway.

(click picture for short Flickr Slide show)


Actually, it’s  Children’s Theatre for adults – with colorful costumes – and a very unsubtle message. (video 1)

Blue Dinos good/ Red Dinos bad. “Prehistoric creatures demonstrate how everyday people can mitigate a Climate and Ecological Disaster” (video 2 – The Play)

A meteor is going to hit the earth. How to save humanity. “Why is a solution so difficult to find“. (video 3, at 25 seconds, speaker presents solution to intersectional crisis)

In conclusion, it will take a Citizen’s Assembly where the PEOPLE assemble a plan: Power to the People!

(, @xr_nyc) []

[Pictures and Videos property of Pamela Hall]

October: indoor dining at 25% as NYC restaurants struggle to survive

The Election is near (that the left is working overtime to STEAL) and our President is ill (but recovering)  Still, HOPE is on the horizon because WE have not given up! Trump 2020!!

October 1, 2020. NYC. The restaurants have said, repeatedly, indoor dining at 25 % capacity is not going to work (even though out door dining will continue).  The 15 days lock down was 7 months ago, economic ruin is certain for many, so they NEED to get back inside. ASAP. Even at 25%.

This economic disaster began by mayoral-governor fiat on March 12, 2020. (St Paddy’s Day still stares back from the long shuttered Smith’s Bar). It is surely unconstitutional. Yet, here we are. Forced to suffer these tyrants.

Finally, PERMISSION was given by the mayor and governor to continue serving food and drink outside …. and now inside, but sadly this comes too late for some.

Leading up to the return of a restricted indoor dining was the relentless teasing of NYC’s Mayor de Blasio with dates and occupancy restrictions that CHANGED again and again. The restaurants and bars were angry. frustrated; worried.

Business still suffers because the THEATRES, that feed all the other businesses (hotels and restaurants and TOURISM, remain CLOSED.

Times Square is a ghost town. Even 42nd st Mc D’s is GONE.

THREE restaurants in a row on 46th st. are closed. GONE for ever.

Economically, the city is DYING.

March 12th, the lock down began because people might get sick … and MIGHT die.  A bizarre reaction that Americans accepted too willingly. The Dark Ages have returned.

Hotels and restaurants are boarded up for months and all it took was FEAR. Fear of dying, of getting ill.

BUT, people do get ill. People die. And hiding their faces behind paper masks, thinking they will avoid disease, is folly. What they should fear is how easily this country gave up its independence.

The bars and restaurants, trapped, begged, threatened and “promised to be good” if only they could work; feed their  families.  The answer was always NO.

Sept. 2020 – 6 months and counting) as De Blasio’s Cesspool of trash piled up . The green bags are dog poop bags –  an eyesore because trash is rarely picked up. (slide show)


Midtown and a long row of unused taxis, casualties of de Blasio’s economic disaster. (slide show)


Restaurants  at 6 months. We see wind screens appear – hoping to shelter the customers – in October. (slide show)

IMG_5983 copy

As October begins, the enclosures are finally blessed by the Mayor: they can STAY.

The homeless impact (negatively) the abandoned stores and theatres; another place to trash. The theatres remain closed, to reopen – sometime NEXT YEAR … with potentially insurmountable requirements.

Easy access urinals spring up over night.

The boarded up entrance to the once popular theatrical hang out, Joe Allen’s is now a POPULAR URINAL.

WHY did the citizens of this mighty republic roll over without a whimper. WHY are TYRANTS like de Blasio and Cuomo permitted to RUIN lives by fiat?

Another casualty of the never ending lock down,will Sardi’s close forever? []

Also rumored to be closing is Esca – 402 W 43rd Street who is stating they are reopening September 9th, but how long can that last with Mayor deBlasio reluctant to restart indoor dining because it’s an activity for middle- and upper-income New Yorkers. Also boarded up are Orso’s, Bar Centrale and Joe Allen, all on Restaurant Row on 46th Street between 8th and 9th.”

Without  indoor dining, there was NO HOPE of  recovery. Particularly  if de Blasio withdrew permission. (Again) Last minute withdrawals are his style.

Sept. 1, 2020 : “Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio have clearly decided to let the city’s restaurants die: They won’t allow indoor dining, the only way for most eateries to stay above water. No matter that indoor dining and drinking (albeit at reduced capacity) is kosher in Westchester and Nassau, right outside the city — and literally down the block from a few restaurants in Queens. Nor that New Jersey’s now allowing it, too.The “Dr. No” duo don’t expect indoor dining to return until next June[NY Post]

So the restaurants made a lot of noise AND hired attorneys. And then, by September 30th, success. The customers could finally go inside – at 25% capacity. It was a beginning. (and no more standing in the rain)

FINALLY, October arrived. SEVEN MONTHS and the financial insanity had some good news: the outdoor seating would continue. It will not end as the 25% capacity opens inside.

Meanwhile, the people are still manipulated by the mayor and the governor, trapping their constituents in a dystopian nightmare; by FEAR. Will they ever release this city from their tyranny?

[Where indicated pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall]

“DeBlasio Must Go” United New Yorkers (& BLM protestors) at Gracie Mansion

New York Voices for A Better NYC.
Demand “DeBlasio Must Go”

Sept 13, 2020  New Yorkers demanded “DeBlasio Must Go” as they marched to Gracie Mansion (the mayor’s residence).

The police forced them to share the entrance to the park
with some unexpected, and VERY WHITE, BLM Commies.

  The BLM protestors whined that the patriots encroached on their protest. (Though they did unite briefly chanting “DeBlasio Must Go”)

 As America grows weary of Democrats cities allowing the rioting, looting and destruction, it is encouraging to read that America is FIGHTING back. Perhaps that is why the white privileged BLM protestors encountered this day WHINED that the patriots should not be there. – FUN)

FLICKR Slide Show


“Uniting New Yorkers Rally! Hosted by several NY neighborhood groups including from UWS, Queens and various other neighborhood and NY groups.  Join fellow FED UP New Yorkers against nonsensical DeBlasio policies that are causing violent crime to rise, jeopardizing the safety of citizens and crushing livelihoods in a time of crisis. It’s time to tell DeBlasio: HE MUST GO!”
VIDEO Part 1

.“SKYROCKETING VIOLENT CRIME IS NOT OKAY: It’s no wonder shootings, robberies and mayhem are on the rise, when violent criminals get desk tickets and victims get screwed. Amend Bail Reform NOW. Enforce law and order NOW.”

VIDEO Part 2

“BANKRUPTING NYC RESTAURANTS IS NOT OKAY: It’s no wonder NYC’s economy is dying when politicians shutter businesses and loot city budgets to reward their cronies. Bus boys, waiters, restaurant owners have a right to work. Restore indoor dining NOW.

Video Part 3

“STEALING BILLIONS IS NOT OKAY: It’s no wonder there’s no $$ for garbage clean up, EMT’s or public safety, when $500MILLION is spent on luxury hotels for convicts, addicts and sex offenders and $1BILLION is missing from THRIVEnyc. Audit the MAYOR NOW.” [#DEBLASIOmustGO#FireBDBnyc]

De Blasio Must GO!

[Where indicated, Pictures and Videos Property of Pamela Hall]

NYC Progressives say NO! #STOP Cuomo Cuts

NYC Progressives SAY NO: Rally Against Cuomo’s Cuts
Tuesday, September 08, 2020 5:00 PM
Governor Cuomo’s NYC Office 633 Third Avenue, New York

They claim the reasons children-of-color (in particular black children) are not getting a FAIR education is all about racism. “Greed. Billionaires and privileged WHITE people.” They asked many times, “Is that Fair? Is that Equity?

[Action Network seemed to be the organizing umbrella]

Part 1 Video:

Flickr Slide Show: Outside Gov. Cuomo’s NYC office.
“Governor Cuomo is not a champion for our communities, specifically black, brown, and low-income communities. We cannot stand back and watch Cuomo rob our communities of the funds and resources they desperately need …”


“Recently, the New York State budget office informed school districts statewide that it was temporarily withholding 20 percent of the State’s payments. Statewide, New York’s schools are missing out on $5 billion in state aid. For New York State to intentionally hold back 20 percent of state funding for public education at any time is unconscionable; to do so now, weeks before schools are set to reopen amidst a pandemic is a direct attack on the safety of students, educators, and our communities.”

Part 2 Video: A 16 years old student addressed the crowd outside Gov. Cuomo’s NYC office.

“Governor Cuomo is not a champion for our communities, specifically black, brown, and low-income communities. We cannot stand back and watch Cuomo rob our communities of the funds and resources they desperately need amidst a global pandemic and growing inequities. If Cuomo successfully withholds the 20% of state aid in this moment, we will be reeling from the impacts of this decision for years.”

“Let’s show the governor that NYC says NO to any cut to our education budgets! We need more, not less!”

1)The release of the 20% state aid that is being withheld by the Governor currently.
2)To demand that the state utilize the rainy day funds to fill any gaps in the state budget and to stop any potential cuts to the education budget.
3)To demand that the state legislature pass S7378 to tax the rich and generate the revenue needed to fully fund our schools.

Together, we will win!

[Where indicated Pictures and Videos Property of Pamela Hall]

ONLY 60 days left to Refuse (Donald Trump’s) Fascist Amerikka

Sept 5, 2020. Union Square NYC
@RefuseFascism Demands Trump Pence #OutNow!

“Refuse Fascism, is a spin-off of chairman Bob Avakian’s Revolutionary Communist Party. They are a domestic Maoist group endorsing Joe Biden: We are kicking off 60 days of non-violent struggle to oust this genocide racist Donald Trump & bring his fascist program to a halt.

VIDEO: Part 1. Emma Kaplan, one of the organizers of the New York chapter of Refuse Fascism leads the commie pledge

The Communists of Refuse Fascism gathered in Union Square to proclaim that  NYC was “filled with the unity, diversity and spirit needed to go ALL OUT in the next 60 days to bring this fascist program of Trump/Pence to a halt!

They also claimed that “Trump has hate, bigotry, & violent thugs” but “WE have the hearts of the people!” 

They claim that “Together THEY can make history.”  (But, is this the history our Republic wants?)

VIDEO: Part 2 Sabel is the main speaker

” We must make a LIVING DECLARATION to the world that we are uniting, we are organizing, we are determined, we are preparing to struggle with all we’ve got, starting now and not stopping until the Trump/Pence regime is driven from power and its fascist program brought to a halt.”

“Bob Avakian and his followers revile Biden and the Democratic Party as “instruments” of the “literally murderous system of capitalism-imperialism.” Nevertheless, in an Aug. 1 statement,  Avakian declared that unless Trump can be driven from office by mass mobilization in the streets before Election Day, “the struggle against this fascist regime needs to include voting against Trump by voting for Biden.” [Just The News]



“Bob Avakian and his RCP ( Revolutionary Communist Party) called for replacing the U.S. Constitution with his new 2010 Constitution for A New Socialist Republic in North America, which has been adopted by the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA.”

RCP’s Constitution calls for:

  • Abolition of capitalism, and the establishment of state economy
  • Atheism vigorously promoted State-ruled economy
  • Means of production, private capital and wealth expropriated for the state without compensation
  • Only public education fostering communism
  • Supreme Court expanded to 15 members
  • Inheritance limited by the state
  • Banking and financial systems state-owned and run

Democrat Socialists Demand Safe Schools for BLACK & BROWN STUDENTS only!

Sept 4, 2020 Foley Square NYC.
The reason for this warning, there were two new hard core groups that were gathering at 6 pm. (The African Black Panther Party; United Panther Movement) They proceeded to riot (led by rich WHITE 20 yrs olds) causing $100,000 damage as they rioted in the street going up town from Foley.

This Safe Schools Rally was not a riot. Just the usual Democrat/Socialists ranting on and on about greedy RICH white folk.

 Flickr Slide Show : The teachers UNIONS were threatening Governor  Cuomo with a NO Show for work on Tuesday Sept 8th, 2020. Their complaints and concerns focused on black and brown students.  Not the privileged white students.


.Videos Part 1 – Chants. Always starting with chants. (If we don’t get it shut it down) @SingSolidarity led the crowd “Marching off to Freedom Land”

Part 2 – Jabari Brisport newly elected Democrat SOCIALIST to NY State Senate.

“I am proud of my union and I want us to sit in our power. Demand that there is a nurse in every school; that every school has a decent ventilation system… those are bare minimum demands for the health crisis we’re living in@JabariBrisport

Part 3 “Only When it’s SAFE“. Chanting is de rigueur.  “People want to know WHO we are.”  “We Want Safe Schools” (etc)

PERHAPS it’s time to get rid of Critical Race Theory. Then maybe ALL students will MATTER.

Take that leftist Critical Race Theory garbage out of our schools too. They are teaching children to hate each other based on race. All that “white privileged” nonsense is not only false it’s POISON. People are literally being brainwashed to hate white people.. it’s EVIL

Critical race theory is the greatest threat to western civilization and it’s made its way into the US federal government, the military, and the justice system.” Ian Miles Cheong @stillgray [Melissa Tate@TheRightMelissa]

Along with their obvious racism, it was made clear they are threatening to “shut it down” if we don’t get Safe Schools.

NYC teachers, still waiting for ventilation reports, get ready to head back to classrooms

On Friday, a spokesperson for City Hall said that deadline  (Sept 4) would not be met, potentially setting up teachers to return to their campuses  (in every one of the city’s 56,000 class rooms) with little information about whether the air is safe.

It remains unclear how either the city or the unions are determining ventilation is safe before staff and students return to buildings, which has not helped to build trust.” [Chalk Beat]

Guess we will see – soon- if they will follow through on that threat since students are set to report to class on Sept 21.

[Where indicated, pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall]

Red Bill De Blasio’s legacy : NYC’s Homeless and the never ending lock down

August 29, 2020. “Moscow on the Hudson” The Upper West side of Manhattan where UWS libs ELECTED Mayor “Red Bill”DeBlasio: TWICE. But now, after 6 months of a forced lock down that has fueled the homeless population, many of these progressive libs have become disenchanted. NIMBY is their battle cry.

 The situation morphed into YIMBY Libs vs NIMBY Libs.
(However, the NIMBYS were not on the side of the angels.)

[NY POST By Karol Markowicz] August 29, 2020

“The Upper West Side has been abuzz for weeks about the relocation of a number of homeless men to various hotels in the neighborhood. Many of the men are sex offenders and drug addicts. They aren’t receiving the more intensive services they need and the neighborhood has seen a steep decline in safety.

The newly formed group Upper West Siders for a Compassionate, Safe and Equitable Community, which wrote welcome messages in chalk outside the Lucerne. […] also started an online petition at  […] imploring neighbors worried about their personal safety — patrolling the streets to discourage midday open drug use and flashing  — to stop being so mean.

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