National Security and Media Conference Videos- NYC- 2012

The Conference,  National Security and The New Media,was comprised of Two Panels, at the Union League Club – NYC- Feb 28, 2012.

Not all speakers are posted. Those are Sam Nunberg  in Panel 1 and Vilma Petrash in Panel 2. Cynthia Farhat , Panel 2, was unable to attend.

[The audio has a slight tin quality as I was unable to patch into sound system.]

                                Panel 1 : Growing Censorship of Free Speech

Frank Gaffney – Center For Security Policy- Opening statement (Part 1)

Fred GrandyFormer Congressman-Iowa (R) – Moderator – Panel 1 ( Part 2)

Brooke Goldstein – Director, Lawfare Project -(Part 3)

Lawfare; getting sued for speaking out. 

Gave only a few examples of people and organizations sued:

Wall Street Journal, Rachel Ehrenfeld, Ezra Levant, Mark Steyn, Elizabeth Sabaditch-Wolff , Joe Kaufman, cartoonist in Denmark. All frivolous and meant to intimidate; to silence

CAIR the self-appointed representative of Muslim Community. Muslim Community is told to Build a Wall of Resistance. Forget “If you see something, Say Something”. Don’t Go to the FBI

Hillary Clinton met with the OIC. Government and media redacts “Islam” and “Jihad”. FBI has a Black List of people who can no longer teach and instruct about Islam.

Andy McCarthy – Former Chief Assistant  U.S. Attorney – (Part 4)

Lawfare, a legal process used like weapons on a battlefield. U’S is an overly litigious society. They use this to file  frivolous lawsuits, knowing they won’t win, to intimidate; to pressure.

What is a threat? Terrorism remains on front; understood thru the prism of the Blind Sheik. Extremists, sharia. Nothing irrational, tthe fear of Jihad and Sharia Law

They say, What’s to fear?” While they bludgeon us to accept Sharia; Lawfare.

Muslim Brotherhood a sophisticated organization.

Terrorism is one-item on the menu.

Advance implementing Sharia with whatever works.

Because America is obsessed with legal process, they use Law are to advance Sharia.

Infiltrate our legal system and government.

This goes back three administrations. Islam is insidfe the councils of government.

They outlaw materials that expose as being in bad-taste. We used to call this EVIDENCE

Our protection against this infiltration is to speak freely

They use coercive power to discourage; to extinguish ability to study, examine, expose

He concludes, “… if not supporting protecting America and our Constitution then they need to be removed. And we need to do that.”

Panel 1 – Q and A (Part 5) Due to time constraints the Q and A was brief, about 15 minutes. But the panel was able to answer in detail three questions.

Panel 2- Escalating State Violence Against Political and Religious Expression

The always engaging investigative journalist, Claudia Rosett – Journalist in Residence, Foundation For Defense of Democracies – (Part 6)

 State violence. Religious Expression. Stats are appalling. 

Defining moment, 1989, Bejing

First lesson of journalism, start with the high points.

What does that mean?

Tiananmen Square, people rising up in the streets. military rolling in; shooting people down

Blood in the streets. Names never recorded. Died in front of CNN cameras

Fraught with meaning

In 2005- In Beirut. The people were begging  for The Truth. 

People rise up over and over with “Please tell the Truth”

Is this escalating violence or escalating resistance.

She acknowledges that as a journalist, she is privileged. She has an American Passport.

 Too often those who are supported in an uprising are as corrupt as those they overthrow. 

And there are risks for those who expose that.

Libya Rebellion. Uprising. often it is asked where are the Real Democrats. She points out, too often they have been murdered

Journalists, bloggers, technology, speed of video; we know more now than ever before. 

Flood of info. We have an opportunity to lead. It matters tremendously.

The Conference Concluded with the luncheon and the Mightier Pen Award which was given to Roger Ailes, Chairman and CEO FOX News; Chairman, FOX Television Stations, Inc.

Commissioner Ray Kelly was there as well (he didn’t speak) and Monica Crowley spoke just before Ailes.  Unfortunately, we were asked not to film that portion.

Conference was great.Very nice to be amongst our own. Solid citizens who understand the many threats to our freedoms from within and globally.

A smart crowd, warriors all….

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