“Stop The Lies The Phoney Cries” Protest JCC-NY’s “Combating Islamophobia” ( 3-14-12)


 “Combating Islamophobia” with Rabbi Marc Schneier (co-founder of the Foundation For Ethnic Understanding) which fosters “twinning” programs between mosques and synagogues). Imam Shamsi-Ali and Russell Simmons (who was a NO-Show)

This was at the JCC of Manhattan (Amsterdam and W. 76th Street) and moderated by Chelsea Clinton.

From the JCC website:“Join us for a rare evening of conversation with the leadership of The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, Rabbi Marc Schneier and Russell Simmons, as they discuss their efforts to combat Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, promoting understanding and reconciliation through face-to-face Muslim-Jewish dialogue. “

It was a Sold-Out Event but that didn’t stop a group of concerned citizens, Jewish, Christian and Hindi, from coming out to protest this very one-sided ‘discussion’ in front of the JCC.

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THE PROTEST: For centuries Islam and Sharia have been incompatible and intolerant of the West and in more modern times, with any form of democracy. Creating the false premise that only “Islamophobes’ criticize Islam is foolish and dangerous and those inside the JCC , with blinders on, have chosen to ignore reality while ‘Building Bridges’ to No Where.

The message OUTSIDE:

Helen Freedman of AFSI (Americans For A Safe Israel) spoke eloquently

Some pictures of this heartfelt and seriously important protest:

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 DSCN2428 copy

DSCN2432 copy

DSCN2462 copy

DSCN2444 copy

DSCN2460 copy

A few more pictures are here 

The JCC missed an opportunity to have a more  balanced and open the discussion, to defend and educate… If only….

You can read more on the foolishness inside and the passionate protest outside here: New York City “Islamophobia” Event Ignores What We’re Afraid of…

2 responses to ““Stop The Lies The Phoney Cries” Protest JCC-NY’s “Combating Islamophobia” ( 3-14-12)

  1. WE DON’T WANT ANY MORE 9/11’s!
    I was out of NYC and was very disappointed to not be able to attend the protest. I am so proud of my patriotic, freedom-loving New Yorkers with their wonderful banners that proclaimed TRUTH. Thank you so much for standing up for New Yorkers in particular, and indeed, all Americans! Global jihad targets every non-Muslim.

    Apologist for the totalitarian, political, religious system of Islam, Rabbi Schneier defined “Islamophobia” as “anti-Muslim discrimination.” What a LIE! An Islamophobe is a someone who believes that:

    ALL people must have human rights, and

    ALL people must be equal under the law.

    Islamic sharia law is radically opposed to this. We are condemned and demonized because of our beliefs in human rights and equality for all under the law.

    Ms. Clinton: “We are being protested against”. Patriotic, freedom loving New Yorkers were protesting FOR the HUMAN RIGHT for our wonderful, NYPD to continue to PROTECT New York from murderous Muslim terrorism. We don’t want any more 9/11s.

    Clearly, protecting New Yorkers, is unacceptable to Leftist, Ms. Clinton.

  2. If you have any doubts:
    Pat’s your man to clear the cobwebs!

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