Censorship or Free Speech? When Some Ads are More Equal than Others…Who Do you Trust?

What’s wrong with these pictures? Anything. Everything or Nothing. Good or Bad? Depends on who’s in control of the message. It’s a new ad-campaign scheduled for Williamsburg (Brooklyn, NY)  written in Hebrew and Arabic.

The offensive message did not go unnoticed by the Jewish Community. They met with the Community Board and permission was denied, The ad was moved to another part of Brooklyn.

But the Muslim Community in N. J, where this atheist ‘choice’ was to be posted as well, is feeling oh-so-grand and open-minded. The Imam said they have a right to express themselves. You know, Free Speech. So, it would seem: Jews BAD. Muslims Good.

There is another ad-campaign coming to enlighten potential reverts. Again, with the Muslim dawa (GOOD)

Countered by an ad-campaign opposing the Sharia Invasion [Pamela Geller hasmore on this campaign sponsored by AFDI/SION here ] So, will this campaign be judged as rude. Not nice. (Bad?) Will it be stone-walled. Will Free Speech be denied to those who oppose Sharia?  Some ads are definitely more FREE than others….

Some background.

I’ve been collecting some of these ads since 2007. And, perhaps, the saga of the NYC Intifada t-shirts is one time they had some blow-back to their dawa-plans. The public outcry caught them off-guard. Claiming it was an innocent logo and a misunderstanding of Intifada didn’t work.  In case this has been forgotten,  Bloomberg was forced to ‘request’ Principal Almontaser to step down as Head of KGIA.

Score one for the Infidels.

Moving on to the Bus Ads.

The ad-campaigns promoting Islam (and others) seemed to be everywhere. Guessing they were doing “good” cause there was no public out-cry.

MuslimsForPeace  “Love For All- Hatred For None”. This was placed only on two  42nd st crosstown busses  (in 2010). Back and forth they went all day….

In 2010, found this bus at the end of the line, in Battery Park City.It’s okay to criticize God, but if it had been the Moon-god or Big Mo, that would have  been ‘bad’.    NYC-Atheists.org

Isaiah53.com  “This Chapter Will Changed Your Life” (2010- 8th Ave- midtown). No threat, no harm-no foul, cause no mention of Islam….

Detroit had a campaign…

Seattle was busy….

By the time this campaign was up in Seattle (in 2010)…


AFDI had a counter-ad ready. But, it was met with OUTRAGE because while it dared to support Israel it also used these incendiary words: ‘SAVAGE’ and ‘JIHAD’. (Bad)


Florida was still in the game : “ISLAM: The Way of Life of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad. ( Guess this message was “good”. No outcry)

But, after this counter-ad was accepted,  Miami Transit panicked . They pulled the AFDI campaign because it was “bad”.  Must never, EVER talk about “Leaving Islam”.


In 2010, when Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer created this next AFDI ad- campaign around the proposed Ground Zero Mosque, the campaign was met with outrage and opposition from the MTA.

Of course, the hypocrites at the MTA took the money, but finding those busses with the ads was an arduous journey to nowhere. Were they even out there? Found this one as it pulled away from the bus stop at 48th and 8th ave. Otherwise, never saw another one on the streets on Manhattan.

Then we have the subway ads.

In 2008, this was a campaign promoting Islam during Ramadan. I took a ride on the F Train “Looking for Dawa. And it was “GOOD” ( so we’re told)

In 2011, I found these two ads in the same Times Square Station.

This one is Good (I guess) cause it’s anti-Israel  and has  NO graffiti .

It’s BAD to support Israel, therefore, this was one has graffiti!

But, in 2011, this ad wasn’t permitted …anywhere….because it dared to mention SAVAGE and JIHAD.  (BAD. Very, very  bad)

And in 2012, also in the subways, found outreach for Atheists at 42nd St. Anything that promotes “There is No God” is , of course, “GOOD”.

At 34th St.  (You are not alone)

The Bill Board Campaigns

I was first aware of  the Battle of the Bill Boards in 2007, when my parent organization ,United America Committee, posted this bill board  in Florida.

From the uproar over UAC posting just ONE billboard in one State, Florida, the conclusion was this was “Bad. It’s not a good-thing to warn or criticize anyone about Islam. [More here from Julia Gorin ]

There’s no shortage of “Dawa for Islam” billboards, so of course, this is ….”Good”.

And then, the infamous Taxi ad campaign of 2011.

When Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer were reaching out to potential victims of Sharia who just might want to leave Islam; to live free from terror of Sharia in a Free Society. But, this was “BAD. Very bad”.

It was a great campaign, placed across the country, but trying to find these ads in Manhattan, an exercise in futility. Even though bought and paid for, I manages to see ONE when I didn’t have my camera. And oddly, this was in Times Square AFTER the month-long campaign was over.

The ubiquitous pedicabs must not be forgotten. Twice I’ve found them promoting Islam (in 2009 and 2008).

First, a bumper-sticker with a personal statement in support of Islam (so it’s “GOOD”)

And Patriotic! So, it too….is good….

2008, these two decals were “personal and patriotic” but, they were “BAD” . (VERY Bad.) Placed on his van by the father of a martyred sailor from the USS COLE but, they offended Muslims at Camp Lejuene, N.C. So, this father in mourning, was ordered to remove the decals. Outrageous.

But, in 2011, on 8th avenue in midtown Manhattan … on a Sunday morning … this  dawa bumper-sticker was “hoping for some Sunday Reverts.” Of course, this would be “good’ so there’s probably no place this car can’t go with that sticker (even though it is offensive to Christians).

So here we are. 2012 with two new campaigns in the news.

AND this campaign….

VS  the AFDI/SIOA Counter-Ad

Pamela Geller,We need to counter this campaign publicly. We must educate America and arm freedom lovers with facts. The U.S. should be calling upon Muslim groups in America to renounce and reject Sharia if they want to be American citizens. “

TSM: I agree! What ads are accepted and what is denied should be monitored diligently. The long arm of Sharia-Law must not  silence the opposition. Before the The Islamo-Nazis’ strike again, Fight back. Expose. Protect and Educate or else, like Europe, we will be devoured by the Dark-Ages of Islam and Sharia.

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