Support Bob Turner in NY A.Weiner Special Election (Turner Opposes Ground Zero Mega-Mosque)

Thanks to Pamela Geller for permission to reprint her post From Atlas Shrugs :

NY Anthony Weiner Special Election: Support Bob Turner, Opposes Ground Zero Mega-Mosque as Tenth Anniversary Approaches, Islamic Apologists Gather their Armies

The race for the replacement of Hillary Clinton’s significant other’s “husband” aka beard, Anthony Weiner, is heating up. Anthony’s “weiner” got him in quite the pickle, and his lewd and disgusting sexting of his privates, etc., resulted in his forced resignation. His “wife,” Huma Abedeen, known more for her jihadist parentage and closerthanthis (ahem) longtime relationship with Hillary Clinton, has lost her perfectly constructed cover. Huma (Hillary’s “secret weapon”) is the daughter of an “Islamic scholar” in Saudi Arabia. Her mother is a professor in Saudi Arabia. Ouch.

Back to the race. Bob Turner is within striking distance of his liberal Democratic opponent, David Weprin,  in the 9th Congressional District’s Special Election vote. If we can get enough support for Bob Turner on September 13, Bob may pull a Sen. Scott Brown upset win here.

Turner is going to need our help. And I like what he is saying. Gutsy!

Bob Turner opposes the Ground Zero mosquestrosity. It takes courage to take this stand publicly, although the overwhelming majority of Americans oppose this cultural obscenity. The fact is, anyone who dares take this stand publicly is going to take a beating, a relentless pounding from the Islamic supremacists and their media stooges. We must pound back. What can you do to support Bob Turner? Do it!

The Ground Zero mosque, in a building that was partially destroyed in the 911 attacks, is deliberately provocative, deeply offensive and inhumane. Support a politician who stands for human compassion and common decency.

We must support candidates who have the political will to stand up for America and against the leftist/Islamic machine. Turner has come out swinging in the special election and taken a righteous stand on the Ground Zero mosque. In light of this terrible war declared on us 9/11/01, bravo!

So I salute Turner, the only politician with the courage of his conviction, to speak out against this middle finger to America. Volunteer. Knock on doors. Donate. Fight for freedom!

Turner hits Weprin on mosque Carl Campanile, NY Post August 12, 2011

Republican Bob Turner unleashed an attack in the first TV ad of his campaign to fill Anthony Weiner’s congressional seat yesterday, blasting Democratic rival David Weprin for supporting the controversial mosque near Ground Zero.

In the ad (vimeo link is here) Turner calls Park51, the planned Islamic center located near the site of the 9/11 attacks, “a purposeful and confrontational act of provocation.”

Set to appear on cable-TV networks in the Queens-Brooklyn district, the 30-second spot shows footage of the World Trade Center burning.

[vodpod id=Video.14913348&w=425&h=350&fv=]

“It’s been 10 short years. Everyone remembers. Some, though, want to commemorate the tragedy by building a mosque on Ground Zero,” a narrator says.

“President Obama thinks that’s a good idea. And so does congressional candidate David Weprin.”

Weprin said it’s “shameful” for Turner to use 9/11 “for his own political gain.”

“I knew people who lost their lives that day, and Bob Turner dishonors their memory by politicizing the attacks on New York,” he said.

What nonsense. Standing up for your country, your war dead, your system of governance is “political gain”? Weprin doesn’t know what it means. Actually, Weprin’s statement is bashing Turner’s courage for his own “political gain.”

We should get behind Turner in a big way.

This is Mayor Koch’s endorsement of Turner:

And Atlas reader Jack wrote this letter to the NY Post editor. Brilliantly done!

Bob McManus, Editorial Page Editor

Dear Editor,
What is “shameful” about the building of a mosque in the shadows of “Ground Zero” is the refusal of liberal politicians like Assemblyman David Weprin to support Congressman Peter King in calling for an investigation of the financing for the “Ground Zero” mosque.
Since the developer of the “Ground Zero” mosque, Sharif el Gamal, was able to purchase the Burlington Coat Factory building for only $4.8 million, even though the owners of the Park Place  building were offered $18 million for the building by real estate developer Kevin Glodek, then within a few months the financially troubled Sharif el Gamal purchasing a 12-story office building for $45.7 million from the politically connected Witkoff Group giving the Witkoff Group a quick profit of $14.2 million on this “flip” of real estate, were these real estate purchases related?
Also, was Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf brought in as a partner to get Middle East financing from Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal who contributed millions of dollars to Imam Rauf’s “American Society of Muslim Advancement? Another question that should be answered given Saudi Arabia’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood.
Finally, and of even more important, given the damage to America’s national security that was done by calling 9/11 families who oppose the “Ground Zero” mosque “racist” and “bigots”, before accusing his Republican opponent, retired businessman Bob Turner of politics for supporting the 9/11 families, democratic career politician David Weprin should demand that Sharif el Gamal not only disclose who his partners are, but where the “Ground Zero” mosque developers are getting their financing from as Congressman Peter King demanded. (see )

Jack Coughlin

The Silent Majority is encouraging everyone to “Fight the Good Fight” to Take Back America.

Besides supporting Bob Turner, another way is to  JOIN US at the 911 Freedom Rally, 2011, Ground Zero, Tenth Anniversary

911Rally No to Stealth

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Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance

3 responses to “Support Bob Turner in NY A.Weiner Special Election (Turner Opposes Ground Zero Mega-Mosque)

  1. Turner is a great candidate, and Weprin is eminently beatable! Don’t listen to the folks claiming that this race doesn’t matter-because the 9th will just be eliminated in redistricting anyway. It’s important! This is Chuck Schumer’s old seat-upchuck used to represent my family when we lived in Flatbush-and defeating Weiner’s protege would send a message to the rest of the nation, and to the programmatic hacks in the Republican Party.

  2. For what it’s worth, I’ve already put my money where my mouth is, and have sent in a check to help Turner out. The guy is great. He’s anti-amnesty, anti-Ground Zero mosque, pro-America, and pro-Israel.

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