Why We Must Expose These SANCTUARY Movements

This is an UPDATE (8-13-11) . A follow-up to the report on the Leftist Faith-Based Protest at the NYC Federal Building.

In answer to the question posed above, “Why we must expose the SANCTUARY movements.” Because it’s about more than just a few Mexicans coming in to this country illegally and weakening our economy…we have nothing against LEGAL immigration….It’s about the criminals & the terrorists bent on destroying all we hold dear. And the LEFTIST are helping them do it.

What appears to some to be a few feel-good rallies of Faith Leaders, is actually an assortment of the usual Leftists who support (without fail) every Marxist-Union sanctioned protest, along with the  ‘fakestinian-/anti-Israel protests, and the illegals in their ranks get a free-pass for breaking our laws. Why not. Everyone else is. If it’s anti-American (supporting our troops is verbotten) they will all be there, bonding against anything pro-America.

Global ANYTHING (Marxist oriented) is Very Good

That greedy American EMPIRE is OH-so -Bad

And our current resident in the Oval Office, the Big Zero, supports these groups.

Groups like the very RACIST La Raza and MEChA. BHO spoke recently to La Raza (see NRO’s “Obama’s Administrative Amnesty” )and the result? “Although Congress has defeated several amnesty bills in recent years, President Obama now wants to grant a backdoor amnesty to illegal immigrants by using executive-branch authority.” Not working for the Home Team, is he? ”

“We could open up millions of jobs for unemployed Americans by requiring all employers to use E-Verify. This program quickly identifies those working illegally in the United States by checking the Social Security numbers of new hires. E-Verify takes only one to two minutes per hire to use, and confirms persons who are eligible to work 99.5 percent of the time. And over 270,000 employers voluntarily use it today.

Of course, lost jobs wouldn’t be as large a problem if the border itself were secure and illegal immigrants couldn’t enter in the first place. But according to the Government Accountability Office, only 44 percent of the southwest border is under “operational control” by the Border Patrol.”

The Marxist-Socialist in the Whit House, aka Barack Hussein Obama, who supports the DREAM amnesty for illegals, seems convinced that our porous borders and the subsequent infiltration of criminals and terrorists poses no threat to our freedoms and our economy. It boggles the mind….

Obama and La Raza, NOT a sign of Good Things to come….

However, for those lucky “immigrants” who have snuck across our borders, the Leftists can’t do ENOUGH for them.






One of the perks of being an illegal is  FREE everything.

These lovely Housing Projects with lots of FREE Food (our tax-dollars AT WORK, even if the recipients aren’t)


FARC , Hezbollah, Columbian and Mexican Cartels are flooding our borders


along with ‘average’ illegal migrants from Mexico and Ecuador. Special Interest Aliens.

There are no “good numbers” on how many  of those ‘Special Interest” are here, but finding Farsi Books in the desert talking about the glories of being a shahid are not a good-sign.

Our American prisoners are found with Farsi Tattoos and in places like the Silicon Valley there are Hezbo-cells… in Northern California… where they chatter-on about “our martyrs”

And the Mexican Cartels and their Hezbo brothers are not just in Northern California . (This has been well-documented according to the reputable Lee Kaplan) When exposed, whether in Dearborn, Michigan or San Jose, California, these INSURGENTS, these criminals, are NOT deported. (Like PERVERT, Jose Alfredo Perez Hernandez who was behind 12 subway attacks and recently arrested in NYC.)

This guy’s photo was plastered all over the place for over 2 weeks and his co-workers and employer (a restaurant on E. 81st St) didn’t lift a finger to call the police. (perhaps they were all illegal)  But even so, once he was arrested, what then? Is he here illegally?

According to Joanna Marzullo, President of NY-Ice, ” I doubt they will check his immigration status.  I cross referenced his story several times…..he came from Mexico six months ago…..is learning English……that basically tells the story.” And, as we know, it’s the American tax-payer who’s going to pay for his defense and his treatment as twisted PERVERT.

And convicted spy, Nada Prouty , a former CIA agent ( Lebanese) who pled guilty to two felonies related to a sham (green card) marriage and to one misdemeanor count of unauthorized use of a FBI computer)

Oh, brother….what a picture…

Her  sham marriages that are part of her profile, are also part of her whole family’s profile and should have been reason enough to deport them all.

Prouty was revealed to be a SPY in the CIA. She was there to keep her fellow infiltrators from being exposed. But, NOPE, no  deportation. Nada is here to stay.

We have SERIOUS penetration of our National  Security, yet Obama and his co-horts don’t aggressively go after deporting these people  or imprisoning them. They do not PROTECT our borders from ILLEGALS of very questionable character from crossing into our country.

The CIA is useless. It’s not just about infiltration from Iran and the sedition of the Muslim Bros it’s also about others, like the Saudis, who are INSIDE  our government…breaking us down one brick at a time…

In our prisons, there are  Muslim converts in the Hispanic and black population and evidence continues to grow that more than Mexicans are being smuggled across our borders. Arms. Drugs. Terrorists.

In Dearborn, Michigan we have Muslim enclaves. Shiites working with local law-enforcement continue to co-opt and will eventually wall-off their areas, as they have done in England

Working in co-operation with the Leftist-Marxists are the illegal Mexican/Hispanic migrants and the “Palis”, “Radical” Muslims and converts to Islam. They have one consistent  approach, to IGNORE and break our laws.

Yet politicians like  Gov. Christie  of N.J (along with his chum Grover Nordquist (who is a major factor in supporting the illegals) continue work at making their States and cities Muslim-havens…and even more…like New York’s Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, they’ve thrown out our laws and made OUR cities  “Sanctuary Cities” for all ILLEGALS.

And those who support the illegal migrants boldly run for office.

People like American-Muslim candidate, David Ramadan, in Leesburg, Va. He even has the REPUBLICANS SUPPORTING HIM.

ERIC CANTOR , Majority Leader in the House of Representatives, is on-board with Ramadan.

Guess money really does ‘talk’ since David Ramadan has POURED thousands into Republican coffers in VA. Deep pockets-Ramadan.

Where does he get all that $$. Has  any one asked? Who’s $$ is it??

Apparently not, since  the Heritage Foundation now supports David Ramadan’s candidacy. What are they thinking? Perhaps you should ask. Give them call at 202-546-4400

And to be expected, David Ramadan is FOR the building of the Ground Zero Mosque, yet when pressed to defend that position, he LIED and said he had never given them his support. Au Contraire

Read more on David Ramadan at Atlas Shrugs

So the web of conquest grows and grows. Illegals, Islamists, Hispanics, Arabs… insurgents of all stripes and colors. Criminals ( that’s what you are when you break our laws) sneaking across our porous borders and using pre-paid birthing rooms to claim the bogus anchor-baby status (see Birth Tourism)

It’s FRAUD. It’s ILLEGAL. They soak our economy dry with welfare-fraud, use FAKE SS# and ID’s and line-up for marriages of ‘convenience’.

Critical mass…they’re working on it….

NOW is a good time to say, “NO MORE” by contacting NY-ICE.us for more information on how to fight Illegal Migration ( let’s help them RE- PATRIATE to their HOME countries)

And contact SIOA (Stop Islamization of America)  to Fight the Stealth Jihad.

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  1. Thank you, for this great article!

  2. Our borders are DELIBERATELY left unguarded enabling Muslim terrorists to easily cross our borders. What a crime. Have weapons of mass destruction also been brought into our country? There is no one in power watching out for our country. What a sad day for our nation.

  3. Thank you for your support, Linda. We need to Fight Back now, more then ever!

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