SEIU BJ 32 Wave for Justice & Grannies For Peace- NYC

On June 15, 2011, a day that was designated as “Justice for Janitors Day: a reminder to all workers that when we stand together and fight for a better future, we can win,” said Kevin Doyle, 32BJ Executive Vice President. ” Stating that , ” Together, by fighting for good jobs, we can restore the middle class, repair our economy and reclaim the American Dream.” (OY) .

SEIU used this day to co-ordinate another of their “required attendance”union-march-protest rallies in Brooklyn at the War Memorial. It was a “March for the Middle Class” called by the New York City Central Labor Council to protest government cutbacks they say targets middle-class and working-class New Yorkers.”

Screen shot 2011-06-15 at 8.40.52 PM

They gathered to listen to speeches about “Working men and women from the public sector, private sector and building trades “ who marched in solidarity to say “an attack on one is an attack on all” and “enough is enough” They claim this was  “in response to repeated and seemingly coordinated attacks on middle class workers”

This War memorial is was where the union worker-bees were told to gather, reportedly tens of thousands….possibly even 15 to 20,00 (in another report)    

They gathered on the Brooklyn side from 1 to 2:30 (U-NIH-TEE……SO-LIH-DA-RIH-TEE) before marching across the Brooklyn Bridge (the union “bigs” lo-o-ove to do this march) Having followed one-too-many of these photo-op marches I had no desire to listen to their repetitive propaganda and the march with them, so I decided to pass; letting the lame-stream press make the report on this section of the day.

The NY Daily News and AP were there. This is actually a great shot from the NY Daily News as they exit the bridge into Manhattan.

Instinct suggested there would be more ‘festivities” on the Manhattan side and there was, as advertised, an event planned for Fifth Avenue in support of  SEIU BJ32

Scan 2


SEIU BJ32 is described as the “largest property services union in the country : Security officers; doormen, porters, and maintenance workers; bus drivers and aides; window cleaners and food service workers; a diverse coalition of hard working immigrant and native born individuals coming together in pursuit of the American Dream.”   ….

DSCN2518 copy

Is there ANYTHING that SEIU hasn’t gotten it hooks into??

DSCN2530 copy

Made a short video of the BJ32 crowd hanging at 46th, 48th and 50th streets. They were there at 4 PM as announced but they were happily packing up and heading out at 4:10!!

DSCN2526 copy

One  group at Rockefeller Center hung around for a couple of speeches til about 4:40, then they were outta there.

DSCN2532 copy

In the  video, I did catch a very HAPPY celebrity participant: Borough Prez, Scott Stringer, waving his yellow ribbon in SOLIDARITY for JUSTICE  (at right of picture below)

DSCN2534 copy


This was so NOT a ‘happening’ from 34th to 59th st (at EVERY corner!) as advertised. Everyone did not manage to show up to “Wave For Justice?” And I have yet to get a read on what “injustices” these well-paid union members may have suffered ….

DSCN2554 copy

…other than the very REAL abuse they may have suffered at the hands of SEIU…

DSCN2553 copy

Clearly these are the happy, clueless worker-bees of SEIU…

DSCN2547 copy

Next….after the  SEIU rally…The GRANNIES FOR PEACE ARRIVED!

Scan 1

But…. did not see ONE sign “in touch” with the latest news of the day: Members of Congress suing Obama for fighting an ILLEGAL WAR IN LIBYA.

DSCN2598 copy

These ‘peace grannies’ whole reason for living was to oppose illegal wars and to impeach Bush. They hit this spot every week for three years or more demanding that the U.S get out of Afganistan and Iraq (and Israel-Gaza).

DSCN2602 copy

A study in senility ? or just the obvious narrowness of their protest: Anti-WAR only if can be labeled as a Republican War.

DSCN2611 copy

BUT, Obama’s very illegal war in Libya? Hands off.

DSCN2618 copy

Does not compute. Does not compute…

DSCN2636 copy

Can we say HY-POH CRITES???

DSCN2608 copy

Slide show of pictures

[vodpod id=Video.11171414&w=425&h=350&fv=offsite%3Dtrue%26amp%3Blang%3Den-us%26amp%3Bpage_show_url%3D%252Fphotos%252Fpamelahall%252Fsets%252F72157626972771026%252Fshow%252F%26amp%3Bpage_show_back_url%3D%252Fphotos%252Fpamelahall%252Fsets%252F72157626972771026%252F%26amp%3Bset_id%3D72157626972771026%26amp%3Bjump_to%3D]

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