NY-ICE says “NO to Anchor Babies” vs “Families For Freedom ” (vids & pics)

On June 18, 2011 , in lower Manhattan at the Federal Building (26 Federal Plaza) , Families For Freedom,  was planning a protest… under the guise of “vigil”…  by using Father’s Day to promote their long-standing “separation of families” theme .
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They were trying  to gain support for HR 250 (which is likely to go nowhere); another “dream”-type amnesty with our NY Congressman, Jose “Sellout” Serrano, behind it
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NY ICE  held a Counter-Protest to this ‘vigil’, which was of particular interest to those who want to end the anchor baby abuse of the 14th Amendment and stop HR250.
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NY-ICE says (in contrast to the opposition’s propaganda).This is just another push for amnesty “dressed up in baby clothes”. “Why must they ONLY be reunited in the U.S.?”
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NY-ICE points out that the “14th Amendment was NOT for “anchor babies”  and demands that the U.S. government “STOP ANCHOR BABY AMNESTY”  and END….  ‘Anchor Baby TOURISM ‘…. NOW! 
(“The Marmara Manhattan, It’s a hellava deal, for $7,750 plus taxes, the hotel offers expectant mothers – – many from Third World Islamic countries – – a one-bedroom suite with airport transfer, a baby cradle, and a gift set for the mother. )

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Families For Freedomalways hits HARD with the “separating families” theme but NY ICE responded, as always, with: “There should be NO reward for illegal alien trespassers.”
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Plenty of immigrants come to this country legally, go through the process to remain here legally: Obey the LAWS of this Country, as they would be expected to do in their HOME countries( if they just happened to be immigrants there) WHY should America be any different?
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Here is a statement from the  opposition. They said, “This is an important event for both our Kids and our Dads (and Moms too), as it brings recognition to the CHILD CITIZEN PROTECTION ACT (HR 250) and the plight of separated families. The event will be MC’d by Janiah and Fanta of Families for Freedom
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NY-ICE did what all Counter Protests aim to do,  disrupt the opposition and get the word out of a *different* aka accurate point-of-view! It was a FUN counter protest.  The NYC Police and Home Land Security were low-key. Very casual, actually. Leaving NY-ICE counter-protestors to ‘hang’ with the Illegal Immigration/Sanctuary Crowd. Very Interesting Day. And everyone (on our side) seemed to have a good time.
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VIDEO of the protest
A shorter video (with the stills)

And to read more on the Illegal Alien Lobby, go to  Heather Mac Donald’s: “The Assault on ‘Secure Communities’(this an an excerpt from a longer article)

“The pro-illegal-alien lobby does its best to obscure the fact that illegal aliens are illegal.

It is hard not to feel deeply pessimistic about the country’s chances of reining in illegal immigration, in the light of the increasingly successful battle against the Secure Communities program.  [SNIP]

These recent changes mean that the Obama administration is officially buying in to the premise of the illegal-alien lobby: that the default position toward illegal immigration should be that no penalty attaches to it, unless an illegal alien commits a heinous crime (though even that limit on the no-deportation rule remains highly theoretical, as I have never seen an illegal-alien advocate affirm a single deportation).

Supporters of the rule of law in immigration matters can oppose official amnesty (also known as comprehensive immigration reform) all they want, but it’s too late. Our de facto amnesty policy is rapidly becoming official, sending the message to would-be illegal immigrants the world over that the U.S. has no intention of enforcing its national sovereignty. Such a message makes state efforts like Arizona’s and Alabama’s look futile, even wistful.”

 Heather Mac Donald is the John M. Olin fellow at the Manhattan Institute and co-author of The Immigration Solution

SLIDESHOW of pictures:

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