NYC Italian-Americans:Save Columbus Circle Statue!

“They have forgotten what the contributions of different cultures have meant to various societies. There is the bad, as we have seen from history, and as we see now, but there is also the good. If Caucasians are so bad, then why is one section of the world struggling to empty into the Western lands? Do you see any exodus headed elsewhere?” [Facebook]

Stop Mayor Red Bill de Blasio. Again. Now it’s the Italian-American heritage assault.  On the steps of NY City Hall,  a press conference was held in support of  the Columbus Circle statue. A GIFT to the city of NY in 1892 by Italian immigrants.

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A passionate roster of speakers mostly Italian-Americans were there but none came to hate-on America. They spoke with pride as Americans who are also proud of their Italian heritage.

Opening remarks from Councilman Joseph Borelli (R-South Shore).

Borelli begins by mentioning the significance of Italian American protests in 1970-1. And now Columbus is next on the chopping block. He warns de Blasio and Mark-Viverito, who are opening historical arguments 4oo years old, your actions are more divisive than uniting. The iconoclasm we are seeing […] will look foolish 200 years from now. How will our actions today be judged. This is an unfortunate chapter in NYC’s history. We are concerned about preserving his (Columbus’) legacy. We are asking […] he be judged through the lens of the era in which he lived.”

 Congressman Borelli was followed by Joe Piscopo (Piscopo excerpts)

“This is about my grandparents. They came from Italy. They came in steerage. On the boat to Ellis island, passed the statue of liberty. With no respect they came to this country. You know what they did? They learned the law. They learned the language. They were proud to become Americans. I wasn’t allowed to speak Italian in the house. They became Americans. The one iconic symbol for Italian-Americans was Christopher Columbus. He’s flawed. We’re all flawed. Hey, I’m flawed. We’re all flawed. You know what gets me frustrated … Italians have no respect. We never complain… When we were prejudiced against. When they hung Sicilians in New Orleans.(**lynched March 14, 1891 **) Teddy Roosevelt said, “They got what they deserved.” FDR interned Italians during WW2. We didn’t complain because WE WERE AMERICANS. Leave our statues alone (cheers). Stop the political correctness. It’s killing us. Keep the greatness, keep the texture, the character of the United States of America.”

The reality that politicians of a ‘progressive’ persuasion – aka Marxists – seem to be gaining ground as they “progressively” wipe our American history from the books inspired multiple speaker. They spoke passionately of their pride in America and our shared history. [Part 1 – Candidates were introduced “Bo” Dietl, Michel Faulkner, Steve Saperstein, Lucretia Potter.

5 speakers (in order):  Sen. Diane Savino (D-North Shore/Brooklyn), Council Minority Leader Steven Matteo (R-Mid-Island), Assemblyman Ronald Castorina Jr., Brooklyn Councilman Vincent Gentile, Councilman Mark Mark Treyger.

These proud Americans put the mayor on-notice that no one is going to suck-it-up and accept his offensive proposals. Leave our statues ALONE. [Part 2 –Staten Island artist Scott LoBaido is introduced followed by 5 speakers (in order) Queens Councilman, Eric Ulrich, Joe Guagliardo, National Council Of Columbia Associations, Joe Sciame, former president Sons of Italy in America, John (?), and last –  the attorney representing 10,000 members in the NYPD Association and Manny Rothstein.

It was a moving and informative 45 minutes presser. Well-attended by the press, a press that was clearly not too sympathetic to the cause as was apparent in the Q and A. You can see and hear the disdain in the reporters’ questions.

So, will Mayor “Red Bill” and his fellow travelers, Melissa Mark-Viverito, diverge from their path of destruction? Not bloody likely.

Will the citizens of NYC allow this proud Italian-American symbol of our shared American history to disappear, treated with disdain by the anti-America Left? Not bloody likely.

This is war. Americans vs the Marxist cabal. Game on.

+++ This is a partial list of names mentioned in video: Councilman Joseph Borelli (R-South Shore), Sen. Diane Savino (D-North Shore/Brooklyn),  Assemblyman Ronald Castorina Jr., Council Minority Leader Steven Matteo (R-Mid-Island), Assemblyman Matthew Titone (D-North Shore),  Staten Island artist Scott LoBaido, comedian Joe Piscopo, Brooklyn Councilman Vincent Gentile, Joseph Guagliardo of the National Council Of Columbia Associations, Joseph Sciame, the former president of the Sons of Italy in America.++++

Ending with a flashback to the art exhibit built around the Columbus statue in 2012.

I was thrilled to walk up the scaffolding stairs, to see the Columbus statue up-close on September 20, 2012. But, was this a good thing?

October 2012- “Discovering Columbus”- a rare opportunity to see the 1892 marble figure of the great Italian explorer up close. Nishi, who is internationally known for transforming historical monuments by surrounding them with domestic spaces, said the aim of his piece is to put the viewer at eye level with the statue. “Discovering Columbus” is his first public art project in the United States.

However, this particular art-event – “Discovering Columbus” – was met with derision by the Italian American community; covering up the statue with a scaffolding, on Columbus Day 2012 – Not nice.

And now, five years later, they fight the outrageous possibility of removing the statue all together and RENAMING the Circle ++ LENAPE CIRCLE ++

What’s next? Renaming the continents? No more Amergus Vespuci. No more “America”. Sadly the big LIE of “indigenous” people to the North and South American continents would live on.

Links: Gothamist, Patch

** 1891 lynchings mentioned by Joe Piscopo In late 19th-century America there was a growing prejudice against Italians, who were immigrating to the American South in large numbers to fill the shortage of cheap labor created by the end of slavery. Sugar planters, in particular, sought workers who were lower paid and more compliant than former slaves; they hired immigrant recruiters who began bringing the Italians to southern Louisiana. In the 1890s, thousands of Italians were arriving in New Orleans each year. Many settled in the French Quarter, which by the early 20th century became known as “Little Sicily.”[22] 

Southern Italians were not considered full-fledged members of the “white race”… Between 1890 and 1910, Sicilians made up less than 4 percent of the white male population, yet were roughly 40 percent of the white victims of southern lynch mobs.[54] **

[Where indicated pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall]

United We Stand: Rally for Colin Kaepernick vs NFL

United We Stand: Rally for Colin KaepernickAugust 23, 2017, was hosted by Shaun King -“Journalist”, “Justice” League NYC, The People’s Consortium for “Human and Civil Rights”, Inc. from 5 PM to 8 PM outside the  NFL  headquarters in NYC. [in other words every soc/commie/prog/facsist organization was there to hate on a ‘racist’ America)

The People’s Consortium for Human and Civil Rights, Inc., Justice League NYC Tamika D Mallory Symone D. Sanders Rainbow PUSH Coalition Pastor Jamal Bryant Mark Thompson Frank Madison Reid III, Color of Change, faith based leaders and allies rallied for a “nonviolent” direct action to support Colin Kaepernick.

Come find us by the “free food” sign !!!

Symone Sanders, former national press secretary for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, was introduced by her co-emcee Mark Thompson.He said, “She is known for pushing “back against those devils on CNN.”

Other speakers at the event included U.S. representative for New York’s 5th congressional district Gregory Meeks, president of the NAACP New York State Conference Dr. Hazel Dukes, national co-chair for the Women’s March Tamika Mallory and pastor and social activist Jamal Bryant and Stephen A. Green, president of The People’s Consortium.

Who is COLIN K and Why are we here?

Colin Kaepernick, a former quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, caused conflict last season by kneeling during the national anthem before games to protest police brutality and racial oppression. He inspired several other players to follow suit or make similar gestures, leading to debate about whether athletes should publicly engage in political discourse — and how actively.

Kaepernick is a free agent without a team. And while he is not at the top of his game, as he was when he led the 49ers to the Super Bowl four years ago, many analysts believe teams are refusing to sign him because of his political nature, not his ability.

++ Nakia E, Cook sang “Lift Every Voice and Sing” the “black national anthem. the “real” national anthem.” [Simone Sanders ]++

Lift Every Voice and Sing by James Weldon Johnson

Lift every voice and sing
Till earth and heaven ring,
Ring with the harmonies of Liberty;
Let our rejoicing rise
High as the listening skies,
Let it resound loud … [tape begins here] … as the rolling sea.
Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us, Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us,
Facing the rising sun of our new day begun
Let us march on till victory is won.] END

“Lift Every Voice and Sing” was first written as a poem. Created by James Weldon Johnson, it was performed for the first time by 500 school children in celebration of President Lincoln’s Birthday on February 12, 1900 in Jacksonville, FL. … adopted by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) as its official song.

Part 1 slideshow


“…. As Kaepernick’s protest drew criticism, so did the rally in support of him. A small group of protesters stood across Park Ave., some waved a Thin Blue Line flag meant to honor living and fallen law enforcement officers while a man held a sign with the words “COLIN THE COMMIE.”

“They are alleging that there is racism involved in Kaepernick not signing in the N.F.L., but he’s a free agent to sign or not sign,” said Karen Braun, who was among the JDL counter-protesters. “Was race the intent? No one can prove that.” [WHAS11-ABC]

Part 2 slide show
 The JDL was counter-protesting while racist, hatemonger, Linda Sarsour joined the list of speakers spewing anti-white and anti-America screeds.


VIDEO JDL, quietly protesting across from Colin K protest

VIDEO of the racist mob surrounding and threatening the JDL,  plus excerpt of Linda Sarsour’s racist screed at the Colin K protest.

Another video excerpt of Linda Sarsour’s racist screed:

Linda Sarsour: We will not be silenced by blue lives matter—by white supremacists—by neo Nazis—by right wing Zionists. Expect us anytime there is a fight for justice or a fight against injustice.”

Sarsour added, “You better expect us because we will be there and we will be there on the front lines of justice. That means putting our lives on the lines of justice. That being said, if you are not ready to put your life on the line for freedom, take that word out of your mouth.” [Daily Caller]

Links to reports of the protest: NY TIMES, WHAS11 ABC

COMMENTS – pro and con from their face book page:

“With you all the way Kaep and the other players who have the courage to throw a fist in the air, and or stand shoulder to shoulder with those players who protest.”

What has the flag done for our people? It’s a symbol of country built on hate, genocide, oppression and racism. FUCK the flag.

“The funniest part about this rally is that the NFL league office doesn’t do the hiring, individual teams do. What a waste of time. The NFL itself has not punished any players for kneeling during the anthem. This is 100% a complete waste of time.”

“Why have a rally for that lazy traitorous coward I hope the. NFL gets completely shut down over this”

“In my eyes anyone who doesn’t honor our flag is a coward.”

“If he wants to take a knee in protest, he has absolutely has that right. What’s really at question here is does an employer have a right to fire him for it?”

NFL contracts are not guaranteed except for a pre-determined amount at the contract signing. Kap made $16M in 2016 and his poor performance plus the system that the new head coach wanted to implement did not warrant the 49ers to keep him for the same amount in 2017. Kap opted out because he knew the 49ers would cut him anyway.

( click on picture to enlarge)

“A man may be paid great sums for his labors and YET his employer does not own his SOUL. If they choose to kneel and understand the consequences of kneeling (monetary fines or whatever sanctions imposed by NFL or team owners) then so be it! That is their right and each person must act according to their conscience. “

“We are protesting against NFL for violating Kapernick right to earn a living for his peaceful protest. Boycotting NFL is standing for Justice !!!!”

“He didn’t protest a country where he lived a lavish life with a wonderful adopted family or the country that pays him millions to play a game. He disrepected not only this country but every person that has served and paid the ultimate sacrifice so he could live in a country that allows him to be an entitled punk with zero respect for this country. It’s all about attention and it’s sickening.”

(click on picture to enlarge)

“What a complete joke. A spoiled child that threw a tantrum and was rejected by the country that made him rich. Maybe he’ll have to get a real job.”

[Where indicated, Pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall]

DACA Illegals say Impeach Trump vs Patriots Support President Trump

August 15, 2017.  Day 3 of the obnoxious hate-fest of anti-fascist FASCISTS falsely accusing the president of being an “Islamophobic bigoted “fascist”.

Hating on Donald Trump and his racist buddy, Mike Pence, with cries of IMPEACH! was de rigueur.

The protest theme might have confused some passersby: DEFEND  DACA Illegals, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and TPS (Temporary Protected Status).What did that racist,Islamophobic President do this time?

“… we have to prepare for the worst and get ready to fight mass deportation. We showed up at airports to fight the Muslim and Refugee Ban and now DREAMers and people who have lived here legally for decades with TPS are in imminent danger.”

The chants also included support of the DACA illegals and their dream of a  DREAM Act ,  “No borders. No walls. No Hate. No Fear. Immigrants are welcome here” as they continued to unload on Trump.

The hard-core Fascist Left made it  clear: this was definitely another Trump-Pence hate-fest.

Day 3 – Flickr slide show


Scheduled from 5 to 7 pm – they stayed long past 7 pm- the illegals and their Marxist-Fascist chums wouldn’t leave.  But, NEITHER did the patriots! The protest and counter-protest rolled on into the dark of night.

Reading signs, like, “White silence equals white consent” and ” Go back to hell, you white supremacist piece of shit” begs the question, “Can you feel the LOVE?”

Back to the beginning. 5 pm, when the patriots began their counter-protest of flags and signs: the East side of Fifth ave, a public sidewalk, next to the Defend DACA pen. But that was soon ended by decree: the anti-fascist fascists proclaimed, “OUR sidewalk. Our streets. Get them outta here.”


And so – the officers did just that, after about 30 minutes of whining, they closed a public sidewalk to everyone (the anti-Trump rally excepted – of course).

The patriots were banished to the West side of Fifth Ave. (The Leftist Fascisti made that complicated,TOO.)

No matter the harassment, the patriots did not vacate (the police knew they had a right of peaceful assembly) SO, the West side of Fifth remained their Bully Pulpit.

Edited periscope video of street action. It was an hour 23 minutes. A one-time experiment (for me) using periscope. Edited to about 13 minutes.

Clearly, Patriotism “Trumped Hate”! Why else do they SILENCE us.

7 pm came and the DACA rally was herded one block south into another pen. When asked WHY the DACA  protest was still going 20 minutes after their permit, a White Shirt officer (a Lieutenant, Captain or Inspector) played “dumb”.  Like really, he said to me,  “What time is it?” ( “7:20”) “Oh …” as he walked away. (We all know HE KNEW what time it was.)

Flickr slide show of screen shots from periscope vide0, it wound-up being the only record of some of the signs.

asshole again copy

So, the Fascist Left stayed on as the Trump-Pence hatred resonated with signs like “Worst President EVER”.

 The patriots kept moving, NO stopping allowed, while the anti-fascist FASCISTI continued to mix with and harass the patriots, even advocating murder.

But, this LEFTIST professor from Staten Island, I’ve forgotten his name, stopped and stood (observed by the police) and LECTURED the people sitting on the steps of the Presbyterian church at 55th st for about 5 minutes or so.

Around 8 PM, the second wave of patriots willingly moved to a pen at 56th St. where they FINALLY were assaulted; a patriot was sucker-punched.

Pictures from the arrest (thank you Karen L)

Re “the assault” of a MAGA counter-protestor :

“Two people were arrested during a second wave of protests at Trump Tower on Tuesday, police said.

Roughly 500 demonstrators gathered around the building and faced off with about two dozen Trump supporters. At 9:30 p.m., a protester walked up to someone in the pro-Trump camp (Tim) and punched him in the face as the victim chanted at those opposed to Trump. Cops quickly arrested the attacker.”

Boston,  Aug 19. The FASCIST LEFT continued to assault free speech, these club-wielding Fascist-LEFTIST mobs, self-righteously bludgeoned the American Right, justifying violence with, “FREE SPEECH For ME NOT For THEE”.

The Boston Police were awesome. Protecting the Boston FREE SPEECH rally-mates who had a Constitutional Right to Assemble.  But the mob was uncontrollable.

Where THUGS Rule, violence is KING.

Some final thoughts from a face book friend (an attorney) on the tenor of these protests and free speech:

“(…) “free speech” (…) It’s about the freedom to express, not the freedom to shout louder than someone else so they can’t be heard. It’s about providing everyone with the right to express their views, not about allowing them to infringe other people’s rights.

….  if you don’t protect unpopular speech, other forms of speech are vulnerable.

You get to PROTEST. You don’t get to interrupt, quash, drown out, or SILENCE someone else’s views.

Well, I guess in today’s world you DO. Today, you tear down a statue because of its symbolism, or have someone fired because his beliefs are abhorrent.”

” Tomorrow, you burn books and lock up “undesirables.”

The New Tyranny – America 2017 – Shut up or DIE”
As the LIE rolls on…

[Where designated, pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall]


“Trump is Killing Us: Mourning Heather Heyer”

Monday August 14, 2017. The “Trump is Killing Us: Mourning Heather Heyer” protest started at 5 PM. (I got there at about 6 pm.)

By then the crush and resistance to clearing the streets was intense. (the NYPD recording – leave or be arrested – played over and over to avail)

What I noticed, as they dug-in, were lots of white faces hating on America: dunderheads and anarchists refusing to disburse. (and LOTS of cement trucks)

Flickr Slide show


I was late to the party ’cause I met up with the JDL at Union Square, a counter-protest to the Samidoun Leftie Jews and “Palestinians” who think that murderess, Rasmea Odeh is a victim. This was very, very successful counter-protest, great pics and videos will follow soon. Meanwhile, Day 2 of the anti-fascism Fascists.

A funereal protest was announced, perhaps I missed it, because I was restricted to 56th and 55th street on Fifth Avenue; JAMMED with bodies and signs, malcontents hating and wailing on Trump but…. jovial, considering this INSANE gathering of dilettantes, slumming.

Captured a periscope video, something new for me, but another method to use when needed. This one sheds some light on the sea of people, media and police. What a MESS!

The Face Book announcements – to rally and recruit – seemed to work cause there was a ridiculous amount of people jamming the sidewalks. RECRUIT and RE-EDUCATE. I hear it. I see it. “Join us. Tell your friends.” Over and over. RESIST!!


CO-SPONSORS May 14th : Strong Economy for All, New York Communities for Change, Vocal NY, Working Families Party

Donald Trump is coming to NYC to stay at his beloved Trump Tower. But New Yorkers won’t have it.

Trump is killing us. Whether it is by killing our democracy, threatening war on North Korea, targeting our immigrant communities, or wanting to end the policies that allow black and brown people to access higher education.

That’s why we are going to welcome Trump with a funeral procession to highlight all the ways his administration is killing our country.

Dressed all in black, New Yorkers will march from 59th street and 5th Ave to Trump Tower. Feel free to bring candles, pictures, and symbols of the people, beings, and things Trump is killing.

The face book memes kept changing,“Protest Trump and Ideology of Hate at Trump Tower!”, the purpose  did not, “Get Trump/Pence OUT of NYC – Out of the White House” and “Trump is Killing us: Funeral to Welcome Donald Trump to NYC”.

“Our thoughts are with those killed and injured in Charlottesville standing up to hatred and racism! This is the ugly face of Trump’s America! There is no apolitical reply to what happened in Charlottesville! You pick a side. Choosing to ignore is a side!

Join us at Trump tower! Stand against Trump, White Supremacy, Nazi and ideology of hatred!” [What’s LOVE got to do with it? NADA]

Read on as the “Charlottesville organizers ask you to take these 8 actions” (5 listed below)++

These actions are requested directly from the Black Lives Matter group that is part of our resistance network. [Hate RULES]

#3. Petition the administration at the University of Virginia to publicly denounce white supremacist alumni Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler, revoke their diplomas, and commit to ejecting them from UVA grounds if they ever show their faces there again: Until UVA takes these steps, it is complicit in the violence they engender.

The next four actions are for you to organize locally, in your home communities.

[In other words SPY on your neighbors, your friends, your families. 1984 IS HERE]

#5. Do the research to identify Nazis in your community. Find out who’s doing alt-right or white supremacist agitating, find out where they work, and learn as much as you can about their connections to politicians or police in your town. Use this information to block them from gaining social and political control. Do not allow your community to be a platform for white supremacist fascism.

#6. Organize community defense networks to protect and defend each other now. The only reason why more people weren’t killed in Charlottesville on Saturday is that a wide variety of groups, particularly anarchist and antifa groups, protected each other when the police refused to do so.

#7. Take down all confederate monuments.

#8. And finally, there is a direct connection between white supremacist fascism and everyday white supremacist state policies and practices. Continue to organize to end racial oppression and make reparations, in line with the Vision for Black Lives.

We grieve for Heather. We ache with the Black communities terrorized. We mobilize in memory of the 52% of Charlottesville residents enslaved by the confederacy. We fight for the reparations yet to be made in their name.

Bring your best gifts to this struggle, and fiercely love. (Cross-posted from Daily Kos.)

Game on: Rally. Recruit. Re-Educate (rinse/repeat).

The media war helps shape the memes, dulling the senses, as the soc/commie/prog/fascisti lead the people to the slaughter. (ignorance. bliss. insanity.)  Do you know where you children are?

Day 3  next – the wrap of this  RESIST Trump Pence -3 day Event.
But, unfortunately, in no way is it The End.

[Pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall]

Trump/Pence Out Of The White House Vs Support Our President

Sunday, August 13, 2017 – 2 pm (thru Aug 15) Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. (they also gathered in Union Square and Brooklyn) The usual anti-fascist FASCIST THUGS gathered at the entrance to Central Park. Same people. Same themes. DOWN WITH AMERICA.

“This Nightmare must End: the Trump Pence Regime Must Go”  However, after Charlottesville things morphed. New memes and themes were added  like“Take to the Streets, Condemn the Racist, Murdering Nazi Thugs”. BUT, we still heard “In the name of Humanity, We Refuse a FASCIST America.” (Our host was RefuseFascism .org.)

Since there was no violence prone anti-fa on site, the only thugs were the usual anti-fascist FASCISTS of Refuse Fascism.  Some were assigned to certain photographers – who have no rights in a public square- (that would be MOI.)

I was shoved, blocked and followed throughout the whole hour they were at Columbus Circle, with no police interested UNTIL I body-blocked an anti-fascist Fascist blonde interloper who photo-bombed the Trump counter-protest of three. NOW the police got involved.

The blonde’s set out to obscure the offending signs since OPPOSITION of THOUGHT is NOT ALLOWED.  SO, I joined the fray and blocked her.

BUT, she WHINED to the police who said “LEAVE HER ALONE.” SHE had a right to be there (aka harass us.) Her cohorts grew to three committed sign-blockers before fading away.

The Support President Trump counter-protest grew. They picked up a Brit, a Muslim woman and other passersby along with a Russian woman and …two 2o-something young women … who also supported the President

In fact, no harm done by the hostile anti-fascist facisti. The Trumpers held their ground.

The Muslim woman was very outspoken; her enthusiasm much appreciated.

There was one man of color who embarrassed his children with an expletive-laced  tirade on skin color, racism and WHITE HATE aimed at the Trump counter-protesters. “You Got to be Taught…. ”

What a putz!

After about an hour, the anti-fascist Fascists marched to Trump Tower, leaving behind a couple of ringers who motor-mouthed  any one who tried to debate reasonably. They suck the life out of any exchange of ideas with long-winded talking points; never NEVER allowing a RESPONSE. Deep Thinking Protestors – now that’s the ticket to their success:

Next day the anti-fascist Fascists took to the streets outside Trump Tower to condemn (again) those racist fascist murderers in the White House.

DAY 2 , August 14th, posted next.

Flickr Slide show

DSC_7190 copy

[Pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall]

Video playlist


Patriots vs The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go! No Nuclear War! Protest

August 9, 2017 – 8 AM – NYC – This was the first anti-fascist FASCIST speaker of the “No Nuclear War! The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!” protest. He droned on and on – while standing in front of their mock DRONE – about impeaching President Trump.

“The Resist a Fascist America” FASCISTS gathered the day before the anniversary of Nagasaki, in front of Fox News, to defend the TOTALITARIAN hell-hole called, North Korea. The enemy (for them) is the United States (it’s not just the Trump/Pence REGIME). They never met a totalitarian government they wouldn’t DEFEND.

The counter-protest was small, but any opposition makes the anti-fascist FASCISTS very VERY upset, so standing up to their lies is worth it, knowing they can’t handle the truth.

Lead this day by Commie – Fascist, Debra Sweet ( Of World Can’t Wait). Under Debra the tone is never peaceful. This is a woman who sends her minions out to harass, confront, to shut down Free Speech. Not shy when it comes to initiating confrontation, Debra swirled around the public sidewalk commandeering this public space – no opposition allowed. Police and the opposition were relegated t0 the sidelines. The fascists conquerors made a grand play at calling the shots and using harassment to control “their space” this early morn.

Anti-fascist FASCIST speaker # 2 . She too droned on and on, her theme: “Fire and Fury” and Trump’s planned mass-murder of the North Koreans. The ONLY hope for the North Koreans: The Trump/Pence REGIME Must Go.

She’s baaack. Fascist recruiter, Eva Sahana, shrieking her fascist mantra at the passerby on their way to work. And while she was speaking, the get off our streets harassment of this photographer, began, announcing that I was a FASCIST SPY.

Harassing the Pro-Trump counter-protest was a very important mission for fascist leader, Debra Sweet, of World Can’t Wait, and her minions.

It’s a “nucular” nightmare! SHRIEKED another fascist babe who assaulted the ears of the passersby. Her diatribe on “It’s a “Nucular” Nightmare” and “This isn’t Normal” managed to create an amusing mike-check exchange between the ‘warring-factions with her nuculars vs the nuclears.

A very angry Filipino fascist ranted about Trump’s bankruptcies, “He doesn’t pay anybody” (laced with expletives that he hurled at the pro-Trump counter-protestor, while blocking my camera). His vile rant was also aimed at the NYPD officers on-duty. As he stormed off – an elderly man walked up to and lectured the Pro-Trumper on “Fire and Fury”. Then with a royal flip of his hand said, “Take that sign Down” – as he too stormed off.

The “Support President Trump” counter-protesters were led by a “Support Blue Lives” flag. Interesting. The fascist demonstrators went silent- hard to believe- but since they were packing up early, perhaps they were just out-of-steam. They left approximately 45 minutes before their scheduled end. SO, we hung around while they oh-so-carefully packed their mock DRONE into the back of their “Out of Iraq-Afghanistan” car.

Slide show of a few pictures

IMG_8866 copy

+++ Their Facebook announcement info++

The day before the anniversary of Nagasaki, Trump declared “North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen, he has been very threatening beyond a normal state. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”

Trump’s threats of nuclear war are a nightmare for humanity and the planet! This nightmare must end. The Trump Pence Regime Must Go.

Join and protest in front of Fox News Headquarters to say NO! “The Trump/Pence Regime MUST GO” before they incinerate humanity.

Only the people acting together in determined struggle, taking to the public squares day after day, night after night, not leaving until the regime is forced to go,  can we save humanity and our planet. Hosted by

More on their fearless fascist leader, Debra Sweet. I am blocked and harassed from a public sidewalk by Debra and her minions.
FASCIST Debra Sweet is the Director of World Can’t Wait : atheist, revolutionary communist cause the world doesn’t have to be this way. whose mission is stopping the crimes of the U.S. …. and I’M a FASCIST SPY….

 ++ March on. March on. As they Take to the Streets. So must we++

Take To The Streets. Sunday, August 13, Condemn the Racist, Murdering Nazi Thugs in Charlottesville, Virginia

*Sunday, we meet at 2pm to rally at Columbus Circle, then MARCH TO TRUMP TOWER at 3pm!*
Monday, 5 pm, Trump Tower
Tuesday, 5 pm, Trump Tower

This Nightmare Must End: The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!
In the Name of Humanity, We REFUSE to Accept a Fascist America.

One person murdered and 19 wounded by KKK/Nazi thugs in Charlottesville, Virginia have shown the whole world the reality of the Trump/Pence Regime’s fascist America. Parading through the streets with torches chanting “Hail Trump” while spouting the most vile racism and anti-semitism these shock troops revealed the ugly face of the fascist future that the Trump/Pence Regime is hammering into place.

Even after learning of death of one of the people standing up against these fascist thugs, Donald Trump would not even utter words of condemnation of their vicious white supremacy, anti-semitism and their open aspousal of Nazi slogans of “Blood and Soil.” Trump wouldn’t even offer condolence for the person murdered by these fascists.

THIS REGIME MUST BE STOPPED. The lives of millions of Black people, immigrants, women and lgbtq people hang in the balance along with the lives of billions of people around the world as the Trump/Pence Regime threatens North Korea with “fire and fury.” We must get organized NOW, in a serious way, to STOP THIS REGIME.

ALL Sides must prepare for their next battle front – November 4th

Refuse Fascism has a plan: On November 4th, We will gather in the streets and public squares of cities and towns across this country, at first, many thousands declaring that this whole regime is illegitimate and that we will not stop until our single demand is met: The Nightmare Must End: the Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!

Our protest must grow day after day and night after night – thousands becoming hundreds of thousands, and then millions – determined to act to put a stop to the grave danger that the Trump/Pence Regime poses to the world by demanding that this whole regime be removed from power.

Be part of making this vision a reality. Come the Northeast Regional Conference to plan November 4th on Saturday, August 19 at 12 PM – 6 PM. The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center
208 W 13th St, New York, New York .

Who will end this nightmare? We will. Only the determined struggle of millions of people acting together with courage and conviction can drive this regime from power. Who should attend this conference?

Students and youth, the faith community, representatives of organizations and people who are unaffiliated, artists and professionals, long-time activists and folks who have never protested before – everyone who wants to see the nightmare of the Trump/Pence Regime end and is willing to act together to accomplish this. (REGISTER for the conference)

Patriots, prepare for their “War in the Streets”, to turn the tide of their revolution.

It doesn’t take an army to make a difference.

[Pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall]

NYC Rally To REFUSE a Fascist America vs Patriots

“In the name of HUMANITY, we REFUSE to accept a FASCIST AMERICA!”

( Flickr slide show)


June 15, 2017 – a NYC day of protest hosted by Mohammad Hamad on face book. His mission statement ended with this delusional plea, We  need NYC to have a voice.

I arrived at approximately 3:30 [scheduled to start at 4pm] and found the  “IMPEACH TRUMP! National Day of Protest” already going strong.

( Flickr slide show)


A national protest, in 19 cities, organized by various partners of the RESIST TRUMP COALITION as they LAUNCHED a series of events and protests.

report can be found here of their pre-launch 100-hours Fox News Protest where they set up a stationary table to broadcast their exposé of Fox Fascist News. Usually the security guards tell photographers and video cams to keep moving in this public plaza. Til now.

Next day they launched their March against Fascism with the anti-fascism PLEDGE – heard at 1:15 in the first video.

A ‘righteous’ pledge said with fists held high by anti-fascist FASCISTS culminating in the pièce de résistance, “In the name of HUMANITY, we REFUSE to accept a FASCIST AMERICA!”

If only these foolish FASCISTS would get a life…

Transcribed a rally leader’s opening speech (from the video above) including the pledge to the “Fascist America of their dreams”.

“Before we get started officially, I wanta ask all you early birds, all you who are early to the “party”, who know how to show up and make yourself (?) No to Trump, to join us in a pledge we (do) to Refuse Fascism. You put your fist in the air and you repeat after me. And you do this with your whole heart and you do it with every fiber of your being; and we’re going to make a commitment to pledge today, to each other, to our self and to the people-of-the-world.

                      [Fists in air the crowd repeats each line]
In the name of Humanity (repeat) In the NAME of Humanity (repeat) We refuse (repeat)  We REFUSE (repeat)To accept (repeat) a Fascist America (repeat) We will not wait (repeat) We will not normalize(repeat) We will not accommodate (repeat) We will not capitulate (repeat) We will RISE (repeat) and we will DRIVE them OUT! (repeat) All right.” (cheers)

Next the “sheeple” parroted this brain-dead chant: “No KKK, No Fascist USA. No Trump” which led to more pep-talk lies.

“Thank you for coming out. Not just to protest their policy on immigrants, that we are against that. Not just to protest the assaults on women. No, we absolutely are against that. We are here not just on behalf of refugees. G-d damn right we are here for refugees. (cheers, drums)

We are HERE to reject and repudiate, to get organized, to drive out the ENTIRE Trump/Pence FASCIST regime. (CHEERS, Drums)

So we’re going to be rallying here for a little while. We’ll chant. Get the energy up. We are gonna march thru the streets of NYC. (cheers)

We are standing with our sisters and brothers in Houston. In Atlanta. In Oklahoma City. In Honolulu. In Los Angeles. In Berkley. All over this country. Chicago. All kinds of places. (BIG Cheers)

And we are living in critical times. (repeats) We are living in critical times, a Fascist regime has seized the reigns of power. They are terrorizing immigrants. They are banning Muslims. They are normalizing and celebrating a culture of sexual violence against women. (..?..) they took LGBTQ  right-off their government web-site. They are denying climate change.  They are revoking environmental protection.

We are living in a time when what we do or what we fail to do will put to shame the future of this country and of the world. Here the American people are in power. And the difference is he has nuclear weapons. He is endangering the entire planet.

That is why we are out today.  And today is going to mark a new stage — a new stage of our struggle where we are not gonna to stay in the corner that he puts us as part of fascism- if they even allow protests to become normalized, the (?ruinized) and meaningless and (?later) marginal.

So today we are breaking-out. And we’re not just criticizing. We are not begging. We are demanding. (CHEERS and drums) TRUMP MUST GO. (chanting)

On the patriot-side of Fifth Ave., I over heard some polite debates and one particularly obnoxious anti-fascist Fascist diatribe.

LIES and agit-prop spewed over and over to an eager crowd of apostles: Gen X-ers, Millennials and, of course, the left-over boomers fleshed out the crowd; a last gasp for them as they relive their protest glory-days. All were ranting on and on about a red-herring called Fascist America.

 Recognized a “mini celeb”, That Guitar Man From Central Park  . A member of the last gasp Post-WW2 Baby-Boom Generation. Mr. Peace and Love. A 60 years old rebel-hippie from the park.  One clueless  aging- boomer whose spawn is going to be the RUIN of America, as his t-shirt makes so obvious:

                                              “I’m against the Next War” t-shirt.
Yeah, that’s the ticket

Like so many other seniors on the street this day, he was hating on his country and passing it off as patriotism. But, twisted history, twisted reality makes for strange bed-fellows …  and their off-spring.  G-d help us all,

David Ippolito — That Guitar Man from Central Park

Mr. Guitar Man
also announced he was pulling an old song outta his hat, “Get Out Our House… ” for all of those fearful, ignorant people who put Donald Trump in the White House .”

OY – the arrogance.

Finally, around 5:00 – 5:30 , the “anti-fascist” Fascists began their LONG March.

First to Columbus Circle, then a turn down Seventh Ave. towards Times Square and finally Union Square.

Another game-move, the intentional misuse of the NYPD, making them babysit these fascists for many, many hours, all over the city. Protecting them? Or protecting us?

The Fascist Rules-of-Treason, “With threat of riots and violence, they manage to also humiliate and demoralize the police and confuse and frighten the public.” Under the pretense of a “patriotism” earned, the commie/prog/soc/fascisti CONFUSE and obfuscate.

 But what are they, really. WHO are they? Rebels or “Patriots’.

The neighbor next door? The teacher? The professor? Local merchants? Artists? Musicians and …. actors? Exhorting all to be quiet, make nice, Go Away as they LIVE and breathe their fascist mantra,  “Free speech for THEM but not for THEE”.


The fascist-scum should be careful what they wish for. History does repeat itself. Russia 1917, Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Chavez – a long list of the duped intelligentsia erased – eliminated- once the revolutionaries took control of a foolish majority. Can it happen here? It IS happening here, thanks to the anti-fascist Fascisti and the complicit media.

There WAS also a counter-protest. A DIVERSE group of patriots who oppose the soc/commie/progs and the anti-fascist FASCISTS.

Diversity thy name is American Patriots.

America is not lost. Yet.

Even though too many of our cities – our college towns – our educational meccas are run by these anarchists, if we get organized, we CAN make America great again.

In the words of the anti-fascist Fascist babe, “Make a commitment today with all of your heart. This must be a moment in history when we stand together with conviction and courage, over-coming fear and uncertainty; to resist and say NO, not just for ourselves but in the name of humanity.” Yes. The Soc/Commie/ Fascist Revolution MUST BE STOPPED.

[Pictures and Videos ( where indicated) property of Pamela Hall]

Lastly,  there was the blond, hair-flipping: Eva. Another Refuse a Fascist America clone. Her task at hand: Recruit. Recruit. Recruit.

Her entire speech is something most of us choose to skip; her empty, florid words that beguile the hearts and minds of her youthfully ignorant audience.

Students and 20-somethings swamped by repetitive and righteous words that flow from babes like Eva, sent by her superiors to RECRUIT. She is their hope. Their future.

Anarchy 101 lives on, unchallenged; protected by the First Amendment, and always culminating with those f-ing FISTS jabbed in the AIR.

[Eva transcription follows]
Part 1 Eva

“Thank you everyone, it’s so inspiring to see so many people here.

In the name of humanity we refuse to accept a Fascist America. In the Name of Humanity. Driving out a fascist regime is not a small matter. It will not be easy. But it is what we MUST do, going forward from today. Every day we face the growing threat of nuclear war and the escalated devastation of the planet. Immigrants. Muslims. Women. LGBTQ people. The elderly. The sick. the disabled. Black and Latino people are ALL in direct peril.

We pledge today to unite. To stand up. To resist. And to act with conviction and courage. And to resist til this regime is driven from power.(cheers)

We make this pledge because, what is at stake in confronting this fascist regime of Donald Trump and Mike Pence, is nothing less than the future of humanity and the health and survival of life on earth.

Refuse Fascism recognizes and appreciates all of you here and across the country who have come out today. You are HERE because YOU REFUSE to sit by and look the other way. With so many fled in terror, who fear being locked up or deported, you are here because you see the danger that is the Trump and Pence regime. YOU will NOT be a person who says, “When they came for the Muslims, I did nothing because I was not a Muslim.” YOU will NOT be a person who says, “When they came for the immigrants I did nothing because I was not an immigrant.”

WE stand up today, because we must act while there is still time to stop a world-wide catastrophe.

So, I wanta give a special shout-out to those that Refuse Fascism in Houston, who are protesting today. They have come out in defiance of the Orwellian-named fascist (?) Texas Freedom Court. Who called on their rabid followers to counter-protest with guns and the Confederate flag of slavery. They are trying to INTIMIDATE people from standing-up to demand that the Trump and Pence regime must go.

We recognize, too, the Los Angeles Refuse Fascism protest that begins at the obscene Donald Trump Hollywood Star, which a group of fascist fanatics have (vowed) to defend.

Refuse Fascism has answers. When you are defending in Houston and (?) of racism and fascist regimes that threaten the planet, NO. We will not be moved. (cheers)

And shout-out HERE to Refuse Fascism New York City, who for One Hundred Hours, night and day, has been out in front of the Fox News Headquarters, saying, NO. [Cheers]

Since its inception by the sexual predator, Roger Ailes, Fox has been the lying voice and the propaganda machine that has built up and cohered the many fascist dreams in this country. Then today, it is the biggest mouth-piece for the Trump and Pence fascist regime.

One-hundred hours in-the-heat, overnight in-the-rain, in-the-sun, bringing out the reality of what this regime has done and plans to do. Refuse Fascism stands  (for)Servitude, Fortitude and Commitment. (It) foreshadows the kind of determined perseverance that more and more people need to take on; ultimately, millions. To put their lives on hold. To reclaim not only our own future, but the future of Humanity by driving out the Trump and Pence regime. [5:02]

 To everyone who is standing up today, in defiance of this regime, you are in the right place. [CHEERS]

Today is the beginning of what must be a new stage of our struggle. There must be no illusion about what we face. We must discuss and debate deeply with one another, to come to understand the tremendous necessity we face in confronting a regime, in the most powerful country in the world, that is hell-bent on consolidating fascism. It is an American fascism, Manifest Destiny and American Exceptionalism; a fascism wrapped in the Bible taken literally and the America flag saturated with phrases and misogyny and xenophobia.

Going forward from today, we must shatter the illusion and all the self-delusion that what we face is just another in a long line of bad administration. Or that the checks and balances of the system will prevail and rescue us. That is not true, that would be turning away from the situation that we confront.

The task before us is not just to strengthen our resistance, or merely to find a way that our different struggles can come together . We must sound and then answer the alarm, ….. that whether or not there will even be the political, the legal and the  civic space for defense and resistance.

Already, in State after State and at the Federal level they are moving to criminalize and eliminate dissent and protest. The rights and the dignity of the people have no place in the program or the courséd heart of this regime. No! We must transform our resistance to become something far more serious, a struggle that can alter the course of history, driving out a regime that imperils us all. [7:24]

As we gather today there is great anxiety and fear and trauma as group after group is demonized and targeted by this regime. Piece by piece rights are being stripped away against one group and then another. All the while, we are surrounded by a dizzying blizzard of lies and buffoonery. ALL of this is setting in motion the slippery and ever steepening slope that will lead to great horrors if this regime is not stopped. This is why we say, and we must say again and again, backing-up our voice with action,”In the Name of Humanity We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America.” [8:00]

We say this because while fascism has many characteristics, racism, misogyny and xenophobia, to name only a few, at its core it is a form of rule that relies on open terror and open violence; trampling on what are supposed to be civil rights and legal rights. Fascism wields the power of the State and it mobilizes organized groups of fanatical thugs to commit atrocities against masses of people. Especially the groups of people they identify as enemies, undesirables or dangerous to society. The question has been posed, “Could it happen here?” The answer is, “Yes, it IS happening here.” And it is OUR responsibility, every single one of us, to stop it before it chokes-off the air in society.

Make no mistake, while the media focuses people’s attention on charges of collusion and Trump’s narcissism, the regime has been very steadily moving ahead with their program on every front. When the media, including even liberal media like MSNBC, say things like, “Trump is holding a campaign rally to boost his own morale.” They are misleading you. They are obscuring the truth that these are fascist rallies. The reality is that Trump is consciously whipping-up his social base. He is stoking their sense of aggrievement and revenge with calls to take back THEIR country; trying to cleanse America of multi-culturalism. He is fueling a bigoted WHITE resentment and promoting a patriarchal woman-hating political form of Christian fundamentalism.

And these forces are moving, lead from the top, claiming that THEY are the victims. Claiming that their so-called right to free-speech, really their right to threaten and beat-up anyone who stands is their way, is under attack. [10:17 – End Part 1]

Part 2 Eva

[Begin Part 2 – 10:18] Identifying the nature of the problem we face is the first step to finding a solution. To treat a disease requires an accurate diagnosis. Defeating this fascist regime requires first recognizing what it is without sugar-coating or wishful thinking.

Trump is a FASCIST straight up. (Cheers) And Pence is one of the most reactionary political figures in modern U.S. history in his complete devotion to bringing into being a theocratic, Christian, fascist government.

But, in the very extremeness of Donald Trump and Mike Pence also resides the key to the way out. This regime has shocked the conscience of millions of people. People who never really gave that much thought to politics have been anguished and politically aroused as few times ever before. This is what WE must tap into. We have to give people a way to express their outrage. We must lead people to act in unprecedented ways. To demand that this regime be removed from power. Nothing else will be sufficient to stop it.  

It is so important that the last few months have been marked by repeated protests. But this protest and resistance against the many attacks on the people must grow broader, deeper and more determined. The Resistance is righteous and it is necessary but it is not yet sufficient. It is a matter of life and death to recognize that the character of fascism is that it can absorb separate acts-of-resistance while continually throwing the opposition off-balance and rapidly moving its agenda forward.

The reality is that the Trump and Pence regime will repeatedly launch new highly repressive measures, eventually clamping down on all resistance and remaking the law IF they are not driven out-of-power.

You cannot wait out fascism. We must never normalize or accommodate to fascism. If you do you will very soon find yourself conciliating and collaborating to save yourself or to help a few people escape the maelstrom.

The hour is late and we must not speak falsely, even with the best of intentions. If you are only working within the terms set by this regime. If you are ONLY advising and helping a few individuals that the attacks come down harder by the days. Sooner and not later you will be forced to become part of the machinery of real horror. Now is the time for massive resistance. There is NO neutral.

[13:40] THIS is the lesson of Nazi Germany and every other Fascist State, it CAN become TOO late. But, it is not yet too late. This must be a summer of struggle, leading into the Fall where more and more people begin to coalesce around a single unified demand: the Trump and Pence machine must go. [Cheers]

And in this moment, especially when the Trump and Pence regime faces scandal and turmoil, (leading) to see this as an opening for the mass-action of the people to burst through.

(shouting) We must make our demands (…) throughout the country and the halls of power and around the world, the Trump and Pence regime MUST GO![CHEERS] Over the summer and into the Fall we must act, we must agitate and we must organize. Join us. Join us in building capacity and momentum, working with ALL our creativity and determination toward the time when millions can be moved to flood the streets of cities and towns, day after day, and night after night, refusing to leave and declaring this whole regime and its supporters illegitimate; demanding and not stopping until this regime is driven from power. [Cheers] 

If this happens, then the whole political landscape can be transformed dramatically. Every faction within the established power-structure would be forced to respond and all of this could lead to a situation in which this regime is driven from office.

So, what we are calling for is unprecedented. But, at the same time, there are models and experience to learn from. Nixon and his Vice-President, Spiro Agnew, were both driven from power. And more recently, in South Korea, millions filled the streets, night after night. At first they started just on the week-end and then they eventually through (sic) their president out-of-power. In Ukraine, in Tahrir Square in Egypt, people in their millions protested day after and night after night, creating a political crisis to those in power to remove despised leaders. [16:20]

There were short-comings, for sure. And there are differences. But, never. NEVER underestimate the power of the people when we struggle righteously in the interest of humanity. [CHEERS]

[16:37] We CAN do this. The people out there, the anger is there. Starting with those of us who stepped-up, right here today; and around the country, today. If we act, creatively, with determination. If we confront their regime and their representatives, and their institutions and their fascist (?) supporters; if we always do so in a way that brings the truth to their lies; if we make people feel that immigrants, muslims, women, black and latino people, LGBTQ people and people all over the world are full human beings; if we show, in word and deed, that we will not accept the cruel and brutal future of the Trump and Pence regime the we CAN bring forward the people needed to drive them OUT. [cheers]

So we need to hit-the-road, we need to send out bands of people, we need to organize young-people, dedicated to making this a summer of (troubles?) to drive out the fascist regime. Donate and raise funds, become a volunteer and as the summer progresses work one day a week and then on week-ends growing numbers of people should gather, showing through what they do  that there must NOT be (…?..) as long as this regime is in power. [18:12 – cheers]

Before you leave today, sign up to be a part of all of this. You can be a part of protests, distributing literature at work and on week-ends, part of making (resistance art ?) and so many other ways; to strategize with your group, to strategize with your friends and with Refuse Fascism.

If we organize. If we dare to confront those who are imposing terror, repression and hardship on the people; if we have open-arms to welcome and (cross-over) more people into this (place), this week combined with the growing impact of the regime and the events in the world, with the potential through millions to act.

But, if we don’t organize and if we don’t start (asking) for the demand the Trump/Pence regime must go, then the opportunity to drive them out and prevent these cruelties (?) can be lost.

It is true there is much to figure out. That is ALWAYS the case when fighting against great injustice.

Not everything was figured out but the Freedom Ride against Jim Crow began in the South. Victory was hardly guaranteed and there were tremendous sacrifices. But, was it worth it? No question.

The Trump and Pence Regime Must Go. This is righteous demand. [CHEERS] This is a righteous demand, the fight to achieve it will be difficult. But, it CAN be done. We will learn and we will chart-our-course and we focus together.

Join us in this. Make a commitment today with all of your heart. This must be a moment in history when we stand together with conviction and courage, over-coming fear and uncertainty; to resist and say NO, not just for ourselves but in the name of humanity. the Trump and Pence regime MUST GO. [cheers]

[20:33] I wanta close in having everyone take a pledge with me. Everyone, raise your fists in the air. And here is how it goes (SHOUTING as the crowd repeats after her)

NO (repeat) NO (repeat) NO (repeat) In Name of Humanity (repeat) In the NAME of HUMANITY (repeat)We REFUSE (repeat) to ACCEPT (repeat) a Fascist America. (repeat) WE REFUSE (repeat) to ACCEPT (repeat) a FASCIST America. (repeat)

Thank you to everyone who came out today. [cheers]
End 21:23] Original video –  Peter Eliscu 

Pity the college and high school students trapped in a world that reeks of this anarchy. Can they escape the clutches of totalitarianism. Will they want to? Will we?