Time to let go of ILLEGAL COVID mandates – for good!

More MANDATES are coming
From NY’s un-elected Governor, Kathy Hochul
… As the tyranny continues …

After months of protests against this Global Tyranny, led and fed by the WHO and WEF, NYrs continue to demand this outrage. ENOUGH. These illegal mandates must END.

Time to let go of COVID mandated rules, for good! Yet, the mandate-mania drags on … using FEAR to control the sheeple.[NY Post]

And what of the damage/ deaths caused by these ‘vaccines’? Even the NY Times is now reporting on these ‘vaccine’ stats – 7/28/22 [NY Times]

COVID Vaccines Increase Menstrual Irregularities Thousandfold, Fetal Abnormalities Hundredfold: Doctors’ VAERS Analysis- 7/1/22  [Epoch Times]

.Yet, the wilful government ignorance continues as the PUSH to vax the babies:

They do not understand any resistance:The Kaiser Family Foundation survey also found that 43% of parents of children ages 6 months through 4 years said they would refuse the shots for their kids.”   (claiming)

“One reason for this ongoing struggle is continued vaccine hesitancy driven by skepticism that’s deep-seated in communities that are difficult to penetrate due to language, education, culture immigration status and health education. Misinformation around vaccines is still rife, and many of our patients do not trust institutional hospitals or corporate pharmacy chains — especially with a child’s health.”
[NY Daily News]

D.C. Plans to EXPEL CHILDREN From School If They Don’t Get The Covid Vaccine

.What follows are five impassioned protests, March 19, thru June 23, 2022, with regular New Yorkers warning against the Mandate Tyranny as “America, what a country” takes on a new and sinister meaning.
Thursday, June 23, 2022 – Hands Off Our Children !- Foley Sq, across from 125 Worth St.  Andrew Giuliani, candidate for NY State Governor, spoke at the rally demanding the mandates END. (after losing the primary vote, Giuliani now supports Lee Zelden for Gov)

Brief video – the first speaker at this protest warns of the injuries and deaths from the ‘vaccines’.

VIDEO- Andrew Giuliani, candidate for NY Governor demanding Hands Off Our Kids. (10 min)

VIDEO:  http://JohnMatlandForCongress.com #StatenIsland #Brooklyn – NY-11 Congressional Candidate 

“On August 23rd, “We The People” sent a message to the establishment & RINOs across the nation. They do not want the People finding out there is a primary. This is how They control us. Will you let them control you?” (@WTPAreTheNews)

Flickr slide show

IMG_6606 copy

Monday, June 6, 2022 – “Mayor Adams, END Medical Fraud Now!” (outside NY City Hall )

Video Part 1 (5:21) “VOTE. Run for political office! They are in middle of a Third World War. They must be stopped. Medical Freedom. The Nuremberg Code. Your right to control what goes in your body. Democrat Party supports this fraud. Organize.

Video Part 2–  Un-vaxxed waitress, Elissa Embree lost her job thanks to Mayor Adams illegal mandates. Embree said that when she learned Adams had granted exemptions to highly-paid athletes and performing artists, “I thought to myself: This is a major slap in the face.”

Video Part 3 – Kat McGuire:  [re WEF and Black Rock. Is this protestor  aligned with Code Pink?]  https://www.codepink.org/top_ten_reasons_to_protest_blackrock]

.Flickr Slide Show

IMG_5449 copy

Tuesday, May 24, 2022.  “W.H.O do you think you are: Stop The Treaty!”  Outside the United Nations –  NYC. STOP THE TREATY! 
There was an enthusiastic turnout committed this day to reading the Constitution.

Excerpted Videos of speakers reading the U.S. Constitution outside the U.N. The readers often pointed to the parallel offenses that have continued into the 21st century, making the readings come alive.

1.”EVAN began the readings by inviting anyone who has sworn an oath to the Constitution to read and listing the offenders to our Constitution that are aligned with W.H.O.

  1. A U.S. Marine reads the Preamble and “Jo Speaks Truth” reminds the crowd why they are fighting back against tyranny:

  1. This reader,  Joy,  also included a powerful commentary.

4 – Teacher , Rachel Maniscalco.

  1. Pura de Jesus-Coniglio.  She had the crowd firmly assert “We Will NOT Be Silent!”

Flickr slide show

IMG_5362 copy

Monday, May 2, 2022- Mayor Adams, End All Mandates  (outside NY City Hall- AGAIN)  Demanding an END to Covid MASK mandates. Mayor Adams Do Your Job!

It was ALL about the masks today: Excerpted Videos of three speakers, who had a lot to say. Vids are in RUMBLE due to the Covid statements.

Part 1 (2:12) Dem. NY Gov. Kathy Hocul intends to quarantine Americans, force vaccinate. Her bill must be destroyed. Get creative.

Part 2 (11:31) “We are in a new age of pandemics ….  the AGE of Pandemics. WHY Now? “Plandemic Conferences”. That is what has changed. And there is a NEW(phoney virus) one coming. CDC says COVID was just a wake up call. Obedience training chronology will include masking – AGAIN. They are mandating ‘vaccines’ that do not work. FEAR allows them to demolish our economy. This will never end. Why did they shut down 190 countries. It’s a scam. A complete change in society. (Gov) Cuomo KNEW this was a scam. They are not going to roll it back. Are toddlers STILL wearing masks? Depriving them of oxygen. We as a people must not obey these ILLEGAL mandates! Rebuild our country.”

Part 3 (4:08) “If you do not feel safe, the you are not safe.Why mask children, toddlers, when restaurants  … no masks. More people die from ‘vaccine’ than the virus. ASK questions. Why continue to COMPLY by wearing masks. NO asymptomatic transmission. No science to support. They murder the patients by denying them treatment- with medicines that WORK. “

Flickr Slide Show

IMG_3684 copy

Saturday, March 19, 2022World Freedom Day NYC – Times Sq – Anti-Mandate demonstrators took to New York City streets. It’s 2022 and they have been relentlessly protesting the government mandates for TWO years .

Flickr slide show
of  Times Sq Protest to “END Illegal Mandates”, sharing their enthusiasm with the tourists passing by …. before marching to Union Sq.

VIDEO: The protestors gathered in Times Square, then marched to Union Square where they held another rally. Valiant warriors all.

Which brings us back to the main question re The Global Power Grab, what the tyrants have PLANNED and can it be stopped?

Lawyers & experts reveal evidence for world dictatorship under the guise of pandemics


From Covid to Monkey Pox to …. whatever … This is what could happen if they succeed in locking down the world.

Among the trends of COVID-19 is that governments may now be more inclined to use a seasonal virus, already declared as endemic, to justify an indefinite global emergency. And small outbreaks can also be used to justify deeply authoritarian policies that aren’t limited to healthcare. [Epoch Times]


[Where indicated pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall-VSB]

Woke Abortion Rally “4 Reproductive Justice” by the Misinformed – Foley Sq

The usual hard-core left came out out for this rally, propelled by hysteria and disinformation they claimed the “supremes” had not only made abortion ILLEGAL, but gay rights of all kinds would be next.

While those in Foley waited for the marchers to cross the Bklyn Bridge, many here were busy setting up their (mostly) ABORTION-on-demand displays.

Guesstimets of 10,000 protestors marching across the bridge are just that, a guess, but whatever, their arrival would not happen for a couple of hours,

So… no use hanging around after I recorded the signs: “my job was done”.

Yes, Foley Sq. was “alive” with the visual clutter of killing-the-babies activism.

Once the march arrived  with their signs promoting Gay rights, Black rights, Trans rights as well as abortion rights, it was going to be a very big party.

Remember, those who aide-and-abet abortion-on-demand are the Good Guys.

“Abortion Pills” treated like candy (as in the kiddy pool)

IMG_5016 copy
The message this day – and still : FUCK the Supreme Court!

IMG_5017 copy
Oh, and lots of Peace Doves, hanging every where, cause we all know how ‘peaceful’ the left can be.

The police were very visible, but only on the perimeter of Foley Square.

They just seemed to hang while I was there since the march hadn’t come over the bridge yet. (Their presence must have been for the march- not the “party”)

And those Food Trucks. I’ve been to many Foley Sq protests but this was the first time I’ve seen any food trucks lined up like that.

Flickr Slide Show:

IMG_4990 copy

.With all the amplified speakers lined up in front of the stage, it was going to be a VERY LOUD event, so my decision to leave ahead of the crowd was easy.

Short video of the stage with the message-heavy projections:Wokeism Hypocrisy prevails.

.BUT, this isn’t the 60’s. Abortion is not illegal. Abortion has just been thrown back to the States to decide, as it should have been in 1973.

NOT OUTLAWED across the country, it is a State’s issue …

So,  the fear factor ruled …. Ignorance prevailed


[Where indicated, pictures and video property of Pamela Hall-VSB]

Help Save the Children- the Babies- of NYC – Educate the Parents -Times Sq Protest

July 6, 2022.  Times Square. 42nd st. A new vax-hub set-up to vaccinate, to JAB our babies and toddlers. It is open for business.

Anti-mandate activists pleaded with parents to NOT give their kids, their babies, this experimental jab.

This is one of the locations  NYC where parents are encouraged to bring their BABIES and toddlers to be vaxxed.


.After a few mothers and fathers brought their BABIES to the hub, a street theatre mom (who was actually with the protestors) pretended to change her mind and did not enter. (fun)

An odd homeless fellow hung around, stripped off his shirt, even took the time to PONDER his cig as he played to the cameras.

Many inside appear to be Chinese, causing an unsubstantiated reaction that the Chinese are running the hub. [Odd? Or just a coincidence?] Whatever, they were no longer welcoming exposure from the street…SO… the windows were papered over. Now no one can see inside. (this  happened after the first protest)

What was revealed, once inside, was a VERY empty facility, with lots of staff at the ready. Perhaps the low attendance means the parents are protecting their babies from this experimental “vaccine”.

But, doctors are questioning the SCIENCE. (They have from the beginning)

…Perhaps the educating of the parents is working. (we can hope)


.Meanwhile, as long as the government is promoting anxiety filled ads, the protests continue. On this day (July 6th) there were about around 20 people who protested babies getting the jab. Pleading with the parents and passersby to  SAVE the Children.

.Police and protestors at one point fought over the use of barricades.

While inside, the staff hid from the protestors behind a black curtained barrier.

Ashamed maybe?

..RUMBLE  – 3 videos – As Mayor Adams opened a midtown/Times Square Vax Hub for babies (6 mo to 5 yrs of age). Protest in front of  NYC’s V@XX Hub for children on w. 42nd st.. 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

.Flickr slide show The complaint from the protestors: “The cops protect these demons and then state they are just doing they job . So clearly their job is to not save children from evil organizations but instead to keep the organization safe to tamper with children, from parents who actually care.”

IMG_7314 copy

“..  the WEF invites viewers to “take a peek at the future”. And it is BLEAK. It is all about making COVID life permanent.”

#8 Pills That Contain Microchips

The Top 10 Creepiest and Most Dystopian Things Pushed by the World Economic Forum (WEF)

“It seems criminal that we put out the recommendation to give mRNA COVID vaccines to babies without good data. We really don’t know what the risks are yet. So why push it so hard?” a CDC physician added. A high-level FDA official felt the same way: “The public has no idea how bad this data really is. It would not pass muster for any other authorization.”

And yet, the FDA and the CDC pushed it through. That slap in the face of science may explain why only 2% of parents of children under age five have chosen to get the COVID vaccine, and 40% of parents in rural areas say their pediatricians did not recommend the COVID vaccine for their child.”

.Silencing physicians is not “following the science.” Less absolutism and more humility by the men and women running our public health agencies would go a long way in rebuilding public trust

[Where indicated, pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall-VSB]



Juneteenth Duffy Sq Honors Ben Vereen and Leslie Uggams 2022

June 19, 2022 (12:00 – 1:30 pm)
The Press Release

“The Broadway League’s “Black to Broadway” Initiative will present “Broadway Celebrates Juneteenth“, a free outdoor event centered around black joy and unity that will feature black Broadway performers in a free outdoor 90-minute concert.

The goal of “Black to Broadway” is to inspire deeper engagement with, awareness of, and access to Broadway for all black people. Created by the Broadway League in 2019, and originally called “Let’s Do Broadway“, this initiative is an industry-wide celebration of the black community on Broadway—on stage, in the audience, behind the scenes and as leaders in the Broadway community.

Tony Award®-winner James Monroe Iglehart will host…

With special guest appearances by 2022 Tony Award-winner Myles Frost (MJ The Musical)…

And 2022 Tony Award nominee Jared Grimes (Funny Girl) …
(as well as many others).

This year’s event includes the inaugural presentation of the Juneteenth Legacy Awards honoring Leslie Uggams and Ben Vereen

… for their incredible community involvement and astounding achievements on Broadway.”

Broadway Celebrates Juneteenth starts at noon and is a free 90-minute concert featuring black performers, and allies, performing their own works of art, with their song, dance, and poetry accompanied by live music provided by The Music Performance Trust Fund. [End Bdwy League Press release]

Duffy Square was very hot. The sun was beating down on us, no shade.

 Didn’t seem to matter, though. the crowd was very happy, looking forward to the celebration .

 “In Galveston, Texas, the home of Juneteenth, residents began marking the day when members of the Union Army arrived upon the southern reaches of Texas in 1865 to both inform enslaved people that they were henceforth entitled to a wage for their labor, and to enforce the Emancipation Proclamation among slaveholders. Black people have led their own celebrations for the holiday since its inception. Their celebrations have since reached everywhere the black diaspora has spread.” [AOL]

FLICKR Slide Show

IMG_6340 copy

.Videos 1 – Juneteenth 2022. Times Square- NY. Gennean Scott (Broadway League’s first director of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) and Lauren Reid (Chair – Board of Governors of the Broadway League) began the event.

.Video 2 –  June 19, 2022- Ben Vereen was an honored guest,  but first he gave an introduction to the meaning/ history of the Juneteenth Celebration.

The crowd was also watching behind the enclosed area  and seated on the red steps.

Video 3 –  Charlotte St, Martin (President of the Broadway League) introduced Ben Vereen and Leslie Uggams who were being honored with the 2022 “Juneteenth Legacy Awards“, followed by Tony winner, Myles Frost.

Ben Vereen then accepted his award.

Regarding this new National Holiday, “Charlie Kirk pointed out that the recent push around the June 19th holiday is a cynical attempt by the Left to sow division and tell Americans that “really we’re more racist than ever.” [Human Events]

As much as I would like racism to be erased, the proliferation of the Marxist CRT (Critical Race Theory -Woke narrative)-  that black artists must now be hired at all levels, instead of white people,  to supposedly end racism: this propaganda has warped their minds. They can’t handle the truth, that hiring anyone based on the color of their skin: IS racism.

Video 4 Brian Moreland, Aaliytha Stevens (Exec Prod of Broadway Celebrates Juneteenth/Black to Broadway) They introduced Leslie Uggams, who received the  2022 “Juneteenth Legacy Award“. But, first they spoke of her many accomplishments on Broadway.

Video 5 Leslie Uggams then accepts the 2022 “Juneteenth Legacy Award“.

One of the many guest performers (I didn’t catch the names)

A view of the back of the stage looking north as I left Duffy Sq.

Unfortunately, Kamala Harris exhibited – again – how misinformed too many have become.

“Vice President, Kamala Harris, bungled a history lesson about the Juneteenth holiday Monday, telling kids that black people were enslaved in America for 400 years — overstating the actual time period by more than 150 year” [NY Post]

++ But, Deroy Murdock,  an American political commentator, offers a better understanding of the Juneteenth holiday. (It’s long, but well-written.)

America marks our second Juneteenth national holiday Monday. Some will focus on the severe pain and death that slavery inflicted on blacks between 1619 and 1865. It would be far more useful, however, to celebrate so much that black Americans have accomplished since the original Juneteenth liberated the last of some 4 million emancipated slaves.

That joyous day arrived on June 19, 1865. Having vanquished the Confederacy that April, victorious Union Army soldiers reached Galveston, Texas. They encountered that final group of slaves who were unaware that the South had fallen.

More important, the men in blue uniforms read General Order No. 3 to people who, until then, were private property: “All slaves are free.” Henceforth, these black men, women and children belonged to themselves, not others.

Republican-led Reconstruction efforts initially offered blacks much hope. Some former slaves represented the South in Congress.

Alas, Democrats got the upper hand as Reconstruction faltered, and they dug their heels into black necks. But despite the oppression of Democrat-enforced Jim Crow laws and the terror imposed by the Democrat-founded and -manned Ku Klux Klan, blacks capitalized on the opportunities that America offered, first grudgingly and then with increasing enthusiasm. Since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 torpedoed Democrat-operated systemic racism in the South, millions of blacks have flourished across America.

Booker T. Washington rose “Up from Slavery,” as his fascinating memoir details. Born as his master’s possession in 1856, Washington was free but spectacularly poor after the first Juneteenth. At one point, he slept beneath a raised sidewalk in Richmond, Va.

Washington soon educated himself and then others. He founded Alabama’s Tuskegee Institute on July 4, 1881. It was among the first historically black colleges and universities. Washington wrote and lectured widely and became the White House’s first black dinner guest when Republican President Theodore Roosevelt welcomed him in October 1901.

Madam C.J. Walker became America’s first female millionaire entrepreneur. She earned her fortune in the early 1900s by marketing hair-care products to fellow blacks. By selling Afro Sheen before Afro Sheen, she made enough money to buy a mansion in posh Westchester, near that of John D. Rockefeller.

The Netflix mini-series “Self-Made”  dramatizes Walker’s amazing story. It stars Octavia Spencer, a black success story in her own right and an Academy Award winner, along with Sidney Poitier, Isaac Hayes, Whoopi Goldberg, Denzel Washington, Spike Lee and numerous other exceptional black filmmakers.

Black musicians Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington co-fathered jazz, as W.C. Handy, Sidney Bechet, Ella Fitzgerald, Fats Waller, Dizzy Gillespie, Quincy Delight Jones, George Benson, Wynton Marsalis and countless other black talents still polish this all-American art form to a blinding sheen.

The Tuskegee Airmen bombed Adolf Hitler to bits and buried beneath smoldering rubble the notion that blacks lacked the brains to fly.

Jackie Robinson integrated baseball. Muhammad Ali was The Greatest pugilist. Michael Jordan towered over basketball. Tiger Woods dominated golf and still competes despite severe wounds from a February 2021 car wreck.

Impresario Berry Gordy launched a whole new sound called Motown. Kenneth Chenault led American Express for 17 years. Ursula Burns was Xerox CEO. Richard Parsons ran Citigroup and Time Warner. E. Stanley O’Neal’s grandfather was a slave. Two generations later, O’Neal chaired Merrill Lynch.

Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice were US secretaries of state. Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch were US attorneys general. Kamala Harris is vice president. And Barack Obama spent eight years as president.

If he were alive, Dr. Martin Luther King likely would argue that — while room to rise remains — his Dream has come true. Beyond these famous names, millions of black Americans use their freedom to improve themselves, their loved ones, their communities and this nation.

This and every Juneteenth, Americans of all hues should applaud black success since emancipation rather than wallow with the critical race theorists in all the wrongs before June 19, 1865. [NY Post] END

[Where indicated pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall-VSB]



Thousands protest in Washington Sq after Roe v. Wade overturned

June 24, 2022 . 6:3o pm. Washington Square.
All Out For Abortion Rights

“Divided Supreme Court overturns Roe abortion precedents”
(Link to National Constitution Center)

Took many pictures of the protest, cause there were so many signs. Lots of hidden gems spewed by the misinformed.

“Bodily Autonomy for Transgender Youth…” You’re not saving babies you’re killing WomXn”

Flickr Slide show-
If not in a hurry, take the time to scroll thru the slide show and zero in on the crowd signage. 

IMG_7117 copy

.Scheduled for 6;30 pm in Washington Sq. where the protestors had gathered much earlier.

The place was packed and had spilled into the street by 6:15. Forget filming speakers. (Not that they ever say anything new)

The crowd was young. Very white. And never stopped walking – fast- towards the Washington Sq arch. I couldn’t take pictures fast enough, as they hurried past me. Intensely, like ( the green sign) “Dykes 4 Abortion”

Happy. Smiling. 1973 T’s were popular

No intense anger as many hurried by. Just a crowd looking forward to the PARTY.

(Gays Against Guns, the day before, now THEY were ANGRY)

Of course, their signs were a different matter, like : “Adoptee FOR Abortion”, ” Republicans are for Li X e

News coverage always spoke of an angry crowd, not really, even though most of the signs were certainly pointedly snarky.

Political – they just can’t accept President Trump WAS legitimate.

“Globalize the Intifada” – He was part of the lefty Bike Brigade

Impatient for CHANGE signs.

Rude. Profane.

Many were definitely anti-Religion

Some  of the news coverage:

A Florida judge has temporarily blocked a ban on abortions after 15 weeks that was set to begin Friday.

Planned Parenthood, the American Civil Liberties Union and abortion providers filed suit to stymie the law, arguing that it violated the state’s constitution.

Parties opposed to the 15-week ban pushed back against the legislation, asserting that the Sunshine State constitution guarantees the right to an abortion.

Their legal challenge leaned on a 1980 amendment that guaranteed a broad right to privacy. The state Supreme Court previously interpreted those rights to include access to abortion.” [NY Post]

Two Comments from NY Post article:

“So the legislature passes the fifteen week ban and the governor signs it. Maybe I am confused, but isn’t this exactly how SCOTUS said that this process is supposed to work? I could have sworn that is what they said in their ruling last Friday. Six days later a judge say’s “sorry….not happening”. Even though the process worked exactly as it is supposed to.” [comment 1]

Socialicommimarxifascist” shifferbrains, following the U.S. Constitution is what judges are SWORN to do. Only in “socialicommimarxifascistidiotland do people think otherwise.” [comment 2]

Forced Motherhood is Female Enslavement”

Thousands of protesters converged in Manhattan’s Washington Square Park One cop estimated there were 17,000 people in the crowd.

New York Attorney General Letitia James (too male too pale Letitia ( 2/6/17) ” We’ve gotta stand up to the Federal Government. We’ve gotta stand up to bullies. We’ve gotta stand up to an administration that is “too male, too pale and too stale”)

On this day, June 24, she grabbed a bullhorn under the park’s renowned arch and slammed the Supreme Court as “radical.”

“Every movement in this country, every revolution we’ve ever experienced in this country, has not been led by elected officials, it’s been led by all of you who are here today to demand justice,” James told protesters.

“The only way we can respond to this political decision is a political response is to vote. Vote for those women who will not have rights to abortion. Vote for all those in harm’s way today. Vote against the Supreme Court of the United States, our radical right-wing Supreme Court.” [NY Post]

Thousands of protesters gather inside Washington Square Park.
Paul Martinka

The  Union Sq. March to Washington Sq. (link has great pics of the different rally locations) Protesters had also crowded Union Square to show anger over end of abortion rights.

++ Here we are, now, on July 2nd, and the nasty RUDE in-your-face leftists are definitely Behaving Badly:

And even nastier, pro-abortion protesters target Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s home:

Impeach Expand Codify,” and “Liar” with a photo of Barrett printed underneath. Following the decision — which returns the issue of abortion to each of the 50 states —a number of states implemented so-called “trigger laws” that banned or restricted abortion with immediate effect. [NY Post]

SCOTUS security chief asks governors to halt protests at justices’ homes

“The Supreme Court’s security chief has asked officials in Maryland and Virginia to pull the plug on picketing and “threatening activity” outside justices’ homes — after the US Department of Justice dragged its feet on enforcing federal laws barring such protests. (The activist group Ruth Sent Us doxxed the court’s conservative justices in early May, when an unprecedented leak of a draft opinion revealed their plans to overturn Roe v. Wade.)” [NY Post]

And then … there’s THIS development:

Men are hurrying to get vasectomies in the wake of the bombshell Supreme Court decision to overturn the Roe v. Wade abortion ruling, doctors say.” (Really??) [NY Post]

‘Cause they FEAR this?:  Green-Haired, Morbidly Obese Leftist Women Call for Sex Strike Over Abortion Ruling (Terms that are very acceptable)

“And so one Twitter user posted a graphic that said: “Women of America: Take the pledge. Because SCOTUS overturned Roe v. Wade, we cannot take the risk of an unintended pregnancy, therefore, we will not have sex with any man — including our husbands — unless we are trying to become pregnant.”  In response, another Twitter user wrote:

“Finally, you figured out how not to get pregnant, that wasn’t that hard was it?” Ouch!

Women of the Left, once again: your terms are more than generous and gratefully accepted.( Robert Spencer)

The young woman in the center is Fighting Fascism?
(The Lost Generation)

[Where indicated, pictures are property of Pamela Hall-VSB]

Gays Against Guns Go Ballistic! in Union Sq

Thursday, June 23, 2022 (5:30 pm) Union Square.
SCOTUS to NY: “Get Shot Dead!” Rally against
Roberts Supreme Court’s NYSRPA v. Bruen Decision.

“This is bullish!t. These are dark days.
Tomorrow will likely bring more horrific decisions
by the not-so-supreme supreme court.”

“The blood of the people who will be murdered as a result of this decision will be on the hands of these six justices. It’s hard to have hope for our country on days like today.” “ [Gays Against Guns in Union Square Park.]

Flickr Slide show

IMG_6813 copy

Gays Against Guns and Gun Violence Prevention advocates joined NY elected officials to stand against the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen, eviscerating safer gun licensing laws in New York, 6 other states, and D.C. which together comprise 75% of the population of this country.” (Gays Against Guns)

Video 1Jay W. Walker,Gays Against Guns “, lead the presser,  SCOTUS to NY “Get Shot Dead!” Rally Against Supreme Court’s Decision.

.Video 2- Jay W. Walker introduced New York State Assemblywoman,
Linda B. Rosenthal,
who joined Gays Against Guns Rally Against Supreme Court’s Decision.

We have no voice. The “supreme” court decision has left us much more unsafe and many, many people will die as a result of it. We want fewer dead people and we understand that more guns = more gun deaths. It’s so simple, even a conservative justice should be able to figure it out. But I guess those law schools aren’t what they used to be.” (Linda B.Rosenthal)

I joined @bradybuzz, @gaysXgunsNY @MomsDemand @AMarch4OurLives in outrage at #SCOTUS #Bruen decision.The gun lobby owns our justices whose ruling sanctions chaos and endangers every one of us. I’m ready to go to Albany to protect New Yorkers from this barbaric ruling.” (@lindabrosenthal_67)

Video 3- Jay W. Walker introduced Felix Tager “March For Our Livesat the Rally Against Supreme Court’s Decision.

Gays Against Guns NY is an inclusive, direct action group of LGBTQ+ people and their allies committed to nonviolently breaking the gun industry’s chain of death—investors, manufacturers, the NRA and politicians who block safer gun laws. ” [https://www.facebook.com/GaysAgainstGunsNYC]

MARCH FOR OUR LIVES NY – “Our policy agenda is rooted in our community’s calls for safety, grounded in the perspectives of gun violence survivors and their families, and bolstered by robust policy analysis and conversation. It interweaves the underlying forces we believe fuel gun violence — gun glorification, political apathy, poverty, armed supremacy and our country’s mental health crisis — and points to specific policy priorities for our movement.

. “…  Gov. Hochul, a Democrat who recently signed several new gun control laws in response to a mass shooting in Buffalo that left 10 dead, said she expects the Dem-led state Legislature to return to Albany within the next month to address the issue.

“I will say we are not powerless in this situation,” the governor said. “We’re not going to cede our rights that easily. Despite the best efforts of the politicized Supreme Court of the United States of America, we have the power of the pen.” [ NY Daily News]


At the protest on Thursday, advocates from various gun violence prevention groups denounced the Supreme Court decision, and expressed frustration at the it’s dismissal of a law they say most New Yorkers want.

“It’s a really horrific mix of emotions. Even though we knew this was going to happen, we’re still dumbfounded by it.” Jay Walker from the gun violence prevention advocacy group Gays Against Guns told Gothamist. “As much as I do want, um, our state government to do whatever they can, fortunately we have a Democratic super-majority in New York State, without very, very strong federal legislation it’s going to be undermined by the fact that people can travel from state to state.”

(Jay W. Walker – is also a founding member of Rise and Resist, a direct action group committed to opposing, disrupting, and defeating any government act that threatens democracy, equality, and our civil liberties.

“… fortunately we have a Democratic super-majority in New York State”

A not so fortunate situation since the the Democrat Socialists have taken over the Democrat Party.

The Progressives goal – disarming the citizens –  Not Good.

[Photos and Videos property of Pamela Hall-VSB]

‘palis’ protest NY Times & Israel, Demand Justice For Martyred (Christian) Reporter, Shireen Abu Akleh

The facts were slow to come, but here it is, an update May 30, 2022:Shireen Abu Aklen cannot possibly be a “martyr” – a term reserved for Muslims who die fighting the Infidels. Nor could she possibly be ‘in Heaven’, a place reserved for Muslims.” She was a Melkite CHRISTIAN. (Who Knew?)

Why a Slain Palestinian (Christian) Journalist is Not a Martyr

“Much of the Muslim world has been engaged in denouncing Israel for what the Muslims describe as Israel’s deliberate killing of journalist Shireen Al-Akleh. The Israelis say they do not know who was responsible for the death of the Al Jazeera journalist, who at the time of her death had been covering, from 150 meters away, the battle between IDF soldiers and violent Arabs in Jenin. Israel has requested access to the fatal bullet so that its own forensic experts can study it, most likely with American experts also taking part. The palestinians have adamantly refused. When two sides are in dispute, and one side refuses to produce the evidence it holds, while the other side wants only to engage in a thorough examination with oversight by a third part (the U.S.), we know which side is hiding something and which we can trust.” [Front Page Mag]

Ignoring many facts,  Shireen Abu Aklen was labeled a palestinian martyr:

“I never knew that Shireen was Christian (a Greek Melkite) and it never mattered. She was a symbol of palestinian unity in her lifetime and in her death…”  [Al Jazeera]

May 13, 2022, the N.Y. Times protest where the pali protestors demanded “Justice For Shireen“. Held outside the NY Times, the main topic of protest, without proof: they claimed Israel murdered – assassinated – al Jazeera reporter, Shireen Abu Akleh. An inconvenient truth omitted this day: Shireen was a Christian, making her a convenient, by omission, talisman for ‘palestinian “martyrs” everywhere.

TAKE NOTE:They NEVER mentioned that Shireen was a Christian. (Whenever mentioned, that is the clarification of this writer)

This day, the palis were very unhappy with the N.Y. Times and their “misleading” headline of her death.

The outrage centered on one word, did she DIE or was she KILLED.[opinda.com]

“They have charged, without a shred of evidence, that Israel deliberately targeted Ms. Akleh
(a palestinian) for assassination.” (avoiding any mention of the fact she was a Melkite Christian) [Front Page Mag]

FACT: “Al Jazeera’s palestinian-American correspondent Shirin Abu Akleh, 51, was shot to death on May 11th during clashes between armed palestinians and Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in the West Bank city of Jenin. (HOWEVER) Hamas, the palestinian Authority, and their enablers have exploited the journalist’s tragic death as fodder for a malicious propaganda campaign against Israel. ” [Front Page Mag]

“The haters declared Israel guilty — without evidence or investigation.”

Flickr Slide Show- Without proof, the ‘palis’ claim
that Israel murdered the al Jazeera reporter while claiming her a Muslim martyr, which is impossible since she was a Melkite Christian. (an inconvenient fact) What matters to the pali protestors is they, thru Shireen’s death,  appear to be victims of Israel.

IMG_4799 copy

.At 5 pm, outside the New York Times building (across from the Port Authority) on an intermittently rainy evening, the usual anti-Israel, pro ‘pali’ protestors played to crowds of commuters rushing home. (most of whom were uninterested) while demanding “Justice For Shireen“.

Never letting an opportunity to bash Israel go to waste, this protest may have been slow to build, but their amplified anti-Israel screeds  (including the N.Y. Times) filled the air with demands for “Justice” for an al Jazeera reporter ( a CHRISTIAN),  claiming she was murdered, in-the-field, by ISRAEL.

But, was it murder?  Or an unfortunate accident of her risky war-reporting profession?

Video 1 – The pali protestors gathered in front of the N.Y. Times building with a small crowd waving pali flags while an uninterested crowd of commuters hurried passed to Port Authority and home.

Only a few stopped to listen to their chants of  “Free Free palestine; 1,2,3,4 we don’t want your bloody war. 5,6,7,8 Israel is a terrorist State; 1,2,3,4 open up the prison door. 5,6,7,8 Israel is a terrorist State. And a new chant for the occasion: New York Times you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide.

Video 2 – “…collective organizing … against the Zionist entity and its supporters cause we know ... resistance by any means necessary is the solution for a liberated palestine. We are here today on this memorial, honoring our hero … our martyr Shireen Abu Akleh, palestinian.

FYI: “As a non-Muslim ….  Abu Aklen ( a Christian) cannot possibly be a “martyr” – a term reserved for Muslims who die fighting the Infidels. [Front Page Mag]

They claimed: “She was targeted for spreading awareness. She was silenced for exposing Zionist (…..)  … doing what she would have done, defending palestine and resisting Zionist colonialism. That is why we are here today, to honor her and remember who she was. We’re here today to honor her career. We are here today …  look around …  who you are standing with, these are your comrades. Just as she loved humanity … we must love each other, too. Cause we know that only by loving others can we free palestine with Love and Unity.” (followed by very aggressive guttural cheers)

Video 3 – What I wanted to say is , ‘Feel your emotions. It’s okay.’  Shireen  … in 1997 she began working as journalist. First as a field correspondent, becoming well-known as a reporter on Arabic channels. She often reported on funerals for palestinian (…) She was the first (Christian) Arab journalist allowed into ….  prison to interview incarcerated palestinian prisoners. So, what is she, she’s a trail blazer.

AMENDED Headline: [The N.Y. Times headline, “Trailblazing Palestinian Journalist (Dies) was amended eventually to (Killed) in West Bank”]

“Today, as occupation forces brutally attack palestinian mourners, church bells rang out across  al-Quds  (the Arabic name for Jerusalem) JERUSALEM (the capital of ISRAEL)  palestine  in a demonstration of love, respect and grief for the murdered Shireen Abu Akleh.” 

The fact that they [the churches] all united so quickly to celebrate her legacy and bid her farewell, shows how big of a symbol and meaning Shireen (a Melkite Christian) was for all Palestinian Christians.

She’s quoted as saying, ‘I chose journalism to be close to the people. It might not be easy to change the reality but at least I can (send) their voice to the world.’ This weekend, is  the 74th commemoration of the institutionalization of the nakbah, the 74th anniversary of the nakbah of the palestinian people. And so this weekend … get active. Go to a rally. Be loud. Be heard. Show love. Fight. Fight because she fought for … palestinians. and I promise you, I will fight for her.” (again, aggressive guttural cheers and an Arabic chant that mentions Shireen)

Video 4 – Brief video of  a memorial flag for Shireen (on the ground) that could be signed. Also, as I filmed, a ‘fan’  —  an UWS lefty, I’m sure …. flipped me off  to the chants of  ‘palestine’ will be free.

Video 5 – Is she or isn’t she “Lamis Deek”, muslim attorney?  Whoever she is, her powerful voice got my attention during the many chants.

Free Free Falestine”; …killed by terrorist; an Arabic chant re Shireen; Shireen is a journalist killed by a Zionist; Justice for Shireen; Free, Free Falestine; No Justice, No Peace and Israel Out Of The Middle East.”

Video 6 –We are gathered here today in front of the N.Y. Times building to expose their complicity in Israeli colonial violence, murders and systemic prejudice of palestinians.”

“Most recently the murder of palestinian national hero and (CHRISTIAN) journalist, Shireen Abu Akleh, who was MURDERED (they claim) by Zionist colonial (hatred). Free Free palestine. ‘From the river to the sea, palestine will be free. Not another nickel. Not another dime. No more money for Israel’s crimes’.”

++ So, who was responsible for the death of al Jazeerah journalist, Shireen Abu Akleh? The Who and How is up for debate, but NOT by these anti-Israel, palis sympathizers.

They hold-fast to one meme: ISRAEL MURDERED (implied muslim) Shireen Abu Akleh and of course: ISRAEL OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST.

They complain that the N.Y. TIMES mislabeled her MURDER as just “dies” (perhaps).

New York Times has a history of toning down conflict reports, and often omit crucial details while reporting on terrorism related events. For example, in a 2019 article, the paper had written that the twin towers were taken by aeroplanes on 9/11, choosing to not mention that those aeroplanes were piloted by trained terrorists. The NYT often blames guns, knifes, cars etc for killing and hurting people, not the actual perpetuators behind the attacks.”

After much chanting against the N.Y. Times, and Israel, they marched to the Israeli Consulate, ending with more speeches and chants decrying the murder of Shireen (they claim) by Israel. Always the VICTIMS, fed by their twisted hatred for Israel …  and the Jews.

More, May 29, 2022 update on Jerusalem Day:Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said that “flying the flag of Israel in the capital of Israel. Amid frenzied rioting Arabs, Jews ascend the Jewish holiest site to celebrate Jerusalem Day, marking 55 years since the capital of Israel was liberated from a 19 year illegal Arab occupation.”  [Israel Hayom

Am Yisrael Chai!

[Where indicated pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall-VSB]

++ Update links on Shireen’s unfortunate death ++

1. https://www.cnn.com/videos/world/2022/05/24/journalist-shireen-abu-akleh-death-update-lon-orig.cnn

2. [https://jewishjournal.com/news/united-states/348714/aoc-accuses-israel-of-killing-al-jazeera-journalist-our-tax-dollars-are-a-part-of-this/]

3. https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/shireen-abu-akleh-media-failed-journalist-killing

4. https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/shireen-abu-akleh-killing-al-jazeera-journalist-eyewitness-account


ZERO NUKES Mushroom Cloud in Times Square

May 17, 2022. Times Square. 5 pm .

The balloon was up as I arrived and  seemed to be fine.

HOWEVER, then the WINDS came.

For the presser and after, there was a battle in the background, a crew trying to keep the Mushroom Cloud Balloon UPRIGHT due to the Times Square winds. ( … the best laid plans …)

The video is a bit like watching paint dry, but I couldn’t look away. The  mushroom cloud keep delivering …. a  slow collapse, no matter how many long towel-wrapped brooms tried to right the ship…

The Mushroom Cloud and its battle against the winds of Times Square. It was a slooow battle as it would fold,  get righted, only to fold again.

The pdf is the best place to find all the info on the Mushroom Cloud art and the organizations behind it.



Chose to post excerpts of the speakers as it took a few too long for most to get to the point of WHY the Mushroom Cloud Balloon in Times Square:”Zero Nukes”.

First we heard from Tom Harris and Jean Cooney of the Times Square Alliance,  Pedro Alonzo, curator of the project; Pedro Reyes, the Zero Nukes artist and Rachel Bronson, from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Beatrice Fihn on behalf of ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons) and Mitchie Takeuchi, whose grandfather was a survivor of Hiroshima.

PLAYLIST 8 short videos

Flicker Slide Show 1

IMG_5119 copy

Flickr Slide show 2

IMG_5110 copy

Times Square Alliance is very pleased with their Zero Nukes position. The only Good Nuke is NO Nuke.

I  wonder, though, is their Art Culture aimed only at those who are WOKE? Is there room for debate?

Is it true “nobody wins”? Ending WW2 was not so simple .

[Pictures and videos where indicated property of Pamela Hall-VSB]

NYC Climate Radicals Demand Climate Justice Now!

On April 23, 2022 , Extinction Rebellion (and other radicals like Rise and Resist) gathered at the 72nd st entrance to Central Park where they prepared to March for Climate Justice in the streets of Manhattan.

CLIMATE is Racist! “The climate and ecological emergency is a trauma inflicted on all beings by white supremacy…  to unlearn embodied, racialized behaviors. 

Eco-Warriors Or Climate Change Morons


Part 1 slide show – We’re in a climate f****** emergency!”
[Extinction Rebellion – March for Science]

IMG_3041 copy

The entrance to the park was very busy with pedicabs and strollers, not just the climate radicals, even an ambulance attempting to pass as the protestors listened to a few speakers before they “Marched for Science“.

 A steady propaganda diet, fed relentlessly for decades in our schools and by the media has filled generations with fear. The Planet is doomed without Climate Justice. Part 2 slide show :

IMG_3151 copy

.Video # 1– First, before the climate protestors “Marched for Science”, a short video with lots of chanting:

“What do we want? Justice. If we don’t get it shut it down.” “No more Coal. No more Oil. Keep your (climate) in the soil.”  and of course:  “Hey Hey Ho Ho Climate Change has Got to Go”

And signs. Lots of signs:

Climate Action Now; Fight For Our Future; Dayenu ; Enough with the Climate Conspiracy; Ban Fracking Now; The Climate Crisis is Here” and my personal favorite:”Destroy the Patriarchy, Not the Planet.”

Video 2- Four speakers represented the youthful protestors: High school and college-age. They spoke briefly (excerpted)

Climate Justice IS Political. No more Fossil Fuel infrastructure. No New Jails. Demand Green spaces in our infrastructure.”

March for Science is not just non-partisan, it is political. To live on this earth is to be affected by the climate crisis. To live in this city. This country is to be affected by politics.”

“Demand climate justice for all communities. Demand it now. Science not Silence.”

And of course,  “Show me what democracy looks like. This is what democracy looks like

Video 3 – A very political young man with a very POLITICAL speech, (excerpted) exposing the depth of his hard-core indoctrination:

“I am here to demand a livable future for us all. Administration after administration. Congress after Congress. My entire lifetime we have been promised a livable future and we have been delivered NOTHING. That’s what this movement is about. Our collective energy to demand  Climate Justice.”

Re the midterm elections.  “To decide the balance of Congress. Our Senate. Our House of Rep. It is on us to demand a better future by showing up at the ballot.

We know the climate crisis impacts vulnerable communities, the most intensely. Black. Brown. Indigenous. People of color. LGTBQ. The communities most intensely impacted by climate crisis. Those are the same communities, there are over 400 Bills – across the country to stop those communities from voting. we will not STAND for Voter Suppression. we will not STAND for the demolition of our democracy. We will stand on the streets and DEMAND a BETTER FUTURE.

50 years of empty promises. VOTE so we can ensure a livable planet. This is what democracy looks like.

Video 4 : Melissa from March for Science NYC:

Science is Political “(again) “But it should never be partisan. No matter what party is in power, we should have science evidence policy on the table. We should remain vigilant no matter who is in power. Currently in NY State,  3 Democrat leaders who claim to Follow the Science. It has not been enough. We need to know our worth and to ask for more. To ask for more climate action now. We are experiencing not just climate change, but a climate crisis. And we need to act like it. We need bold and consistent action to save our planet and our species. 

We cannot play politics with our environment; we need bold and consistent action to reverse climate change. This year at the Federal level, with the mid-term elections, to vote, hold accountable, get things passed like the Build Back Better Bill and the Voting Rights Act, which together will us fight Climate Change. We need climate action now, not in five years.

[lastly] …  cut back on our emissions from our fossil fuel buildings. This is critical. 70% of fossil fuels emissions from the city come from our buildings. We are one of the biggest polluters in the country. Hold all leaders accountable no matter what party they are in; no matter how much they try to distract us mediocre and symbolic actions. We will not be appeased. We know our worth. the worth of our planet.

Video 5 – Jillian is a virologist and mother of two. She mentions pandemic parenting and how the pandemic has intertwined the two.

“In the Spring of 2020, while her colleagues at Mt. Sinai worked round the clock, she was at home with her 3 and 6 yrs old children. Day care and schools were closed, the city was on lock-down. While quarantined and home-schooling her two small children, she was also answering Covid questions from scared friends and family –  fighting the endless disinformation about the pandemic.

She shared that she was grateful for the questions, it meant people actually cared about the data.

After more than two years of this pandemic, I know how easy it is to let cynicism win. Parents are exhausted, particularly of under 5 yrs olds. We faced school closures. had to weigh risks and benefits of sending our un-vaccinated kids to ‘in-person’ schools. It’s been scary and demoralizing.Parents of kids who are too young to be vaccinated feel ignored and betrayed. Masks mandates being dropped while there is still no vaccine approved for kids in their age group. I hear your rage and frustration. Demand change from our political leaders. As adults it is our responsibility to leave the world a better place for our children than we inherited. Finally, Science should be for everyone. I encourage all my …. scientists to break out of the bubble. The most meaningful science in the past two years … it’s been communicating with my friends, my family and my social circle. Those conversations matter.”

Video 6: 14 yrs old student activist named, Theo.   After the crowd chanted “Stand up, Fight Back” Theo told us of a Walk-Out For Covid Safety that he led.  they are upset that Mayor Adams ignored their demands:

K95 masks for all. Covid testing for every student in our socio-economic status. Quality air-filtration in all our schools.  (unclear “…. “) a new generation of scientists to combat any future pandemic we may face’ Today we march and tomorrow you will listen.”

.10th Day of the Rebellion as rebels take midtown

We are heading for catastrophe. This is the type of actions we must take to stop the #ClimateCrisis before it will be to late … …chanting for action on climate change.FOX news; Bryant Park  sit in on the corner of 42nd and 6th Ave. [Extinction Rebellion]

The climate activists tried to stop  N.Y. Post from publishing.

We fight for a just world and stand in solidarity with the struggle for Black Lives. Take action for Black Lives and support radical Black leadership. End white supremacy now.” #BlackLivesMatter

What lies ahead (maybe/maybe not)

“Twitter bans ‘misleading’ ads on climate change”-NY Daily News
April 23, 2022

Twitter users who do not believe in climate change will no longer be able to advertise such beliefs on the social media platform.

“misleading advertisements on Twitter that contradict the scientific consensus on climate change” will be prohibited along side other types of banned content, which include campaigns that contain violence, profanity or personal attacks.

misleading information about climate change can undermine efforts to protect the planet.”

twitter plans to provide “reliable, authoritative context to the climate conversations

“We believe that climate denialism shouldn’t be monetized on Twitter, and that misrepresentative ads shouldn’t detract from important conversations about the climate crisis,” [N.Y. Daily News]

The climate and the ecological crisis is a justice crisis

Organizing is the antidote to despair 

[Pictures and Videos Property of Pamela Hall-VSB]

Al Quds Day 2022 & calls for dismantling Israel in Herald Square NYC

April 29, 2022 . Al Quds Day 2022. Herald Square. NYC

At 3:30, the protest, hosted by the Muslim Congress and the very hard left Workers World Party, assembled slowly.

Not til about 4 pm was the stage set for the chanting to begin.
(Flickr Slide show)

IMG_3674 copy

Early on, I was challenged as an alt-right Zionist, to which I responded, “Not alt right but I don’t  support wiping Israel off the map. ” To which my inquisitor walked away with a large roll of the eyes.

Then, after some long-winded prayers by a young boy, the speakers began.

Nerdeen Kiswani, their very anti-Semitic leader, spoke with her usual animosity for Israel and all things Zionist. (difficulty filming over the crowd. what mattered were her words)

Nerdeen:Organized by the Muslim Congress on one of the last days of Ramadan“, she continues, “… protesting for our palestinian Muslim brothers and sisters back home who are continuously denied the right to worship. Denied the right to live freely. .. as Muslims it is our moral obligation; our duty to fight injustice where ever we see it … the suffering and the plight of the palestinian people.”


After the Neturei Karta rabbi spoke, she made the bizarre choice to chant “Judaism, Yes. Zionism, No. The State of Israel MUST GO.”

The Neturei Karta shamefully allow themselves to be used at these protests, espousing their beliefs that there was never to be a State of Israel. Their presence is offensive, since the ‘palestinian‘ lobby uses them as the “Real Jews”.

(Rabbi’s video is excerpted) “On this International al Quds Day, cities around the globe are  standing up in public for al Quds. For Jerusalem. For Justice. For Peace.For the legitimate rights of the palestinian people. The Zionists have not been resting. their “occupation” is continuing. Their aggression in full swing, including killing of men, women and children. Killing journalists. Settlement expansion. on going demolitions. The latest aggression on al Aqsa. This is about the whole occupation which we condemn here today. Pro-palestinian activism is not anti-Semitism. For centuries Jews lived in peace and harmony with their Arab neighbors.The State of israel is not a Jewish State. It is a Zionist State. To be against Zionism is no way anti-Semitic. In fact Jewish people and the Jewish religion are against all of this … rabbis and laymen are opposed to Zionist crimes against the palestinian people and the existence of the State of Israel. We pray for the speedy and peaceful dismantlement of the State of Israel.”

I couldn’t see over the crowd at this location, so after the Neturei Karta spoke, I moved on.

Nothing new to be seen or heard.

[Pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall-VSB]