Julius Caesar Protest “Assassination Porn” : Shut it Down.

Protest “Julius Caesar” –  Delacorte Theater  – Central Park (and thoughts as I pass from “Julius Caesar” to “1984”.)

First – Fri – June 16.  The action this night was outside the theatre. Protesting the assassination porn while a counter protest, by a few UWS lefties, supported the violence. Found some pictures on twitter.

Next – Sat, June 17, 2017 – Central Park – 6:30 pm. 

There was no counter-protest this evening (rain was forecast) but that did not keep the patriots away. Their numbers grew.

Watching people interact with the protesters was interesting. They garnered a few man-on-the-street giggles – and side eye glances – attempting to register their disapproval as they walked by.

Amusingly, the NYPD officers arrived long after the protesters had stood quietly holding their signs and chatting with anyone who wished to ask questions. SO…. the need to place the barricades seemed odd and unnecessary.

Meanwhile, the passersby also took many pictures.

And selfies. There were lots of selfies.

Also, the predictable verbal challenges, “Have you heard of the First Amendment?” and “Why ruin our evening?” While others worked to dissuade the protestors with courteous discourse.

Some passersby showed welcomed support with thumbs up and a smile and/or mouthing a quiet thank you.  Others wound up joining the protest, like this fellow below, who responded confidently to the aggressive query, “Have you read the play?

The last night to protest, Sunday, June 18. Julius Caesar is closing.  A small protest gathered pre-show. Each night, passersby would grab a sign and join the protest. (unfortunately no pictures surfaced from this last evening) But I was told of a young Hispanic girl who said she felt really good having protested the porn inside the Delacourt.

8 pm .The last performance of this abomination was closed with a protest-punch: TWO Proud Boys hit the stage mid-show. (Video clips from Twitter)

First, Jovi Val stormed the stage.

Exercising their the First Amendment right to protest – to interrupt an event, JUST LIKE THE LEFT has done and continues to do . [Alinsky “Protest Rules 101”].

Followed by Sal Cipolla

Twitter clip from  McGINNES interview

All three patriots were arrested for trespassing (on public property) . Gavin McGinnis interviewed  all three: Laura Loomer, Jovi Val and Sal Cipolla

“Anti-Trump and anti-white violence is escalating in the United States of America. From eggs, to fists, to bike locks, and now knives, everyday Trump supporters seem to be in real danger in their own country. Only leftists are allowed to be angry.”

Daniel Greenfield addresses  The Left’s Anger Privilege

“The angry left demands that everyone recognize the absolute righteousness of its anger as the basis for its power. This anger privilege, like tone policing, is often cast in terms of oppressed groups. But its anger isn’t in defiance of oppression, but in pursuit of oppression.

Anger privilege is used to silence opposition, to enforce illegal policies and to seize power. But the left’s monopolies on anger are cultural, not political. The entertainment industry and the media can enforce anger privilege norms through public shaming, but their smears can’t stop the consequences of the collapse of civility in public life. There are no monopolies on emotion.

When anger becomes the basis for political power, then it won’t stop with Howard Dean or Bernie Sanders. That’s what the left found out in the last election. Its phony pearl clutching was a reaction to the consequences of its destruction of civility. Its reaction to that show of anger by conservatives and independents was to escalate the conflict. Instead of being the opposition, the left became the “resistance”. Trump was simultaneously Hitler and a traitor. Republicans were evil beasts.

James Hodgkinson absorbed all this. The left fed his anger. And eventually he snapped.”

No doubt remains, the Communist infiltration, requiring the dumbing down of America, is bearing motley fruit: Mission Accomplished. 

A new generation now thinks Orwell wrote “1984” as a warning of  TRUMP FASCISM. Incredible. But, true … with a  stunning misunderstanding of “1984” found in a theatre review by Michael Portantiere

June 22, 2017 Theatre: Hudson Theatre,  Broadway

“The dystopia depicted by George Orwell (real name, Eric Arthur Blair) in his chillingly prescient novel 1984 has not come true in all of its nightmarish particulars, at least not to the extent that Orwell envisioned. But, needless to say, the current sociopolitical condition of the world has enough striking similarities to the totalitarian hell of the novel as to make one’s blood run cold—all the more so since the shocking rise of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States.

Just how far off are we from the horrors of 1984?

We the populace do not yet have government-installed telescreens in our private domiciles, scrutinizing our every action and utterance so that we may be arrested at any moment if we don’t toe the party line, but most of us have “smart phones” that pinpoint our whereabouts. Also, a great deal of our personal information is available in the ether somewhere, and rare today is the public space that isn’t under video camera surveillance. While probably not even the most rabid conspiracy theorists among us believe that people are employed by the government to censor or destroy historical documents and news archives, as the central character Winston Smith does in the Orwell novel, examples of one or another person or organization attempting to literally rewrite history are not uncommon.

Perhaps most terrifying of all, the Orwellian concept of “doublespeak” and the maxim that “Ignorance is Strength” are hallmarks of the Trump administration (and, some would say, the present-day Republican party in general).

These frightening facts and others have lifted 1984 back onto the best-seller lists, and are no doubt the impetus for a group of producers headed by Sonia Friedman and Scott Rudin having now brought a stage adaptation of the property to Broadway. Some people consider the novel unstageable and unfilmable, but I disagree. Although a 1956 movie version is not well regarded, the 1984 film of 1984 (neat) starring John Hurt is excellent, and I was lucky enough to see a minimalist but powerful adaptation by Alan Lyddiard that was presented in a fine production by the Godlight Theatre Company at 59E59 theaters in 2009.

The current, high profile production at the Hudson Theatre is not quite so minimalist, incorporating as it does some major effects in terms of scenery (designed by Chloe Lamford), lighting (Natasha Chivers), and sound effects (Tom Gibbons), even if the cast is relatively small—nine people plus one alternate, three understudies, and two other actors who appear only on film. This is the Broadway transfer from England of a co-production by Headlong Theatre, the Nottingham Playhouse, and the Almeida Theatre Company. In 101 minutes, adapters/directors Robert Icke & Duncan Macmillan and company retell the story of Winston’s and his beloved Julia’s failed rebellion against Big Brother and the Party that attempts to control every facet of all citizens’ lives, including their very thoughts.

To get the negative out of the way first, it must be said that a few elements of this adaptation and production seem ill considered. A framing device has been added, which is not a bad idea in itself and does allow for the retention of more of Orwell’s voice in the play, but the concept of this particular device is confusing at the start and doesn’t fully make sense in the end. Also, the setting of the story has been fudged. The events of the novel are all the more disturbing because they occur mostly in a future landscape that remains recognizable as London, but while some British references (such as a recurring nursery rhyme) remain in the stage version, the “where is this happening” question is confused in that a few U.S. locales are mentioned, and all of the actors speak in American accents—including Tom Sturridge, the Brit who plays Winston. If resetting the story in an ill-defined, non-specific place was done with a view towards making the tale more universal, it actually has the opposite effect in undercutting one of the novel’s greatest strengths.

There are other issues here. At several points during the evening, the audience is blinded by super-bright lights flashing directly in our faces. This serves the intended purpose of covering the movement of actors and set elements during scene changes, and the effect is arguably all of a piece with the kind of sensory assault that would be practiced by the Party, but it’s annoying and painful in the extreme. Also: Though some extended scenes of Winston and Julia conducting their surreptitious affair are ostensibly being acted live offstage and projected for the audience on a large, sectioned screen that spans the width of the stage at a considerable height, these sequences actually seem to have been prerecorded, and therefore come across as even less immediate and less theatrical.

All of the above are minuses for the production, but ultimately the day is won by the power of Orwell’s words and the high quality of the acting—and, of course, by the story’s eerie relevance to current events. Though Sturridge’s American accent (which he shouldn’t have been required to adopt in the first place) is not 100 percent convincing, he fully and movingly inhabits Winston in every other respect, and he deserves a Tony Award nomination if only for his gut-wrenching portrayal of the poor man’s physical and emotional agony under torture.

Opposite him as Julia, Olivia Wilde gives a performance of quiet power that only grows in intensity as the plot progresses and the characters’ lives go from bad to far worse. The fact that both Sturridge and Wilde are younger and sexier than the actors who played these roles in previous iterations of 1984 lends a new frisson and, arguably, an extra poignancy to the tale.

Having cited the unnecessary and unwise Americanization of 1984 for this production, I’ll now admit that it does pay a dividend in regard to the always brilliant Reed Birney’s performance as Inner Party member O’Brien. In the 1956 and 1984 film versions, this role was played respectively by Michael Redgrave and Richard Burton, whose plummy accents lent the character an aristocratic air. In contrast, Birney sounds like some nice, middle-class guy from Ohio, and as a result, the evil he perpetrates in the almost unbearable sequence during which O’Brien brutally tortures Winston as a means of controlling his mind is all the more devastating. The rest of the cast is very strong, with Michael Potts, Cara Seymour, and Wayne Duvall as standouts; and the direction of Icke and Macmillan is laudable overall, notwithstanding the reservations noted above.

One of the most telling lines in this adaptation of 1984 is not, I believe, a direct quote or paraphrase from the Orwell novel, but it certainly fits the tenor and spirit of the work. In the midst of the torture scene, O’Brien coldly tells Winston: “The people are not going to revolt. They will not look up from their screens long enough to notice what’s really happening.” On this point, at least, there would seem to be hope. A gratifyingly large percentage of the U.S. and world population sees clearly that fascism is growing like a cancer, and is vehemently protesting it. Any and all proud members of this group should attend 1984 on Broadway if only to firm their resolve—but of course, this is an example of preaching to the converted. The tragedy is that no one on the side of darkness is likely to take in this extraordinary production—or read the novel, or see either film version—and therefore has zero chance of having his/her mind or heart opened by the harrowing cautionary tale that sprung from the pen of George Orwell nearly 70 years ago.”

The Marxist Insurrection, revolution nurtured through the arts and media, is responsible for these current versions of “Julius Caesar” and  “1984” – rewritten – reduced to convenient agitprop.

And as this twitter exchange below reveals, the dis-information era, that agitprop spoon-fed to successively compliant generations, has resulted in mind-NUMBING ignorance.

Outside and inside the Delacourt Theatre, the LEFT met a future they didn’t plan. An awakening. Resistance. A compliant people no more. Finally.

[Where indicated, pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall]

Citywide Alliance Against Displacement Demands Mayor de Blasio Step Down (again)

Citywide Alliance Rallies at City Hall to Demand
de Blasio Step Down for Ongoing Corruption   

May 31, 2017  – 3:30 pm – outside NY City Hall

“(Mayor “Red Bill”) de Blasio pushes people out of their homes and neighborhoods to benefit his political aspirations and ultra-rich developers (…) destroying immigrant families and communities of color. We say no more to racism and displacement!” [Citywide Alliance Against DisplacementJoin us to demand Mayor de Blasio step down!

“Mayor de Blasio, “gentrifier-in-chief,” has designated NYC a “sanctuary city” in an effort to protect immigrants from racist and xenophobic Trump Executive Orders. ”

“For many NYC immigrants, however, our communities are under siege as we live in the instability and crisis as a result of the Mayor’s own rezoning policy that is displacing us from the very places that we seek refuge.”

“The Progressive NYC Council
continues to put profit before people, abandoning small business to follow Bloomberg’s Real Estate Agenda. Our New York City elected officials need to stop looking for band-aid solutions and start serving their communities.” [Take Back NYC]

We demand:

1) End racism in city planning. Pass community-based “People First” plans like the Chinatown Working Group rezoning plan.

2) End public funding for luxury development, such as 421-a. Instead; use public resources to preserve and build more permanent low-income housing.

3) Stop privatization of public land and assets.

4) Mayor de Blasio and those in City Council who also collude with developers, step down. Dump de Blasio Now!

Brief Flickr slide show:



I’ve covered a few of these very small protests, aware that this particular consortium is not Republican nor Democrat, too RED. Nope, these are Mayor “Red Bill” deBlasio and NYC Councilwoman Margaret Chin’s political and social comrades. YET, the consortium has a beef – a BIG on-going complaint when it comes to NYC real estate. All is not copacetic when it comes to the very personal issues of “hearth and home”.

Displacement by an ever changing city will always affect someone. Old buildings come down making way for new ones. Cities grow. But, who decides what is acceptable displacement. Are these real estate deals motivated only about greed?  Graft. Is “progressive – change” only possible when it isn’t PERSONAL?

Scary words, “We are from the government and we’ve come to …. TAKE your home – or business.” No one wants to be on the short end of that directive. It’s ALWAYS personal for someone.

The LES (Lower East Side) , Bronx consortium remains VERY unhappy with their comrades in City Hall, demanding – again- that Mayor de Blasio and Council woman Margaret Chin STEP DOWN. They want nothing less.

Having no desire to see De Balsio re-elected, I am feeling no sympathy for “Red Bill”.  Schadenfreude perhaps, as they eat their own.  (Pamela Hall)


three short videos

Part 1 – excerpted chants ” Hey- o deBlasio your killing our dreams”

Part 2 – excerpted speaker from East Harlem

Part 3 – excerpted speaker from East Harlem and the South Bronx

“….. demand Mayor de Blasio step down for promoting racist rezoning plans that target communities of color… the low-income families in the Chinese community are being pushed out, we will lose our jobs as well. Whether in Chinatown, Brooklyn or Flushing …victims of displacement, because we will face job loss. The mayor is making our lives desperate. (he should) be held accountable for racist policy of displacement and step down now. [https://peoplefirstnyc.org/]

“Mayor de Blasio’s plan for constructing an additional 300,000 apartments for the city’s growing future is hidden under the fact that the NYC’s Homeless population has grown along with the administration’s false promises to provide real affordable housing to NYC’s vulnerable households. The disparity between rich and poor was a highlight of campaign speeches gravitating popular support to the current administration as a compassionate progressive movement.”  [http://www.elbarriounite.org/]


 The Citywide Alliance Against Displacement, representing communities throughout NYC, including the Lower East Side, Chinatown, East Harlem, South Bronx, Staten Island and Flushing, will rally at City Hall to demand the Mayor step down for selling the city to real estate developers.

Mayor de Blasio continues to ignore community outcry against his pro-developer and racist development agenda. In East Harlem, he continues to push a rezoning that will destroy the historic Latino community, one of the last working class communities in Upper Manhattan. In Chinatown and the Lower East Side, community members uncovered that the de Blasio administration and local councilwoman Margaret Chin lied to the community about three mega-tower developments being built on the waterfront. The City is violating its own zoning laws by allowing these developments to move forward.

It is clear that the developers who stand to benefit the most from the Mayor’s actions are those who have contributed heavily to his re-election, like Harold Fetner of Fetner Properties,[1] JDS, Extell and many others. The Mayor has turned a blind eye to the mass scale displacement New Yorkers are experiencing, to enrich the real estate campaign donors. New Yorkers throughout the city say: Stop selling our city to developers and protect our communities from displacement.  [NY Daily News]

[Click picture to enlarge]

++ Pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall+

March For “Truth” and Rally to Build the Wall

On June 3, 2017, I caught two rallies that went from Dump Trump to Support President Trump.What a day.

FIRST:  “The March For Truth”  Foley Square, NYC – 10:30 am.

Billed as a non-partisan “Search for Truth”. But , their signs reveal what rubes they really are – again.

See Flickr slide show for the many pithy posters and slogans. Typically, some were rude and crude.


Two patriots, “Trump 2020”  and “YOU Lost” countered the “Dump Trump” anarchists, confounding the Leftists, wiped the smile from the collective when they caught a glimpse of the counter protest.

It put a smile on my face ….

They scoffed and marched on … naively committed to their search for “truth” aka agitprop. After all, why would anyone oppose their “March For Propaganda”?

At approximately 11:30, the happy snowflakes spilled out of their pen as they began their march down Broadway, playfully bouncing to the music as they held their snarky messages for all to see.


A March to SAVE Democracy.  Oh, Puhlease….

++After the March – Headed UP TOWN +++

Now it was the “Rally for the Wall” at Trump Tower hosted by the America First Foundation, Inc, with special patriot freedom fighters at LIVE From America .

RALLY FOR THE WALL BLOCK PARTY  had a message for President TRUMP”

“We have your back Mr. President and we have the funds and determination to help secure our southern border. Bring your flags and your support for our POTUS and this wall and be ready to march to Trump Towers.  We need you. Your President needs you. Your country needs YOU!”

It was approximately 12:15 when I arrived. They seemed to be from out-of-state, which might be why there was a smallish turnout.

But the speaker I heard was solid and made a reasonable case for why we need to protect our borders.

It was nice to see Americans gathered out side Trump Tower in support of President Trump’s pledge to ‘Build the Wall’.

A respite from the many hostile actions at this location, slandering his nascent administration while calling for impeachment.

Flickr Slide show:


Hope to see more of these “Support The President” rallys to counter the shocking violence towards anything or anyone Republican. Sad times that need fixin’.

Next up, a protest outside the reinterpreted Julius Caesar with the Assassination of a sitting President.

++ Pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall++

March Against Sharia Vs Pro Sharia Anarchists – June 10, 2017 – NYC

June 10, 2017 – 10 am.  Patriots gathered in Foley Square  to “March Against Sharia”.

We stand for human rights, Please join us to speak out against the atrocities committed under Sharia – Islamic penal law. We stand against oppression of women and gays, honor crimes against women, female genital mutilations, child marriages and Sharia courts in the U.S. Most of all, we stand united for our freedom of assembly, our freedom of speech, and our love of this great nation.

No idea why, but there was no march, just the anti-Sharia protest/rally, in situ.

The only marching done this day was by the PRO-Sharia NOISE-makers.

They arrived early, the PRO-Sharia Marxist/Fascist/Antifa/Socialist/Anarchists,  standing in front of the court house, armed with noise makers, pots and pans, bicycle horns and air horns.

They came prepared to make war on Free Speech. Again.

But the ANTI – Sharia patriots were not shy when it came to giving it right back at them.

They were prepared – to DEFEND the Constitution –  AGAIN.

Pax Hart , a writer and political commentator, was the host of the rally.  (I excerpted his long opening speech)

Also, have an excerpt of Madison Rising’s fabulous version of our National Anthem.

The rally started late, so I wasn’t able to stay to catch all the speakers.

I did catch part of Laura Loomer’s speech and found that, after the rally, she made a wonderfully bold move – she burqa’d the Wall Street Fearless girl! ( link HERE)

The Patriots were in top form as you can see in the Flickr Slide show.

They did not suffer the anarchists in silence.


The Marxist/ Fascist/ Anarchist noise-makers were obnoxious but did not drown out the speakers as they intended. In spite of the media’s misleading reports, if you stood at the staging area  you could hear the speakers just FINE.


Something odd seems to have sprouted on our side,  Gavin McInnes’  Proud Boys , the next gen of young Americans whose brass in fighting back is challenging the Leftists. No problem for me there but, WHY do the Proud Boys wave that FAKE green flag of Kekistan. WHAT is the point?

Kekistan is a fictional country



In picture after picture, what does it mean? Waving a FAKE flag that some feel is a NAZI flag. Neo-Facists. White Supremacists.  Shouldn’t there be a purpose to their madness?

And they also  briefly waved the WW1 flag of Germany as well. Why?

Later I saw what appears to be a Proud boys poster [magarally.com] next to their anti-Communist Action flag.

Then the poster disappeared, but reappeared in the hands of a Proud Boy. Is this kind of mockery good for our cause?

Perhaps these provocative actions and posters and flags are the mistakes of youth …. but, what’s Gavin’s excuse?  Is Gavin just a SHOCK JOCK, a wanna-be comedian whose shiz is weak ? Listening to his un-amusing speech does not make me a fan.[link here] McInnes is pictured below (with goatee) watching from side of the stage at the May 25th protest.

Listening, instead, to Pamela Geller (and Milo Yiannopoulos) who spoke at the very successful AFDI #SayNotoSarsour and Sharia Law protest on May 25. [ LINK TO FULL VIDEO] is encouraging and inspiring.

They, too, were hounded by the same PRO-Sharia anarchists, armed with noise makers, whistles and obnoxious chants. But the crowds of patriots at the AFDI protest hung in there, in spite of the noise , demanding that we all Say NO to Sharia Law, not support it. [Link to May 25th report]

The TRUTH rang out – both days – not NOISE.

No Marxist, Fascist, Anarchist, Antifas will ever succeed in shutting down our FREE SPEECH. They keep trying, but We will NOT be SILENCED.

Game on!

[Where indicated, pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall]

Protest Linda Sarsour Keynote Address Outside Apollo Theatre

June 1, 2017. 3 pm-5 pm.  Harlem NYC. Outside the famed Apollo Theatre.

Inside, the CUNY graduation ceremony will begin at 5 pm. Meanwhile, there was much activity outside as the attendees gathered, waiting to go in.

Ignoring the many #NoToSarsour protests, Linda Sasour’s CUNY keynote address was happening – anyway-

So two dedicated protestors walked back and forth in front of the Apollo; engaging the passersby and informing them why an anti-Semite, Hamas-supporting, sharia-loving woman, Linda Sarsour, should NOT be the keynote role-model for these (or any) grads.

For approx 45 minutes it was just two patriots engaging passersby with the facts regarding their protest and they spoke to many supportive passersby. Who would have ‘thunk’ it. In Harlem.

There were encouraging responses, particularly from men of colour – 20-4o years of age. Some had actually been at the AFDI #NoToSarsour protest the previous  Thursday.

One fellow joined the two  #NoToSarsour protestors for what seemed to be his lunch break as he sat, sign-in-hand and ate his lunch in front of the attendees.

Part 1 video. A brief look at the two protestors outside the Apollo

After a firestorm of protests leading up to June 1, CUNY held firm, claiming to support all types of speakers, even controversial ones; a disingenuous defense for choosing Sarsour and ignoring the FACTS about why she was a poor choice.

But, CUNY has an agenda: to make SHARIA law acceptable to the masses. Therefore Linda Sarsour, self-proclaimed sharia-loving “feminist” MUST remain their keynote speaker.

Sadly, those graduating were pawns in the agitprop game of the leftists-in-charge, who snarkily took over the sidewalk and lobbied the police to remove the two CUNY protestors. The feminazi lesbian brigade was particularly confrontational with the female protestor.

The major domo lesbian lobbied the police “white shirts”, oh-so-sweetly, getting NYPD to briefly do her bidding. “Make those two racist protestors go far, far away… pretty please?”

The police actually attempted to keep the two protestors AWAY (out of sight) from the domineering leftists who were “front and center” by the line of attendees.

No standing. anywhere. Only walking. No TALKING to passersby.” Then it was, “You can’t WALK back and forth in front of the crowd.”

Of course, the rules were re-written to protect-the-left, but with quiet resistance the two Sarsour protestors politely persevered, continuing to walk-the-gauntlet of  leftists and grad attendees: Unscathed.

NONE of these attempts at new rules were applied to the sidewalk-glut created by the banner-brigade peace grandmas.

They stopped. talked. “fumbled” with their banner. handed out flowers.

They stood in the center of the sidewalk and sat on little chairs with their signs demanding an end to Islamophobia and police violence.

The NYPD handled them well ….

Nicely. politely and with a respect they didn’t deserve.

… in spite of their rudely offensive signs …

Finally, some of the leftist protestors went inside a pen where their signs and banners were very visible for the grad attendees.

As long as those two pesky anti-Sarsour protestors were kept FAR AWAY the lefties were content, peace flowers-in hand, to freely walk, talk and engage the passersby.

Honoring their “creed”: NO competition-of-thought allowed, kept their tigers-at-bay.

Flickr Slide show of both sides outside the Apollo


The Lefties – all types – included the Raging Grandmas (for Peace) – one waved her Freedom Socialist rag of a “news paper” in my face while calling ME a Nazi.

Also, joining them were the do-gooder, self-hating “Jews for Islam” aka Jewish Voice For Peace and the ridiculous feminazis.

A very familiar face was “Rabbi” Michael Feinberg –  passing out peace flowers. Feinberg is a dedicated hard-core UNION leftist who gives no quarter to any position that threatens his do gooder-ism. There is no illegal sanctuary, anti-police, pro-Islam cause that he and his comrades-in-arms do not support.

They live to protest all things good and decent, under the guise of decency.

5 pm – All were inside. CUNY prevailed. The ceremony was on course. Sarsour gave her keynote speech with Sharia Law unsullied.  I read later that Sarsour’s speech was even LIVE-streamed. (wow)

Hope the attendees who told us they planned on standing and turning their backs on her were successful.  BUT, OF COURSE, WE WILL NEVER KNOW cause the MSM will NEVER let that be the story-of-record.

Still, two stalwart protestors proved again that, even in small numbers,  you CAN make a difference. For a couple of hours they made a crack in the left’s black-out on the TRUTH.

As for the report on the keynote address, I found some research links that revealed Sarsour was color co-ordinated with everyone, including the lights – the venue – a lovely rich blue dominated the scene.

Muslim Rights Activist Delivers CUNY Commencement Address at Apollo Theater [NY1]  vid clip on her Keynote address

More reports on the keynote offensive from  Pamela Geller

Gateway Pundit

Jewish Week. Times of Israel

And then, lest we forget it was Ramadan, Sarsour went back to midtown, outside Trump Tower to PRAY IFTAR – ON Fifth Avenue.

see IFTAR  twitter reporta

Why bother with a mosque when you can kneel and crying to ALLAH on the streets of Manhattan. And the Leftie Jews that run Manhattan were there SUPPORTING (and protecting) this foolishness.

Next up. March Against Sharia, June 10. The controversy never ends.

[Where designated, pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall]


An addendum – Perhaps this was a FEMINIST lead support group for Sarsour since it was comprised of the feminazis, peace-grandmas and lesbians. Helping me come to this perspective was one of their photographers, Joan L  Roth. She seems to be a part of their group at large.

Found it interesting that Roth’s works promote Jewish women, a world wide commitment. BUT, this LINK [ http://lilith.org/articles/thru-a-feminist-lens-joan-roth-photographs-a-world-of-jewish-women/] begs the question, “Is Roth blind to the dangers of Islam – world wide- that endangers the Jewish people and WOMEN AND homosexuals?

She writes: “I went to Kiev in 1991 because it was the 50th anniversary of Babi Yar. For a long time, Jews weren’t even allowed to visit the site. This was the first time that the government allowed an official memorial service.

Thousands of Jews, a huge sea of people carrying candles and flowers, all walked from the train station to Babi Yar—the same route as half a century ago. There was a blown-up photo at the site, of naked women. It never occurred to me that you had to take your clothes off to be shot. I’ve never been able to get that photo out of my mind.

Everyone there had a mother, a father, a grandparent or some relative who was murdered at Babi Yar. This woman [center of photo] (5) was a survivor, one of only four or five. She was thrown into the canyon as a child, and somehow crawled out. She crawled to the house of non-Jews she knew. Here she poses with these non-Jews, brother and sister; she
was brought up with them. The three of them are together a lot. They were moved that I thought it was important to photograph them—so they’re crying. Still in pain after all these years.

After I visited Babi Yar, I went to synagogue in Kiev. That’s where I started this kind of prayer I say—to my grandfather, to God—thanking my grandfather for having had the courage to leave Russia. My aunt used to tell me how beautiful Kiev was, the cherry blossoms in spring. She used to say, “If I had stayed, it would have been so easy for me to become a doctor,” and I used to think, “What are you talking about, you’d be dead.”

So, on this day, HOW can Sharia Law not be a source of emotional and intellectual conflict for any feminist’s sensibilities?  ’tis a puzzlement.

Celebrate Israel Parade 2017 – Protests Amidst the Happiness

“Celebrate Israel All Together”  NYC June 4, 2017.

“Together, we are stronger. We encourage and support each other; we celebrate our differences and find common ground; we increase our understanding of ourselves, each other and the world. Our love for Israel unites us throughout history, now and forever! All together, we celebrate Israel!”

“The parade, hosted by the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York (JCRC-NY) began in 1965 and this year marked the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem.

The 2017 parade was led by Erdan and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and was attended by dignitaries including members of Knesset, the mayor of Jerusalem, senators and congressmen”

I arrived early, 10:30. Streets empty as we await the parade at 11 AM. And then the shofar, NYPD band and cheers began …

Flickr Slide Show – The parade was joyful but not meek when it came to challenging the RUDE shills-for-Fakestine.


More video that includes the JDL as well as other parade goers challenging the RUDE LIES shouted at the families as they marched by.

Flickr slide show. The marchers (young and old) and some on the sidelines – like the JDL – did NOT march silently past the obnoxious Progs, Muslims and Neteuri Karta.


Then there were the politicians …. Letitia James, Mayor Red Bill deBlasio and the City Council members (who I saw march) –  Margaret Chin and Ydanis Rodríguez – who work 24/ 7 for sanctuary city status, free college for illegals and Fakestine. Always there for Fakestine. Now they celebrate Israel? Opportunists. HYP-O-CRITES.

Found a report on the politicians and the progs that filled out more of the story from MondoWeiss

….the parade showcased cooperation of Israel and New York’s political elites. Bill de Blasio marched alongside Nir Barkat while New York Senator Chuck Schumer, one of New York’s most outspoken critics of Trump and a familiar face at anti-Islamophobia rallies in the city, marched up Fifth Avenue waving an Israeli flag the entire way.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was featured prominently between Israel’s Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan—an ardent backer of Israel’s illegal West Bank settlement enterprise— and Chemi Peres, the son of Israel’s former prime minister Shimon Peres. Cuomo was introduced as “a great friend of Israel and supporter of the Jewish community,” undoubtedly thanks in part to the anti-BDS legislation he signed into law exactly one year ago.

Other elected officials included Melissa Mark-Viverito, speaker of the New York City Council, New York City public advocate Letitia James and borough presidents of Queens and Manhattan, Melinda Katz and Gale Brewer.

My friends at AFSI were also there. Marching. Somehow I never saw them. Disappointed. But, thanks to the full video stream of the parade, I was able to grab a screen shot.

BTW- Thought the garbage trucks post parade – there were so many- was funny – the streets were CLEAN.

As always, the ubiquitous Neteuri Karta droning on about no Israel.

Nasty Fakestinians. Shouting. Rude.

AND the obnoxious red-shirted, music-playing, left-preaching, agitprop show I saw gathering at the Gen. T. Sherman statue; ALL hating on Israel.

The ‘progs’ marched in the parade – AGAIN. Once at the parade stand the BDSing PROGS were WELCOMED to the Celebrate Israel Parade. (sick)

Besides my video above, MondoWeiss  also caught the JDL standing up to these lies, raging at the Fakestinians:

“Fifth Avenue in Manhattan was awash in blue and white flags on Sunday, June 4 as the Celebrate Israel parade kicked off for its 52nd year. This year’s theme according to organizers was “Celebrate Israel All Together,” though the 50th year of Jerusalem’s “reunification” took center stage.

But for “Palestinians”, the so-called reunification of Jerusalem marks the beginning of Israel’s 50-year military occupation of the West Bank including East Jerusalem.”

With this in mind, multiple anti-occupation protests halted the parade along its route, resulting in 7 arrests by the NYPD.

The JDL seemed primarily interested in protesting a pro-Palestinian contingent penned in at 58th street that included Al-Awda New York, American Muslims for Palestine New Jersey, CODEPINK, International Action Center, Jews for Palestinian Right of Return, Labor for Palestine, Neturei Karta, NY4Palestine, New York City Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), Rutgers SJP and Samidoun, the Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network. (WHERE did he see all these names??)

Members of the JDL refused to speak with Mondoweiss, but yelled things like “Go back to Jordan!” and “There is no Palestine, there will never be a Palestine” as can be heard in the accompanying video.”

The JDL was solid …. bold and brave.

But they were gnats compared to what the Progs did through out the parade. Jewish Voice For Peace was there eagerly recording their nefarious deeds:

“Celebrate Israel parade disrupted repeatedly by Jewish activists calling for an end to denial of Palestinian rights

Seven activists arrested throughout the day in a series of protests against Israeli occupation & apartheid on 50th anniversary of occupation…The annual Celebrate Israel parade was repeatedly disrupted by over 100 Jewish activists, including 7 who were arrested for civil disobedience demonstrations that at times stopped the parade’s progress.

One group of activists blocked NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and his contingent, protesting the New York Police Department collaboration with Israeli security forces, an exchange of worst practices that harm communities of color & Palestinians. The activists locked themselves together across Fifth Avenue, preventing the Mayor from marching for several minutes with signs reading “Black & Palestinian Lives Matter”, “NYPD & IDF collaborate to kill”, and “End Israeli Apartheid.” Several parade-goers and private security attacked the protesters.

Another group of queer Jews staged a sit in disrupting the LGBTQ contingent holding signs saying ‘No pride in apartheid’ and ‘Queer Jews for a free Palestine.’ “We are here as queer and trans Jews to say that apartheid and occupation are nothing to celebrate and that we will not be used by the state of Israel to cover up its violent oppression of Palestinian people,” said Craig Willse, one of the 5 activists arrested in the nonviolent demonstration.

Demonstrators with IfNotNow also unfurled a banner across the parade route that read “No Celebration with Occupation,” slowing down the procession.

Other periodic disruptions occurred throughout the route.  At the close of the parade, marchers were greeted by stiltwalkers with banners reading “Celebrate Ending Israeli Apartheid” and “Stop the Deadly Exchange.”

There is nothing to celebrate until Palestinians have equal rights, until the occupation ends, until there is justice, dignity and equality for all people living in that land,” said Rebecca Vilkomerson, executive director of Jewish Voice for Peace.This week marks 50 years of Israel’s military occupation, and 70 years since the displacement of Palestinians at the founding of the state of Israel. We can’t celebrate while Palestinians are denied basic rights to freedom and dignity.”

Progressive Israel: Partners for Progressive Israel’s Mission

“Partners for Progressive Israel is dedicated to two equally essential goals: First, the achievement of a durable and just peace between Israel and all its neighbors, especially the Palestinian people, based on a negotiated two-state solution. Partners for Progressive Israel believes that Israel’s ongoing occupation and settlement effort undermine the country’s national interests, sully the image of Zionism, and inevitably lead to the violation of the human rights of those under occupation.

Second, and just as importantly, Partners for Progressive Israel is dedicated to the realization of human and civil rights, equality and social justice for all of Israel’s inhabitants – regardless of ethnic/religious identity, national origin, gender, or sexual orientation.

The mission of Partners for Progressive Israel is to generate and promote partnership between Israelis and Americans who support a progressive Israel.  Based on the notion of a common people hood, we focus in particular on partnership and collaboration between American Jews and their Israeli counterparts in order to help create a more progressive Israel and Zionist movement.

Towards this end, Partners for Progressive Israel educates American Jews, and Americans generally, regarding the issues of peace, democracy, justice, and equality in Israel and the territories it controls.

Just as importantly, Partners for Progressive Israel develops and implements hands-on programs that enable the American Jewish community, and its friends, to provide real support for policies of peace, democracy, justice, and equality in Israeli society.”

T’Ruah The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights

New Israel Fund

“Advancing democracy and equality for all Israelis. Provide critically-needed support to hundreds of national and community-based organizations working to safeguard civil and human rights, promote religious tolerance and pluralism and narrow economic and social gaps in Israel.”

Beit Simchat Torah

“Congregation Beit Simchat Torah (“CBST”) is a synagogue located in Manhattan, New York City. It was founded in 1973[1] and describes itself as the world’s largest LGBT synagogue”

Found a JVP Twitter post that happily recorded their obnoxious protests.


Proudly the JVP posted video and pictures of their offensive protest shenanigans:

end Israeli apartheid progs

gay progs lay across 5th ave

JVP end apartheid / Deadly Exchange t-shirts

More “No pride in apartheid” and “Queer Jews for a free Palestine ” Gay progs blocking Fifth Avenue

the arrests began : finally


Very proud “progressives” . PROUD of their hatred for all things Israeli.
Their controversy becomes the norm. The PROGS are now accepted — BUT ALSO ARRESTED!


MondoWeiss had more on the arrestees:

“Rosza Daniel Lang-Levitsky, one of those arrested for forming a blockade of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat at 65th and 5th Avenue, sought with this action to highlight the collusion between New York law enforcement authorities and those in Israel.

The creation of panic around supposed terrorist threats directly affects Muslim communities in ways that are very much driven by the New York City government’s commitment to exchanges with the Israeli government,” Lang-Levitsky told Mondoweiss. (Jewish Voice for Peace has recently launched a new campaign called #DeadlyExchange, bringing light to this very issue). [snip]

Rightwing Zionists and progressive Zionists in practice are no different said Lang-Levitsky, a member of the Jewish Voice for Peace Artists and Cultural Workers Council.

“This parade is one of the points where it’s very visible that there’s absolutely no difference between these organizations and their support for state violence both in Palestine and in this country.”

Two demonstrators, center right top and center, are taken into police custody near 5th Ave. and W. 65th Street during the 53rd annual Celebrate Israel Parade Sunday, June 4, 2017, in New York. (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle)

The Daily Mail: Two demonstrators, center right top and center, are taken into police custody near 5th Ave. and W. 65th Street during the 53rd annual Celebrate Israel Parade Sunday, June 4, 2017, in New York. (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle)

A demonstrator is taken into police custody near 5th Ave. and W. 65th Street during the 53rd annual Celebrate Israel Parade Sunday, June 4, 2017, in New York. (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle)

I end this report with a personal flashback re 10 years of covering the NYC MUSLIM Day Parade. Even though there were small  protests in the beginning of my coverage, protestors with signs – confrontational info aka FACTS, that all ended a few years ago. Long gone after 4 years (maybe 5). Now, there is silence.  Nothing.  No protests. No signs. The controversy has morphed into acceptability. All things Muslim, Si. Israeli, NO!

Even the outrageous year (2014) of the Annual Muslim Parade when I captured these pictures of virgins in cages …

… and plastic guns held high.

That controversial year has predictably disappeared down the PC rabbit hole. But never the dedicated agitprop bent on destroying Israel.

From Algemeiner:

“… organizations dedicated to destroying Israel’s economy through boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) being given the privilege of marching?

One of these groups is openly organizing a boycott against targeted Israeli companies, including Ahava Cosmetics. Others have supported the infamous Goldstone Report, and funded organizations that urged Norway to divest from Israel.

At the center of the controversy is the New Israel Fund (NIF), which was granted permission to march in last year’s parade. Other extremist groups marched with NIF, displaying their individual banners, including B’Tselem, Partners for Progressive Israel and Rabbis for Human Rights. This year, NIF is slated to march again, and we expect B’Tselem and the other groups will once again join NIF, displaying their banners.

The issue is clear: Jews who actively work to sabotage Israel’s economy should not be included in the Celebrate Israel Parade.

… the New Israel Fund, which it sees as posing as a Zionist organization while de-legitimizing Israel, and therefore “a greater threat to Israel than any boycott organizations worldwide.”

“The New Israel Fund sees participation in the parade as a strategic step in being accepted as a Zionist organization, in spite of the fact that they have encouraged a boycott of products and companies in Judea and Samaria,” claimed Matan Peleg, CEO of Im Tirtzu.”

On that note, JVP proclaims:



++Only where indicated, pictures and videos are property of Pamela Hall++


#CancelSarsour Protest a Great success, May 25th, 2017

MAY 25 , 2017
12 to  2 pm (rain or shine)

Protest  CUNY Keynote Speaker
Pro-Terror anti-Semite : Linda Sarsour

Protest terror and hate at CUNY– this will not stand.(Pamela Geller)

“The AFDI demo against CUNY’s obscene invitation to pro-terror Jew-hater Linda Sarsour to give their commencement address was a smashing success! With over a thousand people who came out in a downpour of pelting rain on East 42nd Street outside CUNY’s headquarters on to oppose the mainstreaming of evil. It was an amazing event, a turning point, despite Mayor de Blasio’s nefarious attempts to undermine and destroy the rally.” [Pamela Geller]

Pamela Geller's photo.

Speakers included:
Assemblyman Dov Hikind
Milo Yiannopoulos
Pamela Geller
Nonie Darwish, Former Muslims United
John Guandolo, Founder of UnderstandingTheThreat.com.
David Wood, Acts 17 Apologetics

MY THOUGHTS on the event. To begin – It was raining and raining and RAINING for the whole TWO Hours.  But, this did not deter anyone for showing up.

                                      [2 photos – Mike Grambush]

Even the press, eager to hear Milo speak, hung around. Milo was the keynote, so he spoke at the end. So the press WAITED. In the RAIN. As did we all.

The dedicated patriots enthusiastically jammed the protest area. Everyone hung in there – meeting the challenge of rain and the VERY obnoxious Leftist noise pollution.

  [AFDI screen shot with me in red circle]

No rain was going to stop the patriots. NOR did it stop the soc/commie/leftists. So the police line was long and tight at the stage area

                                 (3 live podcast screen shots – Tim Pool)

The ruse …. as long as passersby can move through the sidewalk …. passing their screaming gauntlet, the Soc/Commie/Lefties claim the right to STAND there, SCREAMING. Which is contrary to what we have been told in the past by the NYPD: keep moving, not standing, has been the supposed rule of law – til now.

Moving – no standing – but the lefties bully the system (always) to get their way. So rules change as they need them to change. An electic group of 20-something patriots marched back and forth in front of the Lefties, No standing around for them. [Foot Note – finally have a name for the eccentric Libertarian protestors – PROUD BOYS, a creation of Gavin McInnes]

Saw Gavin McInnes (the Proud Boy mentor) enter the stage enclosure from the crowd behind me. Wondered if he was speaking (he wasn’t listed). He was not. Just hung out at the edge of the stage.  Police didn’t like him offering a can of Pepsi to the protesting morons.

[my 2 screen shots of McInnes (with goatee) arriving and watching from side of the stage]

As for the abuses heaped upon The AFDI Speakers- by the obnoxious Left – I heard that the reason we were surrounded and drowned out by the Leftists was that the police were sued by the Commies – to be allowed to stand wherever they liked. (no idea if this is correct)

[AFDI screenshot]

Brief video of the crowd and the noise harassment. Noni Darwish was bravely speaking over the din.

Another source reported that when the police moved the Lefties away from the stage, the Commies started making phone calls. Presuming these calls went to someone in “Red Bill’s” office, since they were allowed, post-haste, and en masse a return to the staging area where they continued to relentlessly harass the speakers. (I understand the officers expressed frustration at this favoritism).

Which is why you will hear the unabated harassment heaped at these brave and dedicated speakers while they gave important and honorable speeches. I have posted videos of most of the speakers.

Pamela Geller’s opening remarks on why Linda Sarsour should not be the Key Note Speaker. “CUNY COULD have done BETTER”

Milo Yiannopoulos was the final keynote speaker

Noni Darwish gave an impassioned speech on the dangers of Sharia. She lived it and left Islam  ( which infuriates the Left) so they were particularly RUDE to her

David Wood (excerpted) is a respected scholar on Islam and Sharia spoke of the dangers of leave Islam – the sharia fatwas-  and the dangers for everyone to live – forced – under sharia.

John Guandolo – Ex FBI agent addressed the lies we in the so called (enlightened)  West are taught about Islam and Sharia. And what we can do about those lies.

Dov Hikind  (D) N.Y. State Assemblyman

Parting thoughts from Pamela Geller:

 CUNY has invited a pro-terror, pro-sharia anti-semite to give the keynote commencement address. And they will not reconsider. Universities have dis-invited Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Nonie Darwish, Ann Coulter, Milo, legions of conservative thinkers and voices in defense of freedom, but a vicious, pro-sharia, Jew-hater they will defend to the death and that is it right there. They fear jihad. They fear Islamic supremacists. They know no harm with come to them if they smear, defame, libel or cancel us. They know we don’t destroy, maim, behead like Sarsour supporters and their violent running dogs on the left.

On June 1, Sharia advocate Linda Sarsour will be giving the graduate commencement speech at the City University of New York. While no one who believes in freedom of speech would object to Linda’s right to speak at a university, a graduate commencement address is a completely different story. The graduate commencement speaker is chosen by the university for the students’ final “send off.” Couldn’t CUNY find someone besides a Sharia advocate to speak at a celebration for students and their families?

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch calls on Americans to protest:

Some people are responding by insisting that Linda Sarsour should be allowed to speak on college campuses. It seems they’ve missed the point entirely. No one is saying that Linda shouldn’t be allowed to speak at CUNY. (Robert even challenges her to a debate.) The protest is about Linda being the COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER for the graduation. The commencement speaker is the university’s choice for who gives the final “send off” for the graduates. CUNY chose a Sharia proponent for the final send off. That’s what’s being protested. CUNY is trying to ram Sharia down students’ and parents’ throats.

My next report- June 1st, 2017. Many fine patriots intend to protest outside the the Apollo Theatre where the grads will assemble inside. Wonder if the patriots will be allowed ANYWHERE NEAR the entrance.  To be continued….

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