BDS Leftists enraged by Cuomo’s anti-BDS support for Israel (6-09-16)

Ramadan 2016 : ISRAEL.(June 8) Murder by Jihad; Orlando (June 10), Mass Murder by Jihad; France (June 14) Murder by JIHAD.

Ramadan-the Month of Jihad” when Jihadi’s Kill the Infidel”.
Yet, the Jihadis remain a mystery to those who control the message. The media (the President) BLAME anyone or anything BUT NOT Islam. Islam, is the Religion of “Peace”.

And then came RAMADAN 2016 (June 5th to July 5) On Wednesday, June 8, 2016 (the day before the “Shame on Cuomo” protest) Jihadis MURDERED innocent people sitting in a restaurant in Tel Aviv.  In celebration, Muslims shared candies, laughing, smiling, cheering for this ‘successful’ act of terrorism.

  • Hamas has praised the attack …  Fireworks were set off in Gaza and Hebron in celebration of the attack.[48]
  • Some Palestinian citizens in East Jerusalem and Tulkarm started to celebrate the event by handing out candies …  Jpost reported that Salma al-Jamal, a Palestinian news anchor working at Al-Jazeera TV, wrote on Twitter: “The Ramadan operation is the best answer to stories about ‘peace process’ that some people are trying in vain to revive.”

On Thursday, June 9, 2016. The Shame on Governor Cuomo protest gathered outside the NY Governor’s Manhattan office building. Soc/Commie/Progs, many anti-Israel Jews, were angry.
Very angry that the Governor had signed an executive order against the BDS movement.

Jewish Voice for Peace, a social justice group that co-organized the protest, blasted Cuomo’s executive order as an unconstitutional “attempt to repress the growing movement for Palestinian rights.”

Boycott for Justice Flyer0001Gov. Cuomo proclaimed, “If you boycott Israel, New York will boycott you.

“I am signing an Executive Order that says very clearly we are against the BDS movement,” Cuomo tweeted on Sunday.

About the BDS bill: “Gov. Cuomo’s executive order – the first of its kind signed by a governor – demands that a list of businesses supporting BDS directly or indirectly be drawn up over the next six months.”

Boycott for Justice Flyer0002

In New York, we lead by example. We are also a place of action. We want to take immediate action because we want Israel to know that we are on their side,” the governor said

[…] A wave of anti-BDS legislation has been introduced, and in some cases passed, in Congress and in state legislatures across the country, including South Carolina, Illinois, Florida, Pennsylvania, California, Indiana, and Virginia.”

“This order sends the message that this state will do everything in its power to end this hateful, intolerant campaign. New York and Israel share an unbreakable bond and I pray that the Israeli and Palestinian people will find a way to live side by side and find peace, prosperity, and security,” he said.

Next, videos and slideshows.  A look at the “Shame On Cuomo” protestors and the stalwart opposition.
A confident pro-Israel counter-protest,comprised of AFSI (Americans For A Safe Israel) and JCC Watch members, were a very vivid presence.

[scroll through a 4 page PDF handout from anti-BDS counter-protest,” How Progressive are We When we are Supporting Or Promoting Hatred of Jews?“]

The “Thank You Gov Cuomo” counter-protest infiltrated the sidewalk maize of Lefties, their THANK YOU Governor signs held high over the crowd. 
They walked within the gridlocked Commie-circle of bodies that was thickest at the entrance to the office building (of course).
The Commies pretended to co-operate with the police who worked valiantly to keep them moving. 
But, the well-rehearsed sidewalk blockage (“somehow”) did not get loosened …. while the drum, drum, drummer kept on drumming along.


Two Flickr Slideshows : The anti-Israel/PRO-BDS protestors

The counter-protest in support of Cuomo’s anti-BDS executive order.

RAMADAN 2016 [June 5-July 5] there have (already) … been Jihad murders… There will be many more …. as many Muslims [observing Ramadan] worldwide read the entire Qur’an … [it is a FACT that]

Jihad groups routinely and unanimously couch their appeals and justifications in Qur’anic terms.

(proclaiming it to be) “a month of calamity everywhere for nonbelievers”?

Brace yourself: there are (still) 16 days to go.


“nakba” 2016 – “palestine” – one long endless hoax

  Genocidal Chants and Lies commemorating the“nakba” fraud were blasted outside NY City Hall on Sunday, May 15, 2016.

The “nakba” is
the failed invasion of Israel by foreign Muslim armies, by Egyptian, Iraqi, Syrian and Jordanian forces, that began on May 15, 1948 and is now an annual “day of mourning” over the miserable defeat of their invading armies at the hands of the indigenous Jewish population.

That’s the “nakba” … when the Muslim armies INVADED Israel…

[to] celebrate Islamic terrorism and discuss who was living in Israel first: These two topics are the beginning and end of any “Palestinian” identity. And both of them involve hating Jews.

“palestine” is one long endless fraud.

FACT: “palestine” is a parasitic political entity that derives its wealth… water… electricity from Israel and gets its history… culture… its entire reason for existing from Israel.

The only ‘palestinian’ culture is appropriation.

The LIES: An exhibit in March 2012, at the Metropolitan Museum, perpetuated the HOAX of a peaceful Islamic Cultural expansion. FACT: Islamic culture is genocidal appropriation comprised of “historical” LIES and Fraud.

“… as the Muslim Invasion continues, their version of history goes unchallenged in this visible and invisible world of the 21st c. ”

Islamic Art, Bridges the World at the Metropolitan Museum

The Muslim INVADERS claim that King David was a Muslim, that Jesus was a “palestinian” and that the Star of David, which long predated Islam, is an Islamic symbol.

150 years ago, Mark Twain visited Muslim-occupied Israel
and wrote of “unpeopled deserts” and “mounds of barrenness,” of “forlorn” and “untenanted” cities.

Palestine is “desolate,” he concluded. “One may ride ten miles hereabouts and not see ten human beings.”

The same is true of the “palestinian” Museum which opened in 2016 with much fanfare and one slight problem: while admission is free, there’s nothing inside for any of the visitors to see except the bare walls.

“palestine” is an empty building with nothing in it.

“palestine” is a political Potemkin village. There’s a flag, an anthem, a museum and all the trappings of a country but, if you look closer, there’s nothing inside.

“palestinian” identity has no meaning or context without hating Jews. It IS ABOUT ISLAM’s HATRED of all things NON-Muslim BUT in particular all things JEWISH.

‘palestine’ has no past … no future. When the Muslim Invaders take over countries. cities. villages. churches. cathedrals. synagogues. temples. All must  accept Islam, SUBMIT or Die.

They ERASE all evidence of any history before Islam. Perpetuating the LIE that ISLAM is not the problem. The JEWS are. Israel IS.

The INDIGENOUS peoples of the Holy Land are THE  JEWS. Which is WHY a museum a few miles outside the capital of the “palestinian” Authority… find(s) (no)thing “palestinian” to exhibit in what it claims is historic (“palestinian”) land…. The bare walls testify that… there is no palestinian culture. There is no palestinian history.

VIDEO 1 – THE TRUTH denied as anti-Israel Genocidal Chants and Lies assault all who pass-by

The chants: Hudna, Hudna don’t you cry, “Fakestine” will never die” – We Want 48, We don’t want a Two State – We don’t wanta a Two- State, We want 48! – “When People are Occupied, Resistance is Justified “(followed by the ubiquitous chants) “The People United will Never be Defeated” and “Free Free “Fakestine”, “Long Live “Fakestine”.

A male speaker:
“When we say we want to return, it’s not just a slogan. We don’t play any games. We are genuine about our cause and about our beliefs. Make no mistake, when we said we want “Fakestine’ to be free, we MEAN just that : “From the River to the Sea! “Fakestine” will be Free.” Let the whole world hear you. let the politicians , the Zionists walking around taking picture (I think he means ME)… the Mossad. We have no doubt that ONE DAY, no matter how long it takes, we will return to our beloved “ancestral-homeland” “Fakestine” . LONG LIVE “FAKESTINE”. It’s not over til we get our LAND back. Never Forget. Never FORGIVE. We WILL Return! Free Free “Fakestine”

VIDEO 2 – “nakba” lies outside NY City Hall joined by Communist radicals warn that “violence is necessary”.  Laura Whitehorn & Lamis Deek Whitehorn  spent 14 years in Federal Prison. Deek is an attorney who never met a radical she didn’t want to represent.  Both in New York’s CITY HALL Park demanding the creation of ANOTHER Islamic State of Apartheid – in the Middle East- those “BASTIONS of equality!”

[00:00 to 00:48] Excerpt from Communist Radical [aka “political” prisoner] LAURA WHITEHORN was charged with “conspiracy to influence, change, and protest policies and practices of the United States government by violent and illegal means”. She received a sentence of twenty years – released after 14. In the 60s, Whitehorn was active in the “civil rights” movement, supported the Black Panther Party, the Black Liberation Movement and the New Afrikan Independence Movement, Puerto Rican Independence and the liberation of women, gays and lesbians. Whitehorn also lists fighting the KKK and organized white supremacy … YET she was in CITY HALL park demanding the creation of ANOTHER Islamic State of apartheid – in the Middle East- those “BASTIONS of Equality!”  WHITEHORN insists that “the delegation Jews are anti-Zionist Jews .This has nothing to do with anti-Semitism. It is an national Liberation Movement.”

[00:49 to 3:56] Second female speaker most likely, Jihadi Attorney at Law- LAMIS DEEK.“Fakestinians” do not accord legitimacy to Israel. Israel is called the 48. BRING that message HERE. Stop saying Israel! Israel is “48”. Israel’s BANNED from the Land of “Fakestinians”. we must FREE “Fakestine” A “Two-State Solution” is ABSOLUTELY NO Solution. We fought apartheid. We fought racism. we fought genocide in “Fakestine” and it is our responsibility here in the U.S. to make sure that this does not continue to happen. The U.S. as we all know funds Israel to the tune of 4-5 BILLION dollars. That means in the U.S. our hands are filled with blood. We need to take a stand against it. We need to be in the streets. And we need to LINK the Black Liberation Movement AND the Liberation Movement of OPPRESSED people IN the United States – Native Americans, Chicanos, Puerto Ricans…. fight to ‘free Fakestine” . We stand here in solidarity. Every year. The crowd cheered as Lamis gave encouragement and support for violence as a necessary act of resistance (when necessary)

Re Political Prisoners: Whitehorn and Deek waxed on and on about violent felons [also “political” prisoners”] claiming they were imprisoned wrongfully. Bombs – they’re just another form of litter…perhaps… Lamis seems to think so…. As she mentions that Whitehorn spent 14 years in prison (in part) because she BOMBED the headquarters of the Israeli Aircraft Industry right here in NYC. (the crowd CHEERS). “Part of what we need to understand, people who’s Nations have been under ‘attack” have THE RIGHT- by any means necessary to DEFEND their homeland “(the crowd goes wild with CHEERS again) “In the United States- Black Political Prisoners. White Political Prisoners. Chicanos. Native Americans. We say FREEDOM to “Fakestine”. We won’t stop until Freedom until “Fakestine” is Free.

Outside NY City Hall Park- Patriot Jim defended Israel by exposing the LIES about “Fakestine”.
At one point he was joined by a British fellow passing by who also challenged the “Fakestinan” LIES. This man, as well as Patriot Jim, were a huge source of irritation for the Commies and Muslims .

VIDEO 3 – “What a SUCCESS story you guys are. yeah yeah Liberal States have been great for Gays…good for gays, good for women…what a joke…you’re all so confused…44 Arab States, not enough: Yemen, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Iraq- another one and then another one- you’re a BASTION of equality; a bastion of democracy.”(Responding to a Muslim female) “Every Arab country’s apartheid. How about women’s rights, gay rights…you’re an f-ing moron. How about women’s rights?”

(The Muslima responds) “They’re Great” (followed by a non sequitur) “A 100,000 ‘palestinians’ died.” (The Brit responds as cops make him leave ), You’re not a Liberal, you’re a MORON”. Move along-mustn’t upset the Muslim protestors chanting over and over for “One solution- Intifada- Revolution”. Translated: “Death to the Jews. ERASE “the 48, aka Israel” from the history books.

The TRUTH: “There is no such thing as a “palestinian” people, no such thing as a “palestinian” history and no “palestinian” language exists. There has never been any independent, sovereign “palestinian” state in all of recorded history.”

VIDEO 4 –  A couple of “Fakestinians’ claim they are the NICE guys.

City Hall Park- NYC-  Muslims. Communists. Black Panther Racists join the media (our schools) our educated fools to preach the “Fakestinian” narrative: “Muslims Good. Zionists (Jews) BAD.”

The “Fakestinian” Hoax. The Fraud is dedicated to the destruction of  “the 48” (Israel) and teh LIE that the  Zionists have NO right to live on “MUSLIM” land (ISRAEL)

My slideshow pics

IN CONCLUSION. The agit-prop on the Fakestinian Facebook page :

“On the 68th anniversary of the “occupation” of palestine … as the palestinian people enter the 68th year of “dispossession” and “exile”, we call on all… supporters of “justice” and “liberation” to come together to… commemorate the “nakba”, stand against the “continuing” nakba… to call for the “right of return” for palestinian “refugees” and freedom for palestine.

The war of 1948 …  over 800,000 palestinians driven from their homesthe State of Israel created on that land …the”struggle” for their “right to return”…. continues today.”

The speakers included representatives of New York City Students for Justice in Palestine, Al-Awda NY, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition, American Muslims for Palestine, International Action Center, Existence is Resistance, Jews for Palestinian Right of Return, Muslim American Society, BAYAN USA and other groups struggling for “Justice” in “Fakestine” and internationally.

“We don’t want two states – we want 48!” Lamis Deek (Jihadi attorney)

nyc-nakba-michael4Nerdeen Kiswani of New York City Students for Justice in palestine wrote that the rally was full of palestinian youth, which gave me an intense feeling of hope and optimism, that the next generation does not forget their history, their roots, and the right of return. w-nerdeen-kiswani-102514-1425566723They cheered loudly whenever someone proclaimed that refugees languishing in camps in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, don’t want to just go to the West Bank and Gaza, they’re entitled to go back to the homes they were expelled from. Back to Yaffa, back to Haifa, back to Akka. Although so many here today were people born and raised in Brooklyn, because their grandparents were displaced from palestine, they know where their roots lie and that the right of return is not just symbolic but a key aspect of the palestinian struggle.”

In Parting : There has never been any independent, sovereign “palestinian” State in all of recorded history. The “palestinian” people do not exist.

The Truth does not change. Truth is truth
. If something was true 50 years ago, 40 years ago, 30 years ago, it is still true today. And the truth is there was very little confusion on this issue of “palestine”

FACT: “There is no such thing as a palestinian people.” (the late Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir)

June 5, 2016 –  NYC CELEBRATES the TRUTH and The State of Israel! Am Yisrael Chai!Parade printable flyer


A Look back at CPAC 2016 – Washington, DC- vids & pics

Looking Forward: Republican State Primary decisions are nudging Trump to take the Republican nomination. (If un-contested) brokered-contested-republican-convention                                                The Ohio Convention looms.

Looking Back : The NY Primary ended with mounds of Democrat complaints of illegal machinations from the New York Board of Elections (run by the hardcore left). The “Independents” got snowed. Snuffed. Stripped of their votes by a complicated system with so much small print that to re-register as “Democrats” threw them in the UN-registered pile. Many, also missed the deadline (due to that small  print). October 19 was the cutoff for the April Primary registrations.

Reports of broken machines, missing machines, polling locations locked or – also, missing- come not from a few but thousands (particularly in Bernie-Land – aka Brooklyn).john_cole_exit_poll_cartoon Many unhappy Dems, who are rooting for ol’ Bern, hope that the Hillary/Sanders race remains undecided, a portent of the voting ills that will surely plague America. If it looks like “Hilda” is in jeopardy of sweeping the White House. Look out.

Now a personal review of  CPAC 2016. [My original report was delayed by post-CPAC Primaries and Commie Protests]HOPE filled the air at CPAC 2016. 
In spite of the MSM’s desire to say otherwise, on March 3,4,5, 2016, the millennials, our future, gathered. Three jam-packed days Maryland’s Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center.
Lots to do and so little time.  CPAC, the place to be for those of a Conservative mind-set, to vet potential Presidential candidates, to discuss their policy positions as well as the G.O.P.’s; to illuminate not obfuscate as many candidates lobbied to be the next POTUS.
Lets begin: Thursday, March 3 – Day One.  The Potomac Ball Room.
For the press, this day made working seem so easy. Finding a spot to film. Write. Take pics. Slipping in and out of the ballroom press area. No complications.  Except, this year – we were NOT  able to go ‘on-the floor’ for close-ups of the speakers and panels – except in groups of 10 and then … back to the press-area …

The day began at 9:10 AM with Gov. Scott Walker (WI).
Some of Walker’s comments: ” … the growth of Conservatism state by state, governor by governor. Since 2009 there have been almost 1000 new Republicans elected to office across the country.”

Walker spoke of the economic and fiscal crisis that Wisconsin faced. Education reform. Labor. Unemployment. Right to Work.

“We got GOVERNMENT out of the way. We helped grow the economy.  ‘Good Policy is Good Politics’. We’re making a difference. Our ideas work, when given the chance, even in Blue States. They believe in the Government. WE believe in the Individual. We have a positive plan to take back our states, our community, our country.”Followed by Moderator  KT McFarland’s Panel: “Greatest National Security Challenge” with Dr. James Carafano, Deneen Borelli, Rep. Ryan Zinke.

Some comments:Reagan rebuilt shattered military. Carter gave us Reagan. What will Obama give us. The greatest military that this current POTUS can’t disassemble fast enough. KT: 1980. Regan and Make America Great. Our Time is now. . Peace only through strength. Troops ability to win requires Troops on the ground (Syria) . We have 800,000 employees in DOD . get the government out of the way.”Unfortunately, the press area was so far back in the Potomac Ballroom that filming or taking pictures required a mightier zoom than I had (and both of my cameras have good zoom capability) just not mighty enough for this location. Going ‘on-the-floor’ was helpful but, restricted enough to be complicated.
Since the press platform for the video-cams was too bouncy for my mono-pod set-up, I left (with my gear) for about an hour to check out the Exhibit Hub. [More pictures of the Exhibits in Part 1 Flickr – link at bottom of post] Then back to the press area: Though busier, not too difficult to set-up at a press table this time. (Much happier at the tables)Continuing in the ballroom 1 PM – Wayne La Pierre (National Rifle Association) Some Comments:2nd Amendment guarantees all our freedoms.” “Scalia was a monumental jurist. Mourn him. Miss him. Next President. 3 appointments to Supreme Court. (HRClinton can’t pass a polygraph) Game Over. Americans are fed up. Disgusted. Enraged. Outraged. Gun Laws exist. White House doesn’t enforce these laws. They Blame the NRA”

Panel on “Reforming the Criminal Justice System” (excerpts) Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. (WI) a Democrat-was the star of this panel. Clarke impressed with no-nonsense answers to the questions presented by Moderator, Kelly Riddell.
He was joined by Att. Gen. Ken Cuccinelli (VA), Sen. Mike Lee (UT), Pat Nolan (ACU) “Discussion focused on prisons. Recidivists. Costs of crime. Deeply ingrained behaviors difficult to undo. Punishment is the deterrent to crime.”

Panel on “Fighting For Victory Against “Radical” Islamism” (Excerpts) Ayaan Hirsi Ali (AHA Foundation) was the star of this panel.Moderator: Van Hipp [American Defense International] with Jim Hanson [Center For Security Policy] and Rep. Steve King [IA-4] Ayaan begins speaking at [9:51 to 14:50] She continues (audio only with stills) [19:17 to 21:31] and [26:55 to 30:21] Video returns at 32:11

Comments: “We the people vs the Medina Agenda. In Medina, Religious Philosophy is the antithesis of America. these are the Jihadis. Freedom loving American is not Islamophobic.  Islam is not a Religion of Peace. You must call a spade a spade. Speak up. Speak Out. “King” Obama is partnering with our enemies: CAIR. ISNA. World is more dangerous now than 2001 (9-11)”

Left the ball room for Thursday’s afternoon break-out sessions on Islam and Jihad. Looking for solutions – the TRUTH- in a weary world.
Dr. Zuhdi Jasser’s
presentation (with slides): “Political Islam: How Patriotic American Muslims Defy Radical Islamists” After Jasser’s presentation, the next breakout was to be Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s We are all  Infidels Now” – in the same room- convenient [so we thought] But, the room was switched (with no notice) and confusion followed as to where she was moved. Ayaan’s Infidel breakout “We are all  Infidels Now was replaced by Socialism. Wanting to stay on-topic, I headed to the Frank Gaffney Center For Security break-out panel (a four hour event on Global Jihad – it was half-over) A prudent decision – Ayaan did not do her Infidel break-out (no idea why).
“The Global Jihad Movement in America & the Counter Jihad Campaign” . Moderator: Frank Gaffney . Panel : Paul Weston, Lars Hedegaard, Jim Hanson. It was a two panel discussions on the growing threat of the “Global Jihad Movement”. I missed the first panel, Caught some of the Q and A. There were 5 Questions that I was present for.
Q # 1 is at the very beginning of recording, answered (00:17) by Hanson and Gaffney.
Q #2 (1:36) answered by all 4 panelists (2:24-7:38) [Gaffney, Lars H., Weston, Hanson and again, Gaffney]
Q #3 (7:40 was a long winded fellow. finally a question at 9:07) #3 answered (9:38 to 13:59-Gaffney) 13:40 Hanson, then Weston (14:57-Gaffney again)
Q #4 (16:56) #4 answer (17:49) Hanson (19:48) Gaffney
Last Question #5 (21:29) #5 answer (22:28) Hanson.
Thank you’s (23:33)

Thursday, Day One,  had much to offer and the crowds, though full, were manageable.  Sorry I had to miss the Socialism and Castro breakouts but, choices had to be made. My priority: To catch anything on Islam and Jihad.

Before I leave Thursday- CPAC 2016, an unfortunate misstep from CPAC:  Pamela Geller’s Panel on National Security was denied.

“Back in October, I contacted Matt Schlapp, the chairman of the American Conservative Union, which puts on CPAC. I informed him that my organization, the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), wanted to be a full-fledged sponsor of CPAC, so that I could host an event, “How Liberal Ideology Is Crippling National Security Capability.” Being a CPAC sponsor is not some honor that CPAC organizers confer; any conservative group can buy sponsor status.

Thinking our money was as good as anyone else’s, we invited the internationally renowned Dutch freedom fighter Geert Wilders, who just won the “Politician of the Year” award in The Netherlands. We also invited British politician Paul Weston of LibertyGB, who was arrested for quoting Winston Churchill’s words about Islam; Swiss freedom fighter Oskar Freysinger; Israeli political analyst Caroline Glick; and DHS whistleblower, Philip Haney.

I followed up for months while they “studied the issue.” They were concerned about security because of the death threats I have received since my free speech conference in Garland, Texas last May was attacked by Jihadis. I assured them that my entire security apparatus, a seasoned team of the top professionals in their field, would be in place (at our expense, not CPAC’s), and that several of my speakers who are European politicians would also be coming with their own secret service protection. This should have been adequate.

CPAC doesn’t deserve the name “Conservative.” It should be called the “Cowards Political Action Conference.” Pamela Geller

For CPAC 2016, with so many Presidential candidates, SECURITY was beyond intense. What seems more probable: Censorship

DAY Two, March 4, Friday: Not an easy day for everyone due to insane SECURITY.

The LINE for General Admission was very, very long. Snaking back and forth. I’ve never seen the CPAC lines like this. Friday attendance was HUGE with serious security that included scanning and dog sniffers. It was very, VERY slow. Even the press was scanned and sniffed (on a shorter line).  The Security Teams were committed to getting the press in side without too much delay. Still, packed gear had to be opened and jostled to make sure we were really carrying camera gear, etc. IF ONLY the Gen. Admission lines had sped through in similar fashion …. so that speakers and panels had more audience…. Many people gave up, after hours on line, and went to their rooms to watch the speakers.

 Day Two, once in the press area,was a much more intense challenge. Finding that perfect table-spot for cameras, computers etc.- not so easy. Once set-up no one was going anywhere. Forget the break-out panels. However, 3- 4 hours later, it was time for a bathroom break. But, EVEN THE PRESS had to be re-scanned and sniffed- no matter our gear was inside – step out of the room – get re-scanned.

Fortunately, many of the speakers and panels were worth the tsuris  … Hot topics, major speakers and a bit of controversy as some questioned the Conservative credentials of not just the candidates but, also, CPAC. Malkin and J.B. Martin, in particular, were on fire.

[Some of the speakers are in our video playlist at end of article, as well as the Flickr slideshows]

Michelle Malkin, Conservative blogger, political commentator, author.Comments from Malkin’s speech. “My job is to tell you want you need to her not what you want to hear.  Kasich preceded her. She was critical of him and his support of Common Core. Empty talking points. She came down hard on Common Core and the betrayal of the Governors. Follow the money. Speaking to the politicians: Do the job we demand Don’t stab us in the back. We NEED Ted Cruz. Too often Conservatives hold your nose and vote. Republican brokers. Political sabotage. Two reasons Jeb Bush failed-Common Core and Amnesty” Jenny Beth Martin-co-founder the Tea Party Patriots. Comments: “7 yrs ago the Modern Tea Party was born. Tea Party is NOT dead. Candidates need to appeal to Tea Party. She states that TRUMP is NOT Tea Party. Must love Country. Constitution above own interests. She ends with SUPPORT Ted Cruz. Rumors spread quickly that Donald TRUMP had cancelled CPAC. I don’t think anyone in the press-area was surprised, particularly after these two bold speakers. Trump was not the favored candidate at CPAC, making Ted Cruz the likely winner of the Straw Poll (and he was).

Other “Day Two” Speakers and Panels (impossible to catch everything)

Reince Priebus – Chairman of Republican National Committee  with Sean Hannity. Main selling point: “Republican Party will support no matter who is the candidate. We have a long way to go. States Rights. People will not want Congress deciding. Some may want chaos.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (TX), Candidate for President. Cruz was introduced by ACU Board member, Carolyn Meadows.(The crowd was standing for quite awhile. making the camera hand held and a bit bouncy til they all sat down) He begins speaking at 1:57.  “So Donald Trump is skipping CPAC. Maybe someone told him there were Conservatives and Libertarians- and young people who were going to be here.As Cruz spoke (at 3:37) a gaggle of Trump supporters filed out in protest. But, this did not diminish the fact that Cruz was enormously popular with the CPAC crowd. (He won the Straw Poll).
“If I am elected President, we will repeal every word of ObamaCare. To keep government from getting between us and our doctors.We will abolish the IRS. Passing a Flat Tax. Politicians in both parties have lied. Along with millions of Americans, NO we will not have amnesty. Secure Our Borders.”
Re the passing of Justice Scalia, “He was a Lion of the Law. We are one Liberal Justice away from the Supreme Court ERASING the Second Amendment (and other rights) I will not compromise away your rights. We have a weakened military. We will REBUILD the military. No longer will the military be governed by Political Correctness. We will defeat Islamic Terrorism. Kill the enemy and then get the heck OUT. The long lasting legacy of Barack Obama (like Jimmy Carter gave us Reagan) is gonna be a new generation of leaders in the Republican Party who stand for Life and Liberty… the Constitution…”. [Part 2 was the Q and A with Sean Hannity]

Gov. John Kasich (OH), Candidate for President-At first Kasich reminisces about past CPAC’s and his early political career.“1982 when he first ran for Congress as a Conservative. Reagan. The Kasich Budget. Fiscal responsibility. He fought the Establishment. Building a Team. 1993. Clinton’s budget for higher taxes. Balancing the Federal Budget. We swept to victory.1994 with a Conservative agenda. The American economy was booming. Then I stepped out of politics. Ohio was in trouble. He went back. Governor. Ohio recovered.He addresses some specifics re what was done in Ohio. He ran for re-election. (He did a Mr. Roger’s “You are Special” moment) as he spoke to the Millennials and the future of the Republic. in q and A with Hannity they discussed a possible brokered convention.”

Dr. Ben Carson  (beloved neurosurgeon) Candidate for President.The crowd adored him. But as he announced he was dropping out of the race for President, he said poignantly, “I know, you love me…but you won’t vote for me” Comments from Dr. Carson: “What is happening to our Nation. The Government does not understand what compassion is. (instead) making people dependent…we need to identify those in our society who are trying to splinter us. (We in the government are going to eliminate poverty- the Johnson Admin) …. (government) has made it’s much worse. Hillary. Alinsky. book dedicated to Lucifer.Obama has said we are not a Judeo-Christian Nation. He doesn’t get to decide. WE get to decide. Equality of OPPORTUNITY. The press is the only business specifically protected by the Constitution. BECAUSE, THEY were supposed to be the allies of The People. Not take sides. The press – young members in particular, should remember – If the Country goes over the cliff- you’re gong over, too. Be FAIR. I sit back and relax knowing that the Next Generation is in trouble.”

Matt Schlapp – Chairman of American Conservative Union -Excerpted remarks.“These have been the hard and difficult years that Reagan predicted. But, the Conservative movement is growing stronger. We’re adding voices. We’re are PREPARED for the OBAMA EXIT….We’re at a critical moment for Conservatives.Don’t fear this moment (in history). Embrace it. Like all challenges. We’ll be stronger when we get through it.”

Panel ” Who’s Voting and Who’s Not” Moderator – Matt Schlapp, Panel  included Fred BarnesPolitical Commentator, Charlie Hurt (Wash Times), Brittany Kaiser, Kellyanne Conway. Comments:”Much Ted Cruz support. A Third party will hand election to Hillary. [NOTE: Ballroom was too empty because of the easily 1000 who were trapped on security line. Too slow.]Barnes says that Trump has alienated  too many. Tea Party claims Trump is for Trump. Cruz is most Conservative candidate since Reagan. Cruz needs our help to win against HRC.

Sen. Jim DeMint  (SC) – Comments: To the Republican Party, “Wake up to Conservative Principles”. Time for a Conservative Take over. We must de-fund Obama Care. Republicans with Conservative ideas WIN. Reduce the size of the Fed. Favoritism for None. Opportunities for All. . Make America Strong. Reclaim America.

The VERY popular Dana Perino – Former White House Press Secretary, Political Commentator & author Moderated a panel: “How Conservative Principles Meet Millennial Goals“. Others on the panelRob Bluey, Benny Johnson, Katie Pavlich.   Comments: “Millennials are less patriotic. Only 38% think America is greatest country in the world. When they see how much government takes from their paychecks…they discuss abortion and technology. Important  to see ultra sounds. The baby.

Panel – “Are We Losing our Humanity? Person-hood from Womb to Tomb” Moderator- Julie Hocker. Other panelists– Gianna Jessen, Lenny McAllister, Fr. Ben Johnson all spoke of personal experience. Comments on: Sonograms. Children born during abortions. Birth Defects. Give them life. Stats- 60 children aborted since the panel began today.”

Panel – “Are They Coming for your Home, your Car & your iPhone”
Moderator- Jason Snead. Other panelists- Dr. Greg Dolin, Clark Neily, Commissioner Maureen Ohlhausen. Comments: “Cornerstone of Liberty: Property rights vs. Government. Property rights sacred. Government cannot take what is rightfully earned.  Wealth Redistribution vs Taxation. Does our government steal. Intellectual Property. Owners should have a say on how used. Patents/Wright Brothers-Competitor should not be able to use your property. Patent critical to retain/protect innovation. Need strong Intellectual protection. Important for economic growth. Companies without patent innovation grind to a halt. We will not be able to get cheaper drugs through technological innovation. Honor ALL property rights. Soviet example of socialist abuses re property/intellectual rights.”

Gloria Alvarez, National Civic Movement of Guatemala. Álvarez is a political scientist, radio broadcaster, and project director at the National Civic Movement of Guatemala (MCN), an NGO that advocates for the participation of an informed, responsible, and active citizenry in national politics. 
Her remarks were accompanied by slides (see Flickr side show) . A real winner in my eye. Great presentation. “Populism – Manipulates people.You are too poor,too stupid. The Populist Handbook. It starts with Hate Speech. Divide with Hate. No individuality. We are SICK of government.
She is of Guatemalan, Cuban and Hungarian descent and has toured throughout Latin America denouncing populism in the region.

Day Three, Saturday March 5: . With a tepid welcome on the horizon, Trump skipped out on his scheduled appearance.  Since Trump was a no show Day 3 was void of the Day 2 SECURITY Juggernaut. I could now catch two Breakout panels I would probably have missed with clear paths and wide open walkways.

Media Row (outside the ballroom) was practically empty. Days 1 and 2 (March 3 & 4) it had been alive with non stop on-camera and radio interviews. Friday was packed.
Saturday’s Media Row was very QUIET. Many had packed-up leaving ghost-crews (if any)

Before I left D.C., covered two Saturday AM break out panels

Panel One: “Affecting Popular Culture: Do Conservatives have a Role”. Moderator-Ian Walters, Becky Cusey, Stacey Dash, Cameron Goodman
The audience seemed attentive and asked questions.  But, I struggled to get involved with this topic. Perhaps it was just me.

Panel Two: “Europe in Chaos”. Moderator, KT McFarland, focused on the the crisis and chaos in Europe. The panelists: Dr. Nile Gardiner (director the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom), Ben Collins (a former Green Beret) and Dr. Zuhdi Jasser (Pres. American Islamic Forum for Democracy) Part 2 is the Q and A.. First was a statement made Janice Atkinson, a UK Member of the European Parliament. In Part 2 video (at 4:10) the panelists took 6 questions from the audience.  Q #1 : 4:32 (answered by Dr. Gardiner @….. )
Q#2 – 6:50 (answered by Dr. Gardiner @ 8:06) Q#3 -10:07 (answered by Dr. Jasser @ 10:49) Q#4 – 13:45 (answered by Ben Collins @14:41)
Q#5 -17:49 ( answered by Dr. Gardiner @ 18:45) and Q #6 – 20:12
( answered by …..)

Leaving Panel Two, I saw Grover Norquist standing to the side of the Media Row area talking to a small group of 5 or 6 people. Chatting and answering questions. Unfortunately, I had a train to catch. Had to keep moving.

Saturday’s main speakers  were Marco Rubio and Glenn Beck.  But, we made a decision to leave earlier than planned, missing their CPAC speeches.  Check-out time at the Gaylord is 11 am (WAY too early since CPAC goes to 5-6 PM) With baggage and gear, this makes work a problem. Having tried the baggage check area for my extra STUFF in previous years, I knew to avoid that option. Baggage check was overwhelmed. Confused (a serious mess actually) Finding my checked bags was almost impossible.  So, to avoid the hassle, I caught two early morning panels and then hopped the Acela back to Manhattan.

In conclusion: CPAC 2016.  Glad I went. Sorry for the 1000 or so attendees for whom Day 2 was a disappointment. Missing so many speakers and panels due to the security.

On the plus side: All three days. Jammed. Energized. Focused on the election of the 21st century. The three day conclave of Conservatives was worth the trip. No matter who the candidate. Not futile. CPAC was determined to reclaim Reagan’s America.

Playlist videos

Three part Flickr Slide shows

Part 1


Part 2

Sen Ted Cruz and Sean Hannity

Part 3

Dr. Zudi Jasser breakout session on Political Islam

Addendum- CPAC 2016, two months passed, whatever was preached, lectured, cheered and debated, seems endangered by belligerent in-house fights that grow with each primary, particularly as the nomination swings towards Trump.

In-fighting. Conservatives vs Repubs. Conservatives vs the Lib-Soc-Commie Machine. Conservatives vs Libertarians. The Final Battles that lie ahead may lose us big to the Communist Cabal. (Bernie or Hilda) without a candidate to stand up the Democrat Machine.

The post-apocalyptic, Cloward-Pivens-Alinsky-Marxed America (via Obama-Hillary-Sanders) has snowed many fools and tools putting the White House within the Hildebeast’s grasp.What happens in November can make or break this country.

We need a Candidate who will do as promised. A Man of his Word. Is Trump that man? If not. Than Who?

Times: they are hard, sir…

PDF of CPAC schedule 2016



Commie Day 2016- Union Square NYC (pics & vids)

   International Workers Day 2016.

May Day, 2016. (COMMIE Day) Again!13147280_1174504562589787_8116253237398351583_o
Workers and Migrants of the World Unite!

We have nothing to lose but our chains!

Join us Sunday, May 1st, as we show there is another world possible where forced migration (due to neo-liberal policies) no longer happens.

Where refugees and migrants don’t have to flee their homelands to go to countries that use them as cheap labor.
Where refugees and migrants are not criminalized.
Where families are not torn apart.
Where families do not fear deportation, detention and raids.
Where black lives matter.
Where our workers have sustainable wages.
Where you are not killed for fighting for your community.
Where we are liberated!

Make our voices heard.

Ten years of watching anarchists assemble in New York’s Union Square on what was once a lovely Spring Holiday.Blog-newsletter-MaypoleDancing-lasaracz-wpAlthough once known as a day of euphoric celebration in pre-Christian pagan cultures, May Day commemorations are now reserved almost exclusively for Marxist outpourings of grievance and violent riots by entrenched labor unions and disgruntled trustafarians. While I would prefer the day be dedicated to the over hundred million victims of Communism, that seems like a forlorn hope in today’s political climate.” (G.Perry)Demonstrators protesting for $15 a hour — like it was unresolved. Migration “reformers” for OPEN Borders. “Black Lives Matter” thugs.  Communists. Socialists. Anarchists. They all HATE America.

Slide Show – The Commies –
Take Note of the many different flags- SNP (Syrian Social Nationalist Party) a National Socialist flag. “Fakestinian flag. Mexican. Brazilian. Puerto Rican. Phillipino. Pakistan. Ecuador. Communist and an upside down Starry Plough flag (Socialist Irish Citizen Army) [Please place cursor on picture to access slide show]

12:30 pm-Union Square-a small crowd of Commies in the rain

Speeches by ILLEGAL migrants, hating on America, were nauseating. (video link at LIVE STREAM) Surrounded by white, Jewish LEFTISTS (Commies) and their spawn: WHITE college-aged anarchists. Fools and Tools. Prodding. Nurturing the ignorati (ILLEGALS) who came to America for (… what …) To Hate? OR…maybe…it was for our Constitutional Freedoms. Freedom of the individual. Freedom of Choice. Free-Market Capitalism.
Never! It is the “Capitalist GREED” that DOOMS them to a life of “poverty. ILLEGAL migrants must be saved by the Commie-led SEIU machine from the slave-wages of GREEDY Capitalists.
2016. Union Square. NYC. was probably the poorest turnout I’ve seen in 10 years. It RAINED (literally) on their parade. Upside down U. S. flags, hung in protest against the American government, faux INEQUITIES as they screamed:  WORKERS UNITE!!
After an rainy hour of obnoxious speeches, pathetic signs and banners, AND the infamously defaced U. S. flags, I left.
The media, of course, stayed. Their raison d’être : obsequious fawning coverage for the anarchists cause they really, really CARE.

NY 1- a love letter to the WORKERS as we meet a few Commies:

Myriam Marques (Committee to Defend DEMOCRACY in Brazil) , Karina Garcia (Party for Socialism & Liberation) “Family being EXPLOITED here just like in the country they left…. an INTERNATIONAL ‘struggle‘”. Shahid Comrade (seriously? that’s his name? –Pakistan USA Freedom Forum), Doris-Elin Salazar (ICE Free NYC),

“We believe that election is only secondary to the primary struggle that’s in the streets, the struggle is not gonna end just because another person wins, you know, whether it’s Bernie, Hillary or Trump, we know that the struggle is going to be ongoing for us, it’s not going to change overnight,” said Melanie Dulfo with the International Migrants Alliance.

On the AMERICAN side: NY-ICE. They support LEGAL migration. Counter-protesting the Commie Insurgents. NY-ICE says NO to Open Borders.
NO to un-vetted millions who mock our freedoms. Disrespect our laws.
Think. About. It. To work in another country. To live in another country. Requires PERMISSION. LEGAL PAPERS. So, why is America wrong to protect her borders? Today, on International Workers’ Day, the demonstrators in Union Square said these protests were even more important in 2016. America is the EVIL. INTERNATIONALISM: Good. Slide show – NY ICE  (Please place cursor on picture to access slide show)


Videos from Joanna  Marzullo (President of NY-ICE)

  SMASH CAPITALISM.  Then: RE-Construction!

red flag                                              (Picture from face book)

Excerpts re the history of  Workers’ Commie Day:

“The first May Day , in 1886, was a general strike of three hundred thousand workers at thirteen thousand businesses across the United States… the American labor movement… was among the most militant in the world…. every May Day since, workers across the world took to the streets to contest the terms of capitalist prosperity and gesture toward a fundamentally different world — a world in which production is motivated not by profit, but by human need.

…  ten years ago, in 2006, (ILLEGAL) migrant workers across the country stood up to “restrictive” immigration laws and “abusive” labor practices, organizing a massive movement of undocumented( ILLEGAL)  laborers (the so-called Great American Boycott)… a one-day withdrawal of migrant (ILLEGAL) labor — dubbed “A Day Without (ILLEGAL) migrants” — to demonstrate the essential role of (ILLEGAL) migrant workers in American industry.

 This May Day we follow … generations of labor radicals… who saw in capitalism the horrors of an “unjust” economy, dared to dream of … a re-imagined economy in which the fruits of prosperity are shared equally  in a “just” and “democratic” societythat dream is still living. The struggle continues. Happy May Day. Take to the streets.”

Which begs the question:Name a successful Communist (Socialist) country that people are DYING to move to. And consider this : In 1930’s France, there was a large Socialist Party, weakening the government and leaving a divided population. Hitler then soon invaded France forcing their surrender in THREE weeks.”37c34ed01252b86b8a0257c43f71718cLessons to be learned …. Or Ignored… At. Your. Peril.

Not one society who has given itself over to the COLLECTIVE has survived…..not one.  Nothing but murder, forced abortions, infinite poverty and lost dreams have ever resulted from your soul destroying activities.The sovereign individual is at the heart of the matter NOT THE COLLECTIVE… read and learn REAL HISTORY!! (Mallory Millett)

You have been warned:Poster_Soviet_America_Banner“Get Ready For An Actual Revolution to Bring This System Down, To Bring Something Much Better Into Being” Revo banner   two flags crop one flag crop







hammer crop copy

zion race






(Extra pictures of protest from face book pages of  James Lane/ Jerry Levy/Jill Stein

Commies Protest “Amerika” at Grand Hyatt Hotel Ap 14, 2016

                                      Still seeking “HOPE and Change”? 675A0406                                                   Try Communism.

It’s the HOPE (and the CHANGE)to save the WORLD from GREEDY Capitalism.

times square HOPE 169 rev

Outside the Grand Hyatt, befriended by skilled anarchists and naive apostles, the Commies preached the promise of the Marxist-Fascist-Socialist Nirvana. Their Collectivist HOPE reigns supreme.


“Capitalism must DIE for the WORLD to be FREE!”

FACT:  It’s what you EARN not what you take from others that has made America strong.

But, the Bernie Loony Tunes, as their numbers and deception grows, have put our future in jeopardy. The Facts be Damned.

Can we HOPE to subdue these anarchists with an educated free-thinking,  FREEDOM loving electorate?

The man-of-the-opposition hour on April 14th was Trump but, whomever AMERICA supports, it must not be a Leftist.
Naive apostles, media-led (and fed) by hard-core propagandists, must be challenged. (re-educated)

Learn to resist the temptations of “we will give you (…… ) FREE” vs real Freedom.  Save the “ignorati” from the lies of a one-party (social justice) system.
The naive (and not so naive) claim to have never met a Republican who wasn’t a CROOK ala Richard Nixon while IGNORING the boulders in their eye: HILLARY. BILL. OBAMA.
This blind pursuit of collectivism will never “set you FREE”.
The wild side gathered outside the Grand Hyatt. Tools.  “Amerika” where the TRUTH shall never leave their lips nor darken their pages.
If they WIN come November 2016, what will the future hold? More government. More taxes.  “FREE stuff!” Yeah… that’s the ticket to “Hopey Changey” and a long line of demon-Borgias to take-over the White House -FOREVER.
A few brave Patriots from NY-ICE counter demonstrated in support of real  FREEdom.
No to open Borders. FREEDOM of the individual.  States’ Rights. Less taxation. Less government. America.

Slide  Show NY ICE and Patriots – BUILD THE WALL (Place cursor on picture to access)


VIDEO NY ICE and Patriots

On April 14th, the protest of anarchists on the Left was pretty underwhelming — nowhere near the thousands they predicted. Yet, the media loved them-their message- anyway.VIDEO Commie Brigades

Mr. Hopey Changey, Barack Hussein Obama, may be on his way OUT  of the White House, but he will not be forgotten.

Slide show Commie Brigades (Place cursor on picture to access)


Obama’s s legacy: Will future generations yearn for a past they never knew, for an America lost?

America, what a country (she once was)” should not be our legacy.

obama_evil_twinThe Evil that men do…. Hillary, Bernie, OBAMA et al … will live for generations. Communism. They have Big Plans..

Next Up: May 1st- Commie Day- Union Square – NYC.

(addendum – two extra reports)

VIDEO – Infowars reporter Joe Biggs and Fox News Jesse Watters report on the assault of the 2nd amendment guy-

People began to yell and several protestors began to crowd and push him, that is when things got confrontational.

A report from the Left. At one point, flyers came raining down from the roof of a nearby building, fluttering down onto the street.

View story at



“Crush Trump” – A look at the “Wild Side” Part 2 (vids/pics) 2016

March 19, 2016. Columbus Circle.
“Crush Trump!” (Part 2)
[Part 1 from “Crush Trump” is HERE]
12801456_223717434642895_7917728175019713628_n A day of  “snark and hubris”.
(You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all)
But repetition breeds complacency, so bring it on.The “Dump/Crush Trump” protestS. Redux. Rolls-on. Ad nauseum.

April 2, 2016,   “democracy” SPRING,  will be launched.

These same players (and maybe the  5000 no-show anarchists)will spread their chaos in-the-streets nation-wide. However, on March 19, the mischief-makers gathered slowly, VERY slowly, never reaching the trumpeted throng of 5,000.
YET,  “LOVE” was in- the-air.High Noon. Start time. The press, lingering, wondering, where’s the 5000 who were on-call to fight FASCISM?The student-majority, mostly a happy “throng”; laughing, singing, drumming …. and chanting… lined-up with a banner and a few pithy signs.

SLIDE SHOW of pictures (to access place cursor on picture)



Noon was looking a tad disappointing. The lethargic press (looking for ANYTHING to cover) came alive with the beat of the drums. Hoping for the perfect photo to take back to the boss.

But, a slow trickle was too calm and love just doesn’t “do it”.
What does the media really HOPE for? The fake ‘aggressive’ Trump protestors ‘assaulting’ those “calm” anti-trump protestors, of course. (Insurgent plants make a much better story)

Wisconsin: “You touched my chest” – the faked uproar from the ‘victim’ (Alex Drake) and perhaps – the intentional pepper spray. Watched many videos and the guy in red hat slyly positions himself,  just before the punch. (Me-thinks he KNEW it was coming) It was ALL too well planned (rehearsed) yet that gets played over and over…as though it were spontaneous. (It sells)

NOT this meek little gathering. The banner unfurled. The ubiquitous drum, drum, drumming filling the air. The press was looking at a short day.
Some Commie-handlers were observed – walking back and forth from the park- entrance to the circle protestors… hovering in the background…
This usually means they are co-ordinating something. Waiting. Watching (it turned out) for the missing hoards.  And then … it was time….
Some of the missing protestors (still not 5,000) had finally marched over from Fifth Avenue.
It was TIME for the mini- ‘PARADE” to make the short-hop across Central Park West.

Obediently they marched with signs and banners across CPW to the Central Park entrance. [and the press went “wild”]  Pressing, pushing through the small crowd. Once again, HOPING for that perfect picture.
In the Park:
We now had a crowd, thick with press, and protestors.
And colors. Lots of colors. Green (Anti-fas).
Yellow (Socialists).
Red (Commies)
With the usual Black (BIG A-anarchists)
“fakestinian” kuffeyas.
and BLM (Black Lives Matter) sentiments, scattered throughout the protest.

A fairly solid example of an everyday college campus.

Barking profane chants and carrying hand made signs that went from childish sex jokes to racist cracks to … “LOVE”….
THEY kept telling us THEY own the franchise on LOVE. (observe, please, the Spit-Queen of Love)

Slideshow of pictures (to access place cursor on picture)



There were speakers (using a small megaphone) with the “students” packed hard against the ‘staging area’. This always makes the crowd look bigger and is good for photo-ops.

Video playlist

Muslim-speakers were there.  Linda Sarsour, in particular, who has long been in-training to be Brooklyn Burrough President (it’s on her bucket-list)
She was joined by more distaff speakers, 20-somethings, who wore “american” flag-type hijabs. [one female, who spoke, wore a BLACK-starred flag]
Once the protest began it’s march back to the Fifth Avenue Trump Towers, I spotted a dancing Pinocchio-nosed Trump (with snarky signs)

And more smack-down Fascism signs.Immigration banners on the fountain steps. (they also stretched one across CPW) Illegal Immigrants, SI! But, No Walls. No way. Throughout my two hours (before they marched east to Fifth Avenue) nothing NEW seemed to happen. But, still— not great— when you see the press (particularly the foreign press) so eager to see America fall apart.

French. German. Spanish. Saw them all interviewing the pro-America “No OPEN Borders” counter-protestors. But, finding a pro- America report post protest- that’s a search that too often ends in vain. Sometimes you might find a one-line quote, here and there, supporting America. (maybe)

BUT, that is so NOT what this crowd was looking for. Chaos. Confusion. Revolution. Another dose of anarchy – sadly – in Belgium -and these fools and tools in Columbus Circle are grinning (winning?)
G-d save us all from the do-gooders, anarchists and their Community Organizers.

One Final Thought.  What, might you ask, are they PROTESTING?

What do the radicals claim to want? (Many of the main groups endorsing Democracy Spring are FUNDED by billionaire Soros and supported by groups like the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and as usual the AFL-CIO)

THIS GROUP complains that “American elections are dominated by billionaires and big money interests who can spend unlimited sums of money on political campaigns to protect their special interests at the general expense…The American people deserve free and fair elections, not billionaire auctions.”

So, if you are moved to join your fellow anarchists at Democracy Spring, for the 10 Day March, all you have to do is contact your friendly New York Community organizer.

in NEW YORK : Lisa Caswell
Phone Number (646-267-7244)

From Philadelphia, Democracy Spring marchers are planning protest stops in Wilmington and Newark in Delaware; Perryville, Joppa, Baltimore, Elkridge, and Beltsville in Maryland ( 0n their way to D.C.) and then encamping in Columbus Circle at 11 AM Eastern on April 11: a day of National encampments….

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 1.33.03 PM100 people have confirmed that they will participate in the full march, with activists hailing from 33 states across country. Those protesters signed an option on the coalition’s website explicitly stating, “I pledge to be one among thousands who will risk arrest to save democracy in DC between April 11 – 16.

And remember, (promising only 2,000 this time), they’ll be back at Columbus  Circle, April 11, 2016 at 11:00 AM.

“Left-Wing Activists Plot 10-Day March from Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell to D.C. In Civil Disobedience Bid.”

It only takes a FEW to create Chaos. Not thousands nor hundreds.

MARCH: APRIL 2-11, 2016
SIT IN: APRIL 11-18, 2016

We have been warned.

From Twitter search:

Democracy Spring, a coalition of far-left groups plotting mass civil disobedience with thousands pledging to risk arrest, is set to kick off its nationwide activism on Saturday at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia’s Independence Mall.

OWS. The Arab “spring’ it was just the beginning of their downhill run. Right before our eyes- under our noses- they feed the foolish with their agit-prop. Deconstruct the system. And what they choose to destroy- to abhor- they CLAIM to protect. NOW they wish to SAVE “democracy”.

                                                       Game on.


AFSI, Purim, the Megillah & speeches opposite the U.N. 2016

March 24, 2016. Opposite the United Nations.IMG_4199-1 AFSI (Americans for a Safe Israel) once again held a reading of the Megillah.  11c7ed47-9e72-4568-b958-d7296ec4f191The familiar Pinocchio balloon, present at so many AFSI rallies and protests, was on call.
But, sadly, ol pinnoch’ seemed to have sprung-a-leak.IMG_4222-1No mind. All went off as planned with groggers and masks
DSC_9273And Larry Domnitch reading the Megillah.

IMG_4234-1The purpose of the protest this year, in 2016,  was “to celebrate the Jewish victory over the evil Haman and to expose today’s Hamans, many who are housed in the UN, or resort to the UN to support their evil plans,” explained AFSI’s executive director, Helen Freedman. Helen referred to the UN as “the United Abominable Nations.


VIDEO of the Megillah reading:

[There is a slight break in the reading. apologies. For the whole AFSI Megillah reading (from 2011) go HERE.]

There were many fine speeches after the reading that focused on the theme to “UNMASK the HAMANS“.  Next are some excerpts from the speakers:

Larry Domnitch,
“The UN is enablers [for so many Hamans] who call for the destruction of Israel. We’re going  to stand-up today and read the Megillah, with prayer and hope that by NEXT Purim the world will look to Israel and realize that Israel is a truly an alliance of faith.”

Helen Freedman,
“… To Keep Iran from promoting their program… Everything is a deception.  Today we have to worry about a Nuclear bomb. To worry about Iran. Who do we blame. Unfortunately we can see what Obama has done. We have a failed government that has allowed the genocide of Christians throughout the Middle East and Africa. Simon Deng is here with us today. (from Sudan) He has his own story of torture and deprivation. Going on for years. Nothing has changed. It only gets worse. Syria and Iraq. ALL part of what the Haman is. America is the strongest country in the whole world and we have let the world down. This President won’t even name Islamic Terrorism … It’s a scourge. A sickness. A cancer. Torture. Evil. We have an opportunity, an election, to get the people in to office who will do what’s best for America. What’s best for the Sudan. Israel. Our allies. NOT for our enemies. We each have the opportunity to influence other people…like Esther. Action is what it’s all about. “

Jonathan Grauman,
“It’s a wonderful mitzvah that we are all gathered here to hear the Megillah in front of this nefarious anti-Israel institution, the United Nations. By being here, we are sending a message to all the Israel-haters, and Jew-haters, that we will no longer remain silent in light of what transpires behind those walls across the street. Four mitvot, to hear Megillah, to give charity (to those less fortunate), gifts of food to fellow Jews/exchange gifts, gather around the table for food. Custom giving half a schekel, equalizes everybody. The unity of the Jewish Nation. We’re all in this together. No one is better than anybody else. In eyes of G-d we are ALL equal.  Sends a powerful message of unity. Helps us commit to our Judaism. Sends a message to those Israel-haters across the street ( and around the world)  that we Jews do stick together. We are united with our brothers and friends, we cannot be beaten.  So, today, Israel and the Western world in general, all facing unprecedented threats from Islam. No question about it. Not just radical Islam, but basically ISLAM. And standing here in unity, reading and hearing the Megillah, it sends a message that we are UNIFIED and that we are STRONG.  And just like in the days of Mordecai and Esther, we shall confront the threats that are facing us and we shall prevail. We shall win.”

Ken Abramowitz, President American Friends of Likud, is on a crusade to save Western Civilization (
The Amalekites show up every generation. (Haman and the Amalekites were 2400 years ago.) Who are the Amalekites today? There are FOUR (not just one) and they are not only enemies of the Jews, they are the enemies of the Christians. We are both now fighting for our collective lives. [he color codes his Haman/Amalekites of today)

1. RED – Socialists. Communists.The eliminate G-d and the Government becomes god.
2. BLUE – The United Nations (The enemy of Western Civilization. It doesn’t represent ANY of our values) Taken over by dictatorships and terror organizations. It’s time to close the United Nations in order to save the world.
3. WHITE – Represents the Surrender Flag.  Americans who think we have oceans that will protect us from the bad guys.
4. GREEN- Four world wide-terror organizations have promised to take-over Western Civilization. They say, Christians, Jews and Hindus will convert (revert) to ISLAM (or we will kill them).

IRAN. Al Qaeda. causing havoc in Europe. [Unfortunately, as he stated ” any attack on any Christian, Jew or Hindu is an attack on all us”, a woman pressed him to qualify ‘political” Islam – not Islam – He attempts to correlate the Mafia, Italians and Catholics so as to separate Islam from “political” Islam] Muslim Brotherhood and finally, Saudi Arabia. These are the enemies of all of us.  Instead of just Jews they are threatening Christians, Hindus and Muslims. We need to unite to save Civilization from the Barbarians.

Glenn Richter,
“Spoke of the power of each individual. He mentions the Isaiah Peace Wall. Isaiah was one person against pretty much anybody else in his time, 2500 years ago; railing against corruption in biblical Israel. ( speaking of others) He mentions Ralph Bunche (the obelisk in this location was named in honor him). The Shcharansky Steps used to have a sign for Sakharov Way (examples of the power of the individual) remembering the Shoah. Individuals were able to turn-the-tide. Who fought and fought and fought. How many genocides are perpetrated today and what the individuals can do today to stop these atrocities. Year after year. Decade after decade. Each individual is very important.”

Robert Sidi (Israel Advocacy Calendar) was followed by Charlie Bernhaut
Bernhaut ,
“Encouraged, reinforced the power of the individual. The power of one person. You have to try. You never who’s listening.

Judy Kadish,
“The power of one person: Esther. She was afraid to go to the king, like so many people, who are afraid to speak up. But, Esther was warned that her silence did not mean that she would be safe. She or her family. (Likewise) each one of us should never assume that we have enough power or position, or that we are safe. We ALL need to speak out. But, regardless, we should all know that the Jewish people are going to be fine. We have help. Not there  pointing to the UN) but up there (pointing up). We now are living in a golden age of Judaism. It is our responsibility to build on that and to treasure it and to keep it going…ad infinitum…”

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There was a surprise guest, Simon Deng, who had been at the Isaiah Wall, preceding the Megillah reading IMG_4203(handing out a flyer and a  4 page press release)Press Release 3.28DSC_9397
To reiterate: The purpose of the protest this year, in 2016,  was “to celebrate the Jewish victory over the evil Haman and to expose today’s Hamans, many who are housed in the UN, or resort to the UN to support their evil plans,” explained AFSI’s executive director, Helen Freedman.

“We each have the opportunity to influence other people…like Esther. Action is what it’s all about. ”