#OWS Nutjobs in Duffy Square – AGAIN ( 5-15-12)

#OWS and more yadayadayada in Duffy Sq NYC. May 15, 2012.

IMAG0973 copy

Their theme was “Another World is Possible. Another City is Possible”

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(Didn’t have my camera so unfortunately… had to use my droid for my videos etc)

They still hate the Jews. Had a long session under Father Duffy’s statue blaming the Jews for everything. ( My friend TD got this video)

And of course … They still hate Bush…

Guess Bloomberg isn’t too popular anymore either:

IMAG0955 copy

And … They are so are looking forward to “crashing banks”….

Starting on May 26 in Bryant Park, “Summer Disobedience School”.

IMAG0974 copy

After all…they still have BIG Plans:

IMAG0900 copy

And the tourists think it’s all  ‘oh-so-cute’…


Good Times? Bum Times? Ugh-Times…They’re STILL here….

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