NY ICE Annual Counter-Protest attacked May Day 2012

May 1, 2012 .  MAY DAY aka “Commie-Day”. Also, known to some as “Illegal Migrants Belly-Ache Day”.

Organized by those who entered our country illegally (or simply over-stayed their visas.) … And the press LOVES them all….

Their League of “Social Justice” Comrades includes the Black Bloc (dedicated to violence) and the more newly minted anarchists, beloved by the press, known as the “Squatters of Occupy Wall Street”,  #ows. Who ( laughably) thought they could con America in to not going to work or sending any money

They hate Amerikka and all that has made her  the most desirable and successful free-market economy in the world.

Disdain for America and no respect for the Rule of Law. Sickening.

Thankfully, my  afternoon began with NY-ICE, (New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement) and its annual May 1st COUNTER PROTEST.

Over the years they have stood proudly FOR America at Union Square against the rabble that gathers there.  This year they started out at Foley Square. It was about 1 PM , intentionally ahead of the anarchists.

Moving over to Zuccotti Park, where Code Pinko was supposedly going to hold a protest. They were a no-show, but did catch an interview with Joanna Marzullo, President of NY-ICE and captured one lone #ows hold-out skipping by…. (this odd fellow….he’s IN the video)

What a pleasant park it is (now).  Zuccotti was so clean, so open and so uncluttered as can be seen looking west across the park.

No filth and the clutter that the #ows insurgents had used to turn this lovely park into a fetid pile of refuse . It was GONE.

FREE at last!

All of this was “before the storm”.  Joanna Marzullo and her fellow NY-Ice  stalwarts were ASSAULTED by the ILLEGALS  as they marched to Foley Sq; by those who think they can strip AMERICANS of their Right to Assemble and to Free Speech. It was pretty ugly.

From Joanna Marzullo, ” Far from being “undocumented and unafraid”, as they like to call themselves, pro-amnesty supporters were ILLEGAL AND VIOLENT.

We were spat on and had water and water bottles thrown at us.

NY ICE had different contingents throughout NYC, but this mob attack happened to just 3 of the NY ICE Members, and clearly shows the ganging up and BULLYING of the mob.

Also, the footage will show the NY ICE banner being torn, to the glee of the adversary.

A girl in pink runs behind the President of NY ICE, Joanna Marzullo, and then throws the NY ICE sign to the ground, and then retreats into the crowd. The footage will show that as well. The President of NY ICE is saying repeatedly that NY ICE “… is what courage looks like”, since it was just the few of us against the 100’s of them.”

In this next video you can easily identify all those who assaulted NY-ICE and destroyed their personal property.

From the videographer:

“The three were spit upon and had their personal property torn to shreds. This is what is what you have to look forward to if you stand up for the rule of law in your own country. It is time for all of us to stand together and stop relying on the few to pull the weight for you.”

The videos ( and two pictures that Joanna has shared) show there were police on hand…IGNORING the assault.

The NYPD ignored good citizens being assaulted by non-citizens and their co-horts.

Bloomberg and Kelly were oddly silent.

Next post is “Commie Square “and the  Annual “Anarchist Block-Party” where the mentally disturbed gather together for their Hate-Amerika “celebration”.

Lots of pictures and video of these low-lifes who need no  excuse to trash Amerikkka.


( Link to the gallery of NY-ICE pictures)

5 responses to “NY ICE Annual Counter-Protest attacked May Day 2012

  1. Thank you for having the courage to document the activities of those who seek to undermine our wonderful country. I also hope that the folks at ICE see these videos, which can be used as evidence.

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  3. Thank You Joanna, Jim, and Daniel from NYICE for having the dedication to be out there all day fighting this illegal invasion we are having here in the USA. All three of you showed your braveness by standing toe to toe and out numbered by hundreds of these violents ignorant thugs

  4. Joanna, thanks to you & the two brothers for standing up, there’s no fear on your faces. But a friend came over all the way from NJ; and he & I after the group split up went to Zuccoti & Bryant. It appears that the OWS swine had many head fakes going on to mainly throw off the NYPD. We would of come to you if we knew a few remained after the bulk left….attacks are nothing new, last year some young punks got in my face over my wearing a Palin button & a US Border Patrol cap. Once I put hands on one and my friend stood up they left it alone.
    We were away from the main group too, they always seem to attack esp. if the herd thins.

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