Don Barnett of CIS- “Refugee Settlement, a system badly in need of review” – audio

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January 10, 2012 NY Speakers Series ” Losing Control of Refugee Resettlement”  USARP (United States Refugee Admissions Program)

Don Barnett was introduced by Mark Krikorian, Executive Director of the Center For Immigration Studies. 

Don Barnett is currently a fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies and expert on refugee resettlement in the United States.

Photo by G. Perry

Barnett is  a former employee of the United States Information Agency within the U.S. State Department, and spent an extensive part of his career working in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc, which produced most of the refugees brought to the United States during the Cold War Era.

In approximately 80 minutes, Barnett gave us a sobering presentation of the problem faced by small towns and communities throughout America as we lose control of the costly out-of-control refugee resettlement system. He cautioned that one must by necessity avoid too much truth (too many details) particularly when dealing with the political elites aka Congress. They just can’t handle all those nasty facts, keeping in mind this body politic passed Obama-Care without bothering to even read it. So this badly needed reform goes unheeded.

He continues with how the settlement program actually fails the refugees though neglect, once they are in the U.S. and resettled. Their sponsors lose track of them as there is no legal requirement to do any follow-up once they are here.  So if they connected to terrorism in anyway, who would know? If they choose to avoid assimilation in to American culture, why are they here?

And who is a refugee? Who makes the decision as to what country is on  the list of resettlement? 95% are referred by the U.N. (UNHCR) The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is setting U.S. immigration policy for criminals? Terrorists? Who knows, really…

Sadly, the system is knee-deep in fraud as limited resources are diverted seemly without review.  It is huge. almost impossible to absorb

Religious organizations and NGOs ( non-governmental organizations) make money off the very profitable business of resettlement ; exploitation for profit a program on a perpetual growth trajectory..

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(an excerpt follows)

These voluntary agencies, or VOLAGs for short, get generous stipends from the federal government, i.e. American taxpayers, for finding purported refugees, as well as compensation for the imputed costs of help rendered to these people, despite the fact that once they arrive in the United States these refugees are abandoned by their sponsors and shunted off to local social service agencies. In fact, “hooking up” these newcomers with already overburdened taxpayer-funded welfare programs is the primary goal of many of these agencies. While only comprising one percent of their clientele, they constitute over fifty percent of their funding, which explains why these groups fought so vigorously against any curtailment in the flow of refugees into the United States following the September 11th massacres, however brief. Catholic Charities constitutes the top leech of these parasitical organizations, generating over half of its annual revenue by bilking American taxpayers, millions upon millions of it earmarked specifically to unravel the social fabric of local communities through the resettlement of  unassimilable refugees from the third world.

Yet the good people of the Volunteer State have fought back, and just this past June-with the help of the Tennessee Eagle Forum and Act for America-compelled their state legislature to enact the Tennessee Refugee Absorptive Capacity Act. Although watered down after ferocious lobbying from the usual suspects-led by Catholic Charities-it represents a distinctive achievement in the fight to reject refugee resettlement, which impacts every state and locality in the United States. This is demonstrative proof that citizen activism, if focused, can achieve results, and serves as an incentive for anyone who might believe that this is an insoluble problem. The challenge ahead might be difficult, but it is not impossible.

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