NY-ICE speaks Truth vs Illegals Jericho Propaganda Walk (video)

An UPDATE (8-13-11) with more info on this subject here

On July 29, 2010, at 26 Federal Plaza, there was a hypocritical clergy-led “direct-action” by the New Sanctuary Movement, a Marxist quasi-religious organization that demands “President” Obama ‘ STOP THE DEPORTATIONS AND ENACT HUMANE AND JUST IMMIGRATION REFORM’.

This was the FINAL Jericho Walk organized to promote their false narratives of “abuse” and “racism” along with bogus claims of ‘rights’ for illegals.

(There are two videos of the march and the speakers.)

A quote from the New Sanctuary Movement:

“Every Friday for the past 7 weeks, faith leaders have been marching in silence and praying outside this Federal building in solidarity with all our brothers and sisters who are being denied the Right to Remain by our unjust and immoral immigration system. ”

They marched SEVEN times to raise awareness about about the United States’ deportation policy; marching ’round and ’round the Federal Building SEVEN times, as in the Walls of Jericho……get it? And then (they say) the WALLS of INJUSTICE shall come a-tumbeling and a-tumbeling, a-TUMBELING Down….

From American Thinker:

“The tiresome class warfare analogies share common attributes to other human prejudices:  They are filled with stereotypes, play to the lowest human qualities and are equally intellectually vacuous.  

We are at the point where half of the people contribute little to government revenue yet are pandered to by a dying socialist elite that cries that those who are paying nearly all of the bill are not paying their fair share.”

The RIGHTS of all LEGAL American citizens? To be ignored by these FAITHFUL hypocrites, elitists and their activist-clergy, all dedicated Marxists;  Alinsky-fied by “The New Sanctuary Movement.”

Scan 1

For this FINAL”Jericho PROPAGANDA Walk”, there’s a long list of participants:

Pretentiously promoted as “a silent march to show solidarity with their “immigrant brothers and sisters”, we  remember the 400,000 immigrants removed last year, many of whom were torn from their families and communities.”

IMG_0516 copy

BUT, MEMBERS of NY-ICE were there, Loud and Proud, to protest the offensive “March of the SILENT Illegal Supporters”. Looking like fascists… Nazis…every time they paused to do this HEIL bit

IMG_0482 copy

Joanna Marzullo, President of NY-ICE, countering the Jericho Walk.

IMG_0495 copy

Their Media Advisory contacts bio info : Ravi Ragbir, New Sanctuary’s organizer, in addition to being a well-known immigrant rights activist in the New York metro area, is himself an immigrant at risk of deportation. He is also from the War Resisters League Inside Immigrant Prisons

Michelle Fei is co-director of Immigrant Defense Project  and graduated from NYU Law School in May 2003. She has Mandarin and Spanish skills.

and  Diana Mejía. An organizer with the American Friends Service Committee in Newark and co- founder of “Wind of the Spirit“, a group that champions “immigrant rights”.


Their Press Release:



The man blowing the shofar was carrying two of the FILTHIEST flags I have ever seen (American and Israeli) and they looked like they’d been dragged through the filthy  streets of New York .

IMG_0494 copy

IMG_0513 copy

IMG_0483 copy

Scan 2

IMG_0481 copy

Scan 3

IMG_0480 copy

 NY-ICE, LEGAL American Citizens all, challenged the lies of these propagandists as the Jericho Walk went round and round the Federal Building.

IMG_0500 copy


IMG_0491 copy

IMG_0493 copy

OUR BANNER (it only takes ONE to TRUMP their LIES)

IMG_0512 copy

Our fabulous counter-rally rattled their propaganda-addled brains

IMG_0527 copy

IMG_0523 copy

IMG_0517 copy

DSCN3351 copy

One angry elderly Leftist was so upset by our facts, that he threw a bottle of water on NY-ICE President, Joanna Marzullo. And it seems, from the video, that New York Sanctuary co-Founder, Juan Carlos Ruiz, an inactive Catholic priest (in white shirt) … gave the old-man the ‘GO’ to fling the water….

 IMG_0552 copy


In VIDEO ONE, the Jericho Walk passes by with lots of NY-ICE countering as well as the angry old man’s “water boy” moment….

After the march, there was a Press Conference.

The Introductions were led by a fiery and predictably cocky, Patricia Malcolm, a Brooklyn minister. From her accented English, she seems to be Caribbean.

Pastor Malcolm is, also, an activist who writes for HuffPo as well as secretary of CUSH (Churches United to Save and Heal), a coalition of 100 clergy members from NYC.

Below is a statement from  a C.U.S.H.  flyer:

The Time For A Just and Humane Immigration Policy is NOW!

” Passage of Arizona’s SB 1070 law is a call to action for immigrants and our allies across the nation.

” We need Comprehensive Immigration Reform!

” Stop the Deportation Now!

” Stop the Separation of Families

” Fight back and organize against on-going Racist  Immigration  Enforcement.

DSCN3359 copy


Scan 4

 FAUX RELIGIONS – hypocrites, speaking to and FOR  “the people”

The Reverend Bruce Southworth of The Community Church of New York Unitarian Universalist. He is active with a variety of interfaith and social justice organizations.  These have included the Interfaith Coalition for Neighborhood-Police Partnerships (originally the Interfaith Coalition Against Police Brutality) for which he was a founding member and Co-Chair; the Forum of Concerned Religious Leaders, the NYC Workers’ Rights Board, Pride in the Pulpit, Vice President of PEARL (National Committee on Public Education and Religious Liberty) and membership on the Executive Committee of the Religious Action Network of the American Committee on Africa.

IMG_0531 copy

Saul Nieves, SEIU 32BJ Political Organizer

Screen shot 2011-08-06 at 9.19.45 PM copy

And a little CHILD shall lead them (so said Pastor Malcolm)

A 12 year old speaker comes from “Wind of Spirit” . Their mission statement: “We are an interfaith organization of immigrants and non-immigrants who are moved by the tradition of hospitality to the stranger found in so many of the world’s religions. We are called to action by the enormous challenges of the growing population of immigrants in our country.”

Our (their) Mission…

  • To organize and empower the community for social change.
  • To help immigrants and non-immigrants come to know each other and be enriched by one another.
  • To educate members of the immigrant community on their rights and responsibilities.
  • To promote activities to celebrate the rich cultural diversity of the Morristown Community.
  • To advocate for the human rights and dignity of all people regardless of immigration status.
  • To create a deeper understanding of the global conditions that underlie immigration.
  • To work together for a world of solidarity, peace, and justice.

IMG_0547 copy

UNIONS- Marxist-led…Marxist-fed…and the propaganda  for the little children


Screen shot 2011-08-06 at 9.21.44 PM copy

Shailesh Shrestha:  Founder and Board Member of ROC-NY is originally from Nepal. ROC, he says, helps him to work towards “economic justice for all restaurant workers.”

His personal message about his union can be found here: http://youtu.be/QFBw9c8S54A

And his young associate, Juan Carlos, also of ROC (Restaurant Opportunities Center) NY

IMG_0542 copy


Ydanis Rodriguez from District 10 – NYC Council Member – Democrat

Ydanis was born in the Dominican Republic and came to Washington Heights when he was 18 years old. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science at the City College of New York, paying his way working as a taxi-driver. He then went on to obtain his Master’s degree in Bilingual Education at City College. (Living the American Dream, but you will not hear him say ONCE that is he THANKFUL to be an American.)

IMG_0537 copy

Statement from: Yvette D. Clarke, US Congresswoman on Immigration.

“As the daughter of Jamaican immigrants, I am acutely aware of our nation’s proud and unique immigrant history. Since its founding, our great nation has been a beacon of hope for those fleeing persecution and seeking opportunity. Nowhere is this legacy more evident than in Brooklyn. Our district is one of the most diverse districts in the country; full of immigrants from all over the world. This rich melting pot gives our neighborhoods their unique culture and is a source of pride for all who call Brooklyn home.

Comprehensive immigration reform is one of my top legislative priorities. The U.S. immigration system needs fundamental reform.”

Scan 5 

Jose Serrano, US Congressman from the 16th Congressional District which includes most of the South Bronx. Serrano below is happily “Hanging with Hugo Chavez”


Serrano was born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. At the age of seven, Serrano was taken by his family to The Bronx. Serrano went to high school and then attended Lehman College. He served in the United States Army medical corps from 1964 to 1966. Serrano was elected to the New York Assembly in 1974, where he served as chairman of the Consumer Affairs Committee and, subsequently, the Education Committee.

He was represented at the rally by Angela Fernandez

Screen shot 2011-08-06 at 9.28.01 PM copy

Serrano said of Angela, “She was most recently the executive director of the Northern Manhattan Coalition for Immigrant Rights, where she has been a powerful voice on behalf of the immigrant community in New York. She shares my passion for social and environmental justice and is dedicated to empowering disadvantaged communities. I am thrilled to have an accomplished lawyer leading our Bronx staff as we continue to serve the people of our great borough. Angela Fernandez is a respected member of the Dominican community and a graduate of the Columbia University School of Law.”


This fellow spoke only in Spanish…guess his speech was meant only for the illegals

Screen shot 2011-08-06 at 9.25.25 PM copy

Warren Joseph, a Trinidadian, who came to the U.S….. ILLEGALLY??….obtained his Green Card and chose to do the ultimate American act — join the Army. After returning from the war in Iraq, he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, ultimately being sent to immigration detention where he languished for 3 years and claims that he was “facing and observing numerous counts of abuse from immigration officials.” However he says in his own you tube video, that he was incarcerated for a crime.

IMG_0544 copy

NY-ICE President Joanna Marzullo said, regarding their speakers, “I find it useful to know their propaganda.  I hope it keeps you angrily motivated when you hear the last speaker (Elder Will Eaton)  gesture to NY ICE and say that we “are the people who think they can rape (our) women and get away with it”.  HUH? They will say anything.  Accuracy is irrelevant to them.”

Below is Elder Will Eaton of Brooklyn getting ready to gesture towards NY-ICE. Near the end of Video Two is where he reveals how committed a RACIST he is while hiding behind the mask of ‘faith leader’. Nothing new, actually, since the ‘beloved’ racist-murder, the Rev. Al Sharpton, has lead by example….

IMG_0553 copy


Not one word of being PROUD to be Americans. OR Proud of America and the opportunities to succeed that brought them here (illegally). Just they have a RIGHT to remain here…. illegally.

IMG_0524 copy

It’s all the usual Soc/Commie /Leftist Propaganda. La Raza, MeCHA. RACISTS organizations bent on destroying America by NOT building our future.

DSCN3354 copy

And the politicians who spoke are supposedly sworn to uphold the laws of this country…our Constitution…. They should be removed for abuse of office.

DSCN3345 copy

There was a bright spot in the day. We saw many people leaving 26 Federal Plaza who had just become LEGAL citizens. Dressed in their Sunday best and carrying little American Flags. They were Legal and PROUD. (picture is from Gerard P at American Rattlesnake see more pics and a great report there)

NY-ICE was there to THANK Arizona for defending our laws. For SB 1070. And so say to those illegals “ If you can’t respect our immigration laws, then go back to your OWN country.” Repatriate yourselves….GO HOME.

Screen shot 2011-08-06 at 9.23.00 PM copy

There is no “RIGHT to REMAIN”. Not in My House!

Screen shot 2011-08-06 at 9.23.35 PM copy

A word of encouragement came to us from Arizona, “Remind them of their crime of violating our laws instead of quietly accepting the morons’ false premise of racism for everything in trying to smear our love of country and it’s laws.”

There is NOTHING racist about wanting to have OUR OWN immigration laws enforced *for a change*.

Those who support ILLEGALS think it’s up to the Federal Government to enforce immigration laws, not the States.  But the Federal Government has FAILED to do this and Arizona BEGGED the Feds to do enforce our laws before taking the matter into its own hands.  The rest of the States should follow Arizona’s lead in this.

Support Gov. Jan Brewer and SB 1070!


God Bless America and KEEP HER STRONG.

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