Marxists & Leftists Protest Obama’s War in Libya (Round & Round They Go)

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with Purim, Sharia & al-Jazeera; Turks & the Greek-Armenian holocaust and the Red-Menace Unions. Libya kind of took a back-seat. Mainly because it was a  story in-flux lead by our oh-so indecisive President. Laid my pics and video aside momentarily and gathered some thoughts of others as I waited to post my video and pics….

March 23, 2011. LEFTISTS in Times Square protesting Obama’s War machine….

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Barack Obama campaigned to end the “Good” War in Afghanistan

To drop the “Bad” War in Iraq

The Leftists cast their ballots expecting their candidate to get America out of at least one war.

Instead, he ADDED one.

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BUT, for many Demon-crats, if the war come from their camp…. well then, it all depends on what the meaning of ‘IS’ is . Here’s a fun list of euphemisms from Front page Mag. There’s no such animal as a Lib-War in Obama-Land:

“Kinetic military action,”

“Humanitarian mission,”

“Internationally authorized intervention,”

“Time-limited, scope-limited military action”

Liberals don’t fight wars. They….

Manage “conflicts,”

Oversee “interventions,”

Participate in “actions.”

Bullets fly. People die.

Just don’t call them wars.  ( in less you are a rabid hard-core Leftist)

After all, Liberal bombs and missiles are humanitarian…

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But the glow of this hopey-changey prez is fading fast for these angry Leftists . They finally got wind that just maybe, “Something is rotten in ….”

Obama  FAILED big-time.

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With the Middle East in flames, Barack Hussein Obama by-passed Congress to conducting an illegal war in Libya. The Commander-in-Chief , Barack Hussein Obama , went to the United Nations instead…. not Congress…. to affirm the legality of his war like aggression….to engage in a “Kinetic military action”.

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When it comes to Libya, could be, “War is not the answer. ” Neither is that “Kinetic Military Action.”(Just ask those very angry Marxist/Leftist/Progressives marching round and round in Times Square.)

So, here we were in Times Square, watching a bunch of America-hating Leftists marching in the rain against Obama’s Folly. And the people passing-by were not so quick to disagree with their anti- Libyan War message as they might have been in the past.

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Even though the CHANTS may have had an ominously (or maybe just plain annoyingly)  familiar ring…. Some of those well-rehearsed CHANTS are the RED flag that these are not our ‘comrades’.

“Not for War and Occupation. Money for Jobs and Education”

“We’ve seen this all before. Same Story. Different War.”

“U.S. out of the Middle-East No. Justice. No Peace”

“Lib-ee-ya for Li-bee-yans. Not for Wall-Street ??? “ (the rain was loud)

“They say MORE War. We say NO War”

“Lib-ee-ya is under attack. Whata we say: Stand Up. Fight back.”

They remain steadfastly anti-American, sedition-loving traitors; fearing the worst of the imperialist war-machine of the American corporate-capitalist hydra-headed monster.

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Their focus today was against a WAR we were forced in to on a week’s notice, without  approval from  Congress: in Libya. And our moment of syngergy?

Barack Hussein Obama The One-World “Global Prez”, that Stand-Up kinda peace prize loving guy… Shilling for anyone but America : EXPOSED

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  1. But there are not cartoon about Obama and terrible accusations like killer, Nazi or something else. Everything is in order. Just to blow off the hit from people and that’s it.

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