STOP THE HATE Bomb Day at NYU (pics and vids)

On March 28, 2011 Artist 4 Israel recreated an actual Bomb Shelter (Museum) in Washington Square Park . The event was scheduled from Noon to 4 PM.Scan copy copyPart 1 of 2 videos (scroll down for Part 2 which is live action and goes inside the shelter with the press) Part 1 is a series of stills that follows the creation of the Bomb Shelter 

We were there for the first couple of hours as the Bomb Shelter was  built and decorated by the artists.DSCN9519 copy

DSCN9692 copy 

After the park police check and RE checked all of the permits, they finally calmed
down and let the bomb shelter be finished

DSCN9544 copy

Part 2  Video  is live action and we go in to the bomb shelter with the press

Washington Square has been a particular hotbed for the ‘anti-Israel activists and their defamation of Israel.By recreating this bomb shelter replica, Artists 4 Israel hopes to “raise awareness of the Jew-Hatred and its deadly consequences”( that is particularly egregious during Apartheid Week.) 

DSCN9690 copy

DSCN9714 copy

BOMB Day at NYU is meant to educate not only the students but also the public (maybe even the MSM)

DSCN9535 copy

DSCN9652 copy

FACT: “Since 2001, 10,000 rockets have been fired from Gaza AT Israelis.
They are PACKED with metal fragments and ball ball bearings to maximize casualties. This is HATE pure and simple.” These  rockets are genocidal.  Their goal, admitted to by Hamas and Hezbollah, is to kill Jews; to destroy Israel.

DSCN9602 copy

Sadly, Americans, Jewish and non, are too often unaware that “when the sirens
sound throughout the day, ” Israelis “have an impossible FIFTEEN seconds to
find the nearest bomb shelter”   LEARN THE TRUTH

Scan 1 copy 3 copy


DSCN9718 copy


Scan 2


Scan 1 copy

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