The Videos 9/11 Panel at “The Ground Zero Mosque Film” at CPAC Premiere

UPDATE : Videos are now posted from Screening on Day Two (Feb 12, 2011)of the World premiere. Please scroll down.

TSM was on hand for this two day event that was presented AT not by CPAC (The Conservative Political Action Conference) 2011 .

It was the World Premiere of the seminal ground breaking documentary:”The Ground Zero Mosque: Second Wave of the 9/11 Attacks”.


Produced by Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs)  and Robert Spencer ( Jihad Watch)  this was the World Premiere of a powerful documentary. Day One was a riveting panel. Day Two was the the screening.

On Day One, we heard painful testimonies from families whose loved ones were  murdered that day by Muslim terrorists.We also heard from NYC Councilman, Dan Halloran (the only member of the City Council willing to speak out against the Ground Zero mosque) Also,we heard from  recent candidate for office in South Carolina, Ilario Pantano. He spoke briefly  from the audience.

On Friday, February 11, 2011, Day One, the room was packed. This was an event that CPAC did not support and did not have on its printed schedule. So, AFDI (American Freedom Defense Initiative) and SIOA (Stop Islamization of America) arranged the room at the Marriott in Washington, DC .

They promoted it themselves (not CPAC) and the room was PACKED. And on Day Two, for the screening, the room was PACKED. Those who attended CPAC knew what an important event this was.

CPAC did mange to list the documentary on the poster for the screening room.

TAKE NOTE: Geller and Spencer have done events at CPAC  three times now; offering up important panels with speakers and topics that CPAC should embrace, and CPAC instead  ignores. See links  for the previous events: (2010 AFDI  Panel is here>> and 2009 Geert Wilders at CPAC s here>>)

The Day  One  Panel 2011: (from left to right) Councilman Dan Halloran, Rosa P. Leonetti, Sally Regenhard, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer (speaking), Nelly Braginskaya, Joyce Boland, Rosaleen Tallon and Ilene Walsh. (Photo by  Migom)

(for more coverage and pictures at Atlas Shrugs, go here)

There are eleven videos from Day One. All are powerful ( including the Q and A) but if you have time for only one, then choose this recap of  Sally Regenhard and you will see:

  • Why this film HAD to be made
  • Why the building of the mosque is a disgrace
  • Why we must no longer be silent.

The first video  from Day One is Robert Spencer’s opening remarks

Pamela Geller introduces the panel and followed by an emotionally powerful trailer of the documentary

Rosaleen Tallon’s  brother, Shawn (a firefighter), was murdered on 9/11. She read the coroner’s report that her mother had received for the first time in public.

Sally Regenhard’s only son, Christian (a firefighter) was murdered on 9/11
Joyce Boland, whose husband Vince was in the audience, spoke of  their son ,Vincent, who was murdered on 9/11.

Ilene Walsh  whose son Michael Brennan (a firefighter) was murdered on 9/11. She too mentioned the devastation have finding so little (if any) remains of their murdered loved ones . His sister Patricia Walsh was in the audience.

NYC Councilman Daniel Halloran, the only one out of 49 council members to stand up for America and the 911 families.

Nelly Braginskaya spoke about the proposed mosque at Park51 (Ground Zero), Daisy Kahn , and her only son, Alex, who was murdered on 9/11. Her accented English may be difficult at times, but even so, Nelly delivers an endearing, very touching and feisty speech

Rosa P. Leonetti whose  brother-in-law , Joseph ( a firefighter) was murdered on 9/11.

Next is the Q and A with 9/11 Families and Geller and Spencer:

There were questions about Sharia law, the Islamist infiltration of CPAC and the proposed mosque at Park51 (Ground Zero).

At approximately 7:49 you will hear the remarks that Pamela Geller made regarding the infiltration of CPAC that was picked-up by Glenn Beck.

We had younger members in attendance at CPAC who  have never seen the truth about who attacked us that day. Of what really happened to those who were murdered that  day.

DAY TWO:February 12, 2011. Before the screening: Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller’s opening remarks

After the screening 9/11 Family Members, Rosa P. Leonetti and Nelly Braginskaya spoke of their murdered loved ones , reminding us of WHY this film HAD to be made.

This is a film that must be seen. We must never forget.

If you are in the New York area you can see it NOW. The New York City Premiere of the Ground Zero Mosque documentary film is to be shown on Muhammad’s birthday, February 20th, 2011. At 7:30 PM


St. Lukes Theatre, 308 W 46th Street, New York City

**You must RSVP**


There is just a bit more : pictures with  a report on CPAC  to follow, so please check back.

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