Join the largest Caravan in America coming cross-country to 9-11 Rally!

UPDATE (Aug 21) for Transport info , go to the Ground Zero Transport Exchange on FB!/group.php?gid=112502342135070&ref=ts

AUGUST 18, 2010: UPDATE: Rally start time is changed to 3:00 PM on September 11, 2010

UPDATE: Contact info if you wish to caravan and do not use Face Book:

For those of you who do not use Face Book and want to join a carpool and the Caravan, send me your info at
State your Name/Email/state & city you are coming from/ How many seats you need/have to share and your ability to help with Gas/food etc…
One of the admins of our group will post you need/ ability to help and get back to you when we hear anything.

Thank you all so much for your interest, and I can’t wait to here from you!



TSM  received this important announcement from “Stars and Stripes Caravan” and Travel Exchange at Facebook

Ground zero bus
The Stars and Stripes Caravan will begin its journey on the West Coast on  on September 6 at 4:30pm – and arrives on 9-11. That’s September 11, 2010  at 12:00pm. The Rally begins at 2 PM so that gives everyone plenty of time to park their vehicles in Jersey and then ferry across the Hudson to Ground Zero for the SIOA Rally to honor those murdered on 9-11 and to protest the building of Ground Zero Mosque.

The announcement continues from Stars and Stripes Caravan.

” Since we are getting so many people together for carpooling to get to NYC on Sept 11th, we thought we should make a statement on the way. We are trying to organize the largest Caravan in America by arranging meeting points along the way to NYC.

It will start all over the West Coast and pick up more Patriot travelers along the way till we reach NYC. Plan to park your car/van/bus/truck somewhere across the river from NYC and take… a ferry over. More details to come as they unfold.

If you are planning to join the Caravan please also find YOUR STATE under the discussion tab and post there as well.

  1. If you have any ideas on how to make the caravan work
  2. If you have mobile Broad band
  3. If you would like to be an organizer for the caravan
  4. Please post under the “Stars and Stripes Caravan” discussion.
  5. Someone will contact you with more details.

Host Group for this event- Transport Exchange .

Thank you all so much. God bless you  and hope to see you at the rally!”

TSM: We are thrilled to hear of this caravan . Many readers have asked if there are any car-pools. Many are even  flying in from Europe just for this event. Please spread the word. There is a caravan -car-pool.  God-Speed to you all and see you on 9-11!!

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  2. Don’t use Facebook, how do I get information & sign up for Car Poll Caravan in my state… Western PA?
    God Bless you Pamela, your volunteer Patriots & the USA!

    • I’ll find out and get back to you with a contact email.

    • KathyK55 – I am western PA also, Pittsburgh area. I plus 3 are interested in going also. If buses were organized, I know more people who are interested in going! (check out “trilliumtrail’s” counter posts on KDKA comment sections relating to Ground Zero Mosque stories!)

  3. God bless you Pamela. God’s greatest men are women which is very true in your case. There are many ball less guys in the media and in the congress but you are bold enough to tell the truth.

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  5. For those of you who do not use Face Book and want to joing a carpool and the Caravan Send me your info at
    State you Name/Email/state&city you are coming from/ How many seats you need/have to share and your abulity to help with Gas/food etc…
    One of the admins of our group will post you need/ abulity to help and get back to you when we hear anything. Thank you all so much for your intrest, and I can’t wait to here from you!

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  9. Ask every member of every conservative Tea Party group to go door to door in the name of God and our bravest American patriots, our Founding Fathers, 1/55 men/1776 Let us buy the cheapest fliers, and as a Grass-Roots Conservative, will get the job done, we will take back our country the way our founders intended.

  10. God bless you Pamela. coptic christian men and women in EGypt and all members of National American coptic Assembly in us which are face violent & discrimination under islamic regiem in Egypt support you .

  11. I’m a little disabled 50 year old legal immigrant from Europe living in America for the past 30 years. I always respected the common local laws, customs and culture.
    I will never forget that distinctive smell in the air from 9/11 on, that one could smell for days. I was not born in America but as little as I can do to prevent this slap in the face (as Simon Deng said in his speech at the last rally) at America, with the greatest Constitution written ever in history of mankind. I will do anything without asking any questions to stop this madness.
    I can meet anyone as single person or as a group anywhere in New Jersey or I know places in Brooklyn or Queens to safely park and I take you to the rally spot at the Park Place without missing a beat. I can contribute my whole day if anyone is interested.
    I know I do not offer much but God knows that I am sincere.

  12. i hope all the best for you rally a big hug and support by italy

  13. Dave Mattheisen

    This is an excellent idea and your speakers – WOW!

    I’d just love to see Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and Michelle Malkin as a speakers as well. Their knowledge of the real Islam is phenomenal!

  14. Thanks for organizing. I want to know why islam that is so intolerant and has no sense of humor expects our victims and their families to be tolerant? They had Rushdie in hiding all for writing fiction? What about their reaction to the Denmark Cartoon?

    Building a mosque near ground zero of all places in NY, is showing how unsymphathetic they are to others. They live in the USA, so they need to show their loyalty to our fellow citizens first and then religion. IF you don’t like it here go HOME!

    Then, we have that lady at disney with the head scarf. Everyone can wear what they want surely. America is tolerant of that. But when she got the job at disney she knew the rules. Jewish are not being allowed to wear a yamaka so why should she be different. Get a job elsewhere! I’m tired of all this political correctness that America has to bear due to immigrants.

  15. Please invite NY Governor Candidate Paladino and Rick Lazio for speech at Ground Zero on 9/11 ,2010 .

  16. Hi, Pamela

    We are featuring the rally daily on our site.

    Our only two links are to your and Robert’s site.

    We are getting the word out in our community.

    Together we will make this happen.

    A lot of little people, like us, can make a great statement when we unite.

  17. I stand with the majority saying NO to the Islamic-Nazi “Mosque” – I say NO to pro-terrorist Obama and his congress. I am voting for anyone who is not a Democrat come November – and I want an investigation into Obama and his spouse’s background – as they DO support terrorists. I lost 3 cousins on that day – my daughter’s 11th birthday — Obama explain terrorism to an 11 year old who has a slight handicap. Why do you appease the terrorists? I work for a Veterans Affairs in California that appeases those who hates Americans. They hate anyone who is not them – bigotry works both ways – there are many racists who are against non-people of color ! Our children are being taught a revisionist history of the facts – We bombed Japan to end the war – not to just do harm! We bombed Germany to fight the Nazis and to stop the slaughter of millions of people – and we should get rid of those who support the al Queda’s, the PLO, the CAIRs, the Islamic Muslim Student Unions, refuse immigration from questionable countries and do not tell our only true ally in the Middle East what to do – Israel and India have both been dealing with terrorism for over 60 years! Why stop them from surviving and why keep on feeding the partners of the Nazis?!! ENOUGH!

    • Hi Hinda

      I am Andrew. Your statement is very true . I support your statement. Ban Ground Zero Mosque , Muslim immigration, Muslim dress , Mosque, Islam.

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