Ground Zero Mosque’s Sharif El-Gamal (SoHoProperties) was a WAITER in 2002!

Sharif El-Gamal, the “developer” from Soho Properties…was a WAITER in 2002! (love this candid shot from Atlas Shrugs!)

Sammy and Sharif El-Gamal of SOHO Properties have been throwing around $$$ Millions of dollars in cash, buying apartments for themselves and expensive Manhattan Commercial buildings, where does the cash come from ?

Sharif El-Gamal was waiting tables at Serafina’s Restaurant in New York City  and Sammy El-Gamal was waiting tables at Tao Restaurant on the Upper East Side of Manhattan NY, from there they both broke into the real estate business by renting apartments on commission, they were not selling any properties.

In July 2009 Sharif El-Gamal sets up SOHO PROPERTIES GENERAL PARTNER, LLC a Delaware corporation as a foreign entity in the New York State Division of Corporations and buys the old Burlington Coat Factory property at 45 Park Place for $4.8 million for cash (in July 2009), where did the cash come for the old Burlington Coat Factory property at 45 Park Place that is to be rehabed into a Mosque and where will the $100 Million come from to rehab the building into a Mosque ?”

H/T from The Right Scoop

“Apparently this guy (Sharif El-Gamal) saved the 4.8 million for this purchase from renting apartments on commission in NY [… ] must’ve earned one heck of a commission! (If you’re in a hurry, skip to 2:15.)

[vodpod id=Video.4198155&w=425&h=350&fv=]

So, Mayor Bloomberg, when do the investigations begin? SHOW US THE MONEY!

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