Obama… Dream come true or Nightmare…

More thoughts on Who is BHO and the Black Voter…. Black author William Owens, Jr “..in reality he is not a Black American. His heritage is Muslim — not African American” Mr. Owens continues “… Obama a pretender and panderer”… and from Dr. Alveda King, daughter of MLK’s younger brother on Obama, ” an anathema to the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.”

Not All African Americans Starry-eyed for Obama

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown
Friday, August 15, 2008

When Obama gives his stadium acceptance speech at the Democratic convention, it will be the night of the 45th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. You can count on breathless reporters waxing dreamy about Dr. King’s vision fulfilled that historic night. However, not all African Americans agree. “Barack Obama is directly contrary to many positions and beliefs of Martin Luther King, Jr.,” says black author William Owens, Jr. “Obama is trying to make African Americans believe he is the reality of the Dream come true, but he’s not. It’s a nightmare.”

A recent Gallup poll reveals 91 percent of African Americans intend to vote for Obama. Nevertheless, there are dissenting voices trying to reach their community with a warning about the candidate. Dr. Alveda King, daughter of MLK’s younger brother, the late slain civil rights activist Rev. A.D. King, says, “Senator Obama’s answer to the ills of society, of higher government spending, weaker national defense, continued tax dollars to Planned Parenthood, and support of gay marriage, are diametrically opposed to everything African Americans truly believe and an anathema to the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.”

“It is high time for Black America, White America and all America to stop making their ethnicity such a big deal that we become zealous for our color over being zealous for what is right and what is truth,” says Owens.

Mr. Owens, founder of Black Americans for Real Change (BARC), makes it known, “I will not remain silent out of fear of repercussions because it is politically incorrect for Blacks to challenge Blacks.” (snip) Owens believes Obama is manipulative of African Americans because “in reality he is not a Black American. His heritage is Muslim — not African American” and calls Obama a pretender and panderer. He points out that the candidate’s record “does not remotely parallel the values, traditions and struggles of Black America.”

(snip) Owens felt compelled to write a book to challenge African Americans “to look deeper at Barack Obama the man, his voting record, and his position on the important issues facing our country. (snip) Every American should read this eye-opening book. Owens says, “it is obvious Obama is trying to solidify the Black vote”, but he reiterates that any candidate needs to be closely examined.

With Obama’s voiced support and voting record for partial-birth abortion and every other pro-abortion bill, Alveda King takes issue with the senator over this topic. (snip) Again quoting her uncle, King says, “‘there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because it is right.’” She passionately adds, “This is not the time to be silent; this is not the time to give Barack Obama a free pass! There is too much at stake.”

(Do you hear that, America? We Must NOT be SILENT!)

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    (also supports the “rights” of youngsters to view public depravity!)

    Google “Americans for Truth,” click on “Zombietime” [or go directly to: http://www.zombietime.com], then click on “Up Your Alley Fair”! After recovering from the uncensored photos, Yahoo “God to Same-Sexers: Hurry Up” on the “ucmpage” listing (even Jesus told Judas to hurry up – John 13:27). Also Yahoo “Dangerous Radicals of the Religious Right.” See all of this before the predicted California earthquake happens a la Rev. 16:19 (“the cities of the nations fell”) – and before the hurricanes and other conscience-stirring disasters occur elsewhere! Dr. Know

    (Obama, Pelosi, and Newsom did NOT approve of this message.)

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