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Safe Schools protesters WANT MANDATES: Singing “MASKING Keeps us SAFE!”

“With Friday (March 5, 2022) set as the day Mayor Eric Adams
will make his decision, showing up is critical: #COVIDisNotOver

But first: On March 3, 2022, Florida’s surgeon general, Dr. Joseph Ladapo explained face masks do nothing. It’s all theatre. (enjoy) “These things (these masks) are NOT saving lives.” Dr. Ladapo also said, ” They are holding on to the ILLUSION that they do .

Back to, Thurs. March 4, 2022, as safeschoolsny gathered on the steps of the historic NYC  Tweed Courthouse.

“Masks symbolize our interdependence and care for each other–our commitment to community. Even the most privileged among us have been harmed by COVID and are not free of the possibility of future trauma. While some feel confident they and their families will be ok, that’s not what public schools are about: Public schools are for the greatest good, and that means protecting public health.

#MaskingForAFriend Continuing to require masks in NYC public schools, even when case rates are lower, will keep schools #SafeAndOpen by: stopping the spread of any COVID that enters the classrooms, centering the needs of higher-risk school community members. keeping everyone in schools as healthy as possible. preventing avoidable: ⌾ illness ⌾ Long COVID in staff or students ⌾ hospitalization, especially of the unvaccinated or immuno-compromised.” [https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/covidisnotover/]

Flickr Slide Show:

IMG_1855 copy

An Instagram reality check comment:

Imagine still thinking masks work COVID will never be over, you have the option to wear a mask or even a hazmat suit if that makes you “feel” safer. It astonishes me how much control you want the government to have over you.”

Video of the …. sing-a-long:

2,4,6,8 ….. are really great
6,5,4,3 in every school they should be free.

Please join us people on the street.
This is the time to protect everyone.
Please join us.

Masks protect others.
Masks are our friends.
Not like the flu and we’re not at the end.

Whata we want? more testing.
When so we want it.Now.

Even people on the subway do it.
Masks do it. Masks keep us safe (whoo Bdway!)

We are here in a quiet way …to invite others to join us.
To sing …  to chant together.
This is the moment when this new mayor can let us know what his priorities are.
We want him to take it very seriously, that nearly 50% of our students are not vaccinated. If it’s for the kids…if it’s for the economy … we need to keep the masks.

Just because we’re tired , doesn’t mean it’s over.
Mandate masks. That’s our ask.
Masks for seniors. Masks for kids.
It’s not about you. It’s all about the flu.
Just because we’re tired , doesn’t mean it’s over.
Mandate masks. That’s our ask.

Masks protect others. Masks are your friends.
Not like the flu and we’re not at the end.

UPDATE: March 5, 2022. Unfortunately, these mask-nuts got a partial victory:  NYC kids under 5 will still have to wear masks in school when mandate lifts! Mayor Adams said, “In daycare, in pre-k, in those areas where children are not vaccinated…we have to still take the precautions that’s needed.”[NY Daily News]

However, beginning MONDAY March 7, 2022, they will not be so happy about these freedoms REgained.

“Starting Monday, New Yorkers will no longer need to show proof of vaccination for indoor activities like dining and kids won’t have to wear face masks in school anymore, Mayor Adams announced as coronavirus infections continue to drop statewide.” [NY Daily News]

“The changes mean patrons at Big Apple restaurants, gyms and indoor venues — including theaters — will no longer have to show proof of vaccination in order to enter. Individual businesses can still decide to enforce their own rules. Children in K-12 school settings will also no longer have to don face coverings indoors. ”  [NY Post]

A observation re meeting on the steps of the historic Tweed Courthouse:

William M. “Boss” Tweed – the corrupt leader of  Tammany Hall (a political machine that controlled the New York State and City governments — when the courthouse was built –) oversaw the building’s erection.    [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tweed_Courthouse]

Unfortunately, NYC still suffers under the corrupt DEMOCRAT – AND NOW SOCIALIST — machine, determined to make MASK Mandates permanent. They are in control …

 “We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it.” —George Orwell, 1984

[Where indicated photos and videos property of Pamela Hall-VSB]

Democrat Socialists Demand Safe Schools for BLACK & BROWN STUDENTS only!

Sept 4, 2020 Foley Square NYC.
The reason for this warning, there were two new hard core groups that were gathering at 6 pm. (The African Black Panther Party; United Panther Movement) They proceeded to riot (led by rich WHITE 20 yrs olds) causing $100,000 damage as they rioted in the street going up town from Foley.

This Safe Schools Rally was not a riot. Just the usual Democrat/Socialists ranting on and on about greedy RICH white folk.

 Flickr Slide Show : The teachers UNIONS were threatening Governor  Cuomo with a NO Show for work on Tuesday Sept 8th, 2020. Their complaints and concerns focused on black and brown students.  Not the privileged white students.


.Videos Part 1 – Chants. Always starting with chants. (If we don’t get it shut it down) @SingSolidarity led the crowd “Marching off to Freedom Land”

Part 2 – Jabari Brisport newly elected Democrat SOCIALIST to NY State Senate.

“I am proud of my union and I want us to sit in our power. Demand that there is a nurse in every school; that every school has a decent ventilation system… those are bare minimum demands for the health crisis we’re living in@JabariBrisport

Part 3 “Only When it’s SAFE“. Chanting is de rigueur.  “People want to know WHO we are.”  “We Want Safe Schools” (etc)

PERHAPS it’s time to get rid of Critical Race Theory. Then maybe ALL students will MATTER.

Take that leftist Critical Race Theory garbage out of our schools too. They are teaching children to hate each other based on race. All that “white privileged” nonsense is not only false it’s POISON. People are literally being brainwashed to hate white people.. it’s EVIL

Critical race theory is the greatest threat to western civilization and it’s made its way into the US federal government, the military, and the justice system.” Ian Miles Cheong @stillgray [Melissa Tate@TheRightMelissa]

Along with their obvious racism, it was made clear they are threatening to “shut it down” if we don’t get Safe Schools.

NYC teachers, still waiting for ventilation reports, get ready to head back to classrooms

On Friday, a spokesperson for City Hall said that deadline  (Sept 4) would not be met, potentially setting up teachers to return to their campuses  (in every one of the city’s 56,000 class rooms) with little information about whether the air is safe.

It remains unclear how either the city or the unions are determining ventilation is safe before staff and students return to buildings, which has not helped to build trust.” [Chalk Beat]

Guess we will see – soon- if they will follow through on that threat since students are set to report to class on Sept 21.

[Where indicated, pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall]