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Protests Continue “Stop Drag Queen Story Hours” NYC 53rd St Library

May 1, 2023 – 53rd St Library. 4 pm

On a chilly afternoon,  a small group of hard core”Drag Story” DEFENDERS gathered in front of the library to make noise and block the entrance.

What books are read is never revealed, and by not letting the Guardians of Divinity enter the library ( even after the story hour)  they must be HIDING something. Popular books:  This Book is Gay; Gender Queer; Beyond Magenta; Jacobs New Dress; Drag Dictionary and OUT!(How to be your Authentic Self).

These books are found in the libraries and in our schools, clearly setting the stage for easy grooming.

Meanwhile, the so called ‘DEFENDERS” bang on anything metal, slap rattles and shake tambourines, noise pollution for alll who pass by while “giving the bird” to the Guardians of Divinity…. for the kids to see and hear.

Across 53rd, the Guardians of Divinity defend the innocence of the children with signs like  “Let the Kids be Kids” and “Save the Children” from groomers.

And they welcomed explaining the issues to passersby. Many stopped to chat.

Except for one F-You guy who angrily shouted as he passed by the Guardians.

.As for the police, seemed like too many for the noisy protestors. They were tasked with standing on both sides of the street AND only BLOCKED the Guardians of Divinity from entering the library. (Noisy Lefties were welcomed)

Flicker slide show Part 1 – A look at both sides of the protest.  A small group of pro “drag story hour” lefties gathered in front of the library, challenged by the Guardians of Divinity with great signs and chants

IMG_3673 copy

Flicker slide show Part 2- More of both sides, the police and the fake Fox reporter.

IMG_3904 copy

a few short videos next:

Part 1 (2:32) Had a lot of short clips of both sides. The usual profanity came from the Leftists (plus they love to flip off everyone)And their mascot, “CrackHead Barney”. The children’s drag show “defenders” LOVE her. “Barney” is loud and obscene. Sometimes half-naked (sometimes  … her breasts are exposed) as she performs in a smelly, obscene costume. Ending with a few nannies and their very young charges leaving the Drag Story hour.

Part 2 –  Gay Activist,  Jay Walker did his usual blah-blah-blah. And  the Guardians Mascot Brad was front and center on the  metal barricade.

.Part 3 – The Guardians of Divinity continued to protest the grooming of children whiles fake reporter, Walter Masterson –a wanna-be actor who crashes protests , today pretended to be a FOX reporter. It seemed to fool the leftards, but he fooled  no one on the Guardians side.

.Last video is Talia Ben Ora, Last video is Talia Ben Ora, a lefty ‘journalist’ hanger-on ,who promotes the library drag story hours while working the police with supposed intel.  She also promotes herself on patreon as a ‘journo” who needs MONEY.

Oddly , the police seem to have willingly been snookered by her.  (she has said as much on Twitter)

Talia schmoozes the lead cops. Hangs wherever she chooses. And proudly encourages the censorship of those she label Right Wing Fascists. A VERY obnoxious woman who amused while performing for the camera.

.Update: Happy to have observed , starting with the BLM/Jordan Neeley riots, that Talia’s “Junior G-Man” badge seems to have expired.



The NYPD is no longer welcoming her ‘guidance” ((amusing exchange with police/she’s NOT happy)

With this latest leftist rabble assaulting the police and reporters, blocking streets and public transportation, The police might become impatient with the ACAB (all cops are bastards) / DEFUND the Police insurgents. It was time…

.Guess we found out. Lots of arrests on May 9th

Wanting NO Replay of the 2020 riots, the police were finally pro-active.

(Sorry Talia!) LOL


[Where indicated, pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall- VSB]

Thank you, Google for Saying NO to Jew Hatred

Sept 8, 2022. A small but mighty group from Yad Yamin-NY gathered outside Google-NY. There was also a very  obnoxious group of leftists spewing an endless stream of  Jew Hatred.

Flickr slide show Part 1

IMG_8440 copy

Flickr slide show Part 2

IMG_8405 copy

2 short Videos- part 1. Outside Google- NY: Thank you, Google for Saying NO To Jew Hatred event was a gathering of both sides: of Pro Israel and Anti israel. Part 1 are the very very anti -srael … and Amazon- protestors.

part 2. Sept 8, 2022. Outside Google- NY: Thank you, Google for Saying NO To Jew Hatred event was a gathering of both sides: of Pro Israel and Anti israel. Part 2 was the small but dedicated group from Yad Yamin.

Thank You GOOGLE for Saying NO to this JEW Hatred!

[Where indicated pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall-VSB]

Death to all Juice Jihadi from Jersey (Pamela Hall of VSB took the picture)

Update from Pamela Hall (Red Squirrel) – August 28, 2014. Have to re-post pictures from the entire proest and march as WebShots went out of business…. That’s if I can find the files)

Wikipedia info on Almonte here>>

April 16, 2013 sentences for Alessa and Almonte :

” .. the judge sentenced Alessa, now 23, to 22 years in prison and a lifetime afterward of supervised release — and Almonte, now 27, to 20 years and the same lifetime of supervision. Each man had come onto the radar of federal authorities in 2006. And in 2009, the NYPD officer had begun meeting with and extensively taping them. Then, in June 2010, they were each arrested in the moments before they were set to jump onto airplanes at John F. Kennedy International Airport bound for Egypt, a key step, say federal authorities, in their ultimate plan to reach Somalia”

Original picture of Carlos Almonte (holding the sign) taken December 28, 2008 – NYC

P1180506 copyright

UPDATE: March 3, 2011  Fox News

“Two New Jersey men have pleaded guilty to charges that they tried to join an Al Qaeda-affiliated group overseas.

Mohamed Mahmood Alessa and Carlos Eduardo Almonte entered into a packaged plea deal in a Newark federal courtroom Thursday.

They admitted to conspiring to kill, maim and kidnap persons outside the United States by trying to join al-Shabab, a designated terrorist organization.

“The defendants planned and trained for a mission that began in their New Jersey neighborhoods and would end with the murder of innocent civilians.” (They wanted to kill Americans)

Almonte, 24, of Elmwood Park, is a naturalized citizen who was born in the Dominican Republic. Both are Muslim.

From TSM: We never found out who Carlos’ friend was (in the ‘Death To all Juice’ picture I took in December of 2008) though at times I think he might be a clean-cut Mahmood Alessa. But,we do know the other guy is Carlos Almonte and since some think my picture was photo-shopped (just taken with a lousy camera) I compiled some pics and video from that day in front the Israeli Mission. It shows Carlos hanging with the vile HATE groups: the Islamic Thinkers/Revolution Muslims. And eventually holding that infamous poster. “Death to all Juice” (Death to all Americans !)

More from Fox News: “The New Jersey case is one of the first to tie both Anwar al-Awlaki, an American cleric and Al Qaeda operative in Yemen, and Omar Hammami, an American-born member of al-Shabab, to a single plot. Prosecutors allege that Alessa and Almonte were inspired while listening to videos from both Awlaki and al-Shabab…. a new generation of digital jihadists, who take their inspiration from the web and do not have direct personal contact with clerics like Awlaki.” And HATE groups like the Islamic Thinkers Society…your are known by the friends you keep…

Read more a bit more at more from Atlas Shrugs

UPDATE JUNE 11, 2010

VigilantSquirrelBrigade.blogspot.com  has been made aware that the “Death to All Juice” photo is actually Carlos Almonte of Bergen, NJ. One of the terror suspects recently arrested.“Who knew that someone advocating  genocide would turn out to be a terrorist” (sarc intended).


Lots of coverage that began with My Pet Jawa matching Carlos to Red Squirrel’s Juice photo.  Peoples Cube has even more to say on the aspiring Jihadis. as well as Atlas Shrugs

NY Times  report on suspects 2010


NY Daily News Jersey Jihadi 2010

What follows is the original report in Dec 2008

One JUICY NUT-JOB! (the picture Of the “Juice Jihadi” taken 0n 12-28-08 by Red Squirrel (aka Pamela Hall) of Vigilant Squirrel Brigade)

P1180506 copyright

An update on our ‘Hosts’ for these marches (as to be expected): Al-Awda NY: Palestine Right to Return Coalition, Arab Muslim American Federation, International Action Center, Brooklyn for Peace, USPCN-NY and the General Union of Palestinian Students, Adalah-NY as well as The ANSWER Coalition, Muslim American Society Freedom, Free Palestine Alliance, National Council of Arab Americans, and International Palestine Right to Return Coalition.

Always ready to spew their hatred for Israel, the rabid Leftists (International Action Center, Code Pinkos, Al-Adwa, Adalahs and Answer) hit the streets of New York, Sunday December 28, 2008 (at 2 PM) at 50 St and Fifth Avenue, with a crowd that also included “palestinians’ and the unfortunate Naturi Karta. There seemed to be an unending parade of muslim young men and women (many with children) Were they ALL pali’s? Guess we are ALL ‘fakestinians…if we ‘wannabe’…

(8-28-14 : More pictures and videos from the Israeli Protest were posted at  The Squirrel Brigade   but Webshots no longer exists. I have lots more pictures (if I can find the file) Meanwhile, these are screen shots from my video, with Carlos Almonte often in the back ground.)



Lots of NY city police (many more looking muslim each time there is such an event) and all are doing extra Sunday duty…over-time, right? Our tax-dollars at work! Cops standing on top of a truck, mounted police…extra officers standing all around…waiting… all ready to walk these anarchists and ‘palis’ over to the Israeli Consulate. Then, finally!… there was a lot of rushing around at approximately 3 PM with  the usual self-promotion photographers that recorded their soc/commie/marxist/progressive actions for ‘posterity’.


The sidewalks of Fifth Avenue were blocked with over-flow so they started their march amid lots more instructions as they tried ever so hard to get the marchers into a single-file for the avenues( Second Avenue in particular was grid-locked with protesters) .  Once we arrived at the Israeli Embassy, the Islamic Thinkers were waiting for the Fifth Avenue marchers


And now the police earned their dollars…co-ordinating two blocks of marchers from 44 to 42 streets. Pens opening and closing as they did a lot of crowd control. Not sure this merits too many ooo’s as the crowd was placed in narrow pens OFF the sidewalk for those two blocks so we’re not talking thousands…. Still, it was a large enough crowd to be unsettling.


There are many familiar faces in the videos and pictures and all calling for the destruction of Israel. Some people passing by look confused. Most just keep right on walking, but what should be of concern is that while these Anti-Israel protesters swarm our streets, we aren’t out there countering the lies and propaganda. WHAT are we going to do about this, America! The lies must be stopped!

Below is a slideshow of screen shot photos from the 2008 protest:

P1180506 copyright

Videos of the protest from Fifth Avenue to the Israeli Consulate : Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 (taken on a lousy camera) can be viewed at VigilantSquirrelBrigade.blogspot.com