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“Kirsten Gillibrand in 2020” has poor turnout on home turf

Columbus Circle 11 am. March 24, 2019. NYC   Kirsten Gillibrand’s poorly attended 2020 presidential rally outside Trump Hotel. “Bravery” was the theme of her campaign that sparked low interest. Text BRAVE, maybe it’ll help….

Gillibrand vowed to stand up to President Trump (and those within the Democrat Party). She also called for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election to be made public.

She’s gonna need help getting her message to the country at large. But, since even NYC wasn’t even interested in her candidacy, she’s gonna need some help- .

BLOCKS were roped off, and all she managed was about a half a block (if that) – jammed up to the stage for the pictures.

Video 1 – JDL-NY and fellow patriots gathered in support of President Trump outside the poorly attended rally that was Kirsten Gillibrand’s 2020 media opp for her Presidential run. There were some lively exchanges with the passersby, and not ALL were against Trump.

Two DACA dreamers and immigrant activists led the roster of speakers because … they are #BRAVE.

They announced proudly, WE ARE DREAMERS (aka illegals) Lisdy Contreras-Giron (a Pace Univ. grad, who came here at 5 yrs old from Guatemala) and  Monica Sibri

Flickr slide show


20 Dem candidates so far? Let the games begin.

CNN full video : [https://youtu.be/hUkvRh1wtjc] if … you must….

[Pics and vids property of Pamela Hall]