“DeBlasio Must Go” United New Yorkers (& BLM protestors) at Gracie Mansion

New York Voices for A Better NYC.
Demand “DeBlasio Must Go”

Sept 13, 2020  New Yorkers demanded “DeBlasio Must Go” as they marched to Gracie Mansion (the mayor’s residence).

The police forced them to share the entrance to the park
with some unexpected, and VERY WHITE, BLM Commies.

  The BLM protestors whined that the patriots encroached on their protest. (Though they did unite briefly chanting “DeBlasio Must Go”)

 As America grows weary of Democrats cities allowing the rioting, looting and destruction, it is encouraging to read that America is FIGHTING back. Perhaps that is why the white privileged BLM protestors encountered this day WHINED that the patriots should not be there. – FUN)

FLICKR Slide Show


“Uniting New Yorkers Rally! Hosted by several NY neighborhood groups including from UWS, Queens and various other neighborhood and NY groups.  Join fellow FED UP New Yorkers against nonsensical DeBlasio policies that are causing violent crime to rise, jeopardizing the safety of citizens and crushing livelihoods in a time of crisis. It’s time to tell DeBlasio: HE MUST GO!”
VIDEO Part 1

.“SKYROCKETING VIOLENT CRIME IS NOT OKAY: It’s no wonder shootings, robberies and mayhem are on the rise, when violent criminals get desk tickets and victims get screwed. Amend Bail Reform NOW. Enforce law and order NOW.”

VIDEO Part 2

“BANKRUPTING NYC RESTAURANTS IS NOT OKAY: It’s no wonder NYC’s economy is dying when politicians shutter businesses and loot city budgets to reward their cronies. Bus boys, waiters, restaurant owners have a right to work. Restore indoor dining NOW.

Video Part 3

“STEALING BILLIONS IS NOT OKAY: It’s no wonder there’s no $$ for garbage clean up, EMT’s or public safety, when $500MILLION is spent on luxury hotels for convicts, addicts and sex offenders and $1BILLION is missing from THRIVEnyc. Audit the MAYOR NOW.” [#DEBLASIOmustGO#FireBDBnyc]

De Blasio Must GO!

[Where indicated, Pictures and Videos Property of Pamela Hall]

2 responses to ““DeBlasio Must Go” United New Yorkers (& BLM protestors) at Gracie Mansion

  1. Democrats must go!
    (Great pics and commentary )

  2. NAZI, MOSLEM LOVER, anti-white racist, anti-Semitic WARREN WILHELM
    is guilty of misconduct, sedition, treason due to his purposeful actions, overreaching policies that caused the destruction of countless NYC businesses & livelihoods of many New Yorkers. This MARXIST, COMMUNIST willfully knowingly, gleefully violated 18 USC 241 – 245, 373, 2381 – 2385 which begets the death penalty. His wife is also guilty as she is an enabler. WW is ti have his neck stretched or severed for Lady Justice & Lady Liberty to be satisfied or in the alternative feed both to G-d’s predators knowing lions, tigers, bears, komodo dragons are unbiased, not prejudiced – any flesh (dark or light), bone & blood will satisfy. Be kind to G-d predators.
    For dessert toss in Governor Cuomo for his criminal murderous deeds of sending 11K seniors to their untimely deaths. WOE to WILHELM & CUOMO,

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