October: indoor dining at 25% as NYC restaurants struggle to survive

The Election is near (that the left is working overtime to STEAL) and our President is ill (but recovering)  Still, HOPE is on the horizon because WE have not given up! Trump 2020!!

October 1, 2020. NYC. The restaurants have said, repeatedly, indoor dining at 25 % capacity is not going to work (even though out door dining will continue).  The 15 days lock down was 7 months ago, economic ruin is certain for many, so they NEED to get back inside. ASAP. Even at 25%.

This economic disaster began by mayoral-governor fiat on March 12, 2020. (St Paddy’s Day still stares back from the long shuttered Smith’s Bar). It is surely unconstitutional. Yet, here we are. Forced to suffer these tyrants.

Finally, PERMISSION was given by the mayor and governor to continue serving food and drink outside …. and now inside, but sadly this comes too late for some.

Leading up to the return of a restricted indoor dining was the relentless teasing of NYC’s Mayor de Blasio with dates and occupancy restrictions that CHANGED again and again. The restaurants and bars were angry. frustrated; worried.

Business still suffers because the THEATRES, that feed all the other businesses (hotels and restaurants and TOURISM, remain CLOSED.

Times Square is a ghost town. Even 42nd st Mc D’s is GONE.

THREE restaurants in a row on 46th st. are closed. GONE for ever.

Economically, the city is DYING.

March 12th, the lock down began because people might get sick … and MIGHT die.  A bizarre reaction that Americans accepted too willingly. The Dark Ages have returned.

Hotels and restaurants are boarded up for months and all it took was FEAR. Fear of dying, of getting ill.

BUT, people do get ill. People die. And hiding their faces behind paper masks, thinking they will avoid disease, is folly. What they should fear is how easily this country gave up its independence.

The bars and restaurants, trapped, begged, threatened and “promised to be good” if only they could work; feed their  families.  The answer was always NO.

Sept. 2020 – 6 months and counting) as De Blasio’s Cesspool of trash piled up . The green bags are dog poop bags –  an eyesore because trash is rarely picked up. (slide show)


Midtown and a long row of unused taxis, casualties of de Blasio’s economic disaster. (slide show)


Restaurants  at 6 months. We see wind screens appear – hoping to shelter the customers – in October. (slide show)

IMG_5983 copy

As October begins, the enclosures are finally blessed by the Mayor: they can STAY.

The homeless impact (negatively) the abandoned stores and theatres; another place to trash. The theatres remain closed, to reopen – sometime NEXT YEAR … with potentially insurmountable requirements.

Easy access urinals spring up over night.

The boarded up entrance to the once popular theatrical hang out, Joe Allen’s is now a POPULAR URINAL.

WHY did the citizens of this mighty republic roll over without a whimper. WHY are TYRANTS like de Blasio and Cuomo permitted to RUIN lives by fiat?

Another casualty of the never ending lock down,will Sardi’s close forever? [https://t2conline.com/more-restaurants-closing-could-sardis-be-a-broadway-institution-of-the-past/]

Also rumored to be closing is Esca – 402 W 43rd Street who is stating they are reopening September 9th, but how long can that last with Mayor deBlasio reluctant to restart indoor dining because it’s an activity for middle- and upper-income New Yorkers. Also boarded up are Orso’s, Bar Centrale and Joe Allen, all on Restaurant Row on 46th Street between 8th and 9th.”

Without  indoor dining, there was NO HOPE of  recovery. Particularly  if de Blasio withdrew permission. (Again) Last minute withdrawals are his style.

Sept. 1, 2020 : “Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio have clearly decided to let the city’s restaurants die: They won’t allow indoor dining, the only way for most eateries to stay above water. No matter that indoor dining and drinking (albeit at reduced capacity) is kosher in Westchester and Nassau, right outside the city — and literally down the block from a few restaurants in Queens. Nor that New Jersey’s now allowing it, too.The “Dr. No” duo don’t expect indoor dining to return until next June[NY Post]

So the restaurants made a lot of noise AND hired attorneys. And then, by September 30th, success. The customers could finally go inside – at 25% capacity. It was a beginning. (and no more standing in the rain)

FINALLY, October arrived. SEVEN MONTHS and the financial insanity had some good news: the outdoor seating would continue. It will not end as the 25% capacity opens inside.

Meanwhile, the people are still manipulated by the mayor and the governor, trapping their constituents in a dystopian nightmare; by FEAR. Will they ever release this city from their tyranny?

[Where indicated pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall]

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