#NoMuslimBanEver: Emergency Town Hall NYC 6/29

June 29th, 2017 . An Emergency “Town Hall” was called in response to the “Supreme Court Upholds Trump’s Travel Ban”. A ban that would affect 6 terrorist Mid-East countries. They were outraged.

At approximately 6 pm, after listening to a number of speakers, the march to 18th St from Union Square commenced.

Sponsored by Linda Sarsour’s Arab American Association of New York  and Mpower Change

“Calling directly impacted communities, organizers, faith leaders, labor organizers, activists and allies for an emergency town hall to .discuss latest move by SCOTUS on the Muslim ban.

 Make no mistake: the latest SCOTUS ruling is not a partial victory for affected communities. It’s still a Muslim and refugee ban and we still need to ORGANIZE. We CANNOT normalize this and forget the context in which this Administration operates: they are motivated by fear-mongering, xenophobia and Islamophobia.

This ruling is ambiguous and confusing and will create chaos once its implemented and we need to PUSH BACK. The most disproportionately impacted will be the people who need to immigrate here the most: refugees.

The Event was co-sponsored by: African Communities Together, New York Immigration Coalition, Network Against Islamophobia, CUNY CLEAR as well as MPower Change and Arab American Association of New York .”

 I found them by accident at Union Square.

A tight circle of protestors and media clamoring to get pictures and video, particularly of NYC Public Advocate, Leticia James, and (Saint) Linda Sarsour of Brooklyn.

Amongst the many speakers were two well-known advocates for open borders and sanctuary cities (yes- even Sharia Law). What they have to say was predictably offensive, but well worth a listen.

First, Leticia James, NYC Public Advocate (Racist and very RED)

The last speaker, was (Saint) Linda, the Sharia-loving, queen-of-the- night.

 Once finished speaking, they marched a couple of blocks to SEIU Union Hall where a couple of Back the Ban protestors greeted them. (a troll hung with them briefly)
Of course, there was much angry shouting right back at them, which abated briefly, and then took off again while the meeting took place upstairs.
Short Slide show of Union Square and 18th street


  The strategy directive as always is GET OUT. PROTEST. HIT THE AIRPORTS, even mentioning Independence Day as a day to protest. Forget the Bar-B-Q’s and parades. Take the day off and protest. Resist!

[pictures and videos property of  Pamela Hall]