Haiti Demands Clinton Stolen Billions Returned – Part Deux

Wednesday – October 19 – 3 pm- 6th avenue and 50th street (OUTSIDE the Clinton Foundation NYC headquarters) which seems to be under construction…

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The Haiti protestors demanded, AGAIN, that the CLINTON’S (and their Foundation) return the Billions stolen from Haiti.
They were bringing large sacks to gather up the BILLIONS stolen by the Clintons

We will be there with lots and lots of large bags to collect the money. Come and help us carry it all to Haiti.”

A little bit of street theatre I was looking forward to. But …  No Sacks…
Saw the usual dedicated protestors. calm. polite. determined.
Heard only CRICKETS from the CF, the Clintons AND the MEDIA.
Crickets – thanks to Nina’s Channel

The following  message does NOT Compute:

“KOMOKODA announces that the NYC Haitian community and our allies will protest outside the Clinton Foundation to denounce them for the liars and the thieves that they are and to demand that they return the billions they have stolen from Haiti.”

(fingers in ears) lalalalala

14 Days to the election of POTUS 45.  Bill skated on all the revelations that he was a rapist when elected POTUS 42. And now? The Hildabeast does the same. Truth be Damned.
I see lemmings running for the cliffs. (How can smart people be SOOOOO DUMB!)

Daniel Greenfield:

“What sort of people would donate to a fake Clinton charity set up for quid pro quo benefits and then expect to get them?

…..  CF is not a charity… it is a political campaign. The two are at odds with one another. And the left has always argued that we need limits on political contributions. The CF setup allowed what amounted to massive political contributions without oversight or legal restrictions.”

Demand an answer from Hil-Liar-y : WHERE’S THE MONEY!

A slideshow follows ( click picture to access)



After attending two of the Haiti protests, I have one burning question – still unanswered.  KOMOKODA says they support the election of Trump, yet they have a few signs insinuating they might lean a bit more towards the Left.

Perhaps opposing HilLIARy is the Great Unifier.

“We would like to remind the world that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon named Bill Clinton UN Special Envoy to Haiti in March of 2009 in the aftermath of 4 major storms which devastated parts of our country. Bill Clinton’s primary mission was to use his high profile to raise funds to help those affected and to help Haiti improve its infrastructure so that the country would be better able to withstand future storms.

Since then the Clinton family has pimped the so called “poorest country in the Western Hemisphere” to line their family’s coffers and ready a war chest to pave the way for another US Clinton presidency. They have collected billions using Haiti as a cover through the office of UN Special Envoy to Haiti; through the Clinton Foundation; through the post 2010 earthquake Interim Haiti Reconstruction Commission; and through the Clinton-Bush Fund.

The devastation Hurricane Matthew caused in Haiti clearly shows that whatever happened to all of the billions they collected they weren’t used to shore up Haiti’s defenses against natural disasters… we ask everyone to join us in demanding that the Clinton family return the billions they have stolen from our country.

Those billions will go a long way toward not just feeding and sheltering those right now in distress in our country but that money allows us to build much needed infrastructure and strong institutions so that our people don’t continue to die unnecessarily and have to be perpetually waiting for the very vultures responsible for our predicament to be bringing us a bag of rice and a few bottles of water.” #30#

++ Photos and video property of Pamela Hall++

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