“Nasty Women” Grab Trump by the “Ball-ot” Protest

UPDATE- added slide show of pictures (click picture to access)


Oct. 26, 2016 12:30 pm. At the “Nasty Women” Grab Trump by the “Ball-ot” protest …dsc_4034
the feminist hoards of NY NOW laughed their way through what was supposed to a serious political plea to: VOTE Hillary.


After the Naked Cowboy taunted and teased them, NY NOW President Sonia Ossorio, lead with a speech on why The Donald is not “their guy”

“Don’t let Donald Trump steal our future! Trump has called us slobs, pigs, dogs, “4’s,” Ms. Housekeeping and nasty.The problem for Trump is that nasty women vote.Join with your fellow nasty women to show the world that women will decide this election, and we won’t be complacent—that wouldn’t be very nasty, would it?”

More fun had (by most it seemed) when the Naked Cowboy crashed The Nasty Women protest—and wouldn’t leave… as the ranted that Trump was going to “STEAL their future”!

The Naked Cowboy made a playful mess of their protest (…. they should thank him…)

[Videos property of Pamela Hall]

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