Left/Soc/Commie anti-Israel “funeral march’-NYC

July 18, 2014. NYC. Bryant Park. An Anti-Israel ‘Funeral’ March for “Fakestine”, lead by the usual Soc/Commie/Leftie Brigades.

10 AM Set-up and ‘late’ arrivals, always. This includes a work detail (of one)

creating a corpses for the funereal march

All around the fountain area photo-ops abound. With Signs.


The Neteuri Karta… as always….

The press ran from one phot0-op to another.

One particular moment involved a man wearing a yarmulke.

Because the photographers noticed him in front of an anti-Israel banner, his presence made him the focus of the Lefties verbal abuse as they spewed their anti-Israel attacks his way.

The crowd grew impatient. So, like a pre-school class heading to another room, the voice of a ‘leader’ calls them closer to the fountain…. AND… the ‘bodies’. (Can we say PHOTO-OP?)

Street Theatre. The hallmark of the left. Creating all those photo ops. And the anticipation….as the crowd wonders: The ‘Funeral’ Procession. When will it begin? Soon. soon. (very soon) But, FIRST, we must have an OWS echo-chant.

Every one smiles. (they glow)

Can you feel the community-of ONE, Comrades?

Echo-chant over. (check) Names of the ‘dead’ read. (check) Time to assemble for the Procession (check!)

After the slow procession ‘cross 42ndt street, they park themselves in front of the Israeli Consulate. Chanting. Anyone who has witnessed these ‘thoughtful’, ‘SILENT’ displays, knows there is NO need to suffer thru another. The fawning press will do it for you, all the while avoiding the TRUTH:









Europe is aflame. The chaos grows world-wide as Islam spreads through-out the world with attack and assaults against the infidels spiraling out of control.












Have these theatre games lulled us into a foolish complacency? Is the U.S. next? We have been warned.


Slide show with more pictures-

[gigya src=”http://www.flickr.com/apps/slideshow/show.swf?v=71649″ width=”500″ flashvars=”offsite=true&lang=en-us&page_show_url=/photos/pamelahall/sets/72157645370157038/show/&page_show_back_url=/photos/pamelahall/sets/72157645370157038/&set_id=72157645370157038&jump_to=” allowFullScreen=”true” ]

Four short videos are in a playlist:


4 responses to “Left/Soc/Commie anti-Israel “funeral march’-NYC

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  2. In my opinion, the Jews should take back every inch of land that was originally promised to them by God. They should displace, once and for all , the god forsaken arabs who worship not God but Satan , and who have never wanted to live with the Jews in peace. I do not care what happens to the arabs, I do not care where they will go, when the Jews finally get the will to do what is necessary for their survival. He who lives by the sword should die, by the sword,

  3. The lunatic Left collapsed into anti-Semtism long ago. Here you have a conflict where Hamas, a brutal terror organization, is 100 percent to blame, and these crackpots actually support them, and with their usual dishonesty, ugliness, historical illiteracy and crankish stupidity.


    Any European, African, Asian, regressive “progressive”, socialist, who is against brutal occupation, and lives in North America is…

    a brutal occupier of Native American land.

    Ask the protestors – who assassinated US Senator and Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy. The answer should make them uncomfortable – but they are “progressive” so it may not.

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