Part 2- MTA & “The Case of the Disappearing AFDI Ads”

Originally, this follow-up post was going to focus on the parodies that have sprung up around the ridiculous “Mona E“.  Mona Eltahawy’s credibility as a journo is in tatters, I hope,  with her audacious “Free Speech for ME but not for THEE” ; as these posters and video so deftly reveal:

From iOwntheWorld:

And The Peoples Cube

A “John Smith” had some fun with this musical parody. Mona is now One Big Joke.

Even the NY Post  got in to the act:


This exposure should have been the end to the insane vandalizing committed by the rabid lib/progressive/soc/commie  free-speech opponents. However on October 2, as I conducted a follow-up on the ads….something just didn’t seem right…..There was something a foot, but what?

Late Night Edition, Tuesday, October 2. Found in a few subway ad locations, that the ads are either grossly damaged or gone . Seems the “Thought Police” are still roaming through underground.

The ad at 23rd street and 8th Ave went from this:

To this mess below….

Also, on Tuesday evening I noticed, two ads are gone. No where to be seen. This one at 49th street (the N/R) : GONE

The other at  34th st (1 line) – GONE

Mona’s spray painted ad was replaced

But, next it was carefully vandalized with pink signs taped on. (Thanks to TD for this catch)

And now, the new sign, post-Mona, has an odd glop on the ad…

The 44th street ad is right by a Transit Police station.

Perhaps that’s the only reason the ad at 44th St and 8th Ave has just a few scratches.

And the FABULOUS Pamela Geller confirmed we still had an ad at 28th Street (6 line)! But, that was Tuesday. I still wanted to know why some ads were missing.

2nd Update. Wednesday-October 3, 2012. The Case of the Disappearing Anti-Jihad Signs” continues. Made a discovery at the TWO locations I had returned to. They had been replaced, not damaged, REPLACED by two very sickly-green ads connected to the very ‘social justice’ commentariat aka: the “Methodist Church-USA”.

The Methodists For Social Justice” pukey green signs can also be found at their Face book page,  here.

Here’s a look at how those locations look now, on Wednesday October 3.

49th st ( N/R)

34th St (1) the AFDI was covered up by the Social Justice ad

44th St ( 8th Ave)

Times Sq corridor

It took AFDI a YEAR to get their ads approved by the MTA and yet, somehow, the  “Social Justice” propaganda machine not only got the MTA to put up their signs, but to also cover up …to remove the AFDI signs. Co-incidence? Or, perhaps….something is VERY rotten at the MTA!

This arrogant destruction and obstruction of Free Speech, could it actually turn the tide against these tools? We can HOPE….


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  1. somebody needs …to get busy against these tools

  2. Wondering what the next move will be…

  3. Good job, Pamela H! You are terrific for standing up for the rights of ALL non-Muslims!


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