Free Speech & the MTA Ad-Wars continue (update)

Have a new picture of the F line vandalism along with the United “Methodist”  Women’s sickly green poster yet, they didn’t post this location with the vandalism exposed.

I have now managed to catch THREE faces of the F line poster beginning with Day 2 of the ad campaign, September 25, 2012

The”cleaned-up” version after I scraped away their vandalism. (Note the pink poster that shares the space. )

Though close to the MTA booth, the AFDI ( American Freedom Defense Initiative) ad is conveniently obstructed by an MTA map. Did the MTA ignore/look ‘the other way’ at this location, so the vandalism could continue ‘unnoticed’?

(in picture below,  posters can be seen next to a large “A”)

Perhaps, as this newest picture reveals,  the United “Methodist’ tools avoided publicizing this location because it shows what hypocrites they are. Not only was AFDI’s First Amendment rights to Free Speech: obliterated… so was the pink poster that had shared that space. It’s GONE….

Even though October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, their poster has been removed, pasted over … obliterated…in the name of ‘free speech’ for the “Methodists”. And the ‘social justice’ poster… untouched….
Approval of all of these new ads went through with amazing speed, even though AFDI’s ad took a year to be approved.

The ads in the NYC ad-wars now include one created by Rabbis for Human Rights North America

A response from Pamela Geller:

“These are the same rabbis who reassured the German Jews that “arbeit macht frei.” These “faith groups” are faithless, soulless tools who say nothing in the face of the mass slaughter and ethnic cleansing of their own people at the hands of savage Muslim jihadis.”

Another ad from the Marxists at the The International Action Center. They claim they will have an ad up on October 8th. Sara Flounders, Secretariat of Workers World Party  and a principal leader of the International Action Center announced their ad on Sept 30th.

And the charlatan, Jim Wallis, who, like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, has more in common with Marxism than Christian theology:

Thankfully, there will be a fabulous new bus campaign from AFDI . Go here to see them all

And, after the victory for Free Speech in DCAFDI’s subway ads will also be  going up there.

Will AFDI’s ads go unscathed? Will the MTA take any action to protect them from vandalism?  Will there be ANY vandalism of the Lefties ads?  Unless they decide to vandalize over one of their own, will the violation of Free Speech be one-sided, all aimed toward the AFDI ads?

In an article at the NY Post, Free-speech free-for-all , they observed:

“.. how you counter something you consider to be hate speech. With more speech. Not spray paint — like self-promoting Muslim activist Mona Eltahawy.”

As we go about Manhattan and perhaps see the new ads, will they ALL be required to add this statement to the bottom of their ads?

“This is a paid advertisement sponsored by…..

The display of this advertisement does not imply MTA’s endorsement of any views expressed”

Let us know what you see….

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