“The Attack of Mona Eltahawy on Free Speech”-Part 1

On Tuesday, September 25, 2012, the NYC Subway was the scene of  the “Attack of Mona E”. Vandalism /Free Speech,  as long it favors Mona Eltahawy, she sees no difference . But… first the Ad:

The Defeat Jihad ad was created as a rebuttal to the anti-Israel campaigns that were in the NYC subways during October 2011…

It took a year to get the AFDI rebuttal ad approved by the MTA. And once posted, the Defeat Jihad ads were immediately put on a ‘hit-list’. The locations of the ads were published in social media by Cyrus McGoldrick-NY CAIR  …

And Nancy Mansour of “Existence is Resistance“, a group of hip-hop ‘afficianados ‘ who self-identify  as “Fakestinians”. They, too, posted the locations of the ads. NO one was shy about encouraging their members “to take action against the ads”.

On Monday evening of the first day of the AFDI ad campaign,  this vandalism at 72nd st was posted on their Facebook page.

And by Thursday, the 27th, “Existence is Resistance”  proudly posted a video taken while they vandalized another ad:

Tuesday afternoon, the 25th,  was only the second day of the campaign. I went back to the subways looking for damaged ads, planning to interview passers-by for a reaction to the message. I began at 44th and 8th ave. where an ad had been vandalized the night before, finding this ad had been cleaned-up quite well.

Headed to the F Line (Fifth Ave and 57 st) where I found a poster had been vandalized.

Did my best to remove the obscene stickers.

Then went back to Times Sq. where I had seen al-Jazeera and Donna Nevel the day before; a high-traffic location. Thought I might even catch an interview or two. Guess the NY Post had the same idea. On Monday, along with Reuters and other media, they had covered Cyrus McGoldrick’s’ photo-op flyering.

But, today, as I arrived, the only press I saw was the NY Post. I saw a childlike sign taped over the ad and the NY Post crew chatting with a fellow in an on-camera interview.

The Post crew then directed him to carefully remove the paper sign from the ad while they took photos. As he finished, I took the opportunity to tape a brief interview with him before he walked away. This is my video before the “Attack Of Mona E”

I asked the NY Post crew (there were 3 of them) did they know who taped the sign to the poster.

I got coy looks of silence for each question. “Do you know who put up the sign. Did you see who put up the sign. Did the person who put up the sign stay around to see them take pictures”. And then, as I heard cries of “oh,oh,oh”, I turned to see MONA Eltahawy beginning to spray PINK PAINT over the ad.

She was a ‘vision’ in her loud pink coat armed with a can of spray-paint. I discovered later that Mona had posted on twitter: she was coming, in a pink coat,  to vandalize the poster. Obviously determined to be noticed… and she was.

 I attempted to reason with her, “Did she think she had a right to do this”. “Yes, Yes Yes” to everything as she sprayed, sprayed, sprayed.  Mona Eltahawy was hell-bent on spraying that ad. With no police to stop her, I had to take a pro-active stance …. I stood between MONA and the AD.
This is the NY Post raw video.

Free Speech be Damned” and my person be damned, as well. Mona never stopped spraying.

She sprayed my back, my bags, my gear and managed to get spray paint on my eye glasses because she kept spraying beside my face and eyes every time I turned my head.

Once the police arrived, they were great; calm and polite considering how RIDICULOUS Mona was behaving. As they took her paint-can and cuffed her, she whined, pouted and insisted she had done nothing wrong.


Here’s my video, with an” inside view” of the assault”.

The crowd watching “The Attack of Mona E” found her foolish, particularly the black lady in white who is laughing at Mona as she was taken away by the officers. Sweet…

Mona was kept in a holding a cell over-night for vandalizing city property (the walls) as well as the ad. She still insists she did nothing wrong. Ask any tagger, Mona, “Spray-paint is so NOT legal!”

Perhaps next time, Mona might decide to hand-out flyers or speak to passersby, instead of destroying an opposing point-of-view like a brown-shirted thug. Shutting down the free-speech rights of others is NOT her right.

However, Mona Eltahawy, Cyrus McGoldrick and Nancy Mansour are just three of the players in a nasty movement  to control and censor all criticism of Islam. It’s called : Sharia Law. Islam (Sharia) is creeping, inching forward, threatening violence as it deconstructs our legal system.

I’d like to thank Mona, for her audacious law-breaking vandalism where she so eloquently exposed her lack of respect for American Law and for giving us this opportunity to fight back against bullies and thugs like herself, Cyrus and Nancy…. Seize The Day. (We are now) Fighting For Our Freedoms with a whole new bus ad campaign!

“…this is a global war and islamic terrorism isn’t a response to our foreign policy or support for Israel as so many leftist and paulbot ignoramuses believe.”  This is a Global War.

For more on the new anti-jihad ad campaign: GO HERE

4 responses to ““The Attack of Mona Eltahawy on Free Speech”-Part 1

  1. I am proud to be Pamela Hall’s colleague. We need to follow her example and stand up against these feral savages.

  2. Pingback: Islamic supremacists and leftist thugs are dedicated to shutting down free speech. — Winds Of Jihad By SheikYerMami

  3. Pamela, you begin to give me hope for our children’s future.
    Not everyone in this country is a cowardly, naïve, politically correct, Dhimmi after all.
    It took a beautiful woman to show us how to “man up” and stand up to these Satanic enemies of all that is good and free!
    God save the victims of their cowardly violence and God bless you for your courage and determination!
    Live free or Die!

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