Al Jazeera, the MTA Ads, Donna Nevel and….me….

On the road again, wending my way thru the underground of NYC looking for the new MTA ads that has the Leftists shaking in “mock horror” at the word “savage’

I started at the A,C,E train at 42nd St and 8th Ave.

From the 8th avenue subway, I headed thru the cross over to the 7/ 1,2,3 / NR at 42nd and 7th. BINGO! the main catch of the day! Al Jazeera and the hateful Donna Nevel were just getting together in front of the ad

This was in the cross over corridor between the A/C/E and the 1/2/3.

In these picture from 2009, Donna Nevel was protesting against Israel, in support of “Fakestine’, with one of her hate-groups, “Jews Say No”

There is no anti-America,anti-Israel cause that she doesn’t support and she has one bad -ass demeanor to go with it. So it gave me great pleasure to see Nevel blow a gasket cause I had spoken to al-Jazeera.

She jumped between the camera-man and me, glowering intensely.

Keeping her back to me as she ‘warned him to stay away from me’.

She made the reporter looked like a foolish wimp. Who was in-charge?

It seemed to be Donna. Still I asked him again, “Was he interested in hearing from both sides? Thought he should take advantage of having two points-of-view for his story.” He hesitated because Donna didn’t agree. She was not going to permit me to speak.( I figure she was giving the cameraman his orders)

And then…. the reporter agreed. ( go figure)

When I asked was this going to be a lets-pretend-interview neither he nor the camera-man responded so I just plowed ahead. But first I took a picture of the credentials. (The reporter didn’t like that at all.)

So sorry I forgot to tape the ‘interview’. Unfortunately, I thought of taping too late …. while we were talking.

Wish I had a tape, but what I remember clearly is his pro-forma need to get me to admit these ads were going to inflame the situation. In spite of what I thought to be a perfectly good answer to the inflame-prod,

“The situation already is inflamed. Innocent people are being murdered in their beds, in pizza parlors and as they leave their churches;  ALL because they are Christians and Jews. These are acts of savagery committed by savages. The ads are a plea for peace.”

He paused and then REPEATED the question! (Do they even hear themselves?) So, I repeated the basics.

His other jab was,“Why do we want to slander an entire people?” I replied, “We aren’t. If you commit an act of savagery, you are a savage. That is not an entire people.

Next the woman she intended  to be interviewed arrived . I don’t know who she is, looking forward to her being named.

Since Donna stepped in at least three tines, off camera , to correct or add information before the interview ended, she was definitely ‘in-charge’.

Finally, as  she and the woman left the subway, the camera took a shot of them in front of the ad.

AND then filmed them as they walked ‘bravely’ away.

Donna Nevel’s hit-piece is supposed to appear on Arab al-Jazeera tonight with sub-titles but  NOT expecting al-Jazeera to show two sides of this issue. No way.

But there was more to do. More ads to find. So I wandered the subways for a couple hours. (It was rush hour insanity) I did find three more ( 5 total) Didn’t go to 4 (#1 Rector, #1 72nd St, #F-57th & 5 ave nor the #6 at 28th st) I went to Grand Central, but in spite of looking high and low at the cavernous terminal I did NOT find anything at Grand Central – 4,5,6/7.

I did find these:

YES – 8th Ave C/E -23rd st

YES – N/R 49th St

YES  ( 1 line) 34th St

BTW- Re vandalism of the ads. It has begun. Crazy Nancy Monsour, of Existence is Resistance, a violent anti-Israel group of Hip-Hop “artists” has proudly announced the vandalizing of the ad at 72nd st. (thanks T.D.) Probably so emboldened  because the police have been told  “hands-off”

As noted before, the only attack on free speech comes from the Leftists. As this slide show from October 2011 alsoreveals:

[gigya src=”″ width=”500″ flashvars=”offsite=true&lang=en-us&page_show_url=/photos/pamelahall/sets/72157627768351023/show/&page_show_back_url=/photos/pamelahall/sets/72157627768351023/&set_id=72157627768351023/&jump_to=” allowFullScreen=”true” ]

They ANNOUNCE their misdeeds. The media AND the law ignores them. Do they support them? Or just hope to appease them? Thinking they will avoid more violence… Not good. Not good at all

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  1. Very good job Pamela. Hit the point. Thanks a lot.

  2. Well, it looks like Donna Nevel was having a bad hair day !

  3. Don’t you mean WINDING your way through the underground.:0)

  4. Looks like you are going to need a companion accompany you wherever you go, who can film everything. Then send to all media. You Da Best, Pam.

  5. You guys should blaster the anti-Israeli ads with ‘racist’ tape across them.

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