Muslim Day Parade-NYC-2012 (Updated w/Videos)

The Annual Muslim Day Parade. September 23, 2012. NYC.The Theme this year, “Islam Advocates Peace and Justice for All“.

UPDATE: Added Sept.29, two short videos (Please scroll to bottom)

They say.”Since 1983, The Muslim American Day Parade has brought together Muslim-Americans from the five boroughs and beyond, celebrating the rich, cultural traditions of a faith that has provided hope, support, and comfort to generations of New Yorkers.”

The Grand Marshall this year was Councilman Robert Jackson, a “revert” to Islam. At a previous Muslim Day Parade, Councilman Jackson proudly declared that Harlem is the “NEW Mecca”  (what a guy)

The routine doesn’t change. By 12:30 the wudu ‘trough’ is being set up.

and used…

The children pose sweetly for the cameras.

And are used to dawa all who pass by

The NYPD Marching Band waits to lead the parade down Madison Ave (always to “This Is My Country”

The floats are the same each year. And every where you look, there are rude, offensive ( dare I say, blasphemous) messages that ignore history and perpetuate the many Lies Of Islam

Where are the Christians and Jews with their signs. Would they even be allowed?

This sign kept popping up in different places. Not sure if there was more than one sign …or if it was the same sign:

This was a new ‘patriotic’ niqab  from Puerto Rico and the Black Flag of al-Queda aka the black flag of jihad.

And of course , before they marched, there was the obligatory BIG SHOW of Muslim prayer on Madison Ave:

With the women in the back

and the shoes…

And then …This is My Country….

One we arrive at Madison Sq Park, the tables selling abayas and hijabs are popular with the women.And the food…the chicken…very popular

Wonder why some wear the niqab. It seems most do not.

There was a small showing for the ‘Fakestinians’

And lots of dawa , dawa, dawa lies to confused the naive.

And the book table and many topics as well as the Muslim blasphemy calling Jesus Christ a Prophet who is lower than Big Mo. ( Book Title: Jesus a Prophet of Islam)

And in spite of these offenses and the return of the obscene Piss Christ ‘art’ work, no Christian “savages” appeared on the scene burning flags and destroying embassies.  I did catch these two niqabbed ladies attempting to have a chat:

Before I wrap things up, take a look at this NEW table hosted by the Muslim Consultative Network:  “Draw Your Own Subway Sign”.

“Don’t Hate, Educate”

Interesting dodge, cause the subway signs produced by Pamela Geller of The American Freedom Defense Initiative will be doing just that: Educate

Peace. Love. Islam is the way ?” If you buy that, then I’ve got some swamp land for sale…..


VIDEOS (Part 1)

Part 2


And a slide show with a few more pictures:

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17 responses to “Muslim Day Parade-NYC-2012 (Updated w/Videos)

  1. Their god is NOT the Almighty God who created the universe.
    Our God – the Magnificent Creator, commanded in the Bible:
    The Muslim god commands Muslims to murder non-Muslims:
    Koran 29.5, “Kill the idolaters wherever you find them…”.

  2. FUCK Islam and muslims. Go back to mecca.

  3. Begone Satan i.e. the Muzzies and the Muzzie religion where you belong
    in the eternal inferno of Hell!

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  5. This government should put a stop to allowing the immigration of Muslims into the US. No matter what is peddled they never really consider themselves Americans. They are here strictly for the money they can make and that’s all. They just love the freedom of speech they enjoy but would think nothing of stopping you and I if they could. The religion is simply not compatible with the religions practiced in the US.

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  8. What a gross “parade”. What liars – they practice taquiya – lying to the “infidel” (that is you and me).

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  10. Islam the root of all evil…as long as the 4.5 billion of us on earth are united against them…we will not falter..keep the good work T

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  14. And I know that what the racist and jealous says is false. Paranoïa came from the Illuminati or massonic governments. So come to visit the muslim countries and ask the REAL MUSLIMS about their religion. And no more do research on racists websites or forum, you’ll be more and more paranoïac. So Peace on you, sons of Adam.

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