NY Celebrates Israel Day Parade 2012 -The Protestors-(vids and pics)

June 3, 2012 . NYC- 59th Street and 5th Avenue.

10 AM. Way before the Annual Celebrate Israel Parade began. Saw police on top of FAO Scwhartz. A reminder that bad things could happen.

Was pleased to see FAO Schwartz didn’t force the parade-watchers off the building’s promenade/courtyard. This year people were allowed to sit on the walls and to put down chairs. NICE….

Not so nice was this familiar face I spotted in the crowd: an #OWS anti-Israel, anti-Jewish BIGOT who got lots of press last October at  Zuccotti Park.

Guess he didn’t want to miss the Celebrate Israel Day Parade  so he held up a “less volatile” sign at the corner of 58th and 5th Ave.

None of the Christian groups I am aware of, that support Israel, would have felt this to be an appropriate sign. But, this is the ANTI-SEMITE from #OWS so I’m betting he was hoping for a confrontation.

Seemed like he was  ignored by the press as well as the public.

I had these pictures of him in my files from October 6, 2011 . With a plethora of messages:

But, on October 1, 20122, as they marched toward the Brooklyn Bridge, I had also managed to catch another of his signs (below) with his  “Main Theme ” of anti-Jewish Hatred.

Here’s the flip side of this sicko’s sign on October 3, 2011 (link)

So we had this piece of #OWS SCUM passing himself off as a Christian and the Neturei Karta passing themselves off as ‘authentic’ Jews.

Opposing the State of Israel from a very empty pen, presumably because the other  Leftards were IN the parade,

The Neturei Karta were getting a lot of attention from only ONE British news crew otherwise they were on their own.

While waiting for the parade to start (it was early, about 10 AM) I decided to interview the NK’s (something I will have NO need to EVER do again)

Got a long-winded earful from one Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss who wore the “Fakestinian” flag on his ID badge and a kuffeya around his neck.

VIDEO- Part 1


A Day of  Celebration for most was also a Day of Shame for the organizers of the parade since this year, in spite of much opposition, they inexplicably gave permission for anti-Zionists to march in the parade.

The BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) anti-Israel protestors marched  IN the parade… in OPPOSITION to Israel…. in a parade that was CELEBRATING Israel. Anti-Israel Groups like the “Rabbis For Human Rights” .

VIDEO of Rabbis for Human Rights and other anti-Zionists

Finally found some brave supporters of Israel at 59th street. They had to deal with the police moving them around. Seemed the parade was more afraid of these signs than they were of the offensive anti-Israel contingent that was  IN the parade.

VIDEO of the Supporters of Israel (who opposed the BDSers)


However, guess some things were too much for even the parade.  Found the very foolish “Queers for Palestine” way UP Fifth Avenue and there were parade celebrants who also did NOT appreciate them.

VIDEO of “Queers For Palestine”

I returned to 59th street and saw a few Leftie stragglers had joined with the Neturei Karta:

…a very few….

Our side was facing them on the East side of Fifth Ave with a few signs in response.

But mainly, everyone was there to have great fun …. in spite of the protestors.

Next post is the Parade!

Am Yisrael Chai!

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