Glenn Beck Receives Patrick Henry Award at Union League of Philly

On Thursday, May 31, 2012, Glenn Beck was the recipient of the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s  Patrick Henry Award. It was presented to him by David Horowitz at a luncheon co-sponsored by the historical Union League of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Freedom Center.

Part 1: The introductions began with Craig Snider of the Philadelphia Freedom Center. He spoke briefly and then introduced David Horowitz. In introducing his friend, Glenn Beck, Horowitz spoke of American Founder, Patrick Henry and of his “ultimate commitment to Liberty, the Freedom of the Individual from oppression by government.” Calling Beck a “special, successful and indispensable political voice of our time.” He reminds us that Beck has warned that “Progressivism is a cancer on America, eating our Constitution.

We are under assault by a “200 year old movement to destroy our economic liberty and the American way. We are under assault by a progressive tyranny in pursuit of Social Justice.”  Horowitz  said that Glenn Beck was receiving the Patrick Henry Award because he has been a “courageous defender of Freedom and Individual Liberty, confronting this tyranny of  Social Justice, an epic disaster at our door.


Part 2 – Glenn Beck’s speech.  Beck is a man who inspires, though a bit emotional at times, he remains  a dynamic speaker. In this engaging 35 minutes we were treated to powerful historical factoids, a renewed sense of Beck’s personal journey as a Patriot, and after an unexpected reading from Kipling, the reminder that it is up to YOU, US…America… to stop this anarchy as he ended with Patrick Henry’s powerful words, “Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death


Next, Commander Thomas Lynch presented the Patrick Henry Award to Glenn Beck.

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Then Barry Magarick of the Union League,  lead the Q and A. Only six questions in a power-packed 15 minutes. Two election questions What is most important thing Romney must do to beat Obama” and did he think “Jewish voters might support Romney.” (Beck said, ” if he was Jewish he would vote for his SHOE before he would vote for Obama. Pointing out that demonizing the Jewish people has never ended well through out history.”)

Questions 3 and 4 were Education and Economy questions. “Has the decline of Education contributed to the decline of America?”  (Our education is radically different from what it used to be. By erasing our history we can track the destruction of our society) Question 5 , Beck discusses his new talk radio in Philly (on IQ 106.9 FM) By creating his own network, that he funded with his own money, GBTV is debt free.  Growth hasn’t been super-fast, but they have spent that past year creating its infra-structure and they will be experiencing radical growth in the next 6 months.

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And with the last question, “How much damage to Federal Judiciary has been caused by Obama’s Supreme Court appointments“. Not Good. Damage is severe. It’s a 100 year Progressive assault and the damage is staggering. America must wake-up.  We must stick to our principles. We must ask ourselves , “What is important. What do we want do we preserve.We have the blue-print….

Complete transcript of the Horowitz and Beck speeches are at this link

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  1. Fantastic! Glenn Beck is a great patriotic American!

  2. americanvalues

    Hope you enjoy their speeches. Horowitz and Beck were both in great form.

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