“Islamic Apartheid Conference ” at Temple University Sparks Controversy and Protest

April 23, 2012 at 6 PM,  I returned to Temple University (Kiva Auditorium) to participate in an important conference on “Islamic Apartheid”.

Co-sponsored by The Horowitz Foundation and  Students For Intellectual Freedom, the usual ‘outrage’ and declarations against ‘racism’ and “Islamophobia” by the Muslim Students Association and a number of Leftists/Socialist groups was trumpeted in the local and students papers as fact and the result was predictable.

Announcing their intentions to the media, proclaiming “Hate Speech” was not “Free Speech”, and as arbiters of what was allowed (or not), they intended to shut the conference down.

Prior to the conference, the protestors assembled outside where I caught a few pictures and a short video of “Free Free Fakestine”,“From The River To The Sea” and the usual“Fakestinian” flags.

[vodpod id=Video.16447968&w=425&h=350&fv=intl_lang%3Den-us%26amp%3Bphoto_secret%3D78597fc5a2%26amp%3Bphoto_id%3D6971413422]

No doubt this was the only point-of view permitted’ at T.U.

There was a pretense of rules they were told to abide by, knowing fully well they would ignore them all with impunity since Temple’s Security Police were passive observers. This guy heckled through out  Robert Spencer’s and Pamela Geller’s opening remarks (note Security is YAWNING)

Even after the second announcement made to the students inside, demanding a semblance of decorum, “deaf ears”prevailed. Security stood by watching the students behaving rudely, a raucous example of “Free Speech for ME but Not for THEE”

They smugly opposed everything they heard. Figuratively putting hands-to-ears, going la-la-la-la, as the argued party-lines claiming Islamic Apartheid to be a slanderous fraud. It was racist. It was hate-speech. It was LIES. No real questions came out of their mouths, just more la-la-la-la la-la-la-la……………

 Part 1 VIDEO is a look at the crowd inside just before Dean of Students, Stephanie Ives, made a brief statement. The main point being, ” I ask you all to keep the principles of free speech and civil discourse in mind tonight .” A statement which fell on deaf ears.  The students came to disrupt and to violate the free speech rights of their fellow students as well as the invited speakers.

As is evident from the videos posted here of the entire evening, security and Ms Ives basically ignored the offending students. After Ms Ives fulfilled her duties with empty words she did nothing to assist student leader, Alvaro Enrique Watson, a brave young man whose organization, Temple University Students for Intellectual Freedom (TUSIF ) co-sponsored the conference with The David Horowitz Foundation.

THE forbidden signs appeared at about 10:25 in Video 2 (as shown in these screen shots)  There was NO penalty for bad-behavior, but this Conference was too powerful to be shut-down so score A BIG ONE for the speakers!

The pamphlet the protestors handed out as they left during Spencer’s opening remarks.

DSCN3868 copy

After most of these arrogant fools,walked out with their 8×10 paper signs that they had  “snuck” in , only then did the campus police decided to have some rules. This rule they wouldn’t bend: No one outside who really wanted to hear the speakers would be permitted in.

The VIDEOS that follow are of the speakers: Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs, Nonie Darwish, Former Muslims United, Simon Deng, a Sudanese Refugee and the 3 Part Q and A , will be more powerful than anything else I can say…

Part 1-  Robert Spencer was the first speaker; listened to by most, although there was the to-be-expected disruption by a few (this happens in a couple of moments during Spencer’s opening remarks) and was handled by the speaker since security just stood by and watched.

Part 2-Pamela Geller. In spite of a couple of hecklers, Ms Geller confidently waited them out and then spoke of her organization, dedicated to the individual human rights and to women’s rights.

At this point, T.U News, a student paper (that’s their crew in the center of this picture) they LEFT!

They had no interest in hearing Nonie , a former Muslim or Simon, a former Muslim slave tell their powerful stories.

Part 3- Nonie Darwish (Former Muslim) spoke of her upbringing as a Muslim In Egypt, of leaving Islam and the Islamic Apartheid against Former Muslim, Christians and Jews.

Part 4-Simon Deng was enslaved at the age of 9 by Muslims in the Sudan; a horrible practice that continues throughout the Muslim world today. This was a powerful presentation.

THE Q and A is in 3 parts.  This is our higher-education at work, dedicated to creating and maintaining a brain-dead generation incapable of thinking for themselves. They proudly marched in lock-step with the Islamic Fascisti and their Marxist comrades: fools and tools. Surly and smug as they lectured the speakers.

And then they walked out before the conclusion….

Part 1 – Q and A. One heckler remained in the crowd – Daryle Lamont Jenkins, loud mouthed agitator- remained in the crowd (ignored by security); many of the ‘questions’ were statements-of-propaganda. (Handled superbly by the speakers) Audience mic was set too low so I tweaked the audio as best I could when questions were asked.

In Part One: Robert Spencer, Nonie Darwish and Pamela Geller.

Part 2 – Q and A continues with a concerned young man asking Robert Spencer about what he has read in the Quran. He doesn’t like the violence in the Quran. The loud mouth heckler shouts out a few times, but the Q and A continues in spite of him. Part 2 is intense and quite interesting.

Part 3 – Q and A is the end of the Q and A. The students get more argumentative. Their minds are closed but the speakers, Spencer, Geller, Darwish and Deng, are politely confident as they continue to address The Islamic Apartheid , FACTS these students refused to listen to.

Now is the time to reach out to anyone sitting on the fence, unsure about the propaganda and indoctrination they are exposed to in our schools, our colleges and our media. Please share these videos. We need more panels like the Islamic Apartheid Conference and please support these brave student leaders.

DSCN3866 copy

Illuminate and Educate! Or the war is LOST.

4 responses to ““Islamic Apartheid Conference ” at Temple University Sparks Controversy and Protest

  1. barbarafromnyc

    I knew things were bad on our college campuses but I didn’t know it was this bad. I pray for Robert, Pamela and those they travel with as co-speakers that God protects them in their efforts to bring the truth to these students and show us how bad things really are.

    God Bless each of you.

  2. Thank you for posting this. You put a lot of work into it and it’s appreciated. I can’t even express the respect that I have for Pamela, et al. Their bravery, their honor, their committment. God Bless them and keep them safe.

  3. Gary Radford

    A typical left wing agenda…if you can’t deal in facts then just shout them down! How disgraceful this crowd was.

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