Code Pinkos & Fellow Marxists lock-down Times Sq (as planned)

October 15, 2011.  Times Square Recruitment Station at 43rd and 7th Avenue. “United for Global Change Occupy Wall Street Anti-War Rally” and the protestors were marching  to “Occu-pie the Recruitment Center in Times Square!”

I arrived at about  4:45 when the protestors were starting to fill the enclosed area from 43rd to 44th . This is a popular area for tourists so the crowd is a combination of insurgents and tourists(who are unaware of the actual hostility towards America that these anarchists can barely contain.) Lots of anarchists chanting the usual Leftist mantras, “Whose Street, Our Street” & “We Got Sold Out”.  

The Press LOVED it.

The the crowd, as it first gathered, was led by the Code Pinkos and their fellow anti-War anarchists

IMG_0880 copy

Like those cuddly, loveable Grandmas Against War Brigade…..

DSCN8713 copy

IMG_0878 copy

Jenny Heinz, Leftist maniac and “Grandma”, kept yelling venomously, “YOU”are the 99%. YOU are the 99%.” She is one scary woman….

DSCN8830 copy

And she just got nastier and nastier….

DSCN8907 copy

The War Resisters League....

IMG_0871 copy

Brought a mock of a drone and lots and lots of of war monger signs

IMG_0890 copy

IMG_0896 copy

IMG_0892 copy

Code Pinkos, those gals who never met a Marxist dictator they didn’t like (Chavez, Castro) even had “Tea With Castro”! Now that’s their idea of the “Road to Peace”, sup with a murderer and ignore his victims…

IMG_0900 copy

IMG_0906 copy

DSCN8737 copy

At first this seemed to be just another gathering of the washed (not the unwashed). We noticed many 20-somethings who probably came from NYU, like this member of the Ron Paul Revolution

IMG_0911 copy2

DSCN8727 copy

DSCN8732 copy

DSCN8813 copy

Very quickly the press crowded in with their cameras, just ahead of a steady stream of insurgents who were coming up from from Washington Sq & Zuccotti Park .

DSCN8787 copy

The new wave of protestors arrived and started immediately performing for the cameras.

DSCN8780 copy

DSCN8784 copy

Always the  little children, cause the family that protests together will nurture the next generation of radicals…

IMG_0885 copy

DSCN8870 copy

DSCN8894 copy

Even a Guy Fawkes Anarchist got his baby in the act

DSCN8751 copy

This was new. Blocking off the island. The  police at 43rd made sure the protestors could not get on to the island in front of the recruitment station. I assume this was to keep the protestors away from the traffic. (That  seemed to work in this location)

DSCN8879 copy2

Caught an Anti-Israel sign in the crowd (“Occupy Wall Street, Not Palestine“)

DSCN8880 copy2

And these predictable malcontents, made sure they had the recruitment station as a backdrop

DSCN8760 copy

DSCN8757 copy

When I could no longer move around in the enclosure at 43rd, I decided to head north.  The pen was filling up even more at the one small opening the police held to enter or leave…

DSCN8851 copy

I couldn’t get out so I  grabbed a few more pictures….

DSCN8867 copy

 DSCN8872 copy

Surprised to find the Naked Cowgirl was practicing a bit of capitalism in this area…

 DSCN8848 copy

But, enough. I wanted out and my only choice was to body-slam my way through what finally became a shoulder to shoulder crowd.

DSCN8881 copy

I wonder how many tourists got stuck in there…

DSCN8882 copy

Once out of the enclosure, I was surprised to see so many people were now packed in from 44th to 45th

DSCN8883 copy

The sidewalks on both sides of the avenues were jammed.  (It was starting to look a bit like New Year’s Eve)

DSCN8891 copy

DSCN8885 copy

Tourists and insurgents, like Jenny Heinz and her hateful signs, all mixed together…

DSCN8899 copy

DSCN8898 copy

Continuing on to 46th street (Duffy Sq.) and the TKTS Booth where tourists usually buy tickets for the evening’s shows.

DSCN8932 copy

DSCN8945 copy

But the TKTS Booth was blocked by the police (to control the insurgents) but it blocked the tourists, too…

DSCN8919 copy

DSCN8920 copy

Found a band of musicians waiting for a ‘go’ to start playing (and make a DRUM circle)

DSCN8917 copy

More interviews by the press….

DSCN8908 copy

DSCN8911 copy

And cute little bikes and peace signs arrived…

DSCN8939 copy

DSCN8936 copy

This one small area (on the west side of Duffy Sq) was where the tourists could still walk and hang out. Even so, I heard there was a huge drop-off in ticket sales (on a Saturday night) because of this lock- down. The chaos that broke out around 6 PM wasn’t good for business ( aka Capitalism)

DSCN8928 copy

DSCN8929 copy

The insurgents marching on 6th avenue (who had come from  Zuccotti & NYU) were funneled onto 46th St. (46th st is top of picture next to Mama Mia sign) This is where the unruly mob pressed onto 7th avenue. There was no traffic island to stop them and they were going to shut down Times Sq just like Wall Street.  

The truck in the picture is facing north on south bound 7th Avenue. You can see the cabs and cars stalled as the mob blocked the traffic.

They had to force them back on to the sidewalk with the metal barriers; hard-core anarchists bent on having a confrontation with the police,  but he police had to stop the 6th avenue mob from blocking the 7th ave.

You can see the mob is working to incite the police and resisting all attempts to regain order in this video fromRT ( Russia TV) And it was an unruly mob long before it got to Times Sq.

At approx 4:01 when the crowd reaches 46th street (one block from Times Square) They are rushing , no longer walking, towards 7th Avenue. At about 4:19 they’re at the corner of 46th St and 7th Ave. (Duffy Square)This is where they refuse to get out of the street. By the end of the video the traffic is finally moving again (cautiously) and the insurgents will claim Police Brutality…

From a twitter post came another video with some comments. Only one poster ‘got it’: “the morons tried to bust through the barricades? POlice didn’t incite shit.

But the others were calling for more violence:  “i hope someone opens fire on the cops for trying to trample over the majority.” and “The police started violently pushing the barricades back for no reason in order to incite chaos so that they can attack”

(same corner different angle) 

Also on 46th st, this THUG, who claims to be a United States Marine Corps. Sgt. Shamar Thomas from Roosevelt, NY was surely sent there to bait the police and passersby. Another tactic the anarchists rehearse and rehearse. The “rube”at the end, standing on the sidewalk, thinks this guy is BRAVE.

From Atlas Shrugs If this is the left’s idea of “peaceful.”… liberal city officials across the country have allowed protesters to engage in unlawful behavior that if YOU were to engage in, you’d be arrested for.. 1,500 ( arrests) does not accurately represent the violence and lawlessness of the goon movement.”

I missed the  riot, but honestly, mob violence isn’t high on my bucket-list. So as I made my retreat, I  caught some more signs ….

DSCN8948 copy2

DSCN8951 copy

DSCN8953 copy

And then ( at 8th Ave) STILT PEOPLE ! … walking towards Times Square…

DSCN8973 copy

DSCN8962 copy

From Twitter 5:49 p.m. Drum circle! “In the center of the drum circle, at least 50 musicians have started a massive brass band jam!” says @OccupyWallStNYC. “Around them, stilt-walkers dance. Dueling tubas. 4 trombones. 1 accordion. Trumpets, flutes, snare, bass drum.”

I haven’t found any pictures of the stilt people which probably means (for their own safety) they didn’t stay high above their marauding chums for long….

DSCN8964 copy

Great comments found at The Virginian

“We have seen countless examples of anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism, Nazis and Communists joining together, the demand for sex with animals (I kid you not), and simple loonieness on public display as part of a series of nation-wide OWS demonstrations. If these have been exhibited by the Tea Party they would have led the nightly news and spread across the nation’s newspapers. But since they represent the media’s own ideology, they are airbrushed away or left on the cutting room floor.  

DSCN8941 copy

What binds a large majority of the protesters together—regardless of age, socioeconomic status or education—is a deep commitment to left-wing policies: opposition to free-market capitalism and support for radical redistribution of wealth, intense regulation of the private sector…

DSCN8957 copy

…people who have no use for capitalism and are ready to go to the barricades to redistribute my wealth may, when you talk to them, be very nice people and endearingly earnest. But at the risk of invoking Godwin’s law we are reliably told that Hitler loved dogs and his secretaries adored him, along with a large swath of the German people. Lots of people who are nice one-on-one are moral monsters when it comes to public policy…

Slide show has LOTS more pictures….

[vodpod id=Video.15576467&w=425&h=350&fv=offsite%3Dtrue%26amp%3Blang%3Den-us%26amp%3Bpage_show_url%3D%252Fphotos%252Fpamelahall%252Fsets%252F72157627785786103%252Fshow%252F%26amp%3Bpage_show_back_url%3D%252Fphotos%252Fpamelahall%252Fsets%252F72157627785786103%252F%26amp%3Bset_id%3D72157627785786103%26amp%3Bjump_to%3D]

AND…. If you have the time…..check out my friend El-Marco’s recent photo-essay from the Denver occupation. Lacking individualism, their nationwide “Signage Committee” cranks them out.  Now that’s astro-turf. Enjoy!

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