Two NY Subways ads: Support Israel & Against Israel BUT…..

October 14, 2011. Found two ads that made it up in the NY Subways. Same Times Square station , across from each other.  But, a 3rd ad remains hidden from view.

One is from those who are clueless about the history of Israel and the Holy Land. Their propaganda supports a false history bent on wiping Israel off-the-map and remains untouched even though it is anti-Israel and anti-America.

DSCN7884 copy

The other ad is from Stand With Us. It supports Israel’s Right To Exist. But even with their gracious support, those who are bent on the destruction of Israel have defaced this ad with graffiti.


But, this ad from SIOA and AFDI is an ad that isn’t afraid to tells it like it is. There ARE savages determined to destroy Israel but this ad has been censored. The outrage is not the ad, it’s that it has been censored…. Freedom of Speech DENIED

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