Day 22- Marxists & Their Tools Stink up Wall Street

This is Day 22 of the “Occupation” (not Day 20 as planned, that will be posted later today or tomorrow)

Decided to drop by the Shanty Town at Zuccotti Park (again) Since it was Saturday I wondered if there would be more shenanigans planned. Saw nothing unusual in the couple of hours I was there.  But, there were many more of the Lefty/Marxist do-gooders hawking and selling and lots of fake-science clap trap added to the signs already out.

And people. Lots of silly young people eager to be part of the fraud perpetrated in their name. One 20 year old did a shout-out to passersby, “We’re doing this for YOU” and a middle aged woman THANKED her.

The area in just two more days is now packed with so many people that you can’t walk around without bumping into someone. Newbees and the unwashed as well. The smell continues to grow and still wondering WHERE is the sanitation dump? These people must be relieving themselves in the flower beds. Where else? Disgusting doesn’t begin to cover that thought. ( At one of the corners of the park I failed to take a picture of what appeared to be human-waste smeared on the surface of a gutter-grate )

The crowds were so thick that today that you can no longer see the pathetic tape placed through out the park (on the ground) The tape was an apparent need to claim personal space so between Day 15 to Day 20, they put out lots and lots of tape from spot to spot. The Collective apparently isn’t too comfortable with the “what’s yours is mine ” idea. And now the have a Congressional Body that is meeting AND a Securoity force. The Collective grows more each day. They have Big Plans and the goal is Chaos

Grandly assisted in the “Take Down of our City and our Economy”are the ELECTED Useful Idiots. And the new shout out is to the police ( that we shoudl be  more than a bit concerned about) they keep urging the police to JOIN US.

I missed the march on Saturday the 22 Day. They had proudly marched a break-off group from Zuccotti (1000 is the the count from the MSM ) They SLOWLY marched through lower Manhattan to Washington Sq.  Thought it was to happen at 3 PM. Apparently it happened at 2 PM

A group of Egyptians marched by the loud cheers from Zuccotti. Turns out they were returning (heroically) from The Occupation of Washington Sq. Their banners on Wednesday( the 20th) weren’t idle threats. They mean it : OCCUPY EVERYTHING. They are making no secret of what they intend to do next. SQUAT in empty schools, empty office buildings etc. Sickening threats of chaos that the police continue to stand by and watch. Just watch.

The Municipal and Private Unions still have a table. The Peoples Library is still there and signs. Lots of signs . A visual blight combined with the drone of the drums. And the reports I’ve seen on You Tube and in some of the printed media think these ‘musicians’ are impromptu. No….this is all part of the crowd control game. It’s insane that people fall for it but it’s very much not an impromptu bunch of drummers and hula-hoops. The “sheeple” love the monotony of the drums. ( back to pre-school again)

They lo-o-ove their signs. ‘Peace and Love” (for some) definitely not for All. Their hateful signs reveal how selectively that “love” is to be given.

Enough already! Give the Park back to the people who live there. Stop the OCCUPATION of our City. Bring in the bulldozers. It’s TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE MAYOR BLOOMBERG

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