Joyce Kaufman at AFDI/SIOA 911 Freedom Rally (2011)

Joyce Kaufman is a popular radio host on 850 WFTL, which broadcasts to Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and West Palm Beach.

On 9-11-11, the then anniversary of the attacks against America by Muslim terrorists, AFDI and its Stop Islamization of America (SIOA) program  encouraged all Americans to stand against the Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero and the anti-Semitic Durban III conference that will be held in New York City at the same time. It is time to stand for American values on the tenth anniversary of the worst attack ever on American soil

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  2. September 2011 is perhaps the most dangerous month for Israel in recent history. The UN is scheduled to vote on whether or not to create the Palestinian state and if they vote yes we can expect Muslims to attack Israel in force breaching her borders and wantonly killing Jews and Christians alike while taking over land they will say is there’s.
    EVERYONE has to let Obama and the UN know that they must not take this vote, should they vote to pass it, Obama must reject it.
    If this doesn’t happen, prepare for the worst.

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