Z Street: “Rethinking The Israeli-Arab Palestinian End Game” (VIDEO)

Z STREET Presents:


Improving Lives in The Middle East

   Washington DC

Z STREET’s conference took place on Wednesday, May 4th, 2011, in the Congressional Auditorium of the Capitol Visitors’ Center on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.  from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

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The goal of the event was to learn from experts on the:

    • Likely Impact of the Arab Uprisings on the Arab Palestinians’ and Israel’s future
    • Freedoms in the Middle East
    • Economic Dignity and Prosperity in the Middle East
  • All Speakers Roundtable Discussion about the prospects for peace

The speakers discussed ways to “reconsider the stagnant and futile path of the “peace process” in the Middle East and offered new ways of thinking about how to deal with the Arab-Israeli conflict. 

More than sixty years ago the Middle East map was redrawn by world leaders to create several new Arab States – TransJordan, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Saudi Arabia – and one Jewish one, Israel, from the land previously occupied by the defeated Ottoman Empire.   The states of Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Yemen were born, but the remainder of the land was then to be divided into two additional states – yet another Arab one and the only Jewish one.  Two States.  The Arabs rejected the idea of this subdivision because they were, they are, theologically opposed to the existence of a Jewish State. (snip)But what if the obstacle to peace is the insistence on the creation of two states, and the goal, instead, should be something quite different? (snip)the two state model has failed time after time…. Z STREET believes it is time…(to begin)“Rethinking the End Game.” (snip)...to put forth a viable model…. while internalizing the importance of tolerance, mutual acceptance, pluralism and respect for the law”

The videos:

Part 1 of 10 began with  Lori Lowenthal Marcus, president of Z street, gave brief opening remarks and then introduced the moderator and first speaker, Harold Rhode. Rhode spoke on the Impact of “Arab Spring” on Arab Palestinians and Israel. Dr. Rhode, a 25 year veteran of the US Pentagon, is an expert on the politics of the Middle East.

                                         Panel One

         “Likely Impact of the Arab Uprisings on the Arab Palestinians’ and Israel’s future”

Part 2 of 10 is Gal Luft and his topic, “Economics of the Palestinian Authority“. Luft addressed the economics of the Palestinian Authority and described the essential factors for prosperity and economic stability.

Part 3 of 10 is Steven J. Rosen, a Foreign Policy and Middle East Expert. Rosen’s topic, “Two States History and Palestinian State Readiness“.

Part 4 of 10 is George Gilder. His topic, “The creation of wealth and overcoming poverty in the Middle East”.

Part 5 of 10 is Farid Ghadry of the Reform Party of Syria

There was a short interval to stretch and chat over a light lunch:

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                                  Panel Two

    “Civil and humanitarian freedoms in the Middle East” 

Part 6 of 10 is Khaled Abu Toameh. Mr. Abu Toameh is an Arab Israeli journalist who has worked for Arab Palestinian media outlets as well as many major western media.

Part 7 of 10 is Nonie Darwish. Her topic, ” Rights in the Arab World”. Ms. Darwish addressed human rights in general and women’s rights, specifically, in the Middle East.

Part 8 of 10 is Mordechai Kedar  Dr. Kedar is a professor of Arabic Studies at Bar-Ilan University. He spoke on Arab Palestinian society and addressed the vital role that tribalism plays for political and sociological stability in the Arab World. ( he displayed this scarf at one point during his presentation)

Screen shot 2011-05-08 at 6.43.18 PM

                           The Q and A

Topic: “Palestinian Unilateralism: Impact on the People” 

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(Q and A is in two parts)

Part 9 of 10 is  First Half of  Q and A

Part 10 of 10, the Panel Responds to a final question from Z street president, Lori Lowenthal Marcus


                                            Chazak Achshav!

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