Libya OR the Fakestinians-Whose Rally Was it? (vids and pics) 2-26-11

Their flyer:

Sunday February 26, 2011     3:00 PM

DSCN8556 copy

A rally to support Libya was taking place in Times Square.

DSCN8563 copy

Small by the usual standards of these protests (that are hosted by the Left/Soc/Commie/Muslim/Progressive-Lib-tards) They didn’t even fill the whole block. Maybe too many rallies in one day (Unions. Feminazis)

DSCN8528 copy

But, there was something else…. that was glaringly apparent. In their Signs. The Chants. In the video, the chants tell the whole psychotic story….

So…Whose rally was this…really…

DSCN8519 copy

DSCN8524 copy

DSCN8544 copy

Do these lib-tards ever have a protest that isn’t anti-American/anti-Israel?

DSCN8557 copy 2

Never, ever let a crisis go to waste. Right? To bash or not to bash America and Israel, that is NOT the question.

DSCN8557 copy 2

Enjoyed seeing Obama’s name on a sign… bashing him…

DSCN8514 copy 2

And now… CHINA is getting in to the act.

DSCN8543 copy

DSCN8548 copy

And… oh yeah …. Libya.

DSCN8529 copy

DSCN8538 copy

DSCN8572 copy 2

So, these Soc-Commie-Progressive-Lib-tards would have you believe they support Freedom. Democracy.

DSCN8523 copy

DSCN8521 copy

Yet, they support the annihilation of Israel (the only Democracy in the Middle East) Yeah…that’s the ticket…..F*#k Libya….Free Free Fakestine…..

DSCN8519 copy 2

Here’s flyers  they were passing out …. from the actual hosts of the rally.

Ramsey Clark’s (IAC) International Action Center(aka ANSWER).

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The Soc/Commie/Lib-tards always have more bashings to come.

One response to “Libya OR the Fakestinians-Whose Rally Was it? (vids and pics) 2-26-11

  1. I think we have a new fakistinian rent-a-mob faction out there.
    To go along with the old hippie commie rentals…

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