Union Solidarity Outside Fox News-Hey Hey Ho Hum (vids and pics)

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February 22, 2011

A Union Statement email said that Union members would be gathering outside Fox News Headquarters in NYC  at 5 :00 PM “…. in support of the right for the Public Sector Workers in Wisconsin to collectively bargain and to be represented by a Union in that bargaining. These are basic rights (?) for all workers and should be maintained. Wisconsin has long been a bastion for workers’ rights and was the birthplace of the national union representing all non-federal public employees. We urge you to show your support for the Wisconsin public workers today…”

Which is exactly what these Cheese-heads did:

DSCN8243 copy

DSCN8244 copy

The Head Cheer-Leader started off with, ” One of the reasons we’re here is this document, the US Constitution, Promoting the General Welfare. the Principal on which this country was formed. Scott walker doesn’t understand that No greater force for Economic Justice than the labor Movement. The people on Wall Street cause this…to the economy… not the average worker”. “The RICH created this crisis; Walker, the powerful, Wall-Street; we will not let them drag the people down. The Labor movement is trying to LIFT the people UP”

Yes, their signs were about more than just plan ol’ “Collective’ Bargain”. They were attacking Tea Parties, Republicans, the (selective) “rich” and FOX News; this was more than just showing SOLIDARITY for ‘the workers’.

DSCN8236 copy

This is Socialism vs Democracy. (Glenn Beck did a marvelous reveal on who this  mass of  workers . Who they were and WHAT they represented)

Hung around for about 20 minutes. Listening. It’s all very familiar, the slogans and jeers of those ‘happy’ workers from inside their “pens”.

DSCN8240 copy

Does the average unionized American know who  these Community Organizers are? Who solicit their involvement in a protest? They get an email from their union telling them to show up at a protest,  to chant the chants that are feed them by their bouncing cheese-heads and then: Go home,  job well-done.

DSCN8213 copy

Programmed with a renewed ‘hatred’ for ‘the rich’, Republicans, “Tea Partiers”, Fox News and (of course) George W. Bush. He still pops-up in their speeches as the Root-of-All-Evil (along with these gems)

The Labor Movement will LIFT the People Up. They honor…salute…the people of Tunisia, Egypt,Bahrain and Yemen who have LEAD the way. Claiming ‘rights’ that aren’t in the Constitution. Talking of the “General Welfare that the Labor Movement is the shining force behind the Labor Movement”. They claim there is ‘no greater force”.

Reading a list of other protests besides this one in New York, one speaker mentioned West Virginia, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Texas, California and of course: Wisconsin.

He claimed, This is bigger than any Tea Party, insisting ‘they’ only had 2,000 while ‘we’  had a crowd of 70,000. ” He figures that to be “45 to 1”.

You’d think with those inflated numbers, they wouldn’t be so WORRIED but, clearly “they” ARE. (says VSB with smile-on-face)

And Cheer-Leader Number One (who was dressed in union-leader work-shirt “uniform”) suggested that ‘the workers’  tell anyone who asked, ” this crowd was anywhere from 500 to 20,000.” (guess that should cover any and all inflated crowd estimates)

More pithy quotes that flew out of  the mouths of these union-speakers, ‘We don’t have a network (huh?) We have no billionaires (double-huh ??)  the Koch brothers ?? We have ONLY the people and (they claim) Fox News will Lie about this.

DSCN8246 copy

And the ‘workers’ BELIEVING their cheer-leader’s lies, obediently chant: “Liars, Liars, Liars” ad nauseum about …. Fox News.

Speaker Number Two continued with, “We have to CREATE jobs now. We can’t wait (making good use of the Bush Deranged Syndrome meme) we can’t wait for for ‘trickle -down’

DSCN8223 copy 2

Speaker Number Three was from the Writers Guild (along with another entertainment union, Actors Equity)  This never makes sense, since the ‘workers’ in the entertainment GUILDS  have NO work if ‘the rich’ are busted. No money?  They can’t employ them. Still, like good little sheep, they were there in ‘solidarity.

DSCN8222 copy

The Writers Guild President spoke very briefly. He chose to emphasize that this was a movement (in Wisconsin) to break the greatest force in PROGRESSIVE politics. “

DSCN8225 copy

Video of three speakers….and The Crowd….

Off camera, one union-stooge bounced up and down yelling, “We’re not cows. We’re not sheep/ MOOOO. We don’t belong in pens” (the police enclosures). Yet, this obedient unionized ‘live stock’ chanting away, sure made those pens look like home, MOOOO.

DSCN8234 copy

We were also reated to ONE New York State lawmaker (supposedly because this protest was called on short-notice) David Weprin. A VERY Union-Friendly kind-a-guy.

Just what the unions ordered when it comes to their bogus claims that THEY are the only ones (the unions) who can represent the People and there-by, the Constitution of The United States.

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DSCN8233 copy

But, as Oleg Atbashian (of The Peoples Cube) has reminded us in his prescient book, “Shakedown Socialism” that  Socialism may have failed in the USSR but Now it’s moved to the USA (as the ubiquitous signs outside Fox news make very obvious.)

The Time is Now to Stand up to Union Thuggery; to say NO MORE to the threats. NO MORE to the armed robbery of The People by Public Sector Union Thugs. They are stealing FROM the PEOPLE. (who else pays their bills?) and the benefactors are the union-bigs, the fat-cats and the union politicians. NOT the People.

DSCN8252 copy

“Lies, Lies, and more lies” were heard outside Fox News. Lies from the mouths of Union thugs and their sheeple. As Atbashian reminds us, “after the ‘unions, pitchforks and the collective greed of union socialism … its redistributive justice’ that will have bankrupt the 50 States. Then there really will be NO MORE.” We The People will be : Busted.

DSCN8245 copy

The Consitutional Republic of the United States will be so deeply in debt, that the poverty and bleekness of ‘1984’ will become our “Brave New World’ unless we elect more governors willing to say NO MORE to the raping  and pillaging of the People by Shakedown Socialism

At times we may feel like those “…inexperienced colonial forces . But, they were willing and able to stand up to regular army troops in a pitched battle.Though the battle was technically a defeat for the American colonists, Bunker Hill forced some tough conclusions on the British.”

“It was suddenly clear to the proud British command that the American revolution was going to be a long, hard fight. The colonial militias learned tough lessons tooif they were going to prevail in their fight for freedom, they would need far better organization, training and supplies.”

Let’s do it! Fight On. We can see the whites of their eyes and it is looking good    :0)

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  1. Excellent report-back, Pamela!
    As my Grandfather used to say, ‘the empty wagons make the most noise.’ The union thugs are running scared, period! Thank you for your inspiring words!

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